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Can Someone Steal or Exchange Your Destiny Pt. I (Uninterrupted version)

58 985 views | 11 Apr. 2020

S Smith

How do I schedule an appt with you?

Warila Etamaraye

Thank you Minister Kelvin
Your ministry brought me strength and deliverance

Nancy Mboiya

I thank you lord for giving me back my lost destiny n u spirit of rejection u have been defeted by the precious blood of Jesus devil i rebuke you in my life,n in the life of my kids n the seeds of the righteous shall prevail lord jesus i put my kids on your care amen. kevin b blessed same to your family.

S Smith

U lost me at Jehovah. I


Happens to the best of us


Please can you answer my question, I’m growing weary. I watched a couple of videos from people who apparently went to hell. They said if you wear jewellery, jeans ect you’re immediately going to hell even if your saved. I don’t understand if I followed every rule why would God look stupid my physical appearance and refuse me?


I agree

Yanique Lewis

This made me kinda upset when you disceted this. In tears.

Brianna Martin

So how did the spiritual exchange that took place in Genesis 25 impact what took place in Genesis 27? If Esau sold his birthright to Jacob for food, is this exchange is what allowed what happened in Genesis 27 to happen? Could what happened in 27 happened without what took place in Genesis 25? I guess I am trying to understand what impacts did the exchange in Genesis 25 have on everything?

Warila Etamaraye

I can't thank you enough!
I thank Jesus!


I recover back my exchanged destiny in the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth

Alexys Marie

I come in full agreement with this prayer!! My DESTINY is being restored in the name of JESUS CHRIST! God is intervening and realigning my DESTINY IN THE NAME OF JESUS CHRIST OF NAZARETH!! no weapons formed against me shall prosper!! No alter or covenant of evil shall PROSPER!! My lord and savior JESUS CHRIST is helping me fulfill my GOD GIVEN DESTINY !!! in the name of JESUS CHRIST!!! GOD BLESS YOU. Thank you for this prayer. Thank you GOD for sending me this video.

Ashyar Akira Imaana Rasmussen

J am now exactly like that: j am under so intense spiritual attach, j feel losing it. J am attacted day and night, j have seen a mand coming streight to me and shoot me in the chest 2 times. J se p'ple j don't know in spiritual realm making me closs the water, try old dirty, shoes, serving food and beverages, puting me to shower, dirty toilets, taking care of the demon babies, giving me fake morney and take mig real money, puting me to walk alone in the wilderness, seeing dogs, streng cows( bolls) ranning after me, see myself cooking, confesing some words, j don't understand what it is j am saying, injecting me, reacting like a hipotinised person (being in un known place, but behaving like j am found of it).

Lakisha Bailey

Not seeing part 3 of this teaching where you mentioned in part 2, that you will be talking about destiny being stolen via witchcraft and how one can change their destiny if they have taken a herbal bath...

Karin Creaser

I receive this word. Enemy has tried so hard to steal my destiny. Jesus saved me from a false awakening studying in occult. My original destiny was stolen for sure! Holy Spirit has been showing me this. The Lord is restoring everything that has been stolen in Jesus' name!


Thank you so much and May God Bless You so much Sir!!! I literally cried listening to you


Esau wasn’t deceived the time he gave up his birthright for a bowl of soup. He despise it.

Little Lady

Jesus Break the Curse off of me and my Brother life Ollie and Kelvin Curry.

Jason Claiborne

Praying the chains of bondage and anxiety .depression and be broken n da name of Jesus Christ that the Lord destroy them Witt the to a off the most high and no evil come here mea r my family friends r loveones children and siblings also may my prosperity grown as the trees off da most greenest and plentiful jungles n da Holy land of judges Christ a man..

Catherine GT

How about the prophecy in Genesis 25:22,? Even before the bowl of soup exchange?

Andrea F

Thank you Jesus, I receive and in agreement with these prayers over my family and myself in Jesus' Name! Bless you Minister Kevin for the teaching and revelation.

LISA LAWRENCE-Schaufelberger

This must have been from God that I came across this because I have been an addict for 28 years and am on my 7th marriage and it is now on the rocks but I no longer am an active addict but I struggle and fight daily to stay clean ..i do feel like witch craft is heavy against me and my family ..if you could pray for us I would appriciate it so much ..??

