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Introduction to Tradingview Desktop Version

3 368 views | 16 Dec. 2020

Tradingview Officially

Tradingview Officially launched their desktop app with native multi-monitor support, an ultra-cool desktop experience with more speed, more efficiency.

Learn How to Install Tradingview Desktop in your Windows 10 machine.

Download Tradingview Desktop here


Tanuj Sharma

It's just a web browser ,

kiran kumar

Only issue I found on windows version is high CPU utilisation compared to web version. Rest all resembles

kiran kumar

Downloaded it right away. Thank you for the info.

Anish Mohd

Good Video, is there any way to create and backtest a trading strategy on TradingView?


Its just an Electron wrapper of the main website version. Nothing different.
Moreover, you may get high CPU / power usage due to electron's poor performance on low-end PCs.

Trade view app

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4 503 views | 28 Aug. 2020

If you don't have a

If you don't have a computer, there's no need to worry. Tradingview application available on playstore, You can use this application. This application works same like a Tradingview desktop version.



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0:11 Download Tradingview App

0:24 Watchlist

0:39 Chart

0:58 Timeframe

1:06 Types of charts

1:19 Indicators

1:44 Trendline

2:20 Horizontal Line

3:10 Drawing

3:29 Chart Replay






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MD Hanzla Khan

Very helpful for beginners

YAthish Finance

How to do paper trading in this app?

Bhavesh Soni

How to delete alerts from app?

A.B.V. Gyan

Thank you very much

Aishwarya Pawar

Knowledgeable video


Very nicw

MD Hanzla Khan


Trade view app

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TradingView Basics 5/6 - App Tutorial

1 569 views | 11 Sep. 2020

Get the bonus content

Get the bonus content here: https://www.thebettertraders.com

Watch the full playlist here: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLPRt7XQ5hgUVnJ_FVRvMa8Pj2ArFd4GTA

TradingView iOS App: https://apps.apple.com/us/app/tradingview-stocks-forex/id1205990992

TradingView Android App: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.tradingview.tradingviewapp&hl=en_US

*I am not a financial advisor nor should any information shared on this channel be considered financial advice. All information shared here is for educational purposes only. Please do your own research.*

00:00 Intro

00:52 App Layout differences

01:22 Interacting with Charts

02:55 Search for Tickers/Symbols

03:15 Navigating Tickers/Symbols in your Watchlist

03:28 Navigating Multi-chart Layouts

04:08 Accessing Drawing Tools

04:17 Accessing Indicators

04:27 Accessing/Viewing Alerts

04:54 Optimizing your Viewing Experience

05:32 Closing Thoughts

#tradingview #freecourse #mooninpapa

Wilson Chan

Can you trade on the mobile app?

Iqral Khusani

How do I see where I'm pointing? I mean wecan't see through our stylus or finger. When using mt4 there will be a small window pop-up to show where you're pointing. I can't seem to find that feature on trading view. Please help. Thanks.

Wahid Rezaie

Thanjs for this nice presentation. Could u tell me please where I can find company info like markt cap, E/P ratio en ....on this app? Does the app provide that kinds of info?

Thế Duy Nguyễn

Hello, can I have a question: I have the "add alert" button but a I dont have the button alert manager, which is next to it. I use on a Android phone. Do you have any idea? Thanks!

Muhammad Daniyal

Really useful course ❤

Bryan M

how to initiate a trade in this app