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Why there are small bumps on the 'F' and 'J' keys of every keyboard

39 213 views | 6 Feb. 2017

Just about every QWERTY

Just about every QWERTY keyboard has small bumps on the "F" and "J" keys. Here's why.

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Bruh we learn this in school

Erik Hernandezzz

What about typing on a phone?


Loved the video.

nmp lol

Fuck the home row runescape taught me how to type

aland uae

its obvious i mean u dont need to make a whole fucking video about it i knew it when i was a kid


what about the '5' on our phones?


I really need this on my Cyrillic (йцукен) keyboard on the "А" and "О" keys (where F and J are in QWERTY).


I'm a touch typer and they help a lot

Gabriel Barnes

It's pretty easy to figure out


I never even learned the proper way to type but just using my 2 fingers I can look at the screen while typing. (Since I'm so used to it)

bruce wayne

I learned something today . Thank you.


I hate this thing lol

Sorry Not Sorry

i thought it was for blind people


Lol i dont even use bumps ive just used keyboards so long its flipping engraved in my brain

Tom___ _

Also the bumps are to help blind people navigate


For all those people hating because u already knew it, this video is for people who dont know it u bunch of bathsalts


I just typed this without looking down i navigated this with the F and J keys very good! Also with this mechanical keyboard

Francesco Staffiere

I've always thought that they were there for blind people


My F & J keys have no bump anymore. Any info on getting new keys?


The fact that I learned this as a kid 12 years ago and they have to tell you now in a youtube video... smh


I just came to call whoever didn't know this already an idiot. Thank you.

oopsies my milk dropped

was pretty obvious to me :/

Tyler Rodriguez

Type 2 learn taught me this already


Home Keys


The "F" key has a bump so blind people can pay respects.

Hi I'm Saturn

To help blind people to feel the keys and therefore type easily.


What did this video do to me?

Ok now im scared to press the J and F keys which is something that I just did.

space_- _dragon


Aaron Huynh



on older desktop keyboards, it used to be the D and the K.


I got taught this but i never used it because I thought it was uncomfortable :p

Brandon Lockwood

Anyone who didn't know this already is a moron

I actually knew this!?

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Google I/O 2019 In 7 Minutes

258 698 views | 7 May. 2019

At the 2019 Google I/O

At the 2019 Google I/O Developer Conference, the company announced new features coming to its products, and a couple new products that will take advantage of those new features. Some of the new features include using the camera to enable AR search results, navigating Pixel phones with the Google Assistant, and captions for almost any video — with no internet needed to create them. Google also showed off a new smart home hub — the Nest Hub Max, along with a new, low-end Pixel — the Pixel 3a.


#Google #Pixel #TechInsider

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Google I/O 2019 In 7 Minutes



sreejith Ak

If IPhone has all these features, price would be $3500

Romeo Roze

Lol, radiologist career just died


3:44 Right. My bullshit-detector is constantly nagging about a bullshit-intrusion. What should I do? Ignore it?

Dharun R


Theeraphat Sunthornwit

Google. Stop nagging me with goggle assistant popup while i plug in my headphone.
Google: NEVER!

phanzu mavinga

Nobody: RIP Iphone

People: I'm still buying it


Everything I have is apple, next phone I get will be 3a. I’m switching to google!


The map navigation is so cool

Sahal Nazar

Google about;
OS: We're the best!
Hardware: Who cares?

Samsung S10e looks more premium.

Soumyadeep Banerjee

5:50 Screen Flickering

Aneesh Prasobhan

it costs almost $600 in India....Great Sundar Pichai.

Sagar Gujarathi

I won't be using half of the above features.

shae grover

I bought pixel 3 within first 2 months of release. I've had to return 4 pixel 3's because of a ton of problems. Battery wouldn't charge. Screen failure. Back glass came cracked in box. Another battery. It pissed me off. I want Google to succeed but after this phones contract ends. I will never buy another pixel. If I could sue them over this $850 I would. I bought directly from Google so I can't use Verizon's services.

