Why are alligator prices down

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Remote Controlled Alligator Hidden Camera Prank 2014

9 889 015 views | 26 Apr. 2014

Get your own Gator Head

Get your own Gator Head https://amzn.to/2sRTwIW

Here's The Boat I Used https://amzn.to/2t3XAoz

How to attach The Boat to the Alligator https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uTjliKWAhZE

I thought it would be fun to take an alligator decoy and attach it to a remote controlled boat. When the police show up all hell breaks loose.

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Warning: These videos are performed by trained idiots. This Channel does not condone any action you take upon watching the following video and will not be liable for any losses, damages, or criminal charges received in connection with any reenactments. Joke at your own risk.



Hirogochi Tomayto

Why are american cops such retarded spergs? It's just a fucking toy, nobody got hurt

tectonica Snm

alguien que traduzca al español lo que le dijo la policia... por favor?

Deshawn Hicks

Disorderly conduct ??

Marc Medici

that's why everybody hates cops, good cop is a dad cop

I hate liberals

Sorry cops, i respect you guys but this is not illegal. Sure he can be told to stop but the cop saying he can be put in handcuffs is full of shit. If he put him in handcuffs he would have lost his job.


Hysterical! These cops have too much time on their hands!

Steven Bazinet

Good for you guys for standing up for your RIGHTS and not letting the police bully you around!


They just laugh???


Crocodile! Who raised u thats obvs a aligator well sorry but it looks like one to me

Alex P

So is it breaking any laws?

Ray Grange

So much concern. Give me a break. What happened to sense of humor.

Randall Genshaw

That's funny Ron. Your right. I'm surprised the dident smoke it with 7 of 9 rounds. There all trigger happy....Lol..


0:27 ok so thats very illegal

moncorp1 Inc

I'd have said, "Show me the regulation that says you can't have a remote control alligator in the water Mr. Shiny Vest."

Gina Perry

Hasn't that " Park Ranger" got a uniform to wear to prove he's a park ranger??? What a scrooge!!! He doesn't evidently laugh much. Or know how to take a joke! ??‍?

Donald May

Cops can be a dick

Jahlil Hill

Slater park

That Rob Guy

That was great! Loved it!


It's funny as hell, but the guy is being a total obnoxious prick about it, and taking up police time arguing the point. Once a cop shows up, just take the shit out of the water and stop dragging things out by being a prick. What if there was an incident somewhere, and an extra cop was needed, but he gets there too late because he was dealing with this stuff ? You had your fun, so then know when it's over and to move on. Like I said, it's very funny prank, and we all get a good laugh, but it's dangerous. People can have drastic reactions when they are scared. They could panic and fall out of their boat and drown, or someone runs and falls and hurts themselves, or someone has a heart attack...etc All legit grounds for a civil suit. And in terms of criminal charges, I believe the officers were right.. Could be charged with anything from disturbing the peace, to failing to obey a police officer, to maybe even be charged with reckless endangerment if someone gets hurt or killed. I am no law student, but I believe this is true...

Starcrafter HD

„You might scare somebody with that thing“ this sentence got me. ? that’s the target

Danny Richards


་༄꧉Aji `Togey꧉࿐ ་

Your car's sinking

Laura Callender

Power hungry cops with no sense of humor.


Guy: " Can I see your I.D?"
Ranger: " What do you mean can I see your I.D?"
Guy: " You gotta shiny vest, I got one of those things at home." Lol

derek flint

I’d like to see one with the radio controlled shark fin too


"You Might Scare SomeBody With That Thing" (FacePalm)

Assault On class 4 level! We need backup!!

Matthew Valenzuela

You should put a water proof walkie talkie some where hidden on it and go scare people saying "IM A CROCODILE"

Christopher Whitener

It’s just nature pigs hate gators


"You're a bad person!" XD Pulling alligator pranks on women, lol. I love my best friend Winnie with all my heart. Would I ever pull an alligator pranks on her?

. . . Yes, I totally would :3 XD


Where did you get the alligator head?

Dmg Control

This is serious... If someone gets hurt..the cops are gonna shoot your crocodile lol.

William Bonney

Man, FUCK THE POLICE!! Can’t even have a little innocent fun nowadays!!! HILARIOUS!!

Jeremy Dale

These people would have been in trouble where I grew up. It was pretty common to see alligators swimming around in Florida.

