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20 Dollar Bill Predicts Covid Masks

67 469 views | 16 Jul. 2020

Does the $20 Bill predict

Does the $20 Bill predict people wearing covid19 masks in 2020? You decide! (Please like, comment, share and subscribe. For licensing or usage please contact [email protected]). #covid19 #coronavirus #magic

Jacquie D


Daniel Conway

Red team go!!
Red team go!!!

Cherry 1880

This Series of $20 Dollar Bill have been around since 2004. How is it that this wasn't found in the 16 years before The pandemic started?

A Name

this has to be satire...


2040 is going to come maybe even more of a worse virus

Elijah Cadena

Or Ebola...


who knows, maybe the one who designed these bills is actually a good guy who knows what's going on, silenced but at least did a hidden message to someday tell people the truth?


Here's more on the money......https://youtu.be/LNlRnW_K2kI


5g technology + Covid 19 Vaccine = Dystopia


If you say this is fake u stupid

Ricky Best

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Ok this is a stretch lmao.....the 9/11 one was more believable than this, I'm sorry....

Imran Ali

If you wear a mask you are depriving your body of the oxygen that you have been breathing all your life.

Alicia Roberts

If I fold a 20 in half it would make lines just like yours. Lmao


You turned him into a girl as well!

Take America Back From Isяael

Wear your mask lol wtf really? You got this far but can't connect the dots?


He is speaking insane or either is a floridan.

Connor S

It's called Mr Jackson has a big forehead

False 9


Hampton Oliver

I feel bad for the people that don't understand that this is satire.

BigBall1986 Globe

You did too much acid back in the day. Lol. Always playing with money. That was a cool trick there.

Champman40 Jerry Baxter

And dont forget they were distributed in 2003


This is the same shit with 9/11 lol.

Christian Andresen

You ruined it.. You show to much of hes forhead to make it look like a mask..

Bob Mills

The picture on the bill is identical to Jeremy Epstein.

Sergio Cuevas!

It didn't predict the Coronavirus, the Government cleary planned it

carl perkins

corona virus is a prophecy written in the bible, the four horse man , the PALE HORSE REVELATION 6


All Predicted in The Bible.... and by Nostradamus in 1500s

Jay Northrup

I just posted this on godlikeproductions, so your view count should rise.

Lilith Lilian

Not predicted but planned !


I will never wear a mask!! Because there is NO pandemic!

ツiso malcolm

This is dumb it doesn’t even show a mask it’s just half his face ???‍♂️

Life With The Rhea's

You see the manipulation then you tell me to wear a mask lost sheep

Mr. Villager

Super smart



Dante Welsh

That is like 3000 dollars today he ruined it

Souta No1

Who the fuck sat there and folded this in god knows how many different combos to find that. ??


The 20 bill also planned 9/11


Did he put mousse in his beard?????

Matthew Keith



cool conspiracy. But i dont think it was intentional.

Sal Ferriola

I think this just may be a bit of a stretch. Ive seen the 9/11 videos and those seem more convincing then this.

William Rosado

Are you serious???

Marcel Rzezwicki

i lost minute of my life

LilLuminati #916

Smoking too much reefer there bud

Project BaBy

I think the mask have a hidden agenda to get behind them.People can literally get away with murder if they please

Amehdz93 GTA

all i see is a forhead smh how does that forehead look like a mask how!!!

Joy G



Looks like a face upside down

imflori dano

I believe wat ever is ta happen is on the older $20 i feel. George Floyd died due ta a fake $20 dollar bill. The message is on an older version of the twenty. Im searching old hidden symbols on the various changed $20

Christine N

Don’t pull a muscle with this reach ?

Yeet Bro

Just bruh


If you fold pretty much any painting of a person this way you get that result sooooo ??‍♂️??.

Minnie Mouse

Wow! How does this happen?

Yeet Bro

Why would a 20 dollar bill have 2020 predicted like how old is the 20 dollars?

Beckz 94


Sammie Loves Sophie

Absolutely unbelievable but true.

Marty McFly

It’s just you buddy

Francisco Castro Peñafiel

Estoy aquí por el señor dross.


