Planet ripple

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The Eljay Johnsen Show | Discussing LEGO Rewind and Planet Ripple with Nick Anderson

1 260 views | 9 Apr. 2018

Today, Eljay is back again

Today, Eljay is back again to sit down with the author of Planet Ripple and creator of a fantastic LEGO series focused on looking at older LEGO themes. The man in question? Nick Anderson, of course!

His works:

Website: https://www.planetripple.com/

YouTube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCKJp5dqzn59jq1phqN2p2Uw

Twitter: https://twitter.com/NickOnRipple

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/PlanetRipple/

DeviantArt: https://nickonplanetripple.deviantart.com/art/Planet-Ripple-Vol-3-Preview-1-739272044

Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07BNQ49FL

All assets pertaining to The Eljay Johnsen Show were made and designed by

Xeros610: https://www.youtube.com/user/xeros610

Leoxandar Magnus

My next Amazon order will contain Planet Ripple Vol. 1

The Dark Master The Dark Master

Nick on Plent Ripple?


A freakin match made in heaven


Nick is among the rare few Bionicle fans that I could see to have nice and deep conversations about Bionicle and other media. He is very insightful and shares several preferences that I also like (like the sea, deep synthesised music, obscure games or characters...)

Hibi Chika

E.J. the Lego equivalent of the Joe Rogan Show ;)

Kohakka Nuva

good lord. whoever isn't a bionicle fan shouldn't use bionicle terms and words

Ezra Terry

This is amazing

Jeff Stark

You said Bionicle had good marketing? What if I told you...............



Where can I find The Toa comic?


I have autism and ADHD.

The Dark Master The Dark Master

I hate the fact that people hate Autistic people...
I have Autism..

Hrafn Valdr

Nicaragua manga?

Planet ripple

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Planet Ripple- Minnow's World Trailer 2

12 793 views | 5 Apr. 2019

Disclaimer- I have

Disclaimer- I have permission from Hugo Flores himself to feature "Dreamscapes" in this video.

Original trailer https://youtu.be/VRQJQjej7uA

Minnow is a woman with disabilities in a world gone down the drain. You can find all the books released so far here! https://www.planetripple.com/the-book

More information https://www.planetripple.com/ There's also a facebook page. https://www.facebook.com/PlanetRipple/


"Dreamscapes" composed by Hugo Flores


Minnow/Mega Scharlau

Andrea/Andia Winslow

Noma/Dalila Ali Rajah

Barrakuda/Heather Brown

Derrick Hardspeck/Simon S. De La Cruz

Hack/Michael Zander

Seth Weever/Jeff Werden

Johannes Sturgeon+Lubor Reznic/Lucas Webley

Blair/Rachel Madej

Warden/ Steve Shives

You can see some of these individuals' other work at Casting Call Club.

Ocean animations- signaldwn

Nicholas Hermes

Awesome trailer! I think my favorite part is how clearly your passion for the story shines through, you want to tell a meaningful story and it really shows.

LEGO Jedi Master 1138

Plz do rewind on winnie the pooh

Sonic Pulsar

Congrats on this new book! Trailer is really well done. I'm glad 'Dreamscapes' blends so well with the story's and artwork's atmosphere. I love scifi/mystery/horror/suspense comics quite a lot so will definitely get your books:)


I'm intrigued by your work. Great characterdesigns, strong lines too. Your lego re-wind videos got me here. I feel inspired to do more drawing by watching this.


u have 25k subs but only 400 are wqatching wth


You know what they say, double the trailers, double the fun!

Monti Monki

Damn, it looks very interesting ??

PloopusProductions 2008

The voice for minnow is really fitting for her because that seems like how she would talk in real life

Zander Berrones 1

How many factions of creatures and people in cyborgs I guess are on earth make a plan triple or are there only three or two?

