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Dance Gavin Dance - Chucky VS the Giant Tortoise (8-Bit Version)

4 216 views | 29 Oct. 2017

DGD - Chucky VS The Giant

DGD - Chucky VS The Giant Tortoise 8 bit Version.

Wallpaper Art Credit to: xestrm on Reddit


Dada La Oportunidad

Habia olvidado lo bien que suena

Aeisly Leusinia

this is fire

Zach Richardson

I've never heard a plugin sound like this! Would you mind if I asked what you used? As well as for the drums? If they're different.

Dani was invented

omg that was awesome!!!

Dylan Collard

This is so dope! Keep it up! I love it!✌?

Alex Vickrey

I've been trying to get ahold of you, what's the best way to do that?

Spencer B Keiser

yo never stop doing this shit, it's incredible

Jeff Bell

This... is really kind of... bad lol

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17 views | 23 Jan. 2021

Welcome back to the

Welcome back to the Rejected Gamers' Podcast!

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Band Groupies, How Did Having S*x Change How You Saw Your Idols?

934 views | 22 Nov. 2020

► Band Groupies, How Did

► Band Groupies, How Did Having S*x Change How You Saw Your Idols?

► Share your stories in the comments below!

► Mindflix is one of the most innovative and entertaining channels on YouTube to binge. Our team searches for the best stories on the internet to digest and consume for our viewers.

#reddit #stories

Jacqueline Ward

so good


XD it wouldve made more sense to put in a 6670 card in this so they could run dual graphics. it would equal near 6850 instead of 6750. and with that they wouldve actually saved money

Thomas Mitchell



He looks nervous. Must be great laptop

Mercy Samuel

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..just no. lol


The title gave me a stroke reading it.


This was a short review.

Lisa Lewis

cute and cool!


@salsa2good he said bluray




lies lies lies. That notebook hardly play bf3 at 40 fps in high quality settings.

Shannon Pollard

This title is about fans of musicians not groupies, the title is misdirection.


it says radeon hd 4250 ...?

Leona Lewis

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@salsa2good some have a dvd/cd burner and some have blue ray

Zerathrall's TechPicks



If only hp notebooks dident break after a week


don't like HP plasticky...


I'm sure the BF:3 menu isn't taxing.