Yeah, you're very imaginative!

soul less

That's fuckin genius guy! Lol

Bryan Willis

Have you seen the 2020 quarter it has a bat on it

Spring Brook


Nicole Lewis

It's all been planned out. The new world order is coming faster than ever.


It sure would be convenient if anyone could spot these "predictions" BEFORE it happens..

Sylvain Defranco

0:37 Yes, it is just you.

Cristian Medel


Francisco Javier Aguilar palomares

Alguien abla español a qui???‍♂️

Jimmy Brown

That because the coronavirus been around for nearly 50 year's & it's 2020 & it's still going

Ray James

Trump 2020

Vijay joe

Assumptions are not true.

joe navarro

Lmao this shit is hilarious

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Interstellar for $20

744 082 views | 14 Jan. 2015

A brief retelling of

A brief retelling of Christopher Nolan's outer space epic "Interstellar" with a budget of $20. WARNING: contains some spoilers for the film!

Many thanks to Jake Swing, Joey Cathey, Andrew Harrison, Corey Hall, Christopher Nolan, and Hanz Zimmer!

Music: "Cornfield Chase" and "No Time for Caution" by Hans Zimmer

Directed and Edited by Chandler Perry

Behind the Scenes: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=41UXzdcR4js

If you enjoyed Jake Swing's Matthew Micoughaney impression you'll enjoy his Nic Cage impression, available for your viewing pleasure on his channel https://www.youtube.com/user/SgtMovieMaker

soo h0e

i love his matthew mcconaughey impressions ?

Krystian Śliwiński

Let's be realistic. That cost way more than 20$


I discovered and watched this stoned, I can't breathe pls help


This makes me feel like Nolan is overspending on his movies ?
Great work!


That's so funny

Review Bru

Chandler Perry? Your parents were F.R.I.E.N.D.S fans?

Chandler Perry

Thanks for watching! You can catch our latest $20 concoctions over at Cracked! https://youtu.be/drBXMWZqlN0

tech 2 point

Why your channel is not on a million yet?

Nicolo Busatto

From italy, guys u make me laugh as a crazy man?? matthew mcconaughey interpretation was amazing ??

LAV you

That piano?

Solomon Daniel

The way you were mimicking him was more ??.
Just can't put it in words it was fun?


Can someone explain the tangerine reference? :)

Alansar Trignot

Shows tangerine:
Me: No Mans Sky, Oranges


You missed the chance to say Matthew McGoneAway but otherwise this is perfect!


Mom, I want to see Interstellar!

We have Interstellat at home.

Interstellar at home


Jason Bourne .. lol

X Sui

the thing I found in 2021 ?


Yo this shit ain't funny you messed with the masterpiece if it was some other movie i would not mind so F U for that


Still feels good because of the music.


So less views lol genius

Renan Barone

All of the $20 were spent on these tangerines


When the soundtrack is the biggest part of the movie's Budget

Lavaconda AsianKid

Haha?? you good. You damn good.???

Jambu Nath

The way his nose pressing the helmet is hilarious ???


why u gotta do my fav movie like that? hahahahahah

Tom Robichaud

We need tenet now

username kidnapped

I can see Cooper in him

Passion Melon

0:21 2:08 ?????? 1:11 YAMAHA piano 0:39 keyboard

Izzat Syahmi

youtube showing me this masterpiece today

Vidyut Krishnasrinivas

The Matthew accent is amazing, and Michael Caine... is just Michael Caine


Wow, you got the actual Matthew McConaughey to star in this ?


Kids: I want to watch interstellar!

Mom: We have interstellar at home

Interstellar at home:

a Girl on Rust

well the camera was high quality

Ali Ahmad

beautiful love it ... kinda gay ?

0ne _by_ 0ne

I'm cry


This is too good to be true. ???


this is so funnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn

Sinan Uluc

00:44 Can't have enough of this bit. The most accurate Matthew McConaughey impersonation ever.



Sohini Sarkar



Good Stuff XD

Nat Nat

That's cool!!! ?

Jonathan Clark

?? starring Jason Bourne

Jose F. Ramirez

That matthew mcconaughey voice HAHAHA

Murad Əhmədli

Whyyy why why




Do not lie, it is crossed $20 budget for sure


this is brilliant

ark aram

I feel insulted for watching this piece a shit parody


so you think the music came along with the $20??

