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PRIZM - Lose You

4 742 views | 4 Sep. 2020

This is it: PRIZM’s

This is it: PRIZM’s highly anticipated debut album is out now! All Night is loaded front to back with hook-heavy retro pop creations that pay tribute to the ‘80s and ‘90s while forging ground for a new decade. Danni and Kris cut loose on spirited party anthems, funky feel-good tracks, and heartfelt breakup tunes, delivering each one with polish and the group’s uncanny songwriting sensibilities. All Night is available now on all platforms from independent synthwave label FiXT Neon.

Purchase/Stream: https://fanlink.to/_allnight

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#PRIZM #AllNight #FiXTNeon

James Farr

More of this. Less of everything else. Thanks. :)

Damian Starks

This song is beautiful.

Spencer Shattuck

Love this!

LetThe MusicPlay

I have to get the album! I Love the music!


Magical music!

John Parr

These two lassies went to number 1 in the 80's , I'm sure of it! Boomin


FiXT Neon’s crown jewel. Going to make them very famous.

Big Sarge



Кто нашазамил у Птушкина?)

Omkara Hellcore

Love this. Didn't expect I would :P


Prizm ❤️????????????❤️❤️❤️❤️⚡⚡⚡????


Come on please can we get more people to hear this wonderful new band?

LetThe MusicPlay

Ok I just purchased the album!

Đọc Tên Tao Là Chó



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PRIZM - All Night (Official Music Video)

42 704 views | 4 Feb. 2020

PRIZM took the synthwave

PRIZM took the synthwave world by storm with their retro pop anthem "All Night," and now the song is getting the treatment it deserves with this brand new music video! The Dallas-based duo has quickly made a name for themselves since releasing their self-titled EP last year, and in the time since then has turned out one red-hot new single after another. The video for "All Night" gives new life to the song and sets PRIZM up for a huge year in 2020.

Purchase/Stream: https://fanlink.to/prizm

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#PRIZM #AllNight #FiXTNeon

Terry Simon

Mahalo my dude!


I super love this lol

Польская Корова

Beautifull GIRLS and Beautifull MUSIC is that want too much people and it is here


I've listened to this tune 52 times in the last 22 hours according to Syth Rider! cant listen to any of the other tunes in the game; this is just so much better than the rest


The vocals are fire but i really want to know who produced this girls. the songs are so on point!

Faizan Max

PRIZM Whole Album is LEGENDARY Because These Girl's Create a Perfect Retro Album in These Hard Times. I respect them.

Strange Strategies

What a jam

Mike Forester

This gotta be a new montage theme in the upcoming season of Kobra Kai

Roman Kim

More of this PLEASE!!!! Inject this feeling directly into my veins!!! ?

Alex B

These girls are living in the 80's.

Shanté Summers

Thanks to Paris Hilton I discovered this song. Great tune!! ?

Ðổŋ υι¡şεş ✁✷

She is so beautiful ?
New RetroWave brought me here ?????


I love this funky song

Ben Tugwell

Box VR! PS4 bought me here!!

Red Moon Arcade

I'm really glad these talented ladies got signed with someone like FiXT Neon.
Love their great voices and musical talent! And now they can share all they have in beautifully shot videos :D


ok, im feeling this.

Ingvar Serwatowski


Ken Apd

Its giving me false nostalgia and i fvcking love it ♥️

Katalin Horváth

Thank you Paris

Joshua Jones

I am in love with these girls. Finally good music with an 80’s mixed with a 2000s feel love itttt!!! And yes Paris Hilton bday party brought me here. We must protect these girls and promote them at all costs!!!!!!!!!


you guys sound like beyonce at moments. cool song

Mark Fallows

Just an observation: Same location as Jesse Frye video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gB-l1ijtRoo

Dennis Johnston

Do they have more videos on YouTube because I can't find any!!!

The Sonic Universe

Silky lovely vocals


Love this track. Pure class.

Jom Madridano

The 1975 feels!! Love it!

hoemogenic ☁️

now that is a bop mama!

Morris Musinguzi

Beautiful sounds, this is really nice music from them, keep this up, more than beyond the sky is the limit for u PRIZM..

