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Is Protonmail Safe for Security and Privacy?

121 318 views | 8 Apr. 2020

Is Protonmail a safe email

Is Protonmail a safe email platform for security and privacy?

This video explains the risks of emails in general and then discusses the specifics of Protonmail (which are the same as Tutanota, Startmail and other privacy email platforms). Are you in fact made safer by these platforms?

Would Snowden or John McAfee use these email platforms? Let's find out.

What is the safest email option?

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I'm the Internet Privacy Guy. I'm a public interest technologist. I'm here to educate. You are losing your Internet privacy and Internet security every day if you don't fight for it. Your data is collected with endless permanent data mining. Learn about a TOR router, a VPN , antivirus, spyware, firewalls, IP address, wifi triangulation, data privacy regulation, backups and tech tools, and evading mass surveillance from NSA, CIA, FBI. Learn how to be anonymous on the Internet so you are not profiled. Learn to speak freely with pseudo anonymity. Learn more about the dangers of the inernet and the dangers of social media, dangers of email.

I like alternative communication technology like Amateur Radio and data communications using Analog. I'm a licensed HAM operator.

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Uzi Ryder

Assuming that one logs into ProtonMail through a VPN and using only the TOR browser and sends and receives all email that way, (to correspond with someone doing the same) I would think that's pretty secure. Am I wrong?

Cristi Tanase

Is it better than gMail?
Are they datamining your e-mail messages and sell the data to third parties?
If not then they are great.
Everything else is bs.

Daniel P. Clark

Wow what a great explanation! But it still appears to me that if I appropriately encrypt attachment I can still send a secure email. The only thing that will be secure is the attachment but that’s where the information would be anyway.

Laguna A

Good to note, but my main goals is to avoid spam as much as I can.

Brendan Oakley

Almost all modern MTA's use TLS for SMTP. The initial connection is plain text, but after STARTTLS the communication is in fact encrypted.

Hydroponic Homesteader

Have you evaluated Zoho? I am looking for email and office like apps so protonmail is not going to do it.


I am not computer savvy at all. How do I set up a separate gmail account without using my private information for stuff like ordering stuff or social media?? Thank you, sir!!

Rose Crystal

Wow! Never been so interested in learning. It's so informative. Thanks so much.

Rob Braxman Tech

I will dedicate the live stream this coming Friday 8pm Pacific to analyzing the many choices you can make with email. There are too many possibilities in email and it depends on how much risk you accept.

Tony Williams

Thank you!

Jose Pablo Luna Sanchez

It seems the only safe email is a letter on paper that you deliver yourself. Oh, the old stories of elders who used to write love letters to their loved ones sent via mail. A reply took 1 to 3 months...

wow owo

I only use an email address to make accounts for different online games and a few other services but i never send emails. Should i create multiple different emails to use for different account signups or could i use 1 gmail account?

DowskiVision MagicalOracle

So .... about all those "password reset" requests in my inbox over the years ....

D Reed

i think the script is too wordy on every video. " Now let me show you" "Now I will show" Don't talk about what you're going explain just do it.

Melissa Native


Gorgoths Ethos

The only thing I do not understand is using Gmail requires a phone number to validate the account? Isn't that part of the problem.


I understand if somebody has crazy secret shit to hide, then Protonmail is not recommended. However, there is the more moderate community like myself. I only want an alternative to Gmail in order to not support Google because of their monster ad machine, deplatforming based on politics and election influencing. I have come to terms with the 3-letter agencies having access to my emails because I don't do anything illegal so my emails won't show up in their searches, and also realize these agencies could actually prevent terror in many cases (let's be realistic). Any comments?

Jeff Kubel

I'm less concerned about government surveillance and more concerned about big tech. The trend appears to be that government won't be the institution to bring about neo-maoist cancel culture, big tech will.

Lars Breuning

You can encrypt mails to non-ProtonMail users, all that is required is a PGP key, or you can use their Encryption function for non-ProtonMail users, where they have to enter a password on the Decryption page.
Meta data cannot be encrypted, which is why you should always use a VPN (just not NordVPN)

John Girgenti

@Rob Braxman Tech, Thank you for your details and informative videos! I'm not looking primarily for email company that is secure from reading, but one that might be less susceptible to the coercion/corruption we are seeing in US tech companies - to get farther from those that may start closing accounts as the US becomes more socialist/communist. Any thoughts on that?

David IA

I subscribed but " misteriously big brother unsubscribed me I believe "

Ho Gage

Love your channel, learned a lot. What is your opinion on hushmail?

John Jordan

What about hotmail security?




Rob as of the moment you have over 106K views of this video on the very niche topic so I think your views are getting treated fair but that's just an estimation on my part.


I've read around that ProtonMail circumvents it's own encryption on behalf of the "powers that be" by sniffing your passwords from the client interface itself. So, yes, the stuff is encrypted, and officially they don't have the decryption keys, but they silently keep track of your passwords in case some "friendly power" asks them nicely.