Tee m

I come in agreement with this prayer, I take back my destiny in Jesus precious name amen

Esther Abaneme


Little Lady

Someone has stolen my Nephews Little Limmie and Jackson and Little Stephanie Curry Destiny in Jesus Name


I can relate to this story some how. My mother died in 83 and my life took a drastic turn. My British passport was sold without my knowledge by my Father whilst i was langushing in Nigeria, I couldnt even feed my self because my father had lost his job , at the time, I was a muslim always praying all the time day and night . while my father was an idol worshipper . one day, my father hit me on the head with a metalic spoon because I used the spoon to dye my jeans . i got upset and i was like enough is enough . when my father left for his new job that he never liked I picked the lock of his wordrobe and I found all the documents required by the british hgh commissioned packaged in one spot , I took it and I ran, but when I got to the british high commision, I was told that that wasnt my documents that the photo on the old passport was somebody else, fortunately for me, I presented the british certificate I had with me when I was 13 which my father had forgotten because at the time they issued my dad 3 birth certificate by accident but two was presented by my dad initially to the british high commision . eventually, I got my passportafter 6 months of investigation , ran to my uncle from my mother's side, he the paid for the plane ticket and i ran back to the UK and I never went back to Nigeria ever since all glory to God, this all happened in 1996. Though my Father did apologize but i didnt understand his apologies for he had instill too much intimidation, fear iin me growing up. 2 years later, my Father died 1998 i have since forgiven him . the moral of the story is Matthew 10:36: and a man’s enemies will be those of his own household.’ oh I forgot I'm Christian now been saved 3 years ago. it was hard forgiven my dad at first but the Lord opened my eyes that my Father never had a dad too that throughout his life, he too suffered and struggled and that he was born in idol worshiping him so he didn't have a chance to know who Jesus is i'm also told by my half brother that he was a Christian before he died so that made it easy for me to forgive but it took me 21 years though

Michelle Brooks


K e l l y E. S c o t t

Thank you for the knowledge Minister J
Kevin. May Yahaveh conti use to bless and keep you on his path.

Tricia Harris

Thank you so much minister Kevin for availing yourself to be used by God Almighty ... this teaching has liberated my life and the lives of my children.. We were delivered and set free from witchcraft manipulation and having our destiny hijacked and exchanged...but thanks be to GOD who has given us the victory through knowledge and your prayers.. I feel free and delivered!

LaTonya Miller

Thank God for you I have had some very demonic things happen to me in life and it almost always started with a dream. I need to send you an email to speak with you please.

Morquela Love

Can you excuse for all these comments? I wasn't taught how to pray or apply the bible. I was just limited to my physical senses of how they did or said things but didn't know everything was spiritual from dreams or anything that's to be done. I used to experience spiritual things but didn't know the understanding of them. Does that mean partially ignorance or whole ignorance? How could they let me be so spiritually ignorant?

Jody Clark

From what I understand, once your destiny is changed you cannot get it back. Even with tears God will not change it. You must pray for God to make a new work in you and bring it to pass.

Adrienne Washington

Heavenly Father I come with Godly sorrow repentance of my sins my . I repent for allowing the spirit of disobedience to attach it self to my spirit because I chose to walk in ignorance towards your laws rules ordinances and principles . I repent and ask for your forgiveness affording to 1:9 John your word says you are faithful to forgive our sins if we Congress and forsake them and cleanse us of all unrighteousness. Heavenly forgive me I plead the blood of Jesus over ever evil voice altar And covenant I have ever willing and ignorantly agreed or unconscious . Forgive my disobedience deed actions and words spoken that was not of you I stand in agreement with Kevin Ewing platter asking that you would realign my destiny and son’s destiny back to its original father I ask of this in Jesus mighty name amen

Pauline Wakasiakah

Hi, I thank God for you. What you teach in all your videos many are not aware. Many people don't know all this. God bless you for taking time to teach people. Many Pastors also don't know this, they also need to hear you & seek Christ's deliverance for them to go forward. They also lack knowledge that is why they are perishing with seed ministry...

Monica Burgos

Praise the Lord for you Minister Kevin Ewing. This is a powerful message. This knowledge will set many free.

Chris Rowan

The audio keeps cutting out, I'm not sure why.. glory to God ?

For your Glory

Amen God Bless You

Yoh jo

Minister Kevin seems like there is ongoing, thing with the bloodline of Israel and manipulation but leads to destiny.... I was thinking Judahs bloodline and how Tamar his daughter and law disgusied herself as well...to keep the bloodline going ....which leads to Christ Jesus

Morquela Love

They never taught me what laws, obedience,rules, principles, agreements,covenants,statues,and ordinances were.

Caroline Kawira

My destiny and marriage was exchange through witchcraft. The person who did that... And gave his daughter his mad and separated.. But I suffer because am un able to trieve my glory and my marriage. Am 40years and never married because of this spritual spouse.. He has cause havoc and calamity ????

