Tot stock price today

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Gamestop and AMC Short Squeeze Is Not Over

1 423 views | 8 Feb. 2021

Clip from Michael On The

Clip from Michael On The Mic Ep. 2 CCIV and Lucid Motors Merger: https://youtu.be/_Lj5lgjeaHI

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The stock market is known for being unpredictable and volatile, and any sense of normalcy was blown up during the recent GameStop rally. Most of us know the story by now: After discovering that several hedge funds had bet on the video game retailer losing value, people banded together on the Reddit forum WallStreetBets to drive up its share price by 1,500%. Over the course of January, GameStop’s stock price ballooned to a high of $483 from a low of $17. The bubble already appears to be popping, with GameStop shares down to around $55 as of Friday.Still, the event is unlikely to be soon forgotten, experts say.

In many ways, the GameStop rally resembles bubbles of the past, but it has some unique characteristics, too, experts say. “What is new is the scale and speed of the event,” said Veljko Fotak, associate professor of finance at the University at Buffalo. The ubiquity of smartphones on which people can download investing apps, the availability of cheap or free trading and “a pandemic with a lot of restless energy,” are all factors that contributed to the video game retailer’s rally, said Dan Egan, vice president of finance and investing at Betterment. Populism spreading across the globe is yet another factor that fueled the bubble, Fotak said. “Some investors were motivated not just by pure greed, but also by a desire to ‘stick it to the man,’” he said.

Many people are also brought into the market these days when they see friends or people they follow on social media touting certain stocks, said David Sekera, chief U.S. market strategist at Morningstar. Some of these posts are very convincing: Users on Reddit, for example, were exchanging high-level analysis on GameStop’s finances. “The days that equity research was limited to the large, bulge bracket Wall Street firms is long past,” Sekera said. All of these events that propelled the GameStop bubble could spur many more.

“I do think that, to some degree, this herd Reddit movement is going to continue,” said Jason Reed, a finance professor at the University of Notre Dame. “We’ve already begun to see the movement into other equities and assets, like AMC, Blackberry and silver gaining considerable momentum.”



I am not a CPA, attorney, insurance, contractor, lender, or financial advisor. The content in these videos shall not be construed as tax, legal, insurance, construction, engineering, health & safety, electrical, financial advice, or other and may be outdated or inaccurate; it is your responsibility to verify all information yourself. This is a Youtube video for entertainment purposes ONLY. IF stocks or companies are mentioned, Michael Wrubel MAY have an ownership interest in them -- DO NOT make buying or selling decisions based on Michael Wrubel's videos. If you need advice, please contact a qualified CPA, attorney, insurance agent, contractor/electrician/engineer/etc. financial advisor, or the appropriate professional for the subject you would like help with. Linked items may create a financial benefit for Michael Wrubel. Any use of other media is by fair-use or license only.

ipissoff libtardos

Hi bet that company citadel that hedge fund I bet they waited for the stock of up to 450 whatever. Then went to and put it in short it and did whatever they had you to make that stocco down to see anybody no city dollar shortage again on the way down from the high number

This week in civil war history

i thought those big companies had to report their shorts like that 2015 jp morgan lawsuit with fintel

Nikolay Dvorianov


Jaden Greenley

Bought another 50 shares today to even out my average, nows the waiting game fingers crossed for tomorrow??

Sargent bologna

Holding 88 shares at 12$

Ani Course TV

BB is not heaviliy shorted stock. BB has got huge pontential yet it's still undervalued to what they will become in the future. Their QNX and autonomous software got them into many partnership deals with Amazon, Google, Baidu and SpaceX.

znO mE

It’s still shorted over 100% hold

Diego G

Bought 1200 shares of AMC today at 6.01$

rose rose


Chloe Jane

I am holding AMC!!!! Be Patient pls!!!!!!! We are almost...... there!!!! Just hold!!!!!!!!

Tot stock price today

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हिंदी | Zerodha TOTP Activation Full Process

76 957 views | 29 Jun. 2020

For Rainy Day, Always

For Rainy Day, Always have two accounts!

Many Subscribers mail us to ask the importance of having two accounts.

You must have minimum two accounts one for Trading and other for Investments.

You can loose Long Term Holding, while trading from same account, due to FIFO(First In First Out).

Of Course, another benefit is if one platform hangs due to technical glitches. You can use other to Grab Opportunity!

So, Take your call!

Open New Account with link below ? Get assured Services from us.