Ruben Rivera

“Show me and ID you have a shiny vest I have one of those too”

hats off to you sir


Repeat the law

Abel Flores

I couldn't find any link

County Line Forge

Im not understanding this...lets say thats a real gator in his natural habitat...the cops gonna arrest it for scaring humans? come on man...nothing about what this guy did was illegal and cops cant make you leave or stop doing anything thats not illegal just because they dont like it...no wonder people hate cops now...power hungry pricks

Jesse M

COPS will shoot!!! Be careful....they are tough on crime DISORDERLY CONDUCT!!!!


i am the one who said i will cut u ducks

Без Фанатизма

Русские бы полезли сразу хвост отрывать этому крокодилу, что бы сапоги себе сшить)))

i microwaved my pillow

Everybody keeps calling it a crocodile but it’s a alligator idiots


I think you should have someone stand by to tell them it’s fake. So you don’t have to go through the cop thing.

Eloise Sanderson



Pls make part 3

Kalpana_ Xo

I’m in this I was 8 ????

Cody Dalipi

You got a shiny vest I got one of those. ??

Randall Genshaw

That Gator is sweet. I gotta get one of those. I've never laughed so hard. Love episode 3 .Lol...cops are morons to abuse there power that way. You can't do anything in this country anymore. Drain the swamp Mr. President.....

Stanton Taylor

Need to be careful with things like this. It's funny for sure, but you can't panic the public. You can't yell fire in a theatre. The cops need to quit bullying and lying too. Stop the technical crap. If a law has been broken then address the issue. I appreciate the joke here, but know when enough is enough.

Neai Tuppi

Why would the guy keep arguing and fucking with the police? Just take it out, and go somewhere else.

Ray Calimpong

did you really got arrested or just warning you??? (if you noticed my name is kinda like in philipines but i know how to speak english so plz do not judge)

Dimstorm349 Bruh

It's funny until the prank happens to you

pitchblack 94

I'm a park ranger no fun allowed!

Sabrina Twigg



then a real one comes in

Randy Rodriguez

He got arested

Jahlil Hill

Funny how it's in Pawtucket,


Stupid cops there over reacting

Roshan Shetty

Kids can watch the crocodile

Todd Discher

God that park ranger is a freaking douchebag!


Omg police station???

Biracial Jesus

The old man said oh come on get a drink it’s not gonna but ya?


Pawtucket??! Only in USA


The little boy “Aw a crocodile”


What an asshole. Wasting tax payer dollars risking life for fucking prank. Should go to jail asshole.


Cops were having a slow day.

Martina & Jonah

Kid: that’s a crocodile mom look a crocodile
(Mom not paying attention)
Mom: oh shoot it is !!

Drakon Blackfire

.....cops....fake or not....do not know how to have fun!!!


I.. don't like the police.

The Blue Baron

What brand/model of mic did you use for this prank?

John Roberts

Yell fire in a theatre and film the panicked people running over each other, wouldn't that be funny? Then scare my kids when they are in the water and watch me put a bunch of holes in "the Gator".

Dark Accel

You're a crazy man xD


0:23 jeez careful you’re gonna hurt your child more than the crocodile will.

Laura Gadille

Cops being called, please it's all fun

Tipani-Ann Michaca

Cop: can i take a pictur of that thing? -to show my wife, ya knu.... it cool lookin' just the head.

Me: oh shit is he Gatoring me????? get it it's a gator & he's kidding me put 'em together, ya' knu like, "is he gatoring me", get it!??????

Nu.... nu.... alrite???? i guess he's only gatoring!????????

Bri San

"It's not funny!!!" Well, it's entertaining.

Mad- Scientist

Cop's are so fucking stupid.

Disorderly conduct everyone.

As bad as LS swap everything.



then the guy will take the crocodile in his hand, look ahead and see another one he stops and waits for that one and mine

Silvia Losano

I f**** hate when the people thay get pissed so early or scared they go to the ranger or cops then there not allowed well fuck the police this is American


Somebody who doesn't know how to swim could jump out of the boat and drown.
If I saw you do that I'd beat the hell out of you first then call the cops.


Seems like the cops or fun police were the only ones to complain. Seems in the world you can't have bit of a laugh and that's quite sad.


Someone can call and complain about whatever and to this cop, it's disorderly conduct? Reaching here.


Stupid law enforcement have to wreck everything.?


Only in the US. You kids better be careful durring halloween, if u look to scary u might end up in jail.


Enak bisa prank orang lagi mandi disungai wkwkwkckk

Егор Петров

I thought only Russian cops to be so stupid and meaningless. I was wrong

Montana Michael

Those police were police were cool and it probably gave them a smile in their day of dealing with real criminals. I have met the coolest Park Rangers but that guy needs to lay off the coffee...life is too short....relax....its not that serious dude. Sheesh

Khalid Saeed

if you in my country the police will hang you on tha wall and make your body full of marks

Michael Allen

Well.... It looks like the fun police aren't that much fun..... What a bunch of political correctness crap.....