Bamidele De Souza



Minister can you do a series of prayers and scriptures to read for self deliverance please. I have found a few prayers online but would love your help with prayers; as teaching the signs is one thing but being able to deliver oneself from evil works is another

Esther Singogo

Amen thanks for the wonderful prayer ..restoration is coming ??

Tabie M


Morquela Love

Why they had to do it? They should've known better.

Valerie Rago

You nailed it with starting school always giving up, and of having a wondering mind and many blockages, The evil spirit placed in my life to destruct me from my destiny is now bind and taken back to the persons who sent it and Father I agree with Keven today I take back my destiny from any pundits, physics, tero readers, family curses and any earthly spirits who stole my destiny will have to surrender it immediately in Jesus Name Amen, my original God intended destiny has been restored today in Jesus Name Amen. The light and clarity of the Holy Spirit is now residing in me, he will be my guide, my protector my leader, my children is under this covenant with me The Most High God and the Holy Spirit in Jesus Name Amen . I am now restored and God has replaced everything the cankerworm stoled in Jesus Name Amen.

Empress Divine

Thank you so much ministry Kevinfor the word of God it has been a blessing to me thank you for the way that you are teaching it things i did not know Now I know and I can now pray according Thank you so much my God continue to bless ?


After your destiny is returned what happens to the person who stole it ? example your destiny is to be a lawyer what happens to the person who stole it

Jane Brown

Thank you over and over for your words of wisdom from the Lord. You are an inspiration for me and many who were bind to the things we didn't know. God bless

Little Lady

Lord God don't let any take my daughter destiny by a family member are friend are evil people

Michelle Brooks

Pastor this made me cry i feel like this msg was for me and i am scared that i will get too old and never get back my destiny but hearing this msg gives me hope i pray the most high will answer my prayer thank you pastor for this msg

Taranji Alvarado

Thank You so much!!!!

Alexis Monteith

The exchange between Esau and Jacob was through a dream. It’s spiritual. Basically, Jacob tricked him and knew his spirit was weary, and knew he could spiritually trick him out of his birthright.

Rudy Hard

Thank you God for this teaching, and thank you Kevin for listening to the Holy Spirit to offer up that prayer around segment 49:54. That was for me, my life and a wayward daughter who has been derailed and needs to be delivered, and her re-instated to what God Almighty intended for her. I receive these prayer and blessings in it for restoration and reclaimation of original destiny, in Jesus Name. Amen

Margaret Mwajuma

My original destiny is aligned in Jesus mighty name.Amen

Heather Smith

Thank you so much for this teaching.

wa hodari

God Almighty bless you and your family in the name of Jesus Christ.

Little Lady

Lord Jesus Bless My Grandchildren and Great Great Great Great Grandchildren and my Daughter Marriage Be Bless In Jesus Name..


Matthew 10:36 : and ‘a man’s enemies will be those of his own household.’

The Confessions of a Hebrew Israelite

Esau made a COUCIOUS decision to trade his destiny. It wasn't stolen. Two different things. These wicked men and witches are out here stealing them.

Lidyana Redeemed

Thank you for the prayer. May God bless you.

Varaidzo Choruma

I come in agreement with this prayer in Jesus name.Amen??

snip tip

Thank you for that prayer.

Little Lady

Bind up Curse off my Grandchildren and great great great great Grsndchild from are generations Curses when every it started from bind it up lord..Off the Currys Hall Dawson from ancestors evil Alters.

Brenda Norman

My God!!!!!!!!!! Amen!!!!

naidoo glenda

Amen... That was so what I needed to hear... Thank you pastor Kevin... Watching from South Africa.

Little Lady

God i believe every word

Ezar Ezar

I'm hurt. So long I have asked what happened.????

Rene Edwards

Thank you Paster!!! I am from South Africa and been so blessed by your teachings!!! May the Lord richly Bless you and keep you in all your ways as you are blessing everyone who is receiving this insight. I pray God helps me where my path has been broken and set me upon His Righteous and reinstate the calling He had for me that the en my has stolen. I pray God restores the years the locust has eaten and let this blessing flow on to all God people in Jesus Mighty Name!!!

Morquela Love

What makes people disobedient though? I don't understand. How can one become disobedient without intention?

barbara Wilhite

Hallelujah!! Thank you Jesus

wa hodari

Thank you servant of Jesus Christ, pray that the Holy Spirit may lead and direct my destiny and blessings in the mercy and Grace of Jesus Christ.


Does frequently dreaming of adopting a baby or having a baby that you know isnt yours related to this?