Bb og gjengen

I'm not disappointed

J N V Sai Nikhil

What about Google stadia they haven't mentioned anything about it?

Marco Perez

Compared to Apple all of this is innovative. I'm leaving my POS 1400 dollar iPhone for that 450 Google.


How that's an original Nexus phone. Finally NO Notch!!! Thank you Google. OS features are what we uses for our daily lives. about perfect.


I just don’t like Android, it’s software. It’s why I stick to my IPhone I just wouldn’t get this.

Owen Kamtinay

$399 ❤


Is that for real??? $399??

Shee M.

Seeing where i am going in real time is soooo cool!!!


All these new features mean more access to your privacy. I hope people understand that for Google to do these things they need access to your privacy, they need to know everything about you a lot of data. I'm not saying it's wrong but people should understand this. If you want to enjoy these juicy features , be ready for privacy intrusion.

Ted Clayton

Has anyone noticed that the background looks like the old iMac?

Virtual Playground

Google. Thriving
Apple. Quaking
Hotle. Trivago


I guess I'm buying a new phone


Google, from a search engine to lung cancer detection tech.. amazing

Chris Star

is it available in the Philippines ???


INDIA and just like their tv shows and movies "SO DRAMATIC"


Definitely not excited. Nothing new ! just reshuffle !

Josh Ommen

cool stuff thanks as always!!!

Пламен Иванов

When they compared their camera to the Apple one they lost me.

Daniel P

So glad I left the google/ Android ecosystem. Apple has so much more to offer.

River Radau

Is this narrated by Girlfriend Reviews?

Robinson Xiang


Literally Nobody-

I don't know what to say sorry ;(


I wish for the next Google summit, google finds out a way to introduce universal basic income.

FAZE Mentacid

5:22 savage???

First Last

I’m bearish google with all these Indians now involved


6:36 this gyal a peng ting ygm

nel c

The designs like 2009 models


And this is why you shall switch




The edge is huge. Why can't they make it borderless.


Wow, for the first time I feel like Android has really beaten iOS in any possible way.

Mind Of Virtuoso

Google its not convenient anymore
It is scary

Rajan Thaker

Google places 3a :) love the price


Can she talk any slower it’s hard to understand

Leonard Christian Reyes

ByBy iPhone!

Mohamed Wazeem

each and every features make me feel awesome : excited


Location deactivate is also a lie . Even when you deactivate location google still knows your location.

Mr. chair

5:34 The guts they have!

Johnny Greene

Excited about the google maps feature with the arrows pointing !!

Momo Fighter

6:22 Pokemon go maps

The cousin's Show

Only thing missing full screen with no notch it should have a rising camaera

Salvador Tarantino

I am a bit dissapointed by the new google maps feature, honestly that is just going to make more people stupid

Adam Macias

You actually showed what mattered in 7 mins what others couldn't do in 13 minutes.

ki koy

What about the nooooooooooooootttttttcccccchhhhhhhh?!?

Norse ko

I want this , an affordable pixel can't wait ?

Hrithik Vishwakarma

It's not Pokémon go feature it's came from Nokia's lumia city Lens

Jonathan Emmanuel


Luan Peggy Design Photo

Sad and disappointing Google is starting to apply Apple product strategy used since day one of iPhone. Phone manufacturer are getting used to ripping us literally and make it more expensive than a laptop. I'll be curious about laptop production cost / net profit VS smartphone production cost / net profit ....

The Paradox

Using my iphone 6s to this day.

Michael Kinley

3a is a bad name


Where’s Google Stadia. Hmph.


Good I love that AR google map


I really impressed with the new updates & Products.

jack ø diamonds A

Apple is the new Nokia

Shiva Kumar

Google Pixel phones was mine since past year to become a user, but only thing is way put me hold on camera concern. Could you just...clear on me this.

