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HOW TO VET - The Sims 4 Cats and Dogs | Veterinary Career Walkthrough

139 007 views | 10 Nov. 2017

Welcome to my walkthrough

Welcome to my walkthrough guide of the brand new veterinary career in The Sims 4 Cats and Dogs. From helping pets to hindering them. It's all available once you own that clinic!


Thanks for watching!

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Andrea Monroy

i need your help, why i can only use one exam table ?? and how i can put the medicine in the machine can't do it

Louise McAtamney

Just the video i NEEDED! Thank you girl! <3


How do you hire vets?

Emma Hunter

I need help how do you give your employees a break

lara tsai

finally I know how to be a vet in sims 4! Thanks~

Anonymous Strange Human Thing

How do I stock the vending machine?

Tavis Danes

That thumbnail

Emma Averbeck

so do you need Get to Work to get your own vet clinic?

Elizabeth Coleman

6:35 I love how you have to use these to unlock other symptoms! This is what we typically do first in real life to examine our patients ?

bob hillberry

I Really enjoyed ! Thank You BYE :}:}:}:}:}

trapper's shadow

I pre ordered and i gotta say the vets skill goes um quickly

Sienna Squire

do u need dine out?

Laycie McQuay

How do you transfer funds? It won’t let me


So I only need cats and dogs to be a vet ?

Defne Emiroglu

I'm stuck at 3 stars of rating. Everything is working perfectly. I have all of the requirements that are shown in the video but I can't get any ratings higher than 3 stars, I also bought everything with my perk points. Anyone having the same problem?

nastybxtxh 3

it won’t let me work in the clinic when i try to greet the patient doesn’t come up as an option

Hillary Phelix.

How do I earn that much money??

Joshua Thompson

I just got Cats and Dogs today and built a vets!


when I tried it the costumer sims wouldn't pay my sim

Eva Carsella

I've spent my whole day on cats and dogs! this was a real Help!

Judit Magera

Thank u so so much?


Hires three employee and they're some damn standing woods . I had to do all the work ??

Space Cow


Gru Doodoo

Why doesn't the command for the level 10 vet work for me?

spaghetti cheerios

my employees do their job, but after about three in game hours they just give up and leave?

Rebecca Rain

I’ve been trying to greet patients but it doesn’t even let me do that. What do I do?

Jordin Orr

Almost every time that I bring an animal to the surgery station and exam them, I end up getting their final results and then trying to perform surgery on them, but every time it keeps on showing X on the surgery station and the animal comes out different colors or comes out as a taxidermy like pet, this happens when I select the proper procedure with the thumbs up. I don't know why this is the case. Any ideas?

Edward Pickup

I just bought a vet clinic my employee did not last long she quit ? there should be an option where you can tell your employee they can go for a break or something or manage a shift for them

Ashley Loyd



before the video, there was an ad called animal shelter simulator...

Haflinger Jacky

heey i have a problem :( Can someone solve it for me? I can't get the money when i help a pet :(

Arctic Edge

When I first looked at your name I thought it said “sinner” instead of “simmer”

Blackwidowcat Kittylover16

This helped a lot! Thanks! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️


do i need get to work to actually be a vet

Brierra Queen

Every time I bill the owner they get so mad is there a different way your supposed to bill them ??

Emilin Carbajal

Do you need the get to work expansion pack to get a vet and go to work with them


There is another money cheat it is money (9999999)

Brooklyn Clark

Omg I cried because I thought I had to press the buy a vet clinic before you built it because it’s took me 7 hours

IZ Foxy

I can’t craft treat ;-;

Fupa King

Why is my vet worker keep on sleeping??? She hasnt help any f the cutomers at all

Chase TCM

Even mobile players


So my sim has an at home vet office and her dog turned like red and I thought she would fix it like always but I think it glitched or something because the dog stayed red


I had so much fun with my clinic, if you see it on my channel, you'll see i built my own because i think i had more fun decorating than i did trying to get to 5 stars...which i still haven't done :'D

Dylan Moua

You are a bigLair

Super helpful lovely thank you :)


When I bought my clinic and opened it, random animals kept coming in without their owners and puking all over the floor. It wouldn't let me treat them (I assume because their owners weren't there), but it kept saying they were sick and needed to see a vet. When I clicked on the exam table, it said I hadn't greeted any customers yet. How do I treat these animals, or at least get rid of them so my employee doesn't spent the entire day cleaning up their puke over and over?

lou bug

noah if you see this ilysm

Morgan Bergmann

Got it for half price at Target today! I can’t stop playing it!