Zerodha (Best Trading Platform. Free Delivery: Long Term Investment) https://zerodha.com/open-account?c=ZMPQMD

Alice Blue ( Best for Traders offers 10× Margins, For Option Sellers like Me ❤️)


Upstox ( Zero Account Opening Fee. For Beginners) http://upstox.com/open-account/?f=62XQ

Get Going.. ?❤️

The phishing scam

Fraudsters set up phishing (fake) websites that mimic the look and feel of the login pages of the trading platform offered by large stock brokers. These websites arn happen to click on these links which lead to fake websites that mimic the login pages of the trading platforms they are used to, where they enter their login credentials (username, password, PIN, and other bits of information). This is captured by the fraudsters, which they then use to login to the investor’s trading account to execute buy/sell transactions on illiquid scammy penny stocks or illiquid options contracts, generating a loss on the compromised account and a profit in theirs (counterparty to the scam orders). There are also many cases where scammy penny stocks are bought in customer accounts at a high price, shares that cannot be sold on the market as there would be no buyers.

Asa temporary fix, we had blocked trading by default in all illiquid risky contracts — stocks and options, and allowed trading in them only on specific instruction from the customer through the registered email address. We now have a permanent solution to this.

Mandatory TOTP when trading illiquid risky contracts

As a solution, we could potentially have made it mandatory for all our users to use a mobile or email OTP to login to Kite. But there is no guarantee that these OTPs are delivered on time. Since we’re in the business of trading where time is critical, we couldn’t take this chance, and so decided to use TOTP (explained below). Instead of asking mobile or email OTP on every login, we have made it mandatory to login using a TOTP if you want to trade in any risky scrips. We classify a scrip as “risky” if they are illiquid and can be used by fraudsters to create artificial losses in youriccount.

If you haven’t logged into Kite using TOTP and are trying to trade in these illiquid risky scrips, such orders will be rejected and the rejection message will ask you to set up TOTP to place the order. Setting up TOTP is a one-time task that adds security to your account. Then you simply need to login using this TOTP evebelothand will be allowed to place trades.

What is TOTP?

TOTP stands for “time-based one-time password”. Unlike a traditional OTP that is delivered to you via email or SMS, a TOTP is generated by a TOTP app that is already on your phone. This TOTP is valid only for a short duration (usually 30 seconds) and is regenerated every 30 seconds.

Read beloti learn how to set up TOTP to login on Kite.

How to setup TOTP?

Important: You will need to login on Kite web to set up TOTP. Once you set it up, you can login using this TOTP on web as well as mobile.

You can use apps like Google® Authenticator, Microsoft® Authenticator, or Authy on your mobile phone to generate 6-digit TOTPs for every login. The procedure to set it up is as follows:

Log into Kite, and click on your client ID on the top right-hand corner of the page and select ‘My Profile’ from the drop-down.

Click on ‘Password & Security’

Once you do, click on ‘Enable 2-step TOTP’

Enter the OTP received on your registered email ID.

Install Google® Authenticator (or Microsoft® Authenticator or Authy) on your phone. You can find this on the Play Store or iOs App Store.

Select ‘Scan a barcode’ under the add account option and click on ‘Begin’.

Allow access to your phone camera, and scan the bar code shown on the profile page on Kite. Once you scan it, the account will be added on your authenticator app. Enter the OTP shown on the app on Kite along with your password and click on ‘Enable’.

Once you click on ‘Enable’ you’ll get a notification confirming the TOTP set up.

You will have to enter the TOTP shown on your authenticator app instead of PIN from the next login onward.

What if you lose your phone or TOTP app?

If you lose your phone or are unable to access your TOTP app for any reason but need to log into your account, click on the “Forgot password” or “Forgot 2FA” link on the password or TOTP entry page and reset your account by following the steps explained here. This

mohd raees

Hello.. mere kite me chart show nahi kar raha h koi batayega esa kyon h pleasr...?

sandeep borhade

I am unable to find wealth saga in Apple store. is it only on android phones ?

Ravi Trivedi

Biofilchem liquid trade category ko zerodha kite se kese buy krege plss how to buy

Biraj Sharma

Is there any last date of it.i am able to sell stock as of now

Rahul Chavhan

Thanks sir for explaining things in simple way ??

Ramray Beshra

Sir authenticator app delete hone per kya karen

Ritesh Ranjan

Babut hi achhe se samjhaane k liye. Bahut bahut dhanyawaad.

Yash Pal Chaudhary

Thank you bhai

early owls

Sir what if benifit of this??

Ravi Trivedi

Biofilchem liquid trade category ko zerodha kite se kese buy krege plss how to buy

Wealth SaGa

You must have minimum two accounts one for Trading and other for Investments.

You can loose Long Term Holding, while trading from same account, due to FIFO(First In First Out).

