Qtum airdrop

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Qi Airdrop to Qtum Holders| How to claim and in which wallet| praemcapital withdrawal n updates|

764 views | 4 Feb. 2021

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Article link of airdrop




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Jagdish Nishad

Wah kya AirDrop hai....always different and Legit

Dr. Abdul wadood Khan

Pls coin massage kro ok

Jahidul Khan

Thanks Sir ???

Airdrop Money Online

Good work brother.. but little bit late ..

Block Chain

praemcapital will scam users eventually. You stop promoting these dangerous company that harms people. Its a pyramid scheme. Are you stupid? Will do anything for money.


correction :4 plus qtum k badlay 1 qi milay ga...

Dr. Abdul wadood Khan


Tuhin Tuhin

Good video

Vikrant Nigam

Great Nice Sir...

Priyanshu Kushwaha

Quantum hold krna jaruri hai??

Asadul Islam

Good information

Araniko Shrestha

Sirji Kya sirf QTUM wallet me transfer karne se airdrop me participate ho jyga? Ya aur v procedure he?

Jaat Raaj

Kya iss airdrop ko ab join kr skte hai


??? watching and like ko thok diye?


3 baar thoka hu like ka button mobile bhi galiya de raha hoga

Asadul Islam

Good information

Mr Toihidul

Video accha he but meri pass paisa nehi he jo me invest koru.But always wait your upcoming video.???

Humair Khan


Dr. Abdul wadood Khan

God ki Lathi me aaj nhi hoga hai

Omveer Omveer

Faqs bakbas app open hi nahi ho raha h

Qtum airdrop

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1 517 views | 26 Jan. 2021

Crypto Analysis of 26th

Crypto Analysis of 26th January: QTUM PREPPING FOR AN INSANE MOVE

What’s new in crypto trading today? Follow crypto trader Alex’s analysis on Qtum (QTUM).


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Shazeel Haroon

Can i take for long term which price is beter

Дима Городецкий

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Antoine Maxima

But why??

Qtum airdrop

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Free 50,000 Qtum Airdrop and Staking on Binance

856 views | 1 Aug. 2019

A couple of weeks ago I

A couple of weeks ago I did a simple video outlining the fact that Binance had started to payout stakes on Stellar as well as the free airdrop of Stellar they had been staking without telling anyone. Today I logged in to Binance to do some trading and noticed that a very similar thing is happening with Qtum. Not only are they going to start paying out staking rewards, but they are also going to be airdropping 50,000 Qtum with the first payout on the 1st September. The same is also true of Algorand.

Sign up to Binance - https://www.binance.com/?ref=20372183

Announcement on Binance - https://www.binance.com/en/support/articles/360031462151

Qtum Site - https://qtum.org/

Qtum Staking Calculator - https://qtum.info/misc/stake-calculator


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Thank you for the heads up, again.
You are awesome!!