Like the Land of Israel was stolen from the Natural Seed of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob because of our sins and the Messiah's prophecy Luke 21:24 Gentiles inhabit the Land till HE, OUR LORD and SAVIOR comes Revelation 2:9, Revelation 3:9, Isaiah 11:12. Our FATHER and Savior is taking back the Throne of David RULING FROM THERE FOREVER fulfilling His eternal WORD to Abraham and Blessed are Gentiles who Believe being graffed into the Vine and House of Israel. " Isaiah 49:6 ". Be blessed with the Truth you blessed me and many with what you shared here Too Praise to Almighty God. Acts 1:6 the Apostles also new what was stolen has to be restored. Sin be the result or so the Glory of Almighty might be revealed by it. Shalom brother

Chris Rowan

I come into agreement with this prayer. Praise God, thank you Jesus ?

Amber Oakes

God be praised! I thank God for you Kevin. I thank God for these teachings and prayers.


Glory to God Man of God: Minister Kevin i get excited about the Word of God EVERY single time you teach. Such passion, truth, humor and genuine love. So refreshing..Been in church all my life and never have i ever witness such love, truth, dept, practical teaching of the word of God with clarity, practicaland simple ways to break down meaning of words, connect right scriptures with revelatory clarity & apply it, and with humor you speak and teach things plainly. Im anxious to get to my bible again , its like im hearing the word of God for the first time, in the mornings and wee hours of the night, i set my alarm to hear what the Lord has to say this day thru the Man of God and I ready myself for instruction, eager to listen and get understanding of things i felt i was cheated out of knowing for so many years in church. You are constant, honest, and always pointing us to Gods word. I loss my composure sometimes laughing myself to tears when you start teaching and you have to tell yourself to " calm down Kevin ", i have to calm myself as well, and im sure others here can testify to that as well. Even when you teach discipline, and about the power and authority God Gave us as believers, how angels minister and aid us in the Earth when we Speak the Word if God, about deliverance & healing, breaking evil covenants, discerning of spirits, dreams and exposing religious spirit. im tuned in because i dont want to miss important things, its like God fine tunes my ear and my spirit to be drawn to your teachings, you help me and countless others fall in love with the word of God again, praying, studying, applying and obeying it. I praise God for the destiny God has called upon your life, this is how we were created to live and its mighty refreshing to see it in present times, i take notes till my pen stops writing or i run out of paper, i go back to study address of scriptures to make certain what I read, what I understand nd what pray concerning anything is Gods Word, i double dutch back and forth between my bibles from scripture to scripture, and im right there with yah when u start to pray for us all, and my heart is full and ready to pray, for my family, for the spirit of Truth, knowledge, wisdom and understanding to be released in our lives concerning our destinys, any agreements we make, relationships, marriages, businesses, finances, in our giving, in charity and stewardship of our words, disciplines, how we share him & love on others. That it maybe found pleasing in his sight. Both to honor and bring glory to God, and that it bless others in spite of any challenges, opposition or devils that try to come against Gods will in our lives. May the Kingdom of God Most High continue to grow, mature, excell and bring Glory to God thru the favor, Fruit and blessed ministries you and your bride put your faith, your heart, your prayers, and your hands to in the lives of those you touch daily in the marvelous Name of Jesus Christ... Thank you Minister Kevin & Ms Ewing (blessings) USA: Dallas Tx

Bobby White

Wow thx u...Brother

Potience Toriro


Little Lady

God you said you Delever my Nephews Little Limmie And Jackson Curry and my Niece Little Stephanie in Jesus Name

Nenita Pastor

I come in agreement with this prayer. My destiny is now restored in the mighty name of Jesus Christ.

Mellisa Mabhikwa

What does money, cash symbolize in a dream? Receiving huge sums of cash

Valerie Rago

Wou ! This revelation is extremely helpful to me. God put this in my heart somehow and I was trying to do some research on the topic. As a child our parents would take us to Hindu pundits to get palm readings and I clearly remember the person looking at my hand and got extremely quite and I kept asking him what he saw but he would never say, anyways! After that my focus in school changed and I never wanted to study etc, I pass all my classes because of wisdom from trusting the Bible .. I didn’t believe in Hinduism and my neighbor use to take us to church .. but all of my life their was this knowing that something was done by that person who read my hands. I was always in trouble because I hated discipline so instead of going to the temple with my mother and siblings I would have to stay home but I actually wanted to, so I read the Bible, I won in church, and I knew that what ever I asked for in Jesus name it will come through, I was some how afraid to always ask .. the thing is I have thrown away so many opportunities because I now believe this persons with my ability to focus, and there is so many more .. I love the way you seek and find the true knowledge and I agree with you that today every thing the devil stole from me will be restored and return to me In Jesus Name Amen.