Of Course, another benefit is if one platform hangs due to technical glitches. You can use other to Grab Opportunity!

So, Take your call!

Open New Account with link below ? Get assured Services from us.

Zerodha (Best Trading Platform. Free Delivery: Long Term Investment) https://zerodha.com/open-account?c=ZMPQMD

Alice Blue ( Best for Traders offers 10× Margins, For Option Sellers like Me ❤️)

Upstox ( Zero Account Opening Fee. For Beginners) http://upstox.com/open-account/?f=62XQ

Get Going.. ?❤️

Omi Lad

Thank you sir


@Rlpg/best 5 shares for todays intraday/paisa jarur banega

Atif Salman Ansari

I m not getting otp in gmail what should i do?

Uttama Panda

Why important totp can any one explain

Raj P

Sir if changed my mobile so how can i enable google autheticator password again

Gouranga Mandal

Google authorities to dusra phone pe rahega,to kiya bar bar dusra phon se dekhna parega

ahesh Kumar

Sir November 2019 me ac open kiya he mujhe bhi TOTP generate krna padega

Sachin Kanojia

Namaskar Sir ?

paras suvagiya

Laptop me videos banavo...

Somnath Mondal

Zerodha customer care number dijiye plz

J K Yadav

Thank u bhai saheb

Life Hacks

What benefit will be there from ur channel if I open zerodha account from ur link?

Nimesh Patel

Asa totp jaruri hai kya

Guddu chalawadi

Mobile may Google authentic app download kiya. .. isko mobile kaisa scan karnaa

Pratik Katap

Thanks nice info

Siddharth Pise

Sir Can You Provide Swing Trading Video For Angel Broking Platform Please !!!!! It Generally Has a Margin Product Type Which Gives Margin For 5 Days....Is it Good Duration For Swing Trading ?

Jeet 15

Hello WF
when we change in future our mobile then how will it work.pls explain.

Deepu story

I am beginner in zerodha and I am not adding amount in my zerodha

Hitesh KAMDAR Coin Master GOGO

Sir ji awaaz me JOSH gayab hai...?


Hello Sir, I have upgraded my membership to Silver today. Request you to please add me to that group.

s. d.

Thanx..vary nice

Aakash Kanjani

Hdfc ltd is [email protected]
Is right price to buy it for long term??

Pratik Patil

Swing trades please

md adil nizam

Ek chij samjh aa gya.. 2 mobile lagega.. Nhi to 1 mobile or 1 laptop

early owls

I have coming problem in selling india cement stocks on zerodha they are telling to set totp but I don't know what is use of it plz tell me?

satyanarayan rathor

Very informative vedio. Thanks a lot


सर upstox में कैसे totp जनरेट करें बिना लैपटॉप या कंप्यूटर के। सर प्लीज इस पर भी एक वीडियो बनाये।

Krishnesh Narayan

Plz tell....
Your new bill of BSE Limited - BSE00000080***7 for Rs 500.00 has been scheduled for payment.
What is this ..i m new here ..dont know about this ...i got this msg ...what's it mean..
Plz tell

Jay Kumar

Zerodha aajkal bahut Complicated hote Jaa Raha hai.

Sudipta Sudipta

suppose i sell nifty 11000ce july expaiy at a premium of 50 rs now in expairy day nifty went 11100 and premium went to 250then how much loss i have

early owls

Totp se kya hota he?


apka membership kaise le sir please sugges me sir

Anuj Gupta

Sirji ek baat batao macd ka tick Pro, zerodha, market pulse ka alag alag hosakta hai agar nhi to 1 day ka itc ka macd dekiye sab pe aur thoda gayan dijiye

Mohammed Ayaz

Even he is in loss...and advising many others...lol?bhakts???

Harshada's Kitchen

Har bar password cheng Hoga to hame bhi evrytime new password dalna Hoga kya? Ya fir first time Jo password cheng kiya hai vohi hum evrytime dal sekte hai

Dipan Biswas

Sir is it safe?? If someone access my google authenticator then he can access my zerodha account.

Ravi Jangde

Jiske hath mobile hoga o kite ko log in kar dega

motivational quotes

Sir buy nhi ho rhe peny share
Enable totp dikhata hai kya kre

Vishal Nirgude

Thanks sir..many among us shall be benefited..??

mayur khandre

Its been a week since I've mailed you, that I've opened Alice blue account using your referral link, add me in your premium group.

mohd raees

Stocks nse me sell kar rahe hain BSE dikha raha h.. kya locha h bhailog.. TOTP k karan to nahi ye sab ho....

