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ICO Millionaire For 2018 | 10 NEW ICO Ratings Top March

6 677 views | 17 Feb. 2018

ICO Spreadsheet:

ICO Spreadsheet: https://scrembosemotionlessicoanalysis.gr8.com/

Join my Royal Coaching Program: http://royalcoaching.gr8.com/

Collaboration: https://goo.gl/forms/9r50y5JdN08vITDo2

Currently the market is showing enthusiasm & confidence. Low volume with weak selling pressure. Updating Scrembo's Emotionless ICO Analysis with 10 ICOs sharing ratings and new informations around the space.

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ASON Petter

Nice video, I like it.

tria dou

An informative video and great ideas in ICO. Thank you so much!

Wane Hall

I've just invested in Invacio, one of this years most promising ICO's!
Read the white paper and watch some of their YouTube/Facebook videos, to get an idea what this exciting project is all about:

Jose Orellana H.

wow Love your videos

Anas Computers

Amazing and great video, thanks for share


"Seele is powered by an up-scalable Neural Consensus protocol for high throughput concurrency among large scale heterogeneous nodes and is able to form a unique heterogeneous forest multi-chain ecosystem" I literally laughed reading that, alright going ALL IN.

MWD/LWD телеметрия, ННБ, Бурение.

I use free signals to buy cryptocurrency https://t.me/tradingsignal_criptoDO

Scrembo Paul

Download link is located in the first row of the description.
*This is not a financial & investment advice. Please do your own research.

Philip Maxim

Find dealing with ICO's time-consuming and annoying? Message me and I'll show you how to navigate the space.

If you are new to Coinbase, my guidance acquiring this or any ICO is not only free but you get $10 in BTC on top of that from the coinbase invitation link below (once you buy or sell more than $100 worth of crypto)!

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Don't want to use coinbase or already have? Then it is on a trust/donation basis until I can create a smart contract for what I am doing. Essentially I'll help you get the tokens, then I give you my public address and you can send $10 worth, or more if you want.


very interesting the Kepler Tech's Team looks very suspicious, do your research before put your money there

james mayk

Very nice video , eZ explain and very unique content .
Keep the good work man , and please make more amazing video <3

Shoaib Ur Rehman

Really nice video paul

aso lina

great work keep it up bro

chili Gose

Minimum cashout 1$ without investment https://goo.gl/6UGbLQ

Bobby Brown

Love your videos keep it up!

Only Good Music

Nice information , bro !


Very informative content, thanks for posting!

Іван Зеленяк

To all who do not know yet, I strongly advise you to get acquainted with the new TokenGo project. This project is a block-based platform for comprehensive in the organization and implementation of the process of access to the ICO of third-party projects.


Any USA citizens need help with kyc/whitelist? Leave your email below if you are intrested

Carlos Moncada

very interesting video, I like it

Crypto Bitcoin

If you still looking for ico Minerone look's promising,do as you please,if you want to sign up tho,plz do use my referral thx.https://wallet.minerone.io/Referal/0966fa0d-836f-4646-bca4-fd156889fc9d

Ольга Валова

Great!Join Action Coin before March 1st, 2018 to earn 1,000 free Action tokens.https://actioncoin.io#5a8ee97a43a03


thank you, very helpful

Indranil Banerjee

Dude Kepler Tech has 250mm hard cap which is horrible

Sathish kumar p

Great video, superb content

O'Malley The Alley Cat

i think the zonafide ICO will be good, great Dapp

Lamin Kaba

Hey Paul, thanks for your videos! What do you think of bigballstoken? There ICO is live and a lot of people invest

Tony Corocher

Hi Paul. Love your videos but I really think you guys missed something here... KEPLER TECH has a $250,000,000 USD hard cap which is simply shocking!!! also the token distribution is not clear and don't find any token lockup. Also there is no MVP!!! 250,000,000!!!! NO WAY!

jesus jose valera zurita

very good video sr. Paul, very well detailed and explained. I loved it


Nicely explained, well done!!!

Александр Афанасьев

I believe the new blockchain project will become the best ICO of 2018! Tokengo. A strong team and a very promising project, generous bonuses! As well as an excellent bounty program and ease of use...It is evident that the developers care about their partners! I am glad that I found such a project and believe in its development and growth!

Bitcoin Kang

Please review BABB

Vegan Gangster

check out Zonafide !... working dapp working with gov legitimising the blockchain https://t.me/zonafidewallet

Life In The Sky

Great video with very useful information. I like the presentation and idea about ICO. Your work is amazing and keep posting this kind of video. Thanks.

Prabagaran Ravi

Really nice video.


Very instructive video, i like it! :)

Sanada 真田Yukimura 幸村

Thanks for all your work! really great jobs, thanks !!

David Linch

Great video. I like your videos.

John Stanescu

Your work is amazing. Is very helpful , with so many cryptocoins is hard to track the value.
Keep posting this kind of videos!

Gerhard Kern

Guy thanks

Magic Screen

No other ICO did it better then avinoc. Over 41k Twitter over 200k buyer. Rised from 0.05$ to 0.60$ End in 3 days 31. July. If u wanna one click opportunity in Airdrop check it out ?https://bit.ly/2JeahDi thanks ?