Biomati 200 4

Good trailer (^-^)

RT Moody

Saw Nick speak today at the Bangor Public Library. Guy electrified my world. His understanding of his vision is so thorough and complete that I was awestruck the entirety of the presentation. More people should know about him and his work. The world would be better for it.

michael gard

I’m so impressed with every thing you do man so happy you didn’t die when bio tube did I love your hero factory stuff too keep up the good work do you have a Patreon

Johnny Woodstock

Yo this is looking really cool. Very interesting comic, fresh and new

Liquid Sun

This deserve an anime!
I would love to read this comic! :)

Ben's Video Channel

That's Really Awesome You Know Would Love to make comics of my own and I have autism what advice do you have for me


I really love the Barraki camiones

Autistic Guy with a camera productions

Looking at these trailers, I'm curious about how these characters and settings would look like in Lego format. They'd probably look really cool.

Robert Kovarna

I just know that your comic is going to be a good one Nick.

Geek Media Radio

This is amazing!!! I plan on purchasing your work! I love this world you have built.

brayden Reid

You should get the voice actors to voice the entire series

Ram Naidu

I really hope this becomes an animated series one day.


Bookmarking the website for this series, definitely want to invest in this sometime soon.

Autistic Guy with a camera productions

I would love to see some cute fanart of Minnow meeting Res Waveborn from Rebel Nature, whenever the story of Rebel Nature gets going. That would be interesting to me.

Autistic Guy with a camera productions

I'm curious, do you make these every 2 volumes? And if so, is there going to be a trailer for volumes 5 and 6?


why isnt there more witching this??


Here at 50 comments. Could we get to 69 tho.

Adamations Adver


I Slay Dragons

Wow this is so great!
Can’t wait to see what’s next Nick!

Rj simons

Why I like these trailers is because is because they remind me that these characters have voice you know.


Your comic looks interesting, I can tell u got inpired by alita. However I cant stop thinking of Christian Faber's Rebel Nature when I see your comic, the main character, the creatures, the ocean world. its literally Alita+Rebel Nature


It's amazing how you got people to voice act so good for your work and how well it looks too. I hope this run goes well too?

Pikminer 5087

I really wish this was sold in stores somewhere, because I can't really use online funds. It also looks freaking incredible!


god I LOVE your art so much, Nick


As an outsider looking in this inspires me so much

Kempton Lam

Nice trailer even I haven't got a chance to read your series! Keep up the good work!
P.S. I hope you take this as a constructive suggestion and not mean to be too critical. On a technical level, the audio level on the second half of the trailer seems quite a bit louder. Loud enough that I had to turn the volume down because I was using an ear bud. When I sound mix my own documentaries, I tried to keep things at a constant level and allow things higher only when necessary.

MyStiC _TraVeler

I really love your comics

brayden Reid

This looks really nice

Red Squirrel Studio

Though I know you mainly from the Lego Rewind series, I can safely say you have got me hooked on this!

Hope one day I too can make my vision a reality like you did with your comic


Your work is phenomenal Nick, it really seems that you’ve poured your heart and soul into this and it really shows.

It is so inspiring that a YouTuber I always knew from a younger age that did some pretty good sonic reviews is doing original content. Sincerely hope your series gets put in front of a lot of new eyes very soon as this kind of work deserves it.

themistoklis theodorelos

You are inspiring me to make my own story .


So many gradients

Robert Kovarna

Such a good trailer.

Nick on Planet Ripple

Made a couple of minor edits. Sorry for the confusion, everyone.


I bought all 4 volumes on Amazon!

Air-headed Aviator

This seems too good to let myself miss

Daniel Ingraham

Something tells me you took inspiration from Metroid Prime

Andrew Adams

It'd be great if Netflix would animate this.


1:58 Is that just a piece of Funky Machinery™, or...

Planet ripple

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Thomas' Fluctuating Quality & The Current Downward Spiral

67 571 views | 28 Oct. 2018

...I was originally going

...I was originally going to include this ramble in the Project G1 review, but decided to make this its own separate thing. Enjoy!

My books https://www.planetripple.com/the-book

Read the beginning of Planet Ripple here https://nickonplanetripple.deviantart.com/gallery/61793713/Planet-Ripple-My-original-series