Prashant Kumar

Sir ur telegram account id

Goutam Chakraborty

Sir is it required?


Sir IOS iphone pe Google Authentication App available nahi hai.. what to do? Kindly help..


Sir I've bought Bajaj finance at its peak @4330&4335 now have total of 6 stocks avg at 3033 should I sell 2 and buy low or let it be?
Plz advice it's a small portfolio.

Virender Kumar


RS Gupta


Satya Pandey

Thora jor se bola kriye bhaai

Akshay Gadekar

sir please give video on future group company which one reliance industry buy?

Somnath Mondal

ye Mobile me nehi hota hai screenshot lekar v same problem

Dharmendra kumar

Very nice explain sir????thanks

Sandesh Salaskar

sir jo toto enbled karna hai oh mobile se hota hai kya jaise ki mer e pas leptop nhi hai.our 1 hi mobile hai kaise enbled kare


Thank you Sir. I have failed to sell my stock by GTT order becz of this issue. Now you cleared the matter.

Million dollar ideas



Thanks sir ji.problem solve ho gaya

Aditya Chatare

Thanks bhai sahab ... ???

s. d.

Thnx...vary nice

Raghunath Kamble

Invalid TOTP. Please retry. ya message aa raha he sir


सर मेरे पास लैपटॉप या कंप्यूटर नही है सिर्फ मोबाइल ही है तो में बारकोड को कैसे डाउनलोड कर सकता हु।
Please sir help me

Balan Bibish


Vijendra Pundir

Sr m apki mambership lena chata hu pr pymt ni ho pa rahi h ATM se
Koi dusra tarika h pymt krne ka
Pls rply sr
Tell me whit i do


धन्यवाद भाई । पर यदि एक ही मोबाइल से दो अकॉउंट ऑपरेट करना हो तो कैसे करेंगे । जैसे एक अकॉउंट से ट्रेडिंग दूसरे से इंवेस्टिंग ।

Amit Sodhani

Can you tell me zerodha brokerage and hiddin charge and account opening charge or yearly cahrge..


thanks wf..

debashis choudhury

I have opened account in Zerodha from your link.
What extra service you will provide kindly let know.. what's your mail ID.

Equity Monk-ey

Sir IoS wale ko kya karna hai ?

Mukesh Mehra

How to recover if google authenticator removed and not able to login kite zerodha

Reshma Kiran

Sir, when I tried selling overnight position, it asked for csdl, a few weeks vback zerodha sent email to enable and I was entering that number all this while. From yesterday it’s giving ‘502 page not found error’ is totp and csdl same?

Kunal Roy

Google wala app dushra phone mai dalna para ga

Nagraj Puvvadi

What is the process for apple phone/laptop users?

M.A Shaikh

Taxable value of Supply (Brokerage)3(0.01)(0.01)Exchange Transaction Charges

no free anything

Jagadeesh R

Totp is asked during the login of the kite
How to get that

Abhinav Cv

Iam not facing any issues ...so do I need to do it

Shebu Sheikh

Thanks sir


Bahi i tried this but still i m getting TOTP not valid error. ???

all in one

Per totp ke liye dusara phone lena hoga or same phone per autentior kam karega
Please reply kare

Garima Singh

Is this for those who have not submitted their POA with Zerodha or Is it mandatory for all of us now ?

HaiderA Ali

Sir pe selling kr rha hu but coalindia ke pe selling nhi ho rha or Phir se totp Wala option aa rha hi Kya kre sir please Ek video bnaye

Rajesh Pant



Dipak mo. 9904275654 help you

Mohd Anees

Bina matlab ki pareshani badha di hai Zerodha ne

Ubair Ali


Pradeep Khakare Patill

Thanks.. i have generated my totp..

sunil khanna

Hi, How to become diamond member?

Indrajeet Kumar

Jis mobile me account or bat code hai usi se scan kaise hoga sir Kya dusre phone se Google authentication download Kar scan Kar sakte hai???

Collin DSouza

Hi sir,

I wanted to ask if we place single sell gtt & then leave it... but for selling the shares from holdings... tpin is required but if we do not check zerodha at that time & trigger is hit then will the shares be sold without any tpin

Anshu Gupta

Ye to sabhi to pata hai.....yha koi anpad nhi hai

Sharat Ponia

This is applicable for non-POA holders correct ?

akshay sain

If someone using iphone

Tot stock price today

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Total SA Stock is the Best Oil Company to Own for 2020 onwards. Growth Oil Crash 2020.

2 317 views | 18 May. 2020

Total SA is the best Oil

Total SA is the best Oil company to buy for your portfolio. In this video, I have 11 good reasons why you should move your holdings for Oil into Total SA stocks. This analysis covers comparison between Shell and BP too.