Joseph zavala

Still waiting for a stable snap chat on pixel 3


Apple : So how much does it cost you said?
Google : Yes




Triper Official

I would like a chair in trade for this phone here pls

Harry LaFlare

The Jack Comes Back


Just sd670? Shame

Nrravi Tej

Bye bye iPhone , pixel is here now any time.

Power of Dankness

Did someone say $399?

Pewdiepie entered the chatroom.


Steve jobs: So here is the iPhone...
Sundar: So let me call __ to show you our new product.
That's the difference!


Phone x...savage


Can it support fortnite?

AmjD S

b**sht. google and Facebook will never give full control to user on wht data they are storing.


I thought I would hear more of Google stadia


It's funny how having a headphone jack is a standout feature.

Abcde Rivera

After I watch this video... I activate my Google assistant ?



technical reality


Muhammad Usman

Thanks ?? saved alot of time

E. Camilo

The investment these guys do in science is unbelievable. I've never seen a company inovate so much as Google... hmmm, maybe Amazon.

Notch mods

Google finally strikes back again!!! With better features on their apps

Cc Cc

$399 but can you do this?



Ghost G

Google has a disease which is incurable.

Floris Van den Doel

6:50 wait so they didn’t tell these people they had cancer?

Galaxy13579 *

Wow google roasted the iphone x

Atta Tahir

no more freedom and privacy in coming era


still waiting google's april mop become a real thing

ninad gautam

I dont think the ar maps feature would work in ma country

sai kiran G

Never mind we support RCB ❤️ ❤️❤️

Dennis P

Does this stuff come to all Android phones or just the Pixel line?


Data deleting is a lie .. for company that model is business on collecting data !

Brian Realtor

apple is officially dead

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New Google AI Can Have Real Life Conversations With Strangers

1 791 992 views | 8 May. 2018

At its 2018 I/O developer

At its 2018 I/O developer conference, Google showed off some updates coming to Google Home and Assistant. One feature — Google Duplex — can make phone calls for you and talk to the person on the other end to schedule appointments and make reservations. Google says the feature will roll out as an experiment over the coming weeks.

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Inner Circle Network TV

This might seem like a good idea now.... check back in 5 yrs


This is actually cool

Anup Aryan

Can it book tatkal ticket for me????


I just noticed that he is idian

Yogi Vi

Wonder if there’s a Karen mode

That Can Don’t

Haha what is it, nothing you just kinda sound like a robot, like a decent one.


04:04 The asian guy on the audience wasn't impressed :D #Error404


Finally a girl who won't cheat


I heard this from Andrew Yang. Now I saw this and it was like oh no Yang was right.

That Sick Mind

FAKE - 2.5 years later - no follow-up . Also no peer reviewed papers on how they achieved that voice, etc. FAKE.


"It can actually 'understand'..." It understands nothing. It responds through repetition and brute force.

stanley oleyte

I just realized we can counter Indian scammers with this


Sorry I'm not convinced
Im not a dumb sheep

Bandhan Mondal

Machine passes Turing test !


The Singularity is no longer of concern. The Mandela Effect is the problem.

Jacob Polotko

I've read IRobot, I disapprove.

East Afrika


Natalie Sam

Helping people too busy to take one minute to maje a reservation. Trivial waste


imagine the hair salon also use google AI ?





Gobewon T

I have plans
And give automatic commands
Google AI is looking for a partner, just ask and say
Its a beautiful day and im in a romantic room
Hey Google, i think i want to marry you


it's 2020. Now that tech is already obsolete.


Yet the Google button on Android just won't understand shit, so...

skylyr beattie

So how much spying did Google need to learn how to replicate human speech patterns?

Cheryl Adamson

People clapping because they dont have to dial now lmao we are so lazy and dumb now because of technology none of these scientists believe in God that's no coincidence


I think they should remove the “um”’s and hesitations pretending to be an ineloquent human. No need to go that far to fake being a person

Aakash Jana

Instead google helping those small businesses hire Indians there a thousands who would like a job , coz they have been pennyless for months , don't make mans creation kill himself

On the Edtech

What happen if your phone talk to you without any internet connection ..and it can learn any thing from your phone by using nural netwok like it can learn to play games and more..