Michelle Isaaks

I stand in agreement with you in Jesus name Amen

Little Lady

Lord realignment me Jesus for Melvin and Ollie Hall someone has stolen are destiny in the name of Jesus

tikone 2

Thank you Lord Jesus Christ for my deliverance

Caroline Kawira

You are a blessing Kevin I come with agreement becayse am so much yawning I feel warmth coming in my body.. Woo i

Vio Vee

God bless you Minister Kevin Ewing!! You are a blessing to the Body of Christ!!

Ashyar Akira Imaana Rasmussen

J fell spirits touching my back, shooting me in the heart, j hear them coming and going. J feel that they're monitering me. They fallow me, every where j go. Bath room, bedroom, sitting room, kitchen.

Stacy James-Harry

I praise God for your teaching of His word.

A Lady Indeed

Love the video... the audio keeps going in and out

Brit Vazquez

How can this be true Minister Kevin?Esau’s destiny was to give up his birthright all along...Yah told Rebekah that the elder would serve the younger meaning that from the foundation of the world God’s plan for Jacob was to receive the birthright of his elder brother in order to step into the purpose that God always had for him. Esau was never fit for that privilege. By tradition, the first born was given that privilege, but God knew this exchange had to happen in the natural in order for His will to be carried out through Jacob. If God meant for Esau to be in that position, He would be in it. Romans 9:19 says “...who is able to resist God’s will?” He has mercy on whom He will have mercy. He did not have mercy on Esau. Jacob was Yah’s vessel of honor. I believe God’s plan for our lives goes according to who we are. A person who God knows will always use their free will to be lazy and irresponsible would never have had a destiny to rule because God knew them from the foundation of the Earth. How can I exchange my destiny under an omnipotent God? That is to say that God’s plan is governed by what we do rather than the other way around, isn’t it? Even in the case of King Saul, Saul was never Gods choice for king, he was never going to be successful no matter how bad he wanted to because it just was not according to Gods will for him. David was God’s choice. Look at David’s character compared to King Saul. Saul never gave up his destiny, his destiny was to lose the kingdom to David all along from the day he took the throne. I just don’t see how this can be.

Joyce Jekenya

Amen, restoration in Jesus's name.

Nokuzola Dlamini

Before i even listen... just wanna say im here caise of the dream i had where i ooened my bag ti look forr my ID yet i found an ID of someone else, different name and picture on the ID... hope im at the right place... ?

Laura Johnson

Before my dad died he told me thing will be well with me ,but still i am find myself not seeing it yet is 8 years now .i am still looking foward to see the blessing words of my dad blessing upon me .someone is fighting me spiritually and alot of people hate me for nothing because they all have much more than me i am like a left behind of getting things that we all want .i am praying that i will get bless with no stress

kelly Jordan


Amanliza Masha

Please pray for me and my family brother Kevin .

vangile msibi

Thank you God for aligning my destiny to the original in Jesus name.

Nokuzola Dlamini


Little Lady

Lord Jesus i want my Destiny Back For Ollie Hall and My Nephew Little Limmie Jackson Little Stephanie Curry and Melvin Hall in Jesus Name

Stars exchange

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Eric Nelson And I exchange gift saws! wow! a stars and stripes 066 mag!

5 182 views | 10 Oct. 2020

Nick Lambing

Great people, wonderful video, and I am looking forward to content you produce together! Happy birthday Harvey, hope you have many more to celebrate!!! Nick, North West Farmer We finally have a new internet provider so we can follow the action. I am one happy camper.

Tim Hart

Man I can't wait for the weekend video to pop up

Bob Fitch

Happy birthday harv. Special to have Eric back to share it with. Good time and good saws coming for sure. Enjoy buddy!


Great to see the crew together. Wonderful saw you built for Eric .

Joe LaNore

Harvey i picked up the 61's twin couple months ago. Looking forward to seeing what you do with it. Getting ready to order big bore for mine. Thanks

Josh Swanson

Those are awesome

BeeRay Farms

Happy Birthday Harv! If I’d have known you two guys were gonna be running 66mags I would have sent you a couple standard weight TsuMura bars and a few chains to run. I saw you had one of the lightweights on the bench there. The response has been great on these since those videos you posted, thanks man! Happy birthday friend.

Dave Ackerson

Hello to Eric! Great video Ironhorse. Good to see together having some fun amd laughs!

Ricki Calvert

Junkyard dog sounds amazing. Hope you have a few great days with your friends. That’s what it’s all about. Much love

Travis Weldmaster

Love the family, friends atmosphere, and tickeled ready for the builds! And seeing them babys throw chips! And Happy BIRTHDAY uncle harve!