Briona Mercedes

I got it yesterday it’s so fun❤️

courty xo

So I have a quick question. I don’t own the Get To Work expansion pack. But I would like to own my own vet clinic. Do I need the Get To Work expansion pack to do so? Thanks again!

Katie Hutchinson

Can you go to the vet clinic if u don’t have get to work???

Fox Draws

How do you put the cheats bar away? I just have it on my screen and can't figure out how to get rid of it

Random Person

Wait, so I need more packs to own the buisness and work their? Or do I only need cats and dogs?

Shae Ryan

Thank you for this! I have a question and maybe you can help? I made my own vet clinic with all the necessities, hired a vet, paid for the gold package of advertising and opened my vet clinic.... but no one came for a solid 11 hours! I can't figure out what I am doing wrong! Help!

Mina Pinchbeck

I was so confused thank you so much!! It helped a lot! Love you! ❤️

libby gallagher

The sims cats and dogs is my first expansion pack and I’m unsure if I can go to work with my sim if she is a vet because I don’t have the get to work expansion pack? If anyone could help me that would be great x

Ruby Black

I played sims pets (whatever the DS game was) and it was amazing. I miss that game can't wait til I can start playing Sims. I own the game but no computer to play

Brooklyn Clark

What if I built the vet before I pressed the buy a vet clinic

Mugi Chan

help me I cant access the examination table. every time i choose the "examine now" option my sims will waving his hand and the icon of feet with red X will shown, as a sign we cant go there. i dont lock any door. and has enough space for him to walk around there. helpppppp

sorry for my bad english. I am an alien

Thenamescurry Xb

My last name is mullins

Kiara Mendez

When I dismiss my patients, they always give me one star. That makes them angry for some reason.

•Madisøn Kitty•

Youre voice is Surprislingly So Beautiful

sheri guy

very helpful vid! thanks so much. what I am looking forward to finding out is if you take your pet to the vet and he/she gets the cone of shame what then? will we have to bring it back to the vet or will it come off on it's own when it's time, or...??? ;)

Jennifer Young

i just spent several sim hours gaining vet skills to fix a cat and the darn cat ran away :(

Alex Santoro

Do we need get to work for this?


I’m actually so annoyed because I JUST spent $50 on this expansive pack and I can’t play it due to some relaunch error 122 or something. I don’t know what to do and it’s annoying the hell out of me. I can’t play Sims 4 at all!


starts at 2:12

Tequila Grey

Thank you sooooo much I was very confused why I couldn’t find the vet job


I clicked buy a vet clinic but it’s not taking me anywhere

h o n e yツ

Mt sim gave birth then came home pregnant in her 3rd trimester hiw dies that happen ;~;

Kaya Novotny

Everyone: buys sims 4 for full price
Me: buys sims 4 for $6.00 Canadian rn along with the expansion pack that’s 50% off ?‍♀️


I created a sim yesterday and had my sim own a vet clinic. Actually that was my first time ever making a building. I made a house with Sims 2 I think, but not sims 4 or even sims 3.

I really enjoyed it playing the veterinary field. I notice that you can level up real quick as a veterinarian. I should had made another sims(that would be her husband) and be a family practice so they can work at the same time. I will do that next. I'm still learning the game.

The Ghost From Harrenhal

So I don't need Get to Work to have a vet clinic?

Daisy Le Bas

You just slipped past the coat bit. I got a vet coat but it won’t come up aswell as I can’t change the uniform even though it gives me an option to

Boost Boost

Is this only on Desktop computer?


.... This looks exactly like my Sim...wtf

Hargle Blargle

Don't get me wrong, I absolutely adore almost everything this expansion pack brings to the table; the new pets, the new world, not so much the veterinary career though. Like owning a retail store or a restaurant, the staff members get so agitated and refuse to do their work properly even when they're praised, "inspired", and promoted. I'm so sick of it and I'm starting to want my $40 back. Suggestions and helpful tips would be great, I'm desperate for anything. <33

Natooshi De pineapple

so do i need get to work to be a vet ?? or can i be a vet anyway because i only have base game


I want to do the work but I don’t know how because my employee is doing it. Is there a way to do it myself?