Pinoy Fried

I don't use email for communication. It's only read-only for alerts and 2FA. I used to use Protonmail for 2FA (never used it to send emails), but then realized that it's easier for you to be targeted in a mail provider that's "made for hiding". Also, while researching, found that it behaves like a "honeypot". It might be secure from external hackers, but your metadata is not safe. I don't have anything to hide, and not really a worthy target, but I'm still concerned that Protonmail is not worth it. Either build your own mail server, or just use the biggest mail providers out there.

Mario Mugliett


Max Entropy

The explanation of TLS/SSL was not accurate. These protocols have nothing to do with the semantics of the client-server application protocol.


I loved protonmail , when school was done... same with important emails.


So true. I wasted two days this week because of a simple misunderstanding in how mx records work. I feel really dumb now.

Midi Music Forever

They killed flash, yet e-mail lives on.

DowskiVision MagicalOracle

So mail servers don't set up VPN tunnels for MTA traffic? Is this perhaps why Protonmail spun up ProtonVPN?

Mark A. B.

What does a consultation for setting up a postfix email server cost?

Joe T

SMTP to SMTP server transmission (or transfer) is predominantly opportunistic TLS and rarely ever unencrypted. Normally they use some form TLS 1.2 cryptographic cipher and you can see this in the P2 message header you were mentioning in your video


I dont understand. Lavabit may have closed in 2013, but they are back online again given that ive subscribed.

Nitro Zeus

So snail mail written in the zodiac cypher. Got it!

Three Hares Media

Top-notch info. Thanks so much for your work -- it feels supremely relevant right now.

Justthe Truthtv

Thank you for letting us know!


Terrific content, dropping gems on really important topics!

Nick Brown

I can't tell you enough how much I love that you have made up a new curse word "Zucking"

Orion 59

I have so many email accounts, I don't remember them anymore!


Thanks for this video, Email is old tech but dam its so good!


Man, SMTP traffic can be send encrypted, so no middle man. On my own mail server I use encryption for MTA2MTA traffic. Sure, if mail service provider is dumb or lazy, traffic can be send unencrypted because encryption is not mandatory. But that's not problem of communication or protocol itself, right? Please be accurate of what you're saying or you will be treated by others as tinfoil head.

Xyphoid Process

After watching a couple of your videos, I'm thinking about giving up on trying to keep my privacy online. I thought I was doing well using different email providers for private stuff, Protonmail for shopping and Gmail for Google and social media accounts. Now I'm not so sure.

Colonel Panic

How about checking out tutanota email.

Seconds Of Mine

Great video. Keep it rocking!

Lady Phoenix Grey

Any chance you can create a secure email for those who want it like you did for yourself?

Max Entropy

Software has an odd definition of open source as it is NOT publicly available on GitHub.

Further it is 99.999% that this YT channel author did NOT write the software for Mail server or client, however, I can not verify my statement because the software is locked on GitHub.

Silly guy...


Does Amazon AWS scan file contents?

conser vartes

Great to get some honest insight on e-mail. Thanks.

Peter Scholz

Hi Rob, can you please advise if pop3 is a better way to go? My data will be stored on my own pc


Google and Facebook and communist dems is why I'm watching this

Ralph Joseph RJM

If snowden made his own browser and emailing site... I'll definitely trust it more than any other out there.

Kelilah Qetsiyah

Not a techie. Does a VPN help in this instance?

Fritz Kraut

Hello Rob, in Berlin Germany there is a small company founded some years ago with an email service named posteo.de. If you want you can make it a totally anonymous email account. It cost 1 Euro standard per month which you can send anonymous, so the company will never know who is the owner of the account. They claim that they don't release any information to the government and give out reports if they got contacted by government offices. They simply don't know who a customer is if he wants it so. You can pick a different domain not only "de".

Tumble Bug

It looks like pencil or pen and paper in the snail mail is probably the most secure now!

Robert S

So, Mailbox.org is also unsafe?

Botrax Diaz

SMTP MTA support SSL and TLS, they are not forcibly in plain text. Mailbox.org has a secure Email address that forces other SMTP MTAs to encrypt to be able to send to Mailbox.org using [email protected]secure.mailbox.org . If it's plain text, Mailbox does not receive.

Jeffrey Given

Is there a place to send end to end encrypted messages ?

Greg Raven

I was hoping you’d at least mention Keybase and/or Signal.

Sage Parsely

Rob, my sister works for WF Bank. And she knew tech guys there that knew how to falsify emails. Can you cover this at some point?


Very informative. Thank you.

Populous 8

Someone in Government sent smpt port 25 @9:20. That some one is H.R.C.

Mike Wise

Where can we learn more about unencrypted MTA to MTA SMTP port 25 traffic. Specifically, when all servers involved support TLS. This is the first I've heard of it.

I'm Not some Libtard Idiot

I guess you are talking about one time pad. My daughter did this for her masters degree through the Air Force

Paratrooper Lane

I like Proton, I am not worried. Nothing you do online is safe, if they want your information they have full access to it.

San D.R.O

It’s owned by CERN
says enough....

Rod Fer

So... is there an alternative?

Alexei Savrasov

Meet-A-Dater...a new doco following the lives of people who use Tinder

Lucien Lafayette

So, are we back to one-time encryption pads and "hand" encrypting or decrypting messages to ensure privacy? 0this is more or less what PGP did but there is a persistent rumor that PGP is accessible by at least some government agencies.

