Nightmare bug

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Geoffrey Explains the UPDATE 21 NIGHTMARE BUG

171 views | 17 Oct. 2020

I level with folks about

I level with folks about exactly how the Update 21 Nightmare Bug happened, what the team at Undead Labs did about it, and what is up generally with disastrous bugs that get past developers and into the wild.

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US Budget Cuts

Love you guys for the community outreach. Makes you guys one of the absolute best gaming companies out there. No micro transactions and a great community of devs?? That’s basically a unicorn!

Lord MaCe

Very interesting video. Everyone makes mistakes, and they will happen no matter what. So I wasnt mad that this happened, instead was confident that you will solve it to everyones satisfaction. You are that kind of people who care about their customers and we notice this. Think you handled it very good. I was only affected in minor ways like could not move bases and maps or rebuild facilities, but you still gave me the prestige. Really generous, just what I needed because I lost one of my Red Talon guys a few weeks before :-) So thank you, and don't feel guilty :D

Steeevo 69

Theres a bug in the game that causes my girlfriend to leave me for my sister can you fix it please


I enjoy your SoD2 vids a lot


Very interesring insight, as always. Thanks, Geoffrey.


I got the 12k Prestige... It's a nice increase.

Nightmare bug

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Brainbug - Nightmare

46 598 views | 31 Oct. 2009

Music video without clicks

Music video without clicks and pops in sound.

elena Sal

Oh my god had forgotten about this. Awesome found it again


I swear that there was a show on Childrens ITV at the time with this theme tune. Can't think of what it was though.

Chris Hannon

Love it..it makes my heart beat faster..just.a great tune

josheph croce

what movie is that????classic tune i think!


just 351 likes? ?

Pocketbeat Hard

Like balm to my soul


positiva rules


O clipe é um revival aos filmes B dos anos 50, com a sensualidade da mocinha, a arrogância do cientista, a invasão alienígena. A corrida ao espaço e a Guerra Fria mexeu com a imaginação daquela época.

Calypso Cat

I want that costume, god damn it!!
RIP Alberto.

Chris Hannon

Very haunting


Coming from the most intense conference call hold music

Phoenix Jones

Anyone know the artist and the title of this song's RMX? In the song they say "Houston, we have a problem"

Daniel Cardona

spooktober is here!

MIKE Memory

now that's what I call music 97. what an album




Warning to all Foundation personnel on site. SCP-2006 has breached containment and is currently [DATA EXPUNGED]


Billy Eilish’s “Bad guy” totally ripped off that opening riff.

Matthew Milana

Natalie Horler (CASCADA) Feat. Brainbug - Nightmare Vocal Speaking October 2019


When this gets recoomerened to you are blessed by brainbug

saber wolfe


Esteban Barrios Gonzalez

chida bato

josheph croce

but this theme is from classic movie??????

Chris Hannon

Love it..it makes my heart beat faster..just.a great tune

The Best & Worst Of Football Managers


James Heal

Love this ?

Mattia Vio

rip Brainbug


Petition for this to be the news song


The annoying devil brought me here


This was totally in One-Punch Man. During the crab scene.


my early raving days ^^;

In It To Spin It

cream anthems 97 anybody?


Heritage Orchestra and Pete Tong brought me here ✌?


Childhood memories

Chris RJ

I used to buy dance albums in the late 90s, and this was often on a few of them. This is my first time seeing the video.

Uziel Cetzal

Coco Bongo promo DVD brought me here hahaha

Paul Delaney

Es Paradis, Ibiza Summer 97

Mosko Gaming

Tomb raider much?

Nightmare bug

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Fabio & Moon - Bugs Nightmare (Sesto Sento Remix)

95 022 views | 2 May. 2017

Nice remix by Sesto Sento

Nice remix by Sesto Sento keep it up

SestoSento: https://soundcloud.com/sestosento

fabio & Moon: https://soundcloud.com/fabioandmoon

Thx to Twizpark sending me this Track he has an awesome

Channel and is a good friend of mine check out his Youtube:


Download wallpaper here:


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PWR - http://amzn.to/2tB0K2V

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and give some positive or negative feedback that they and i can optimize our content we make

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If you have a nice Goa-Track you want to see on this Channel

contact me - [email protected]

youre very welcome to call me by my real name :D

ॐ ME

Hey Im Axel

I`m a young student who lives in Germany

I hope you like this channel

Instagram - https://www.instagram.com/goa_music/

Have a nice day

Frezqo BeatFD

muy buena ?

Habs Gerne

love it :)

1000x besser als das original




Thx to Twizpark sending me this Track he has an awesome
Channel and is a good friend of mine check out his Youtube

Olivinessa Quintessa

Sounds alot like XSI & Talamasca- Nightmare

Tito The2ndAir

Great stuff. ????

Nadine Wulf

wooop wooooop, der Hammer❤kenne das Lied zwar aber der mix is neu? dirty love??

Hättest du vielleicht Lust Mal ein Mix von mir hochzuladen ???
würde natürlich auf Promotion machen

Musta Fresh

love it!

Kriespy xd

Great video love it


holy fuck the mdma is doing his job



Sensitive X

Bad trips :(



Celina Rode

top ! besser kann es gar nicht laufen :) alle Lieder sind toll -

DMT lógicamente absurdo


krebs equinox

bora fritar porra!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Luci welzel

dazu kann man nichts sagen ???


Awesome video, bro! +1 sub :)
And please check out my channel, and subscribe back if you are satisfied therewith you see! You will not be disappointed ;)


love your stuff man, keep finding gems like this and put them on the map! much love from engalnd

Jap Ananda

Det is doch richrischer shit

Ole Weier




Elimelec Dominguez

NOOOOO!!! This track is Amazing in its original version.

Stellar Unicorn

new age trance

MujjØ (Official) ?

gd 1