Angelica Taylor

Can i hire my neighbors or my own household to become a vet?



Red Riley

What did was the treatment I couldn't see it cause the writting was to small

Jazmin Martinez

Thank you so much! ❤️

F Immelman

This was so much help thank you so much

Catarina Auliso

If your here because you search how to put treats into vending machines and your on ps4 press square and then you can drag it.

Pinky Pie kitten

omg thankkkkkk youuuu I was confused how to be a vet! lol

Moss kezet !

I d have vet outfit or wtf

Simming Ivy

I love this video!!

Hope Gamblin

Think you very informative

Redheart Jamma

Extract cuteness surgery was the cure for my first patient xD

Dearne Maree

My employees seem not to do their job...


How to you even get employees?
Im strugglinggggg

Chantalle Van Niekerk

I already got it

Jessica Witherspoon

I have a question how can I make both members of my household owners of the veteran office?

Slush Puppy

So do we need get to work??

Phan •

Mine doesn’t cheek in

i like snakes

im never gonna be able to afford a clinic xD

S I M P L E - T H I S

I already got it like, a few months ago, and I didn't even have to check a tutorial! UwU

Wait, why am I even on this video then? (õ-õ)

Danielle Puleston

I work in a vets. Makes me sad they have not included Nurses and Receptionists in the staff that you can hire.

Tim Tam

when i click buy a vet clinic nothing happens...

Sims 4 vet cc

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FAMILY VET CLINIC ? // The Sims 4 Cats & Dogs | Ep. 1

38 217 views | 26 Nov. 2017

♦ Open Me Please

♦ Open Me Please ♦

After the passing of their father, Wren and Lyndsie inherit the family Vet Business as well as their childhood home. Wren, wanting to do the best for his daughter, is willing to work for the Vet Clinic in a heartbeat. After seeing their mother abandon their family over the Vet Clinic, Lyndsie isn't so hot on the idea of working at the Vet Clinic. Though she loves animals, and wants to do right by her brother, who knows if she'll choose to help or not. She has bigger dreams, after all.

FAMILY VET CLINIC ? // The Sims 4 Cats & Dogs | Ep. 1


Do you enjoy The Sims 4 Cats & Dogs, but wish your sims could be in it? THEY CAN! Create a Sim, or household, and upload them to The Sims 4 Gallery with the hashtag #SwACatsnDogs and I'll add random sims from the gallery with the hashtag #SwACatsnDogs to The Sims 4 Cats & Dogs series to see around the neighborhood.


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GLW Williams


Jakayla Woods

omg I love this girl ash she is one of best youtubers and person ????


Earlysquad yeettttttt Have a great day Ash!! :))

nadaneece gardner

Ummmm. ?????????????????????????????????????????????????????

King James

Use some cheats

Maximillan Haywood

Thank you so much I could not figure it out ❤️

Ema Hax

Is their childhood home on the gallery because i really would like to download it , if somebody could help me please it would be really nice , thnx ?


early squad :D


ive been on ashes main channel since her vapire sims 4 live stream :D


Why was there an ad about free robux

Abby the Unicorn

Ummmm hi Ashley nice to meet you

Dominick Hancock

I a kid not a teen

Redzone007 Mitercool2017

Love you ash ???



Coolistion Glidez

I love this episode!!

Chyanna Segretario

Dog needs a water bowl lol. Love your channel though!!

Your local queenny




Tigress Playz :D

Hi ash

Lindsey Pionek

You have to set the Vet to open

Riella Pep

Love it

Tina li



So, I have been considering getting the sims 4 game. Now, if I buy the cats and dogs expansion pack, does that include the whole sims 4 game and the pets or just pets that you have to add on to your original sims 4 game? Sorry if this question doesn't make sense, but I need some help! Thanks!

chomchol anan


Cotton Tay

Ash my name is Ava!!!!! ?????????





Rachel Perez

Where's Chris


im subscribed to all of yours and chrises channels i love you guys so much you always cheer me up when i feel down i really wish you guys the best you deserve all your subscribers and so much more!!!!!

creeplord 476

hey ash that dog is so cute I need one also great vid crash nation yeet

Your local queenny


Baylee Lawrence

Everyone has there time to pass and it was their dads time no one lives forever -Baylee Lawrence

Harrison Andthevid

Ash your the best you tuber ever like if you agree

Jennie and jisso Lisa and rose

Hi ashly sorry but my name is Ashley like you.


