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Forbes "40 Women to Watch" Wendi Sturgis on Building a Legendary Career | Legends & Losers Podcast

185 views | 11 Dec. 2018

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A legendary career will have both winning and losing moments. What are some of the lessons you learn on the way to your dream job? What are means-to-an-end jobs and why are they so important? How do you become aware of what you’re worth? On this episode, I have a dialogue with one of my colleagues from Scient, Wendi Sturgis, who imparts powerful wisdom for navigating the highs and lows of life, career, and the market.

"Know what’s most important to you next. Is it the title, the responsibility, the role or the money?" -Wendi Sturgis

3 Things We Learned

- Get comfortable with the money discussion

Money is a conversation so many of us are uncomfortable with, and this bleeds into how we ask to get paid what we’re worth. Get comfortable with talking about it with your close confidants because if you don’t, you won’t be able to have the conversation with someone who doesn’t know you.

- Sometimes you’re going to have “means-to-an-end” jobs

In our career trajectory we’re going to have dreams jobs that are the ultimate goal, but some jobs will just be pitstops. These are important because they teach us more about what we really want, and lead us closer towards that ultimate job.

- Being a next-level executive is all about knowing when and how to push

You can’t bulldoze your way through things when you’re running an organization with billions in it. You have to find the right leadership team and the ways to set the right strategic direction.

Life has a great duality to it. You will experience ups and downs and have legendary moments and losing moments. It’s so critical that you know what your worth is and surround yourself with the right people. When you know your value and your North Star, you will be able to navigate life while taking lessons where you get them and growing every step of the way. This is what will help you determine your next move and execute it gracefully.

Joanne Weaver

so wonderful to see 2 scient giants (hey that rhymed) in one place. thanks for an inspiring and funny talk. and those yacht bitches were lame ;) go Wendi! go Chris!

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(Founder Stories) How Mike Walrath Built Right Media Before

222 views | 12 Apr. 2011

The origins of Right Media

The origins of Right Media as told by former CEO Mike Walrath

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New LinkedIn Preview

410 views | 27 Oct. 2016


LinkedIn Lectures

LinkedIn are releasing a new version of the desktop soon. When we don’t know. I received an early release to review and complete a survey on. I have recorded this video to give you some insights about the changes. Some I am sure you will like and maybe some you won’t.

Kaloyan Yankulov

Great info, Michael! Thank you for taking the time. I still don't have access to the new LinkedIn design, is there a way I could access it like a public URL with the new layout?

Invibe Social Media Solutions

Many thanks Michael; I woke up to the new desktop version on Thursday. Impressed overall with the new look. However am disappointed with the loss of advanced search in the free version; as are many of my clients. However as Andy Gwynn says "It is what it is"

Andy Gwynn

Thnx Michael - great info and review - and great leveraged help :)