Join me on my PATREON support page for more details and information where I share information with my follower first hand.






Also, join me on Facebook for faster up to date information on the market and how to make profits from it.


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#oilcrash #totalstock #recoveryoil #crudeoil #oilcrisis #stocksportfolio #familyunit #growth #investing #investment #dralexkoh #oilinvesment


What are you doing uploading videos at 2am??

Entwistle Family

Thanks Alex, I’m a new subscriber and I’m really enjoying you’re videos.
They are informative but also fun.
Love it that you include your children.

As you’re a Shell stockholder, I was wondering what you’re thoughts are please?
I’m down almost £900, over 22%.
Worth holding still, or should I call it a day?

Thomas Wypyszinski

Alex's wife: WHERE IS MY COOKING OIL !!!!! : )

Miguel Ángel Prieto Álvarez

Hey Alex, thanks for the great video, on the green companies topic, would you do a video analysing companies that have a renewable energy focused strategy? I think after this pandemic, renewable energy and sustainable strategies will grow exponentially, thanks!


Love the videos I need to get tos to buy total. I very new to this learning a lot I bought 40 shares of gush at average of $24 it got to 43 once and I didn't sell if it gets to 43 again would you sell or hold out.

And you were so right about fiverr I kick myself when i didn't buy it at low 30's


What did they gain from buying Mærsk? Mærsk Are not allowed to dig after oil in denmark

the king

why are you mad about them cutting the dividend, isnt it the only logical thing to do to cut dividend when the comapnys income is so low?!


Man I don't know if you are going to read this but, do you have the sources? I need Exxon lifting price and I can't find it


The value now is better than ever. Is everyone planning to buy more? Wanted to hear your thoughts!


Not big on oil stocks but im going to look into this one you did a great overview

Marco Rossan Brandão

Excellent video. Great channel.
And from a dividend tax perspective. What is the best option? BP a UK stoke, RDS Dutch, Total French? Or one from US?

Antony Coupe

Barclays all the way keep half a eye on the workshop too. ?

Dividend King Investing

Fantastic, I have been trying to find information about Total SE because I understand how strong of a company it is, but this is the only useful information I find.

Nathan Green

I’ve invested £35 into total a couple days ago which got me 1.5 shares do you think this is a too little amount to make any money off of ?

Antony Coupe

Just let Nat go 30 % loss no problems shifted it to moderna like the thought of a vaccine especially after a pot or tooh of amber nectar FIVERR Alex u b on a yacht soon. ?????


Good stuff, great content once again. Thank you for posting!


Hey Alex, are you still mainly cash ? Would love to see an updated video on where you think the market is going over the next month to so!


At this moment I think most oil companies are a bit high priced compared to the business. Because the profit after getting on a flat level will probably not increase too much, plus they have to switch in the long term to still exist.


Great, video, just stumbled across your channel today - lots of great suggestions for non-US companies which is what I was after as my portfolio is a bit too heavily invested in the US and the exchange rate getting better for us is making my portfolio gains look a little slim :( Also you went full Scottish at 5:12 - made me laugh! :) Also you didn't mention the dividend - do you think the current dividend of around 8% is sustainable for Total?

Keep it up!! I like those Pinterest gains, unfortunately I only bought 4 shares back in April lol

Jeremy Page

Great intro, great content!

Sascha West

Thank you for being direct to the answer!!! Still listened

Mo Bk

Find your videos enjoyable and very funny ?


Have you seen Bango (BGO) shoot up 16% today? No idea why

Antony Coupe

Good call Alex could happen and if it does in my view it will b short lived I think my gut says it won’t tho. The rates will hover around where they are now maybe go to zero but eventually the trend will b slowly north ever so steady tho stability the key ? here’s my new word VEBVSR V for vaccine E for election B for buffet and vsr for v shaped recovery one the vaccine will come god speed two election USA ?? election will drive up markets and three buffet once he invests boom the v shaped recovery will b upon us hey who am I to predict but eyes ? down for VEBVSR. ?

Manama Maaan

Really like your attitude. Giving the conclusion ahead of time. Thank you for the video. Keep it up

Narrow Path

I bought 137 shares on may 28th for around 37.8 and Sold last friday for 45.78. made 1.2k + 200 dollars in divendeds! i remember watching this when thinking about what energy stock to buy, thank you! This was my first experience in the stock market

Jamal Miah

Is it worth an investment at €34 just wondering if it's high risk and if oil market will recover

Top Shelf Herbs,free samples.

Uso buy or sell?