Deco Lard

anything safe lol

James Rougeau

A truly excellent revelation/explanation amen.
I always think about the 1980's event where a group of bank hackers were transferring funds to other back accounts under encryption. I also remember that the U.S. government had already made it illegal to encrypt any transfer of data above a certain level trying to keep the military from breaching transferer's encryptions. Obviously the U.S. government will never allow encryption of any kind on any level beyond their reach.

Matthias Mat

This was a great understandable explanations where the problems is with emails. Thank you very much. And if I understand it right, the only benefit from protonmail, besides inter domain communication, is that they encrypt your mailbox and can't read it as long as you don't send it to an other domain?
So if I could encrypt my Gmail mailbox it would be a much cheaper version of Protonmail :-)

Wilford Brumly

So why would someone like James O'Keefe from project veritas use proton?

OpenSource Dev

This guy..... listen to this guy my friends. I give this lecture 9/10 for value. 1 point deducted for being too low level for 'normal folk' but I understand why it was necessary.
I get asked : "is it safe to send username and password in one e-mail to a user?"
The only correct rebuttal to that question is to ask this person to ask them to STOP and read up on secuy first

Surfview Gardens

Great video! Rob, you surely know your stuff. Thank you for sharing your knowledge with us.

Steve Shedd

Your videos are excellent. After watching a bunch of your videos I feel like any attempt at privacy is useless. For one it's been more than 25 years on the web with no knowledge, understanding or idea that literally everything I have ever searched or sent is probably on a database somewhere. So now I'm thinking what's the point in even trying? Might as well be walking naked down main street.


Oh how far we have come in society. 30 years ago, the only way your personal privacy could be invaded was someone intercepting your mail or putting a physical tap on your phone, both which would have been manual processes and exceedingly difficult to do without a physical presence and only one at a time. We would not have tolerated governments or corporations doing it. The time and money spent on the digital life that made things easier and then trying to secure those things from governments, corporations, and criminals [I know... redundant] is better spent on living life, family, and going to the beach.


With this and all the brouhaha over Zoom privacy and etc this past year I think people skip over the obvious thing that I have known and assumed since the minute I stepped online - nothing is truly private. If you exchange communications via email or some other method (chat, voip, voice etc) that's in the hands of someone else, expect that you're sending your message in the clear and someone can and will intercept it and make use of it if they wish to. If you've got something private, don't send it that way. Don't expect a company, particularly for a "free" service, will respect your privacy or ensure it. More than likely, they are profiting from violating your privacy.

Daniel from Timișoara

Its like the more you try to hide the more you stand out

2 Tell

Time to buy a pigeon!



keepwatch nPray98

So is there any email safe to use?


Thank you!


I use protonmail because I hated Gmail and I wanted a free alternative. I have had no problems with protonmail. I don't write anything secret or confidential in email.

latte and twinkies

nobody wants a scumbag reading their family email....use Signal Messenger

a day in the life of Immigrant

I received Google search warrant. Is weird. I'm wondering what content ? they can access


Rob, I'd like to ask a favour. Could you find any program that offers the option to opt out of data collection/sharing then completely ignores your settings and sends data anyway. IMO it happens quite frequently, but l'd like your take on it.

Jorge Granada

I use guerrilla mail.


Time to ditch big techs.

eggs panda

Hillary Clinton should have watched your video :)

Lookie Loo

I'm happy if my data isn't sent straight to Google. No crimes here, just a dislike of the extreme intrusions of Google and this their ilk.

Que Onda Whey

Someone = Hillary Clinton


well, use lavabit.


EMail is 100% Open and Insecure. It doesn't matter what provider you are using.

Thinking Biblically

This guy doesn't know what he is talking about. Email transport is encrypted using STARTTLS protocol. No one uses unencrypted stmp and pop3 any more. And users have always had the ability to encrypt the contents of their emails. Apparently he hasn't heard of uuencode to convert binary data to base 64. Email has been encrypted for decades. ProtonMail uses end to end encryption. Thunderbird gives you the option of using PGP encrypting. I just looked at the headers for an email I got from Adobe. It was encrypted for the whole trip. And of course you can't encrypt the headers (envelope) any more that you can encrypt the addresses on snail mail. The servers must know were to send it! There is something no quite right about this guy. Things don't add up. The world is filled with big talking salesmen.


Well, I feel stupid as I just signed up with Proton plus because I didn't want to use Gmail due to Google censorship!


Rob, I’m sorry but ProtonMail is definitely not a 3 letter company. That’s just a rumor and misinformation.
The safest way to communicate is not using digital communication means. On the other side no one can expect 100% security in a free world.

Tech Shabby

I followed you on periscope. I only now found you on yt.

Lavabit email

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Top 4 Email Services BETTER than Protonmail!

67 433 views | 21 Jan. 2020

Is Protonmail good?

Is Protonmail good? Should you use it? Find out which email services are better to use than Protonmail!

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? Best Password Manager: LastPass http://bit.ly/36bd5gp

Disclaimer: This video and all my videos are solely my opinion, to provide educational content and to entertain my audience, and thus are protected by the first amendment in the USA.

