Small bitcoin miner

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Bitcoin Miner Hub - Powerful and Quiet

14 259 views | 19 May. 2020

GekkoScience R606

GekkoScience R606 Terminus Pod Miner Guide

Step 1 - Connect to PC both USB cable and power supply to your R606 Miner.

Step 2 - Download and install drivers


Select all devices, find R606 Bitcoin Miner and install drivers/

Step 3 - Download and unzip cgminer, Run for test

Unzip and open file single_test_mining.bat.

Step 4 - Change the data to your pool info so you get paid

Register to a pool here -  https://slushpool.com/  

Go to your cgminer and edit the text in single_test_mining.bat.

Change the current pool URL and pool user to the one you registered with. 

Step 5 - Overclocking

Use this line of code in your cgminer configuration and change the 600 to any frequency you want. --gekko-r606-freq 600

SUBSCRIBE FOR MORE HOW MUCH - http://shorturl.at/arBHL

To get the Gekkoscience R606 Terminus Pod Miner -https://bitcoinmerch.com/collections/best-sellers/products/gekkoscience-terminus-sha256-bitcoin-r606-pod-miner

To get the 100W power supply - https://bitcoinmerch.com/products/100w-power-supply-for-gekkosience-hub-606?_pos=1&_sid=bc63e9578&_ss=r

john Sambucini

can you use more than 1 of these to mine together?


Can inget a 1080ti for my gaming rig I can pay you but I can’t find them online

Stan Marsh

The Antminner s9 cost 63 Dollar with 13,5 Th.

A lee caudill

might as well use a slow hashing machine , the big commercial hashing machines show me that you will need 1,000,000.00 tera hash to earn a whole bit coin


new vid :)


Watching your video January 3rd 2021, BTC is over 34k, I can pay off my R606 in 2 years! great video, thanks.

Sam -mbs-

2 dollars per month ROI is around 12 year

Auskrieg Lanze

Hey man, great video, great content! How would you expand the usage of this type of miners for example if you buy 5 of them? Is there an usb extender for pc or something since we don't naturaly have that many usb ports, something that works like switch for net cables.

Sandun Tharaka

Hi I'm from srilanka i want to buy this miner please help

Владик Немезида

Bitcoin Cash is the New Bitcoin 2.0 !!!
Tell us about Bitcoin Cash Bro

Winter Rain

Can it mine lite coin.

Travis Fernandes

Hi sir , can u make a video on how to set it up Gekkoscience Terminus SHA256 Bitcoin R606 Pod Miner On nicehash


Why does this get $0.07 a day yet my pc with only ~35 mh/s makes over $3 a day

Uzi dore

Can I make my own??

Efrain Morales

bitcoin mining is stupid

Abner Casinsinan

How to order that?


That test bitcoin address do be starting with 1burger


BITCOIN IS THE FUTURE!⛱️???️?️?️?️??????️?️?️?. IMO.

Crypto Block Management

1TH for $300.. why not spend $3000 on a 115TH S19 pro

Junito Alonso

Profit per year $ 20.50 NO WAY men. Too much


The numbers sure that that device will never pay for itself! It’s better to buy at this point unless you are appropriate professional.

Mitchell Barnow

Really interesting video, Idan! It’s really hard to make money, even if your electricity is free and someone else gives you the miner for free!

Dis Like

Wow this guy gets no video views anymore

zee hamza

Can u plz contact me???

Social Change

Wow, can it mine Sitoshi?

Mohsen Karimi Khoshahl


Eye Prophet

In my opinion, there is no bigger waste of money in the whole of the crypto space. Takes 6 weeks to hit the minimum payout of .0001 (.93 cents) At this rate, my roi will take 9 years, and thats with no electricity cost. Dont walk away, RUN!!! I have MAJOR buyers remorse!!!!!!


Do NOT BUY FROM THIS MAN. HE IS RIPPING YOU OFF. 16 YEAR ROI on residential. buy a GPU or spend 2000$ on a real asic if your electricity is cheap

Juan Carlos Gutierrez

1$ per month dude that's a waste of money ROI is almost impossible and profitable from that thing


Is that BitCoinMerch website legit? im seeing Antminer S9J for $350 on their website but its several thousands of dollars everywhere else.

Marco Monterrosa

This miner is shit, dont buy it!

Илья Шакалис

how much weight?

brayan Barbosa

Send Brazil

10,000 subscribers for my family

Its funny how u introduce all that then in the end its not a worthy profitable miner lmao

Junito Alonso

thirteen years to get the money back

Heavy D' Tv

Can i mine other coin with R606?

Cinema Lover

you must spend 120000euro to earn 700eyro per month (nothing )! Open a cafe-restaurant is better way to spend this money !

Neel Dave

Hey bro. Can you use this with nicehash.com and without doing pool. Can you make video for that. Thank you for posting this video.

issa issa

this is software system can work worldwide ??


Hi, ther is a way to use it with Linux (on a raspberry pi for example)? In this way you do not have to take count of the power consumption of the pc (yes the raspberyy use power but it use around 20W)

Small bitcoin miner

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Shark Mini – Compact and quite mining rig with touchscreen! 4 x NVIDIA 1080 Ti) Ethereum 200 Mh

6 652 views | 31 Jul. 2018

Review of Shark Mini –

Review of Shark Mini – Compact and quite mining rig with touchscreen! 4 x NVIDIA 1080 Ti) Ethereum, 200 Mh


GPUs: 4x GTX 1080 ti

Total Hashrate - 200 MH/S

Profit per month: $200

Power consumption: 800W

Support 55+ altcoins

Order here: https://sharkmining.com/us/shark-mini.html/

If you have any question please feel free to contact us:

Phone: 1-800-245-9597

Website: https://www.SHARKMINING.com

Bradley Brod

Very quiet!

s p

I guess this company is out of buisness?



Ghost Hunter

How much does it make a month the website says between 600 to 1000 depending on currency mining

Eugene I.

Nice one!

Pinoy Coins

wow 50 MH/s very nice.

Soul Reaver

baby shark


Can you buy it with no gpu’s and windows on it? Thank you

max idk

too bad they have been sold out for the longest time now. SharkMining isn't even responding to emails...


Realy Nice it's small an Quiet

Artie Bryant

can you mine more than one coin at the same time?