Fredrik Løvgren Bryn

happy birthday Ironhorse- greetings from Norway

Jeffrey Rubish

Good to see you all together and having a great time. That old white top is a beaut!
Is it my imagination or is that ram's horn pipe a bit loud? ?

Sid Vanderwerf

Love makes all the difference in the world. Love conquers all according to Our Lord Jesus Christ. Thanks for letting me partake, Happy Birthday Harvey Blessings, Love Always, Sid

Red Man

RIP eardrums

Henk Van Hierden

Happy birthday Harvy,
Have a nice day and enjoy

For Everyone

Special special

Erik Desson

Full house! ?✌??

QUINCY mccarter

nice job Harvey

jr hensels

that pipe is so wicked lol great video nice to see you get some leisure time with friends

Jeff Grier

It's great to see all of you having a great time, and the saws really speak for themselves!

Evan Kibbe

Hey everyone.


Have a great time with your friends Harvey!

David Foster

Happy birthday Harvey hope you had a good one

scooter dogg

happy birthday :)

joshua westenhaver

Great job on that saw I thought it was really Dave till you said otherwise. Good seeing everyone I think that's the first I've seen barb on here too. Glad everyone is doing well. Keep up the content

Deana Lucion

A iron horse what does a man have to do to get torque out of a saw let's say I got a 372 xp and want to get more torque of has to scream then cool but is there a way to do this without making a revver

Roger Vandergriff

This is cool

Justin Weaver

Have a great weekend y'all have fun and stay safe.

SOHN32 Adventures

Great see everyone together. Havent had a saw yet that had too much compression. Rarely use compression release on them. If they ever get too like a ski doo 800 snowmobile or a 500 kx motocross bike then we might have fun starting one.

Mika Häkkinen

happy birthday harvey

C fairNH

Happy Birthday, great to see you guys hanging out together again always enjoy the content. Keep up the good work!!

William DeBerry

Happy birthday

Murk StalinskiTM

So great to see people enjoying each other and being kind to one another. God bless all of you??

Josh Durrant

Happy birthday Mr Harvey, nice to see Eric. If everyone had a friend like him the world would be a much happier place!???????

TazMan-Kenny Fuller

Congratulations on 14000 subs Buddy.✊



J. Chris Beck

Hello Gang, good to see ALL of you

Thomas Helton

Dang it i`m getting hooked, All your doing is making me want to rebuild my old 371

Tristan Burke

That's one beautiful white top

Erik Nelson

Thanks to all who watch!! We are certainly blessed with this man . Your comments and input really matter. Please keep it up. Thank you!

Tim Barden

Hi Eric.glad to c u and Harvey having a blast.wanna see those saws in some wood. Lol. Be safe guys.

Dan McCann

How special is Eric Nelson's friendship to Harv? Sunday best brand new Dickies T-shirt and overalls!! Yes, Eris is a very special friend.
I really love the patriotic touch on the saws!! Beautiful work !!!!!

Robert Andreoli

Happy birthday Harvey

Ryan Ray

Happy bday!

Tim Hart

Man that's great every buddy..much love there

Keith Wesley

Happy Birthday Mr. Harvey, I hope u had a GREAT day and many many more to come friend!!!????

Frank Hopper

Happy Birthday Ironhorse hope you had a great day



Michael Patterson

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Steve Theriault


Mika Häkkinen

awesome video harvey.

Tinman's saws

Hey Harv looks like a great time!! Wish I could be there!!

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Happy birthday. Wow what a saw. Both of them. You are a great man and I am so proud to get to watch your video keep up the great work.


Happy birthday young man

Edwin LadShow

Great time together!!

Steve Theriault


Joshua Nickerson

Port that 394. That’s what I just did to my 394 it now has a 395 cylinder and a pop up piston.

Travis Tuttle

Love the old white tops. I have 2 and the 3rd one is on its way. Two of them have the original chain brake with the metal brake handle . The other 1 doesnt have a chain brake i sent you pictures of that one . Cant wait to see what you do with yours

Bob Purs

That was awesome. Fun to watch you guys have fun ?✊

Billy From Philly

CONTENT keep them coming Harv.!!!!
You rock. That junkyard dog sound like little Honda 60 with that banana pipe.
Keep the kindness rolling. Change the world.

Ron Corbin

Happy Birthday Harv Have a great weekend.

Anthony Jones

Awesome enjoy your weekend guys

Dennis Constantine

Happy birthday from NZ Harvey, you got everything one could wish for in life, health and a loving family and friends, anything else is a bonus. Have a great day.