I am affiliated, but not sponsored by any VPN. This means I do make money when you click on the links provided, but keep my own opinion to be legit and truthful without bias. I do not host sponsored content on this channel, which means I am not paid to promote VPNs in a positive manner. All of my opinions on this channel are strictly my own!

Gregory Marcus

What music do you use? It's the same from the true crime channel That Chapter

Silent Gonzalez

I got 15 GB of ProtonMail for $5...

Mujo Mujo

CERN is based in switzerland not US


Tom, Tom, Tom first you need to lose the background music it interferes with me trying to understand what you are saying because you speak quite fast. Then you need to speak a little more slower & clearer. I cannot make out the word or spelling of Totonuta & I did not see it listed on your website.

Me Me

What's your thoughts on CTemplar?

blue name

how about yandex mail?

Lu X

Can you do a review on the RDP and VPN for Anonymous-vpn.biz honestly wanted an educated opinion and not just what they say on their website

Sterling Cobb

Thanks for making this. You don't really cover why these other companies are better other than price and reputation. For instance, what is to say these other companies wouldn't hand over data to law enforcement just like Protonmail? How do they compare in keeping data secure? Where are their servers located? I like the gist of the video but I feel like it's pretty surface.


Protonmail has updated their offers ^^ OUPS!!

Max Meera

R u dutch ?

Telefon Mariana

Do you know emailbox Supported u2f? I mean no Gmail...

Peter Donkers

here I am just a bit flabbergasted... I was looking for a safe alternative for my business. Didn`t know there were so many.

Tania Teijeiro

Remember the eye of NSA.


? thx for alternatives, i think protonmail is way too popular so that alone is a red flag ? heehee


your glasses don't have any strength lol

Paul F

Ha ha! The only real privacy you can get anymore is by meeting a person face to face, maybe deep in the woods. Don't forget to enter separately, from different directions at different times and leave the same way. And maybe, just maybe you can have a conversation that isn't being monitored by your government, big business, big-tech or your nosey neighbors. Face it, this is our life. Everyone wants their high-tech convenience, you got it. We're all high-tech slaves.


I really want to switch to one of these from my current Gmail but I'm concerned about 2 major risks:
1. The company will go out of business. What will happen to all my emails then?
2. A "mainstream" email service with less ideology will buy them out. Then they might decide to access my data by just using my private key to decrypt.

Can anybody allay these worries?

wat tis

what about encryption of the ones you suggested?


Yet he uses Google search engine done watching!

Closed Ntwrk

Tutanota also gets a DDoS like multiple times per week.

Александра Болтарёва

Your only reliable protector in the virtual world is Utopia Ecosystem, which will take care of your cyber protection and anonymity.

Jody A

Tom Spark Reviews, Have you even read PrivateMails privacy policy? Its FAR from Private. They state right in it they use google analytics to bring you ads which track how long you are on their site and what you buy for example.

Richard Romano

Well what I think the author of this video is not thinking about is Switzerland has the best privacy laws. Protonmail has always said that they will abide by Switzerland laws. They don't have to respond to any requests other than from a Swiss Court. Protonmail has always said that they have been ordered by the Swiss Court to turn over information. Protonmail operates under a no knowledge mindset. They can give the court the name on the account and the last time you logged in. That's pretty much it. For a personal account you really don't need more than 500 megabytes. Anything more than that and you're probably running a company. 1000 emails a day should suffice a normal person. Their security is the best for now. Protonmail like every other company we'll have to future-proof themselves against quantum computers. So I think you failed to show why protonmail was a bad choice for a normal or even above average user of email. You showed no flaws in their security.

Gl Kk

Another option is to use SimpleLogin on top of your usual email address. It supports PGP, Yubikey, open-source and works with any email service, including gmail, outlook, etc.

Nashville Resident

ProtonMail is used by Project Veritas....
That's all I need to know to trust ProtonMail.

gekon DRx

Thanks for the recommendation. I definitely try the other ones also, as more mails the better :D (as that goes for me, I love to try new services). One thing to add, that ProtonMail gave me additional 5GB to up it for 10GB (from what it stated that they are highering the storage, but not sure if it is for new users also), but it's true that it lacks on features, on iOS the app is worse than on Android (on iOS no second account option, and I am still waiting on yubico support). I think it is still better to have ProtonMail than google mail in case of security, but as said bigger doesn't mean better. My rule is to hide something you need to be somewhat visible, so you don't attract too much attention (as you said in the jurisdiction video if someone wants to do something illegal they make their own services). I am so glad I found your channel.

August Stoops

This application only works with paid accounts! If you look at the free accounts, a completely different view will appear. Suddenly protonmail is one of the most MB per inbox. An alternative is Mailfence.com whose customer service is a better one.

Suraj R

Just price comparison video. Nothing important covered


Thanks, you have convinced me to use Proton.


No comparison of relative privacy here, which is why people are looking for alternatives. The problem with email is that even if you encrypt the message, the metadata is not encrypted. If it were, it would not be deliverable. SMTP is an ancient, insecure standard. With the metadata, To:, From: server A to Server B, etc. the authorities can make you guilty by association using relationship maps. Like to shoot the bull with a neo-nazi? The authorities see your metadata and bang, your on a list of persons of interest. What's the solution? Go see the people you want to interact with in person. Anything electronic is not private. Period. Keep that in mind.

adam simon

google doesn't like losing their clients so google tracks their clients and read their emails.