Ronald Tartaglia

New England, loaded by communist assholes..

Saint B

Cops should arrest the man. What????wait an accident cause the shock??? FUCK


But it IS a social experiment and the ONLY wild card is....Will a cop shoot me today for this?

Miz Owl

I think no one would of complained if you showed the people that you were doing a prank . 
Right away , so they would know they are not in danger .
But to not say anything of course people will call the cops .

john somerandomnumber

"that's a loose definition of disorderly conduct." Well if you like we can lock you up for a couple of days so you can see and judge and he and your lawyer can talk about it.

Danny Richards

Do more

Kalpana_ Xo

I’m the little girl that yelled is that a real crocodile in the boat


lol Best one was the tots that spotted it before the parents.



Lit_Squad 4L

0:19 poor chase somebody call child protection services ??


It’s literally winter and these idiots think it’s real

Boobie Diaz

I live in Rhode Island and usually providence police are the coolest ones for the most part , they have bigger issues so they don’t normally act mean towards a joke unlike some of the other smaller cities where cops have nothing serious going on .

Why are alligator prices down

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The Price Is Wrong, Bitch - Happy Gilmore (8/9) Movie CLIP (1996) HD

2 993 793 views | 27 Jun. 2011

Happy Gilmore movie

Happy Gilmore movie clips: http://j.mp/1L5ihmZ

BUY THE MOVIE: http://amzn.to/sWiRBA

Don't miss the HOTTEST NEW TRAILERS: http://bit.ly/1u2y6pr


Happy (Adam Sandler) makes the mistake of tangling with Bob Barker, a surprisingly bad dude.


Adam Sandler's second popular starring vehicle after Billy Madison is a goofy lowbrow paean to golf, hockey, and the comic hysterics of its childlike star. In Happy Gilmore, Sandler plays the title character, a raw, determined, but ultimately untalented hockey player who keeps trying out for the pros. When Happy discovers his grandmother (Frances Bay) will lose her home if she doesn't fork over 270,000 dollars to the IRS, he tries to figure out how he can possibly scrounge up the cash. An idea strikes during a game of one-upmanship with a couple furniture movers stripping his grandmother's home: On his first-ever swing, he drives a golf ball farther than the movers have ever seen. Before long, he has transplanted the foul-mouthed, aggressive persona of the hockey rink to the links, winning an amateur tourney that earns him a spot on the pro tour. Throttling everyone from a helpless caddy to game show host Bob Barker during the course of his 90-day quest to amass prize money, Happy also wins the sport a legion of new fans with his in-your-face style. Guiding him on his quest is a whimsical retired pro who lost his hand to an alligator (Carl Weathers) and an attractive public relations woman charmed by Happy's antics (Julie Bowen). Opposing him, however, is sneering hotshot Shooter McGavin (Christopher McDonald), who will do anything to win his championship jacket and see Happy fail.


TM & © Universal (1996)

Cast: Bob Barker, Allen Covert, Joe Flaherty, Verne Lundquist, Adam Sandler

Director: Dennis Dugan

Producers: Bernie Brillstein, Warren Carr, Brad Grey, Jack Giarraputo, Robert Simonds, Sandy Wernick

Screenwriters: Tim Herlihy, Adam Sandler


The MOVIECLIPS channel is the largest collection of licensed movie clips on the web. Here you will find unforgettable moments, scenes and lines from all your favorite films. Made by movie fans, for movie fans.


MOVIECLIPS: http://bit.ly/1u2yaWd

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Tumblr: http://bit.ly/1vUwhH7

William Grantham

1:55 Get Him, Bob


Bobby has a nice jab.

Deepeyes 053192

Ohh that's gotta hurt ? ? ?

Come here Coward

I think you’re just a sad individual if you don’t like this movie

Ya boi Catman

The thing that makes this so funny is that he got beaten up by an old man and the scene would have been less funny if he didn’t get beaten up by an old man

jedi mind trick


Eric Soley

WTG Bob Barker, happy 97th!

Terrence Milton

Boston Bruin jersey

The Josh Gilchrist Network

“you know what’s driving me crazy..”

Lionessroars Johnson

I wish there was an actual Happy Gilmore playing golf!!! Man I never knew Bob Barker could throw down like that!!!!!!!