Anderson Drumonix

hello, I'm from Brazil, I loved this song, it has a wonderful, nostalgic vibe. The girls are incredibly beautiful. I have no doubt that this video will explode from views in a very short time. Congratulations. I want more video clips with this duo.

Roylee Walker

literally made me cry... you don't have your ass hanging out to have a beautiful song and video...

Nicholas Wheeler

NRW sent me ?

Aurora Klamps

And that's a hit!

Love it

The new PRIZM album is....SOOOOOO GOOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I always knew them as the band that did the Midnight FM medley but their new album is F***KING AMAZING. EVERY SONG IS PERFECT.

Brendan Du

Synth Riders anyone?


Stellar production. Of course, cos it's made in the USA.

Putin Puppet

This is dope af. I also love that they were inspired by The Midnight and FM-84. Keep on doing your thing!



Erik K


Cayari Kesly

I love it ! Amazing ! ❤️❤️??


Fresh, sexy, groovy! Kind of remind me Taylor Dayne, that dynamite voice! In another age it will be for sure among the top charts. The whole album rocks! Keep up the good work girls ????✨????


Please collab with Primo the Alien. Y’all would make a hit record together.

The Sonic Universe

Love the dance moves ladies.

Bloody Bear

Incoming GTA 6 Radio song ?


I want this track in Forza Horizon 5 !!!

Nick Gomez

Paris Hilton brought me here!


Great song, and a great videoclip too. Still doing that, please.


Great work! ??????

Raul Fila Caliente

FUCKING LOVE IT !!! ❤️?????

Matt H

That looks like the same bridge from Jessy Frye’s “Faded Memory.” All three of y’all are so badass! Nice one ladies! Love from SC

Taha Amreli

Retro all the way !!

LetThe MusicPlay

I like their music!


How does this not have more views? So much awesome.



Helen Heaven

Synth Riders VR brought me here!!

Martin Bee

Good work girls!!! Best wishes from Poland;)


Just awesome! Keep it coming!

Gerardo Murillo

Here after IG


i have nothing clever or important to say, but i feel the need to comment anyway because a simple "thumbs up" doesn't feel like NEARLY enough praise for PRIZM.

Dennis Johnston

And that chick looks like the actress that played Anya on buffy,lol

Karina Moraes

Now I want a piercing on my face so bad

This isZoree

I came here after Paris Hiltons vlog


This is my favorite song by them! dances


Amazing music

Tyler Short

My wedding ring is ready. Just tell me where I should mail it. Goooood you two are goddesses!

Julian Bransky

You ladies are awesomeeeee!!!

felix_ _ify

my ears lusting for synthwaves brought me here

Holz Oreo

I'm embarrassed to say Paris Hilton brought me here but I had to find the song. Glad I did!

Dirtface 59

I like these retro girls.

Francesco Protopapa

I love this song

TobiLotta Basteln DIY Inspirationen

can i use this song for my videos?

The Sonic Universe

Sick track


This is one of the best 1980's songs not written or produced in the 80's. Bravo ❤


This is so much better than any pop you hear and it is what should be played on the top 40. It’s getting there. This Texas synthwave scene is blowing up!

John Parr

Here, I don't know how this passed me by, this is Absolutely Incredible! Awesome Work. Also please , I know it's not easy but please do a European tour!


Why is this not more popular?? I got here because of Synthrider. Love the game and love all the Prizm songs. Gotta get the album now.


Amazing song ! Amazing Video !


This song is everything I need in 2020 ?

derob tover

It is the good song. I like it. I give you 1 000 000 000 likes for it. I wish you good luck.


Why is everyone watching this video!?

(so good)


God these ladies are amazing. So talented. So sexy. I love these two!

R E Iウサギ

we need more girl groups like this ?

JuanK Lopez

When will this amazing song be available on Apple Music? Nice song. I need it!

Dylan Law

Who the hell thumbs down this? You heathens! I'm a believer in 'if you don't like something just move on', no need to put anyone down. This is epic Prizm by the way, one of the catchiest tunes to come out in some time


"You know that you love me" brought me here.

Maryland Maverick

Holy SHIT :O

Roy Miniel

I can't wait for live music is back

Mo Boy

Lovely. This duo are on their way... Love the tracks. Congrats Geoff too. Lots of talent going on behind the scenes.


I love this song! Amazing video. Greetings from Poland!