Sylvanas Windrunner

0:59 lol wow. They basically soft doxed him. Not the types Id want to trust my privacy with. (especially since drugs shouldn't be illegal in the first place so they're lameasses for that too)

jap ja

Not better. Just cheaper. That seems to be the only substantive comparison you cite. I hold short of disliking your video tho, Bc you otherwise spoke accurately, even tho you didn’t focus on the criteria of my qualitative research Vs just price.


Hey Tom, thanks for the always informative reviews and taking the time. I have been trying to see if you have reviewed Criptext and your thoughts, as I have been using it for a bit, going through some of your old Videos I couldn't locate a review, unless I missed it. BTW ya gotta bring back the hairstyle that you had in some of your 2018 Reviews...Awesome!.. Thanks again for your time and what you put into making these! for us to learn, I know I have anyways :)


CERN is in Switzerland right?


I am totally with you regarding PM. But you shouldn't only compare them by price per GB. Its an ISP and there are much more features that should get compared. Domains, reliability, open source, mobile clients, filters, labels, aliases, catch-all, etc

But I am glad you take PMs claims with a grain of salt

̷1̷9̷8̷4̷ ̷

if you knew how email worked, you would no that NO email service is safe, encrypted or not they can be read. your texts messages are safer. do some homework lol

Oussama Wop

Is there any other alternatives for paypal.

Source Feezy

bro u need sun light smh


And I can't read the screen behind you on my Android phone it's too small.

Serron Serron

they deleat my atont

Hitch Hiker

Do the email services you stated require phone number when you sign up?

Andrew G

So bias against proton mail


yeah if you use google im not gonna listen to you


CERN in America?


Am I being dim? its only good if it lava to lava. lava to gmail is a waste of time??? everybody has gmail??



alex kestner

protonmail is associated to CRV, which has gotten lots a money from dnc/anti-trump/pro biden campaigns. something to keep in mind

Monique Willemse

You started well pointing out Proton's privacy loophole but ended badly not reviewing the totenova's privacy.

Circle Person

My guy recommends Brave Browser over Tor Browser for privacy bruh.

Alix Rainbow

Cool! I've been checking out all of those, hesitating which one to pick. Now it's much clearer. Thank you!

Cristi Tanase

so you want to use your email to do illegal stuff or just to email others without being datamined by google?


The glasses. Just no.

Mike Schilder

Wow...I've never seen someone rate NordVPN that low, most reviews I see speak reasonably well of them.


“CERN in America”??? Seriously?

Integrale Umweltheilung

Which one has a good iOS App?

Valdrin Bajrami

you are talking trash bro!

Modernity Leave

Yea fuck CERN


Fastmail is good.

Frank Castle

ProtonMail suuuks! Just out of nowhere I could no longer access my email account! And absolutely zero response from their costumer support. Stay får away from this.

Kermit the Frog

Why would anyone need 20 aliases and 1k emails per day for private use?

Jay dee

What do you think about lavabit?

。六〇 *

hushmail . lavabit ????

Anand Kewal

I dont agree with you at all you need to give more inside details

Edward Kiledjian

You are comparing mail options to ProtonMail without covering the security gestures. Additionally it's a little bit shady to recommend a sponsor like that .

Pedro Coimbra

You aren't seeing the whole picture here: EVERY email provider has to give the data to law enforcement if presented with a warrant, or they'll go out of business and the owners get arrested. *BUT* the important part is, Protonmail and other E2E encryption email providers don't have the decryption keys to those emails, so law enforcement will get basically garbage, not whitstanding the metadata which isn't encrypted.
Also, how do you know those others have better reputation than Protonmail, sources?

Tomáš Bludovič

Hello Tom, can you make video about Mullvad vs. Tor Guars speedtest / torrenting speed? :)


I just discovered the ProtonMail phone app charges $59.99 per year to gain access to filters so you can reroute spam.


Hi there, thanks for the informative stuff dude. By the way, have you heard about BulkResponse? My colleague just started using it and he's talking about it all the

Lavabit email

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EXCLUSIVE: Owner of Snowden's Email Service on Why He Closed Lavabit Rather Than Comply With Gov't

75 011 views | 13 Aug. 2013

http://www.democracynow.org - Lavabit, an encrypted email service believed to have been used by National Security Agency leaker Edward Snowden, has abruptly shut down. The move came amidst a legal fight that appeared to involve U.S. government attempts to win access to customer information. In a Democracy Now! broadcast exclusive, we are joined by Lavabit owner Ladar Levison and his lawyer, Jesse Binnall. "Unfortunately, I can't talk about it. I would like to, believe me," Levison says. "I think if the American public knew what our government was doing, they wouldn't be allowed to do it anymore." In a message to his customers last week, Levison said: "I have been forced to make a difficult decision: to become complicit in crimes against the American people, or walk away from nearly 10 years of hard work by shutting down Lavabit." Levison said he was barred from discussing the events over the past six weeks that led to his decision. Soon after, another secure email provider called Silent Circle also announced it was shutting down.

