Litecoin fork coinbase

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Litecoin/Cardano FORK in FINAL Discussions & Changing ADA STAKE Saturation Point

4 631 views | 7 Nov. 2020

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Lourde P

Hey there boss Viser.. I've been PayPal live for crypto for 4 days now.. I'm not close to high value user lol.. I haven't used PayPal in yrs lol... But it's live.. Just can't send it anywhere and they said NO KEYS FOR YOU!!!! so buy and hold only.. And sell

Grünschnabel Pilz

thanks for litecoin news

Hutin Pui

remember doge merged on ltc long time ago, now velvet for with ada,tomorrow mmbl wmbl protocol well done LTC. cardano ?

mBatter virus

First to comment, awesome video!!!!


14:48 Is this when you started thinking “Oh wait Cardano is even cheaper than XRP!” :-)

Zonned Comfyshortz

Just got into crypto started by buying 10 litecoin. Plan to buy more as I can afford it and hoard them. I am thinking in a few years they will be worth a lot more since they are being added to paypal. I can't say I understand most of the mechanics behind it you are talking about behind the scenes. But buying litecoin now seems like it will be profitable in the long run. You are right in that it is a good entry point for broke people like me to start buying.


i think our next election should be a blockchain technology instead of mail in and walk in...
or even a token coin ... example trump coin vs biden coin... everyone buys 1 token and that casts ur vote and everyone makes money

Dutch Cardayes

King Cardano ?

What a [email protected]#$%&cking GREAT project!

Haters will be silenced!
Hodlers will be rewarded!
Pensions will be made!
Humanity will benefit!

Cardano is not a crypto, it is the biggest best bold project out there that impossible can fail!!!!

They ARE delivering, slow but steady....

Here we go ??
Ada love ?

bonsai treehouse

Note to the ETC team. This is how you respond and get the help you need.


match made in heaven charlie and charles?

Breeze G

I can tell you this, I'll be buying litecoin if they do fork

Plutus Staking PLTUS

Go Cardano ? stake with Team Plutus to maximise your staking rewards. Ticker PLTUS ?

Eric Milchak

DUDE, KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK BROTHER, I absolutely love it as an OG in this space, you actually know wtf you are talking about

EliYah Ysrayl

What are the big boys talking about and buying.............ding,ding,ding.............BITCOIN!!!

Lawrence Fontenot

You made some awesome great and exciting points. Lots of great info here
Thanks bud, from Louisiana USA

Lonnie Crowe Jr



Litecoin previous high $425... Charlie Lee sold out at $300's
when LTC and ADA team up we may see Litecoin flying to the Moon!


Very informative thanks!

un know

King Cardano ?

Romain R

That being said, you can already swap Litecoin and Cardano on the Binance Smart Chain. I Farm them both with Pancakeswap. BEP20 LTC and ADA

Trevor Wallace

Always watch to the end of the videos.... watch them every day. Thanks for the dedication!

Alex Finland

Im glad Litecoin finally found Cardano, this will be great a match

Alexander Dyon Ashton

Cardano & their team are all about progress plus helping other projects. This will ultimately lead them to big things in the space!

Litecoin fork coinbase

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HOW TO BUY BITCOIN on Coinbase! Ethereum Litecoin Bitcoin Cash and Ethereum Classic

13 423 views | 3 Nov. 2017

BBT Carter walks you

BBT Carter walks you through on how to setup an incremental purchase schedule on buying bitcoin. It is not to late, you can buy a fixed portion over a long period of time. This is the mechanical walkthrough on how to do that.


Detail located on:



((This was not a paid endorsement))

((I am not a financial adviser and this is not financial advise))

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What do You think about IndaHash? New project started today https://goo.gl/kzJXKM


I don't trust coinbase and never will. If your s miner there are other ways!

Самурай ДЖЕК

..Hi BBT, nice to see you!)

Anthony Mohr

To bad coinbase is responsible for charge backs making people owe lots of money


Thanks BBT! The best info out there. Cheers!


This is how a video has to be done. Can you do one explaining the types of wallet? Prívate KEYS etc. Thanks

Michael Danao

Unfortunately . Buying and selling isn't available in Philippines. :(


You need do spreadsheet with a historical BTC price from API from your exchange to be able proper calculate . Like these https://goo.gl/GbaB4W


Great guide!

Mary Wel

I tell ppl to go get a ( Sloppy Joe) visa card from Walmart, or a drug store, or a check cashing store and pre load a hundred bucks on it for internet transactions. If it gets hacked, their only out that $100 or whatever amount they pre load. High fees tho.
Maybe a separate account opened at their bank would be a lower transaction fee. Some folks are afraid that they will press the wrong button, and send their money to a cloud somewhere, and loose it. lol I think this will work on Coinbase. It would be some weird bank ( Bank Of the Happening Now) listed on the back of the card.
Thanks for this video. I know it will help a lot off new bees. Maybe, until they hear Don't keep your coin on an Exchange.
Move to an exchange when a fork is coming up. Don't do it, now move it back. Ugh. hot wallet, cold wallet safer.
I think if you made some pyramid graph ( like the hierarchy of needs) showing the exchange at the top, would be a good visual.


If I understood right, only the miners can stay ''anonymous'' with bitcoin? All other buyers need to connect their bank account, their phone number and name? So what's the point then there in bitcoin??? Where is this anonymity? freedom from banks? How is it different than from buying apple stock and expecting it to increase in price, at least they are making some product and there will be some value even if the market collapse completely. Bitcoin price if i understood correctly is only driven by demand and the price of production of themselves, is that correct?

Dan The Dane

Carter, as alway doing great. Setting a guy like me that dont know it all straight. Thanks Carter! Please take us live on a expo soon again :)

Adventures with Bradley

Is there a legit website I can sell in Canada


Did they stop giving $10 to both parties? That's the way it was when I signed up.

San Man

Did you go mad? JK cool to reach out to newbies

Sterling Archer

What about gdax? It's owned by coinbase but has like no fees


High quality content, as always. Upvoted. Thank you!


what about xapo is it similar ?

Battlefield Huyattlefield

great great great improvement on your voice and delievery

Patrick Lim

Do a tutorial on how to invest in etheteum! Please


Then nervously wait 10 days while they hold your coins before you can sell or trade them. Always a catch and Coinbase will overprice bitcoin and lock it for short periods at times when the price is higher. Ive used Coinbase but i sure dont like them.

Roberto Garcia T.

coinbase =thieves... how much did you get for the comercial?

Litecoin fork coinbase

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Ethereum & Litecoin - Beginner's Look at Coinbase Cryptos

310 views | 13 Jan. 2018



What is Bitcoin (Explained Simply) - https://youtu.be/8WkwrSjh5I8

How To Get Bitcoin Anonymously & With Credit Card - https://youtu.be/W-3K7UkUx7k

Ethereum & Litecoin - Beginner's Look at Coinbase Cryptos - https://youtu.be/cdGE1PfMAC0

What Is Ripple XRP & How To Get Ripple on GateHub Exchange - https://youtu.be/_SFXbCwGjZw

My First Crypto Currency Mining Rig - Parts to Get Started - https://youtu.be/oWMS5Wi8h6w

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