Jack Maverik

Synth Riders brought me here


Just typed prizm on utube :*

Caspian Ka Heru Wadjet

That extra 80s vibe, I'm about it, great production, great sound, much love from Canada :)

Christopher Costa

Obrigado comercial do facebook, eu adorei a música kkk <3

Foxtrot Bravo

a track with a big T :D congrats! be proud of your work!

Salvador Aa

I got it recommended on Spotify and can’t stop listening to this!

Damien & Diosa

Underrated! All I can say! and love that chorus!

Hussain Mohd

17 downvotes by people who prefer silicone and "WAP" in the lyrics

Barbie Handler

I loooooove it this song ??

Andreas Klein


Rovi Solo

Paris Hilton Sliving Birthday brought me here ?




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Opening The $1000 Prizm Box w/ Connor!

379 088 views | 25 Dec. 2020

addicted to nfl trading

addicted to nfl trading card pack openings would be an understatement... please send help my way. but actually though, two more banger openings and we are callin it quits. its must be done

Buy Madden 21 Coins Here! Code 'MMG' is 15% Off! - https://www.buymutcoins.com

wow, you stud - thanks for clicking this video. quite simply, i cant help but notice how handsome you look right now - great job sport. keep up the nice work!

#mmg #madden21

Social Medias -



Show love to my AMAZING editor below!

Gionni - https://twitter.com/GlONNl

Music: Chuki makes incredible beats that I use all the time. Check him out here - https://www.youtube.com/user/CHUKImusic

Daleyn Bruce

Man bailey went above and beyond with that setup, she even got the houses across the streets to put up lights just so the window looked good. Respect❤

Chase Boals

Epilepsy wasn’t funny

Capsfan123 4

The Herbert rookie is worth around 120 and the tua rookie is worth about 85

Nathaniel Philpot

Didn’t even notice the Tua he pulled lol

Noah Kelly

I am a little late to watching this video. But I am the biggest Raiders fan. That Henry Ruggs Card is so dope. I’m from Michigan too btw

Edward Morgan

What id give for that Henry ruggs card

Anthony Beasley

Sleeve ITTTTT!

Blye Daniels

build a team with panini packs

Pp Suck

Being a auburn fan and him saying who is this bum


I thought Conner was my lol


Yo papa Matt stafford got traded to rams

John Schletty

Marlon Davidson is a goat, dont disrespect the big guy

Aaron McCutcheon

Kinda want that Hollywood card ngl??‍♂️

Cezar Dallman

Matt: says yuck on his best card
Also Matt: freaks out about some bum ass player named Montana


I thought that was him on the tumbnail

Ben Perlstein

Yo what is that sweatshirt it’s so nice

Cpro_77 Fast

Marlon Davidson was a stud out of auburn and he got drafted in like 3rd round I think. He lowkey is fire

Jack Jones

marlon Davidson played at auburn

Sports talk with Caden and carter and Brayden I

Who saw papas sister i the thumb nail

Gabe Fasten

I swear we are the most hated team in the league next to the cowboys

Teddy Marquet

Hold onto all rookie cards because their value climbs

Hugh Janus

So he just isn’t going to upload on Christmas?

Michael I

Rip bosworth

Landon Mandat

Is it just me or the house out the window Christmas lights turn on at the perfect time

Matthew Gaming Wrestler

I love ruggs

Camden Grant

Lol I went to Auburn and that’s where Marlon Davidson is from. Papa called my dude a bum ?

xMoon Gator

Are the autos actually worth any money


Papa “Stephen Diggs” Meags

burk brown

aubrun fans like ???

Capsfan123 4

Def made your money back

Jags Fan69

Do basketball to broooo

Basketball King

All the cards he pulled are not worth any thing he touched the cards

Joey Hartigan

this man pulled a tua rookie and had no reaction


Bro really said he gonna get some cards at target. Yeah, good luck

Kellen Whetstone

Hurts is $500-600 ish

I love God

Saying someone is a god is a sin

Aidan Mesenbrink

Bro Connor is literally mmg but he just equipped a different hairstyle.

Seth Thibeau

The goat


God papa I aspire to be as strong and as massive as you

Crystal in your boxΨ

BTW nate Stanly played fo Iowa

Logan Wilson

7:05 well damn...