See all Democracy Now! reports about Edward Snowden and the NSA leaks: http://www.democracynow.org/topics/nsa

Democracy Now!, is an independent global news hour that airs weekdays on 1,200+ TV and radio stations Monday through Friday. Watch it live 8-9am ET at http://www.democracynow.org.


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Ships of Chittim

Police State!


You want congress to act!! CONGRESS is BOUGHT and paid for!! Every awake American knows that!!


When you all awaken, you won't be voting for anyone anymore, we never needed governments in the first place, what exactly do they do? All taxes are collected automatically, they don't negotiate us out of wars, they pander to the likes of Halliburton and start them instead so they're rich pals will be richer. They don't care a flying fuck about you or me, so why do we need them? The only law we need is to treat others as we would want to be treated.

Portable Wares

is it just me or is the "evidence" for war highly suspicious? Kerry & Obama's persistence is also highly suspicious.


I do not participate in politics. Politics is entirely a deception designed to divide the masses into smaller, more easily governed groups. I think the idea is that the different groups blame each other for all the problems we face, without seeing the system as the problem, and the people who control it from the outside. So, we fight each other instead of those who truly govern. The state is camouflage, and it's workings are a deception.


I applaud this guys decision to tell the feds to piss off and I will not comply with your phony patriotism. A gag order to keep secret dirty dealings quiet. Can anybody say traitors?

Barrie Featherstone

I added a dislike just to be fair and balanced; no wait, that's Fox News.


he has two choices: 1. move overseas, renounce US citizenship and build his service under a different name. 2. release all of his code and work as open-source ultimately making it impossible for any gov to do anything.

charley mike

The courts can't act alone. Someone has to sue and get the case heard by the courts. So far no takers.

I'll do it

buh buh terrorism, the boogie mens will eat us if we dont let the government fuck us, at least that is what the bush hussein obama tells us. and only after he gets caught mid rape.

Rob Reiken

All this BS is happening because why? The Government is hijacked by criminals colluding behind closed doors to strip our rights away all for a Plan called Agenda 21. They want to kull the population down to 500 million & enlsave humanity. Cannabis could save the world for food. fuel, clothing , paper, building etc & cures cancer but instead they suffer from madness all for absolute control just to create misery for everyone else. These rulers hate humanity & work to destroy it.

Facts First

First, the corporations only gave up information when there was a warrant, and cheap-ass losers like Yahoo, Comcast, and Verizon simply handed it over, anyway. Government got used to this and started issuing unconstitutional "general FISA warrants." NOW, THEY JUST ASK FOR IT, AND IF YOU DON'T COMPLY, THEY LOCK YOUR ASS UP LIKE THIS IS FUCKING NORTH KOREA OR CHINA OR SOME SHIT. THANK YOU SNOWDEN AND MANNING FOR BEING TRUE AMERICAN HEROES.


His lawyer or whoever sitting next to him really expresses a wide range of emotions!

Jeff Rodgers

Its actually 848 people

D Rutter

I didn't know Ladar before, but I have respect for him after watching this interview. It'd be nice of the male interviewer could speak better though. It was distracting that he fumbled almost everything he said.


Your own comment is nonsense. The USA did not save the world. In both wars, they were one country in a coalition of Allies. Their losses in WW1 compared to Britain were low, and were only ~33,000 more in WW2.Both the USA and Britain's losses pale in comparison to Russias losses in both wars, and France's in WW1. Lend Lease material was provided in large quantities but was poor quality. And the tide turned against Germany in Europe before1942. China suffered the brunt of the war with Japan.


That's what the 1.6 BILLION rounds of hollowpoint ammo just purchased by various gov agencies is for. Not to mention the militarization of police all over the US. They know we're angry and they're prepared to wipe millions off the face of the earth to preserve their hegemony.

Wade Paulse

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Qtards_are Fools

a government of the corporation, for the corporation and of the corporation.


You're probably right about that and he could be sent away forever.

Eleanor Perry

I chose Lavabit because i thought the company would always remain and my data would be safe. Furious we were given no warning. Does anyone know if e-mails can be retrieved?


Most of ramble. I also have not backed up anything I say. However, I'll try to direct you to some info, if you're interested. Send an email to [email protected] I'll give you access to the drive. There are several gigs of info there.

Rob Reiken

I totally agree with you,people are ignorant about the UN yet they gave you thumbs down for theres enough information that proves they are genocidall maniacs. Look at all the people they killed in Haiti a country now destroyed by those scumbags. Theres a doco called The UN Deception, they are nothing but the world police for the New World Order One World Government Tyrannts & surely people will wake up to the lies from UN & NATO.


This fellow is another hero. Taking a hit, to protect the rights of others.


Translate all this into Russian or Mandarin and we'd be nodding patronisingly saying; 'If only they had our democracy...'

anon manonearth

what a sad sad sad situation we have to all live in

Sic semper tyrannis



Can someone tell me what a "secret law" is? and why would there be a law that you cant talk about?... how can people avoid breaking a law that they aren't made aware of?? what kind of Kangaroo court country would allow this??


This is proof enough the government practices terrorism and that it is the only one.