Faisal Abdelkarim

Dude what a waste of tangerine! That's half the cost of the movie.


Revive this series

Møząrįs xxcandivia

I would watch the shit out of it

Rebecca Chalk

Now That was amazing! ;D

Nidhogg vom Walde

That's better this nolan trash ?

Aaron Matos

you guys are so underrated you deserve more views.


Where is the youtube algorithm all these years??? man this channel rocks!!!

Aima Oj.

The end credits though. ???

Aaron Matos

Daaaamn bro

Mirza Khalid

That inception reference in the middle was so funny ?

Agent of Chaos

i would watch this.

Aniket Singh

I'm watching it at 2 am and I can't laugh because I'm on call with my girlfriend and she thinks that I'm sleeping.

Asha Smith

For £20 and out of this world performances, I give it a.. ??

theeonlycyrus _

Where can I buy this?

Priscila Jackeline Castro

Muito bom! Ri demais

Mind Kyes

music is everthing



Mahendra Singh

Holyshit . I just had weed and i didn't know that Interstellar is also comedy movie.

Ken Yang

Time isn't a problem. Getting out there alive is a problem.


I spilled coffee i drank yesterday ?????

Niti KT

You must confront the reality that you are going to bend my daughter.. rofl...


Lmao @ TARD” fucken killed it brah

Jayasurya R

This is not 20 dollar


What kind of camera did you use?

Andy Roid

01:20 lol

Ashfaq T

I died laughing at the piano playing ?

Luca f

1:36 hahaha that face

Dua Lipa

The movie that made me cry,now made me laugh as f**k

Daniel H.

0:40 the nose

Amit Paul

Okay. Can I unsee this ?

Sanidhya Godiyal

This is a really underrated video?

Himanshu Kumar

Best video I ever watched on YouTube. Honest.


Regardless, it still gives me the goosebumps.

Alex Martin

I’d also slide in a chair through library trying to stop

David Thomas

I enjoyed this far more than the original movie. The main actor was far superior for starters ?

Bangla Explanation



This little manuever gonna cost us 20$

Half Devil

I watched Tenet for 20$ ........
Now I am in the future that try to destroy it's past .
2020 = 2015...
Ah it's confusing......

Almas Cp

0:43 ...The accent was perfect..????



Ondřej Ryska

Youtube algorithm must have known I loved Interstellar, thanks for this :D

Aqeel Ahamad

I have kids professor....OMG what a scene

Jim Kjæreng Olsen


Alejandro Inc

Come on T.A.R.D

Just Gangadhar

Impersonation of Matthew McConaughey is awesome! ?

Raamastak Zack



This was WILD!!!!! Lmao!!


how do you bought mcConaughey for 20$?

Amelie Dickosn

I lost count of how many times I’ve watched this!
Amazing ?

Avinandan Banerjee

this was great man! subscribing!

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[Luminox Homage] 20.00 USD?! Aidis / Addies Watch Review

880 views | 31 Oct. 2020

Is this 20.00USD watch

Is this 20.00USD watch comparable to a Luminox?! Tune in and find out. Aidis (on the dial) or Addies (on the box) is a brand you can find on AliExpress and Amazon alike. The big questions Avg. Joe Watch Reviews will answer is, ‘Is the Aidis worth 20.00USD and are they really tritium tubes. Let’s find out shall we?

To purchase any watches or tools featured on the channel, click here (Avg. Joe Watch Reviews gets a small commission for your purchase that helps fund the channel) - http://www.amazon.com/shop/avg.joewatchreviews?ref=inf_own_avg.joewatchreviews

#luminox #homage #tritium

If you’re looking for affordable straps to dress up your watch, click here: http://StrapsCo.com?ref=52


I’m now on lbry.tv ?. No ads, no interruptions! Just commercial free TV- https://lbry.tv/$/invite/@avgjoewatchreviews:f

Visit me, Avg. Joe, on IG at- AvgJoeWatchReviews

To contact Avg. Joe: [email protected]


There’s always time to be kind to one another. Take care of each other.