Matthew Gaming Wrestler

3’s up

Hayden Brown

MMG!!!, Kansas City Chiefs playbook.
Mtn HB Swing, is almost exactly like peak zone bubble. But it actually works, gotta try it out!!!

Hudson Moore

Said marlon Davidson is a bum


Aaron peterson

Blendon Gashi


G banger

Bruh that Herbert rookie base is worth $140

David Bekkerman

mans went from Kailey to Bailey lmao ??

Madden Reenact

Love you bro, been watching sense 2017, only ogs remember when you recorded in your school

DarkPhantom 530

Anyone notice papas hair on the video pic

Matthew Marty

Nate Stanley: Iowa QB?

Aqua Moli

Marlon Davidson watching rn: ??????

ace man101

DUDE mmg Ima nate stanley fan

Morgan Wilbanks



adrian peterson went to OU not OSU ?

nick anchor

This dood looks like Trevor lawrence

Travis Wells

Stop putting your fingers all over the cards because that brings their worth down

V90K Senpai

2:58 People who actually had an epileptic seizure be like: I feel my heart crack

Epic Fees

Aye imma Eagles fan I like that Hurts ? Carson Wentz is ?

Madden Reenact

Love you bro, been watching sense 2017, only ogs remember when you recorded in your school

Tanner Baker

That Henry ruggs go’s for 150 on eBay

Eli Heintz

Yo that James Proche you pulled is so sick I met him at an Smu game and got his gloves he’s a stud


Dude that ruggs is awesome would love to have that

Rob Saville

I’m a huge panthers and Curtis Samuel fan, if you’re giving any cards away I would love that one!

Aaron Clapp

I'm glad you pulled a couple chiefs this vid... CHIEFS KINGDOM

Palmer Baynes

Got a manscaper for Christmas from the best brand aka manscaped.com highly recommended it it’s geat

Aidans Insane

Dam u got like 2000 in value

Bowser _2k

Fire ?

Dashiell Worthen

Luv u bro merry Chrimmy papa


AA big drip

Jared & Lex

Huge titans/oilers fan could i get that Warren Moon? That card is sick

Bryce Neely

you skipped over tua that’s like 70$

Chortie Gonzalez

I just had an epileptic seizure bro


Pretty ironic that Joe Montana was numbered out of 49

Ronn Customz

He anit got no damn sleeves. Its making me cringe he pull heat and disrespect it

cParker212 On Xbox

7:34 my mans really disrespecting Iowa’s last quarterback Nate stanley

Highlight Helix

1:00 foreshadowing spongbob


That RUGGS goes for a lot

Blake Derby

Believe it or not, I'd take that Nate Stanley card. Man's a bum, but he is a Hawkeye

jonathan garcia

Dude I have epilepsy no joke when he said that I died laughing

Aidans Insane

Herbert or hurts

Peter Carini

Lmao mmg is incapable of telling us when he will stop opening these

Ian Wilson

Marlon Davidson was the Falcons second round pick. Man has been complete trash ?

Ostyn Friday

Hating on the goat Nate Stanley?

Xavier Crespo

Omg I thought the thumbnail was you.

Brotherly Harmony

That hurts pull gonna be worth big money soon

LN7 Knight

any body else see the lights on the house come on when he pulled the 2nd autograph

Bertram is Daddy

Bro no wheel of mut on Christmas. It’s 1:30 am bro. I’m so disappointed. ?

Brandon Davis

Yo what happened to you lions the buccaneers whooped them

Baseball Fan 28

Video idea: open up 5 football packs irl and then go to mut and put In the best players from the packs and play a game kind of like a pack and play

Adam TheTarHeelFan

These packs were ass and the editing almost convinced me that it wasn’t lol

Locker Room Sports

Can I get that marlon Davidson please

Kellar Foster

Like that Collin Johnson card. Hookem

Mr Simp

Carson just need Frank reich and he’s probably not mvp season Carson but still pretty good

Ur Mom

Papa marlon Davidson played at auburn and I am a big auburn

Jags Fan69

Bro so lucky but you worked for it tbh


herbert is worth 200 bucks

Brayden Leese

Gabe Davis is actually a stup for the Bills


can i have that texas collin johnson

Cal 15

I watched so many prism boxes and this is the only one that u might make money back