Polite Q

Well there's the reminder for all of us that digital anything is vacuous and fleeting. Hard copies of important documents are important. "Nothing to hide" is not the point. Do you close your curtains at night?


amy goodman has the voice of reason


Unfortunately, free speech is no more. We live under tyranny as you can see here. The Constitution has been eroded before our eyes. Did you know it is even a crime to protest. Anyone can be arrested for protesting. It's a law now.

Caren Ami

funny that the world wide market might actually fix this problem


I bet the lawyer has excellent hearing...

Wesley Wells

That is utter nonsense. America was the nation that saved the world from anarchy in both WW I and WW II, and did so only reluctantly. It was well after its period of civilization that it turned toward totalitarianism, and only recently that it has begun to succeed in doing that on a grand scale.


Ladar Levison a brave, honourable man who has my upmost admiration.


This is ridiculous. Everything is going down way faster than I imagined. I don't know what's going to happen, but its really out of control. So much secrecy..just what Kennedy warned about.

Viky Pamnani

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Eleanor Perry

I dont mind my e-mail being monitored. I know for a fact my texts/SMS are monitored. Nothing to hide, i'm an environmental activist and take part in organised action. The relevant authorities are always informed before action. I am however angry Lavabit closed and took control of my Correspondence. Ive lost crucial correspondence of the lies told (and maintained) by the British Consulate in Sarawak. My case is minute, However, It terminates my position of it being an on going case.


Grow a pair!!!!!


I can't believe you asked that question.... Have you ever heard of the CONSTITUTION?!?!


people think that saying "fuck the government" on the internet does something. or crashing a website, etc. Unlike before....


I hope the U-S a-rmy's HUMANS will do the same when the big time comes!

Manav Grover

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It's also pretty sad that he can't even discuss certain things with his OWN LAWYER ... WOW.... your right, what kind of country do we live in? People better wake up and do it soon or we are back to HITLER days.

Eric Miller

I guarantee you the specific laws he's not allowed to talk about are within The Patriot Act

Aaron Coats


anon manonearth

wow gagged, freedom in america? Hahahahahahahahahahahaha. its laughable


It doesn't matter where you keep your data. It isn't yours. The birth certificate is property of the state. It is copyrighted. That is not your name, and none of the property in that name is yours. Also, I recommend scepticism toward the likes of Amy Goodman.


How quickly did the United States turned into an oppressive country in the levels of Nazi Germany, Stalin's USSR or Mao's China. How quickly the Americans will to fight for freedom got numbed by those behind the real power. By now, it's just too late for Americans because they just can't simply vote your way out of this mess.


The revolution will be guided by people you don't see. They will be safe from you. Refusal is dishonour. Be a peaceful man, and ask for the contract that obliges you to perform for the state. The agents will ask you what your name is. YOUR name. The state owns the names. You claim the name as yours. See the trap, yet? I'm telling you something that few comprehend. Ask your alleged state representative if the birth certificate is copyrighted.

Grim Reaper WickedFury

Wake up fool you dont need a revolution but a revolation if the latter dont comes first the status quo will stay in place!!!!


[email protected] Send an email and mention that you would like to see the info I've offered.

D Coak

the United States government has now shown itself to be an international and domestic bully.... they dont deserve the title government any more ... more like Criminal Mob


Stupid YouTube won't let me watch the video it just keeps randomly restarting from the beginning . Tin foil hats...

Mass Vocals

the patriot act consider ... used on free and sovereign people of the united States is an attack by the acting government in fact most of those executive orders are to protect the government/ employed , not the people the constitution is our right and acting within it is our right

Portable Wares

there's a gag order against him consulting with his attorney! that's the good ol' US of muthafunkin' A!

Radomir Samardzic

Why do you call Snowden a "leaker"? He is a whistle blower. Whistle blowers are protected by law, leakers are NOT. Are you forced to call him leaker.

Anthony Salvatore

That's funny you should say turned into the level of nazi and stalin. we had roosevelt, and churchill who were exactly same guys; different names


People Check regify. It is a European based company with a unique architecture that encrypts emails. You can keep your hotmail, gmail...etc because the encryption/decryption takes place on your local machine before the content is sent to their servers. The encrypted content goes to your email provider and the key is stored in a clearing service in Europe. The keys cannot be retrieved except by you.

Caren Ami

Well, anyone interested in safe encrypted communication will resort to technology provided outside the US. That will do, in case the demand is there (which might not be the case, as many people don't see a big problem that their data is, or can be, tracked).

Wesley Wells

Yes Jeremy, but you should gain some insight into what is happening on the global front. I have been witnessing at first hand changes in Turkey and as yet lesser changes in Australia. By seeking information on my own, outside the mainstream media, I think I am gaining valuable insights into politics and change in other parts of the world as well. The global view is much more chilling than what is discussed here. Yet people want to shout down those who would believe in "some conspiracy theory".

Road Ways Back to Africa for Africans

we know the other choice- he has been threatened by this government.

Mass Vocals

also you here please help us end the government drug war. IT is a lie there lies are base on interest that gain there employment


Because guns are no use against hellfire missiles, nukes, drones and tanks.