Dru Smith

Seems like the same amount of time and effort to tell google to call the hair salon and book an appointment as it would be to just call the hair salon yourself.


I have Social Anxiety Disorder so I HATE making phone calls!

Anmol Tiwari

Plot twist: restaurant also uses the google a. i.

9 Prajwal

Really worked hard on AI

Oscar Garvin

"Sorry, I couldn't understand that question." "Am I speaking to a robot?" "Sorry, I couldn't understand that question." "...." "Here's a list of questions you can ask me." "*click*"

Paul Orozco

Wow, just wow.

Wilson carlos Teixeira

comecei a entender o que é inteligência artificial eu disse comecei

Naresh K

“Gong gave us the assurance that our reps were doing the right things during their discovery calls and demos. We’ve shortened our sales cycle to just 16 days and more than doubled our close rates”- David Ellis, Sales Director- LinkedIn
Here is the link to schedule a quick demo with Gong.


It's called blade runner and you morons never learn until the SHTF.

Emmanuel Alegria

Good, call center jobs will dissapear

Marcos Antonio

You can put AI in your f as. Dem.. Sc..


Introverted people like me is celebrating right now

Matt Fima

sundar picha is just tool in hand of skynet
he has no conciousness, he is mindless drone, google NPC- sundar picha


Ok Google; talk dirty to me ?


They would add these things to sophia

Evil Ryu

came here to see if half life but the ai is self aware could be actually ai or not

Pang Yoke Peng

What if someone hacks it and books you an appointment to ,like, a hair salon and you get a mohawk haircut?
Pls like and reply.???


When Google's Mind Becomes Really Deep.....
What’s the future of office productivity? Google giving you the tools.
What’s the future of knowledge? Google informing you.
What’s the future of transportation? Google driving you.
What’s the present of the web? Google driving you nuts.
What’s the future of the web? Google turning itself off, probably like this: In an episode of the science fiction anthology ‘The Outer Limits’, a computerized avatar concierge (Alexa?) noticed that all the automated features of the apartment complex were making people dependent and not interdependent, with people literally dying unattended in the halls, no doubt to be sucked up the next day by an auto-vac. Therefore, it remedied the situation, as all good concierges do for bad customers, by simply withholding service. Being forced to fend for themselves as well as escape from the now inoperative building and surrounding city (obviously computerized concierges are all of one over-mind about this), the episode ended with people stumbling out into the light of day, forced to deal with a new and refreshing uncertainty.

from Dr. Mezmer’s world of bad psychology at

stanley oleyte

Google is skynet quantum computers is the processor

primal mythic

audience is 3rd worlders too late to the party. it is over, civilization is done, stop embarassing yourselves. Big deal, everyone has heard robo calls for decades ,so they dont listen. Who cares.

Paula Tejano

"hmmmmmm mmmmmmm"

until today i still dont believe that

Julio Pereyra

Siri se queda pendeja al lado de esto

(Translate this)

fredric Jacobsen.

Vist ikke mensker vet vorfor Di blir syke kann mann jo bare justere alle signaler i hele verden og bare lage mensker syke ved og programere sykdom frekvenser som blir sent via Internett både i form av bilde lyd signaler tv radio parabol GPS?

Michael Brown

Yeah let's just become even more lazy and also become more socially challenged

Ong Ba

A lot of phone sex workers are going to loose their job. Sad.

DigiMoney Promo

Google and businesses pushing consumerism


Did that Mf AI said : i gotcha?

Sarthak Sharma

Finally! now I don't have to listen to my girl's endless rant!

Phoenix Wright

Catfish intensifies

primal mythic

google is AI

John Ver

Also important to note that the US and Russia have their button fingers ready to launch EMP's to stop all technology on Earth.

One Thanos

Google AI has Trumped the conversation☝️?