So many subscribers but not a ton of views compared to the subs but I really like your videos and I keep watching on all yours and Chris’s channels and is helping you even adds (that aren’t weird adds ) keep up the good work!

Lindsey Pionek


Lindsey Jones

My name is Lindsey!



Hope Lich

14:00 skip to vet clinic


Ash i had covo with Shewolfdeadly :D i saw her last upload and i asked her to start uploadning again and she told me about her twitch and i said much love from ashleyosity i bet and she said u visit her twitch streams so ill see u ther on the streams i love u too much love from shewolfdeadly i bet!

sara shafiq

HEYYY ASH. IM LOVING SIMS A LOT. Thank you. And I can't wait for more. AWW RIP FATHER ❤️❤️loving the back stories. YEEETTTTT

tiany fruit

Ashley!!! Ilysm!!!!!


51 mins late but IDC I love your ROBLOX and Sims Videos!

Lee smith

Hey I’m crying your lucky you got the pet pack I crying to bad??


I like the vid so much!!


so do u post on your other channel aswell? just wondering so I can keep up (please reply so I know)

Lonely Whale


boom boom i love Jojo swia boom boom wagler



You should get Lysine her own dog like a German shepherd

Jordyn Massey



My big brother dog/my dog too namebis Teddy and that are new dog because our other ran away


So excited for the continuation of this series!!! ??lysm❣️


Wheres Chris??

Gacha Sisters

hi ash i love your vids


Hi ash I love your vid I watch all your Chanals I love you crash Nashua yeeeeeet love you


Hi ash I am a huge fan and this is the first time U have commented but I just want you to know I have always been here since the beginning and I love you! ❤️

Jonathan Roberts

Do you still know cris

Lillian Blanton

Your amazing Ash and can you make some more vids

Your local queenny



Where is the link to download this house?

The Craziest Girls

rhen kind of looks like chris also sorry if i spelled rhen wrong

Autumn Carr

Before 300 views

Sarahbear _123


Miss Mackenzie Mary

Lyn should do something like that

Panda Tube Gaming

Ava is my real life name omg :D

Sunday Diamonds

3rd one to comment and watch video after 1 min. Of upload !!!!!!! Yeet

Abby the Unicorn

Hi Ashley am Emma

BK Casual

I think Ava's aunt (forgot her name lol) and Ava's dad should continue working at the clinic till it's boasted up then, they live their life perfectly and Ava's aunt should get the restaurant called "Cats and Dogs Café!"


Hey ash love your vids! Been a part of crash nation since the beginning! Wish you both did crash life vlogs still! Hopefully y’all make more. Love you and Chris! YEET!!!! P.s. love this new series! YEET AGAIN!!

Banana Man

Yeet yeet yeet yeet

Ross Hatfield


kaylin gamer gal

Ash u look so different and ur still pretty like flowers

Sims 4 vet cc

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Vet Clinic Renovated | No-CC | Stop-motion | Sims 4

756 views | 4 Nov. 2020

Brindleton Pawspital,

Brindleton Pawspital, Brindleton Bay

40 x 30 | Price: 205,777 | No-CC

— Video chapters

00:35 - Floorplan

01:50 - Barn Interior

03:15 - Vet Clinic - First Floor

04:47 - Vet Clinic - Second Floor

05:49 - Packs and Reveal

#Sims4 #NoCC #StopMotion #VetClinic

— About the video

Hi! In this video, I renovated the Sims 4 vet clinic in Brindleton Bay. I made it more modern, clean, and minimalist, also I add a small barn house in the backyard, along with mini pet park where your pets can play. This new look of Brindleton Pawspital completely CC free. The tray files are available on my tumblr account.

Also.. thank you so much for new subs, and welcome :D I'm sorry for the late video, more videos coming soon. I hope you like it and have a great day! ;)

— Follow for more

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/morpheusims/

Tumblr: https://morpheusims.tumblr.com/

— Background music

Kitchen & Marshmallow (Prod. by LuKrembo)


Is this available on the gallery? Amazing build ?

Lucia Rivero

This building is amazing, thank you so much!! It's so perfectly cluttered, I so want it in my game, you just gave me a new idea for a gameplay I didn't thought I needed to do. Incredible work! Keep it up, please!! ??

Raven Walls

what is your gallery ID so I can download this inworld?