That erik guy seems like one hell of a great dude. Everybody needs a buddy like him!


Beautiful saws!!! Happy birthday guys. I have a non decompression valve 066 mag with a big bore kit and yes its hell to start even warmed up. Better have a grip on it when you pull the chord because she will yank the ripcord outta your hands haha!!!

Marc Duclos

Happy Birthday Harvey. Getting to 60 is like getting to 16 with the keys to the family car or truck.

Richard Sullivan

Mr. Harvey congratulations on 14,000 subscribers and many more!

NothingBut Chainsaws

Holy crap nice 61, those stihls are incredible!

Jelly Fox

Happy birthday big fella. Hope you all have a great weekend!

TazMan-Kenny Fuller

Great to see you Eric Nelson. Wow Darryl great to see you also. Some great saws there Harv. Great to see you Cullen. Love the ole junkyard dog.?❤?✊


That was a lovely vid, warms the heart :)

Robert Bloom

I'm smiling and happy to see you all with such Joy!

John Thacker

Happy Birthday hope you turn that 394-395 into a 399 the Stars and Stripes are awesome looking hope to see them buried in the wood

J. Chris Beck

Happy Birthday

Justin Weaver

Yes port it don't be sorry ridiculous lol

bill block

good stuff well done hi there Eric

Stars exchange

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John Morrison and Angel Garza could not quite get it together during Garza’s match against Damian Priest, but they believe they are still the real stars. Catch WWE action on WWE Network, FOX, USA Network, Sony India and more.

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Darkness Of WWE

Hey You Two Shut Your Mouth I'm Desi ? Only Urdu Hindi & English

Lucky Ed.

I can see a Dean Ambrose and Renee relationship again lol Angel Garza started the talk to Sarah lol. ? let’s see what happens in a couple of weeks.

Melanie Farineau

John Morrison always as much funny than before nothing to change he is just hilarious!???

Benjamin Cowan

Bad Bunny is from Puerto Rico and Angel Garza is from Mexico. Those two countries have a bit of an accent when it comes to each other. Probably a reason why Garza can't understand Bad Bunny's Spanish.

Diego Rguez_06

Españoles denle like ??.
Buen español John??

Adam Briceland

grow up john good lord

Amiliánation Amiliánation

Johnny Drip Drip

Midnight Carnage

Angel Garza Always Being Put With Other Duos

Tom Bravo

Garza is the New Star, Push!!!!!!!


Flashbacks between Charly Caruso and Angel Garza

Arl Grmes

If you look up charisma in the dictionary you will see a picture of Angel Garza


Garza and Morrison must be Tag team partners


Pretty funny that Mexicans cant understand Bad Bunny lmao.


Looks like The Miz now has his NEW 'Miztourage' in John Morrison and now Angel Garza.

Israel Vergara

He’s wanna be like he’s uncle Hector el querubín Garza ?????????? hope he does cuz bring to much to wwe ?

Pedro Matias

Garza is so hot

Major Marvelous

John Morrison did learn a lot of spanish from his time in Lucha Libre AAA and Lucha Underground.


Nmss angel jajajajaja

No Bueno

Morrison Spanish is a no bueno

Philly Simpson

Morrison was better off staying with impact

Alexander Okpoko

Johnny drip drip lmao

Alfian Bon

Eddie Guerrero's Spiritual Successor

The youtube messiah ELISHA WRIGHT

0:48 is angel saying Andrade

Jourdan Jones

I forgot they both did AAA Lucha Libre together


WWE needs to stop jobbing Miz and Morrison. Also, glad to have Angel Garza back.

Jake Evolution

angel is such a flirt omg

El Licenciado

That is true .
Bad Bunny didin’t speak spanish at all

Francisco Muñoz Ledo

Next tag team champions

Henrique Quintas

Morrison is amazing on the mic, he's one of those heels that you can't hate no matter what ?

John G

careful garza
me too

Alfian Bon

It would have been better to prime up and push new young talents like Garza rather than keep on living in the past and letting some old dudes win Royal Rumbles and all that. Even though the old dude looks exactly the same as he was in 2007-08. But still...

Lil Drone 424

Johny Mundo

Fast Furious

John Morrison is Spanish???

S k y

Aburrison y Garcha podrían hacer buen equipo

Reyes Días ceme

HAHAHAH Grande Johh morrison???????Tranquilo

Michael Vazquez



What happened to Angel Garza secret lover storyline

Ain't Givin' A FUCK

Garza is hella hot and charming.

ACE Productions_19

Two dudes being completely underutilized. Hoped Morrison was guna be given better chances this time around but they made him into a joke.