PLEASE SUBSCRIBE, LIKE, and COMMENT. This is the most charitable way to help support the channel and is very much appreciated! This channel is very interactive and I make every effort to reply to each comment individually and timely.





Avg. Joe Watch Reviews channel was established in May 2018 in the outskirts of Philadelphia and filmed at Avg. Joe Studios (aka the back bedroom office). I’m just an Avg. Joe with a continuously growing humble collection of timepieces. My passion is displayed as I talk about my collection and other pieces I’m interested in.

MORE THAN JUST WATCH REVIEWS; discussing a variety of hot watch topics, watch history, DIY (do-it-yourself) vídeos and much more!

Welcome to the channel. Once SUBSCRIBED, you become part of a close knit community we refer to as the Avg. Joe family. You’ll notice quickly that as the patriarch of the family, I enjoy giving back with MULITIPLE FREE GIVEAWAYS as the family grows.

So stay tuned and stay SUBSCRIBED for the journey. God bless and have a good day!

Half Past Blog

Really enjoyed the comparison. I've been curious about this Aides watch. ?


Great review Avg. Joe, had my eye on one of those Addies for a little while now.
It's a solid bargain

Watch Witt

I have one in my AliExpress cart waiting for 11/11. So glad you confirmed it’s a keeper for the price!

Johny Ferreira

That's a fantastic looking watch and looks to be of great quality. Only "complaint" is that looks like the crown sticks out a bit much. But besides that, it looks like a great addition to anyone's budget collection. I'll be taking a look. Cheers!


I've been curious about this watch and I'm going to pick one up now. If you get a chance check out the Shark Army quartz diver for around $30 on Ali Express. There's only one colour variant left but I think it's the best one. Seems to offer a lot for the money. Thanks for the review. Cheers

Joe Ciganik

Comparison is fun and interesting, whether it's watches, cars, or cats, or dogs.

Honest Watch Reviews

For the price, it was obviously never going to be tritium... That being said though, it looks pretty good for the money. Surprisingly good lume.

Johny Ferreira

What is the link to your channel on lbry?

WatchUP69 Mr Rangeman

I get getting adds for these watches, and I’m glad you’ve shown all the details... I see this as more towards the younger guys wanting a watch with lume, and for the money it’s about the tops.... I’m interested in how long it last? Really good quality review and cheers for sharing a little of you, literally ;)
Big thumbs of support as always my friend ;)

Andrew Berdomas

Another great clip??????

Junior Johnson

I've been looking for a watch for my grandson this might be it thanks for the heads up ! I was in the first grade 1959 !!

David Schwartz

100% style inspired by Adidas! 1st grade Avg Joe and 1st grade Dave would have been a couple of trouble makers no doubt! ? The lume looks really cool! I like the color combos they used. What a great value watch! ???

Joe Grasso

None on Amazon, Ali express only. Never bought from them, is it a safe site?

The Chosen Watch

Great review and comparison mate, I have to say I'm very impressed with the lume on the addies, definitely better than expected, just wish it wasn't so big otherwise I'd get one.

Rock The Watch

I think that blue lume is a cool color. Great review brother. Good looking watch for the money. Keep on keeping on my friend.

The Bald Watch Collector

Ive got a couple of Addies watches on their way from DHGATE, managed to snag them a lot cheaper then Aliexpress. They look a solid brand


Awesome Review! Glad now I know all this facts from the watch! Keep it going! ????

stavros katsopr

In the past (glory 80's...) there were thousands of Abibas, Fuma, Asicss, Lacost, etc cloths, shoes, accessories... Those chinese guys spoil the party mate, can't even copy themselves right, ffs! Other than that, gimme this watch, i'll make everyone believe it's a genuine german military watch and sell it triple the price at least. Easy peasy... hahahaha

somewhere in time

Well we agree on this one thats for sure thought your review was spot on, that nato looks pretty decent I'm thinking I should've got that instead of the metal bracelet haha.
Thank you for the shoutout brother....???

Pierre Ciscato

Yep, sitting in my wish list, glad isn't total garbage. Should be a Japanese quartz as well.

Johnny BeGood

Not an homage

Alztrixz _Roblox

20? That’s fake