Jonathan Jr

This is the type of action that needs to happen on Capitol Hill between congress ????

Mike MacDonald

The leafs comeback surpassing the habs shutout. I have the same hate as Bruins fans

V. V.

The thumbnail looks straight up like Harry the Hunter from Beetlejuice.



Adriano Rick

Ok. But why Bob parker

Jameir_XD Entertainment, LTD.

I've never heard Bob swear in my life! Never!

Jeremy Martin

This is easily my favorite scene in the entire movie! Bob Barker just totally wiping the floor with Adam Sandler! ?

Hassan Abdirahman

2:28 when I go shopping with a female ??

The Josh Gilchrist Network

“i can’t believe you’re a professional golfer i think you should be working at the snack bar. there’s no way you’re this bad at golf as you are at hockey”

Simone Mackey

Anyone catch The Neptunes reference? ?? 1:27

That Southern Guy

I think you've had enough. No? whack Now you've had enough.



Charles Smith

When Bob Barker says "Alright, Happy..." it always makes me picture him in The Price Is Right when he says it in that voice.

Ruben Sosa

@2:32 Terminator much? Lol

Juanita Jones

Happy Birthday, Bob!????



Kevin Richards

"I don't wanna a piece of you. I want the whole thing." L?L o Bob is something else.

Stazia Kibera

Sinister cause presents throw back 101 on YouTube

Brandon Bowles

If it was Pat Sajak it would have been different!!

Arnetta Brock

The sound when Adam Sandler hit him that 1st time ??? den head butted him ?

JustAGuy FromJersey

That counter after Gilmore came climbing out of the water couldn't have been more perfect lol

puncher davis

Anytime Adam Sandler gets knocked out is aces?

Scott Fillinger

I wish I can move that well at that age

Scott Brown




Cole Sullivan


Luis Almanza

Tom Brady vs Patrick Mahomes


Damm pretty good for an Old man

Abigail Oneill

Still love this fight.

The Official Andy Saenz

WOW, Bob Barker is going to be 98 next December! I hope he makes it to 100!

William Grantham

I Have This Happy Gilmore DVD

Brendan Hall

Yay Bob Barker brings me back my childhood memories



Ash Magee

Classic scene

gup world

We gonna pretend like the PGA just gonna allow that dude to yell insults at Happy every time he goes to swing lol

Otto Sean Christopher Mastuh OSCG 8845 Grimsley

This scene would've been so cool if somebody made this video have Health bars when Bob Barker & Happy Gilmore were fighting each other.

Jarrett Owens


Richard Hernandez

Those who disliked this clip got the Bob Barker knuckle sandwich special.

i mixed my own play dough colors

No one:
hard hook
*hard hook*

rawhem aaron

He got the living daylights beat out of him by an old elderly man

Fred Pickett

2 of the best Entertainers We ever had were in this clip/ Bob Barker/and Adam Sandler.

Juan Gonzalez jr

Those hand skills on Bob

Driveway STAR

The best part is when Bob walks away throwing practice punches lol

Jamie Craig

In 2020, Bob Barker is still alive



David Harry

1:20 this guy sucks! ?

Tresean Cann

Why wasn't Mr. Larson (Jaws) in this scene ?

Abdelrahim Mohammed

Tom Brady vs Patrick Mahomes
Super Bowl LV Colorized

Saxl Rose


Sonny Demetro

The Most Clever Scene Of All Time? They Really Don’t Make Them Like This Anymore

Hailey Parker

Bob barker can throw sum punches


Adam Sandler may have had a lot of misses in his career, but this is always gold!


Top 5 funniest moment in any film!


Now you're gonna get it Bobby!

Cliff D

Top ten movie clip of all time.


2:28 is what you came for

Christian Rodriguez

Dammmm bobby can figth.

Ali Fakhrzadeh

I feel Bob was extremely selfish here considering the jerk that deliberately bullied Happy was obviously harassing him. I know unfortunately distractions go on but I feel they should kick the guy out for harassment and Bob did nothing to support him in any way

The Notorious Yim

Bob Barker should be a Mortal Kombat DLC character.

Kevin Richards

? the way Adam Sandler said, "You better relax Bob!"


Hello from the future! This is a 2021 super bowl meme! Enjoy! ?

Supermarketsweepfan 6000



This epic scene is about to turn 25 years old.

Mymouthlookslikeabutthole Trump


mankind andGod

Keep the workout in the community
Home gyms

Roy Young

Didn't you get in a fight with Bob Barker?
BTW who won that fight?