Victor Vazquez

Man I wish John Morrison would taken seriously. He has become just a goofy (and not a good one) character.


Angel is like portraying the old John Morrison as the charismatic one.

chanty b

Love see Morrison and angle tag team

Andres Figueroa

Interviewer and garza? ??


Why is Morrison not competing for higher competitions? Is he injured or is his acrobatics that much high risk to be avoided? coz I don’t know. The last time I check he was a competing for Heavyweight Championship.

Bryan Dexter Mijares

angel garza ❤❤❤ be my date me pls ???

Nasario Gomez

Gotta appreciate Johnny Drip Drip ?

Vi Thu


Tei'Zhan McFall

Damian Priest pick up the win.


Ése Ángel Garza es un loquillo


Waiting for the feminists, womens rights groups, cancel culture & whoever else to come after angel garza & the whole of wwe, can't wait for the fabricated tales of inequality, harrassment & sleaze culture to begin.
Who said kayfabe was dead?


Morrison be talking bout how Damian shoots his arrows like a nerdy archer....

yet producers have to uses slow mo to make him look good

El Mono Voodoo

Latino baby

Samuel M.E

John Morrison actually knows Spanish slightly irl

Trinell Duke

John Morrison and Angel Garza got fooled by Bad Bunny.


Arriva la raza compas

Salazar Taresu

So to take a page out of Trip’s book: what happened to his accent? ?


JAJAJAJAJAJAJ que risa este momento, es genial!!!!!


Lol, all I heard was tbc.

Kira Izengar

The cringe ?

Luke Roman Reigns

Angel Garza joined miz And morrison

Max Havisham

Garzas English has gotten much better. Guess he was studying while he was away from TV

Jay Burris

Imagine a Johnny Drip Drip Chant?

Jorge Hernandez

Who gave Angel Garza the right to be that beautiful??


0:01-0:24. DAM. >B-)


Give me Garza vs Morrison??

Cesar A

Miz should job for bad bunny at wrestle mania

Kakashi Sharingan Hokage



Imagine if Eddie Guerrero was still alive and interrupt the interview when Garza said "Latino". Maaan that would've been awesome.

Jamel Banner

Ok you know what....Bad Bunny, Booker T and Damien Priest vs Miz,Morrison and Garza at WM....book it

Felix Cruz Jr

Would already say johnny drip drip is better then bad bunny bc you could actually understand him

Mike H.


juan daniel paredes hidalgo

Colombian accent is the clearest spanish u can hear


Estos dos hacen un gran Tag team


Johnyy impact
Johnny mundo
Johnny nitro
Johnny drip drip
John Morrison
John Hennigan

Morrison tiene tantas identidades ???

0:54 "Johnny drip drip está en la casa mami"

Lauren W.

Sarah was like: ?

Pedro Leanos

Kien iva pensar que en triple lucharan de rivales y ahora son equipo

Jorge luis Navarrete

Jhony Morrison está en la casa mami ?? Jhon Morrison llegó muy bien entrenado de México

Jorge Castañeda

Omg ya quisiera saber mas el inglish ?

Conor Doran

Anyone notice how good Garzas English is now?! Look at interviews he did with the IIconics and stuff from a year or two again and he’s come on 10 fold! V impressed

Jose Ramirez

John Morrison disserves a Major Push


Johnny Mundo

Insane Animated Federation


Ice'Da Watsha

Garza So Lovely ? ~


I remember when people said Angel will be like eddie wow????

Juan Díaz



Johnny Drip Drip John Morrison speaking Spanish is the best thing on Raw

Téllez García César Adrián

Garza JR Y Jhonny Mundo uff recuerdos de trilpe a


Johhny mundo va ángel garza je????

Gemond Jones

John morrison is so freacking funny


Angel Garza really has the look and the charisma of a future superstar. He is born into a notable wrestling family, he moves gracefully in that ring. What’s not to love?!

Craig Fels

Well haven’t seen a single person that even knows who Bad Bunny is let alone like the DH lol

1k subs before next week

How many subs i can get with two videos

Kashif Reza

Garza think Morrison
Is Andrade because of the hairstyle


I can see Stephen Amell attacking John next week


Jonny Drip Drip been on repeat in the whip for months now

Terry O

Johnny Drip Drip?
I love that suit ?

Timothy Torres

Speaks Spanish, but can't understand an American speaking Spanish.

Barack Hossain

Push Morrison!

jordan pavao

Didn't Garza have a much thicker accent the last time he was on tv??? ?

Dannie Funk'er

Vince like good looking wrestler working in wwe ?