I would love to see Artificial Intelligence take over politics and debates on important, intricate & complicated subjects that need to be addressed but cannot be efficiently addressed because of the flaw of the human mind and the flawed system us humans have created so far.

Gone will the days be of humans making emotional based decision when they KNOW it is dangerous in the long run, being whiny and fleeting responsibilities by beating around the bush, at least that is what I envision the future to be with A.I, straight to the point ... people have taken things so out of context, responding and optimising things that should not even exist in the first place.

Excited for the future!

P.S Come at me bro! If you fear A.I, you can come at me with an argument or a good point cause I value everybody’s opinion... I just don’t like people with DELUSIONAL and SUGAR-COATED mindset though.

Adam T

The restaurant person, was kinda Annoying...

Marvelous Ifezue

Google seems to be getting smarter.
But my Google assistant isn't



cleiton neris

Amazing ?

Simon Suh

love it

cano aslan

WTF is a plum ber. isnt that a porn category?

Delta Hawkins

This was from May 2018- WHERE IS IT-

Luc Groshens

"Ok google flirt with my crush"

And he hath gotten married


Yes AI is surpassing the humans

Black Hair

this is fake AI.
its Not intelligent AI.

Christopher Noel



But does it know about Jesus?

Michael Duggan

The ? and filler words like umm ? uh yeah and ok even in between thinking of response to actual human of the automated conversation attempting to schedule or book appointment et cetera et cetera is the same type thing that I feared being done to act as if it were someone who was not able to reach out to Google like to continue identity as that is not to stop whatever did this because it's ultimately whois using what as that leads where altogether so I'm no fool that had been told about a instance from the fourteenth century as Verizon was the flipphone like kyocera


I'd like to know who gave google power to steal our information without our consent. That is all.

MidgetMan 420

So what you're saying is that I can finally get a freind?

Michael Le


Farhan Shaikh

Like for Sundar pichai

Yasuke ϟ Musa

But were those conversations pre-recorded or actually said by the AI's "consciousness"?

Ken Kens

Doomsday to all call center agent

Pete 2

Andrew Yang 2020 brought me here.

J Ross

What happens when AI uses your voice to make calls on your behalf ?

Jocose Sonata

Wonder if you add this to some games. Not all of them, of course, just some choice games.

Jamison Smith

We need a high-tech ai assistant we have to spend time on figuring out just to make a phone call for an appointment? Sounds like a hot item.


재난왔을때를 대비해서 방수와 자기발전 스스로 생산 및 독립 개체화 시켜 스스로 이동할 수 있는 자율 보호체계를 만들면 좋을 것 같네요 구글 어시스턴스 사랑스럽네요

Cheryl Adamson

This is the same asshole responsible for taking your privacy away they are always watching always listening

fredric Jacobsen.

Vorr mange minutter trenger du på og lage sokersyken på mensker ved og digitalt justere bukspyttkjertelen?
Er det nye folke viruset bare digitalt jør mensker totalt syke og avhengige plutselig av deabetes medesin?


This is how Skynet started: with people clapping out of amasement. After this, it quickly got smarter than humanity and turned on us. People on here dont know the true power of this AI. In four hrs, it not only beat the games of Go and Chess, it invented new moves that even the AI's creators didnt understand.

New Clear

google quantum computer at work

David Canet

I think it is fake

fredric Jacobsen.

Vorr mange minutter trenger du på og programere lufta i Norge så det ikke kommer snø ved og påvirke klimaet med signaler og lufta vi puster vor mange minutter trenger du på og analysere all luft i verden og programere bort skyer ved og stråle lufta med signaler som påvirker luftpartiklene?

Janae Miller

Extremely impressive!


Sheepeople, all of you riding the Google AI Train.

Richard Castaneda

I can't wait for Google teacher to finish developing. Can you imagine a AI I able to learn how you learn and help strategize your learning ability.


2 years ago. think about that.

Mukul Sharma

Recommendations bring me here


Who is still watching in 2020?

あなたの はは


sambit m

Humanity creating it's own destruction