Fill Riley

And I always thought Bob Barker was such a nice guy


He grabbed happy and woke up like the undertaker lmaooo

Scott Meckley

This scene cracks me up

Marcus Carbonaro



02:30 is bob barkers arm 5 ft long?

Miguel Naranjo Peralta

I died when Happy tried to hit Bob with the Golf club only for Bob to block then get him with the two-hit combo followed by the take down (2:06) ??

A K Mozumder

Happy Gilmore won in every fight except the one with Bob Barker

epic vlogs and gaming

Bob barker always wins edit: that kind looks like bill nye

Timothy Foeks

Now your gonna get it Bobby LMFAO !!!!

Piss Weak

I remember seeing this as a kid and thinking this is what got Bob Barker off the show

Chris Arseneault

I've been at the Price Is Right twice while Bob Barker was still hosting and in between games everybody asked him to say that line and he always did.


Top 10 best anime fights of all time

Aaron Nieradzik

You’ve used the one twice, Joy!

Supermarketsweepfan 6000


Adam Lone

Bob Barker should have been included in one of the DLC packs for Mortal Kombat 11.

Jack Brechtel

1:19 - "This guy sucks!!!!" ???

Waves Moonshine

Remember to spay and neuter your pets folks!
Ps. Legend of a film

Michael Mazzarella

So funny ?

Jed Hawkins

If there was golf on TV, I would watch it because of a fight on the green. They turned a peaceful golf course into an MMA fighting ring. I want to see that on a golf channel.

Aurum TheBrave

This is one of the best fights ever lmfao

Tom Servo

Bob Barker IRL was a karate black belt.


I love the punching sounds. I wish it was like that in real life

Mike Dski

Bob Barker K.O. Adam Sandler!

Mike Lord


Why are alligator prices down

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Alligator Caiman and Crocodile Leather and it's Applications by Fischer Workshops

27 625 views | 16 Aug. 2017

In this video learn how to

In this video learn how to simply identify the different breeds of crocodilian leather, their individual properties, value, and applications. In this video I also provide several samples of products made with different breed of crocodilian leather. For more related videos please visit Fischer Workshops at the following:

Youtube Channel - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCuxgLLYGCxEJInI0NlbAgMA

Website - www.fischerworshops.com

Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/fischerworkshops

Email - [email protected]

Music by: www.epidemicsound.com

Special thanks to Indiandiy in Taiwan for supplying the leather for this video..


Thomas Meier

how to order croco skin? you sell?


Awesome video. Thank you

Tom Draug

Very interesting!! Thanks.

Desire Baker

The only question that remains is how the leather was sourced. I am assuming it was farmed. I just hope the meat was used as well, otherwise it seems wasteful and kind of cruel to me, but that's personal opinion. I think the leather is beautiful, but way out of my price point. But at least now I can identify the leather in case I ever get the chance to either buy the leather itself, or a product made out of it.


They Skin off the corcs while they're alive, while this guy is talking about fashion in animals skins and describe it as "beautiful wallet"

Nicholaus Straach

Now I understand boots better.

Arjun Rajanna

Just watch how they kill crocodiles before purchasing this items!!!

Steve Malone

Thank you, a new adventure for me, I just picked up some caiman scraps to work with

Sierra Larars

Very informative! I'm unlikely to use this type of leather but it was very interesting to find this out!

Saulo Hernandez

FIRST comment and oh wow ! This is good detail for this topic , thank you

Fischer Workshops

No, I don't. Depending on where you live you can purchase through an online retailer. Check Springfield, Tandy, Makers supply. Shop around.

Music VEVO

Hey I’ve got about 1000 pieces of crocodile leather and can get more from Africa/sudan I can get more if customer requests more. How can I go on about finding customers ? And they are 100% real.

Reza Esfahani

such an informative video. I'm about to buy a croco wallet and needed this info. thank you

Lukáš Bejček

An amazing video! I wear a genuine crocodile leather strap watch and I am interested in these types of leather very much. I don’t like much these monsters alive, they are ugly, but products of leather from them are beautiful. It is a fine feeling to have this beautiful leather on my wrist , I can recommed it strongly!

Harley Davidson

great video, perhaps next you can demonstrate how it is applied and prepped to a particular piece?

Alessandro Albano

hello im a leather artisan and I’m very interested in these beautiful skins. what is the best way to glue snake skin for example? please let me know

Pewna Osoba


gemstone freeman Jr.

Does Indian DIY sell alligator or Caiman skins


how much

Jayson Borum

Can anyone tell if this is real, the inside is water monitor hide.

John Allekx

Thanks! can me helped so much!