Jimmy Straw

Nobody says “let’s import MILLIONS of non-Blacks into EVERY & ONLY Black countries until Blacks become a minority, FORCE assimilate them into EVERY black community to create a “blended humanity”, give them Affirmative Action & free health care and push miscegenation 24/7 via movies/t.v shows & media(only in black countries)” THEN, when the Blacks object we call them RACIST! They only call WHITES “racist” for objecting to our geNOcide Anti-racist is a >code< for anti-White /watch?v=lKDeyuM0-Og


"The birth certificate is property of the state" ; spoken like a true left wing extremist! I like! :) We are owned, not in the slavery sense, but in the sense we're forced to be wage laborerers or go under, or some can play their historical roles as owner instead. And there is by no mean no owner vs owner fighting because there is, just look how merchant capital (Nike, WallMart) dominates industrial capital these days, and everyone hates finance, but the majority are just helpless.

Davyth Stewart

From the land that claims Free Speech as its most fundamental foundation.... Look at the legal machine pressing down on a clearly innocent and law abiding citizen. Just unbelievable!


It's difficult to figure out what is being said in a text box. The most important thing is that we're on the same team, and we are, I agree. We're probably not that much different, in thinking terms of freedom. . Have a good day my friend.


This is gross.. when republicans pretend to favor limited govt and democrats pretend to favor free speech.. alas they are all big govt against the people..

Benny Harriston

i understood everything......and he ain't the only one fighting corruption......that is 2 good men you are watching


Absolutely ridiculous what the government has come to......

Nathan Bergey

Not a single dislike. You would think the NSA would make a few accounts and add a couple dislikes.

Heather Williams

There are things he can't even discuss with his own lawyer!!!! WHAT?

capri cious

If You keep your data in the "cloud" I have a theory where your head is...

Tattooed Geezer

HERO ...... period.

Grim Reaper WickedFury

GAG order my ass not talking makes you comlicit spineless gellyfish!!

Jeremy Bost

If you don't mind your email being monitored, why did you use a service like Lavabit?

Eleanor Perry

I recognise that spyware enables my e-mails to be monitored even before their sent. The technology that enables the internet is heavily monitored. Lavabit have taken my data, and will sell it at a later date to recover costs.


I keep asking myself, "How did we get here?"


It's not that the laws are secret but rather that he wasn't allowed to specify which laws he may have been in violation of which would alluded to the specifics of the court proceedings.


I know fully about the Patriot Act & NDAA. The Constitution is only dead to those who acknowledge it's death & accept the current form of tyrannical gov't, in which your comment describes. In your comment you talk about the Nazis being in power, this is true, although the Constitution is not dead. These said Nazis refuse to acknowledge the Constitution as the outline of what should be our Gov't. By you supporting their ideals that it is dead only empowers them more!! DON'T FEED THE ENEMY!! .

Eleanor Perry

I dont have curtains.. is that your point?


He said he can't even share much of it with his lawyer. Gone is attorney-client privilege.


How does it fix it? It just throws it in our face!!!


Agreed. Amy Goodman is a gatekeeper--a scribe of the apocalypse. Look at her key sponsors to realize (tip of the iceberg) who benefits. As we ReThink our situation, we will ReDiscover what has been uncovered in the past. The devils' activities are being disclosed at a geometric rate thanks to the internet. Commensurate with the awakening, those depraved devils must accelerate their takings and the implementation of 1984-type dystopic police state. It is time for indictments on treason.

Zappy Zap

Privacy is now criminal...

RequiemFor America

Chairman ObaMao welKums to USSA :-( ...from now on the laws of the land will be as opaque as possible and privacy will only be allowed for the party elites... :(

Ezekiel Omotola

America go back to your roots, land of the free ?


Yeah, politics in a capitalistic system must ofcourse be deceptive and make its workings mysterious in order to legitimate itself (and not inflame the population who would overthrow them in a heartbeat), as any concentration of power have to. (Ofcourse this is my subjective view and ive cited no sources etc, so you can disregard all of it as ramblings from a simpleton)


I can't believe this. It is outrageous. Administration of United States is democratizing poor countries by force while gagging its own citizens by agencies whom are no better than dictators' ones. It like publicly defending women rights while beating the shit out of your wife.

laser sage

Is the GOV allowed to go in our regular land mail box and read that mail?


Do you use Gmail? There is some information I'd like to give you access to on Google Drive.

Caren Ami

it's actually a quote dating back in its origins probably more than 100 years ago


Mr. Levison should leave the US immediately, renounce citizenship, and then go to the world's media outlets with the details of what the government did to his business. It's the only way in which this evil occupying 'government' can be outed. He needs to do what Snowden did. People don't realize how rotten this nation's ruling powers has become at the top.

Patricia de Chenier

Hope and Change and Tyranny.

jaipreet singh Madan

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Kimarie Teter

terminate your voter registration and get out of the federal jurisdiction now nsea.us

D Coak

...so let me make sure i have this correct this "president" is working his hardest to get George W bush & dick Cheney off for war crimes (which we all know they are guilty of) ... but average american business owner who are providing a LEGAL service to the public are literally in fear of their lives? .... is the secret government and the illuminati really this powerful to were we just sit back and watch another one of our own be massacred by these dominated alien forces!?

Polite Q

The entire point is that there is no freedom of speech any longer. Did you miss that?