Raluca-Maria Motas

Your video has a lot of good info! Great video!

rodee slongs

Thanks for a great video! Helped a lot!! Can you do a video about new ICOs too? I'm interested specifically in SciDex. Thanks and more power!

Dragana Mikic

Excellent video with awesome content

Kundan Sharma

Very informative video and easily the best technique compared to other youtubers to reach out to audience in more systematic and logical way . I understand you cannot cover all ICOs' and the ones you have bought up are really good.Just as my opinion, if you have time, i would like to suggest NEX for review because I think that ICO deserves one.

Benyahya Hani

Hi thanks for all ur hard work! Really amazing!
What do u think of Cryptaldash ICO's?


Very interesting article about bitcoing.Thanks very much for uploading this video

Nir Zander

Great video! What do you think on FundFantasy? It’s also ico with working platform

Darksolstice 17

Thank you for sharing this with us!

chili Gose

Minimum cashout 1$ without investment https://goo.gl/6UGbLQ


Hi there - Can you look at Zonafide ? This looks like a hidden gem

Cripto Affari

Seele 37.7? But... it's probably a scam!


Michael Collier:
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saira banu

great information

Jeff Boski

Great video Paul! What are your thoughts on the Peblik ICO?

Rj wije

Great video ...Thanks

Mike Jones



Thanks for sharing the results and effort you and your team put into your research.

Ryan R

great, got some ideas.

russell hopwood

great video. thank you for the information

massi3dd channel

keep them coming brother great videos as usual thanxs a lot for your efforts;

Babar Rafique

Good content. I really like your videos. I have learn a lot.
I need your help, today my friend told me about "Cloud-Fish" ICO.
Do you think it's good invest in it ?

Lawrence Taylor

Hey Paul, Quick question for you! Are we allowed only a one-time download of your spreadsheet? The last two spreadsheets I tried downloading and could not. I received an error message saying.... my email address already subscribed. Are the spreadsheets only for new subscribers? As a previous subscriber how do I update my old spreadsheets without access to the updates? Please advise!

Ali Rab Ali

First :)

Surya Wayne

Very interesting.


10 FREE Let coins just for signing up! No credit card or payment required.

Amit Sharma

hey, what do you think of Bidda


Hello, thank you for the great analysis. Do you have any thoughts about Wikibits ?

Joan Cuevas

Great content! keep going like this!!

Ash Vecchio

Good vid. There are pre pre pre-rounds we never hear about. For retail, if we can't get on the whitelist we may as well forget it. Refereum sold out to ico pools and strategic investors. Gems just did the same and will airdrop the scraps.


LSD Token will probably 10x, token sale starting tomorrow.. remember my words in 3 months from now - Who's with me?


excellent content

Benyahya Hani

Cryptaldash analyses pllzzzzz

iori hicham

Very intresting content ! Good work =)

Grachelle Sebastian

Awesome video. I've learned a lot.

Sandeep Pansia

Wow interesting video.

Jiji Joseph

Your work is amazing. Is very helpful .

Антон Цырник

VK Coin - криптовалюта нашего времени.
Курс VK Coin будет расти на 2% КАЖДЫЙ ДЕНЬ!
100 VKC за РЕГИСТРАЦИЮ vkcoinbiz.blogspot.com

Kirti saket

Thanks for sharing such a great video.

Artjom Burohh

I've just invested in TokenGo, one of this years most promising ICO's! TokenGo is a multifunctional block-platform with a huge set of functions. In one sentence, everything can not be described! In other words, TokenGo is a resource that allows one people to earn money by selling their goods and services, to other people - to buy these same goods. An excellent project! https://tokengoplatform.com

bill schade

Love your content bro.

Randy Rhoden

IDEA: maybe dont explain the  spread sheet on each video, instead give a link to the video which explains the spreadsheet as you did the first few videos, this way your videos are fresh. Paul, you are doing an excellent job with this analysis so plz dont take this suggestion as a complaint,  just an idea. 
Also, for some of your US participants have you considered a declining percentage rate with fees, say 5% for $1,000, maybe 4% for over $1500 and so forth. It adds up if a guy wants to invest $10,000. again just a thought, Keep up the good work

Pre ico list

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Getting to know HITBTC for beginners! Trading Bitcoin, Ethereum, Pre Ico's, and many altcoins

341 views | 8 Oct. 2017

Getting to know HITBTC for

Getting to know HITBTC for beginners!

I have been using https://hitbtc.com/?ref_id=5993e27174a81 it was my first and still has been my most favorite exchange to use. the fee is lower then all the other exchanges at 0.1%.


if you guys enjoyed this content please Like, Subscribe and leave me your opinions down below.



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Pre ico list

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Guide to purchase TMN Tokens in the Pre ICO

283 views | 26 Jan. 2021

This is a step by step to

This is a step by step to tutorial for how to purchase TMN Tokens

Omar Farique

Hi I have a question. Lets just say you invest in a Pre ICO. And after the coin goes public and gets listed you get to sell the coins you bought during pre ICO. So is there enough liquidity for investors to sell? And how exactly do investors sell?