Peacock blue keurig

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Everyday Makeup Routine + HOW TO GET FREE PRODUCTS!

81 views | 4 Apr. 2018

This video shows my

This video shows my everyday makeup routine that I do pretty religiously when I decide to wear makeup. The only thing that really changes is my eyeshadow and lip product.

If you are interested in becoming a part of the program Influenster comment below for an invitation and read more here:


**Both the primer and foundation I used were sent to me for free to review all opinions remain my own and are truthful.


Products Used


Foundation: Maybelline Dewy+Smooth in 125


Powder: Maybelline MattPowder (Just for under eyes)

Blush: Mac in ___

Bronzer: Jordana eyeshadow duo in ___

Highlight: Jordana eyebrow kit highlighter

EyeShadow: Jordana eyeshadow duo in ___


Mascara: Tarte ___

Lips: Covergirl ___

Taylor Young

You are gorgeous girl! By the way I am in love with your hair !!?

Peacock blue keurig

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Keurig K200 Unboxing, Setup & First Brew

22 380 views | 15 Apr. 2016

Keurig K200 Unboxing,

Keurig K200 Unboxing, Setup & First Brew

Music By Jeff Kaale

Audrey Berriman

Does the K200 make more than 1 cup size?

Lourdes Rivera



This was the most helpful video I've seen I had to go thru almost ten videos

Eduardo Nava

Is that the she say he's just a friend instrumental?

Laura Shaughnessy

good coffee choice


Stupid question but want to be safe, I keep the filter in for 2 months ?

Cristian Sanchez

Do i need to put in the filter for hot chocolate ?

Juana Imbach

What an amazing machine!>>>ur2.pl/1186 I used to go every morning to my local *$ for a mocha latte. I've tried the Cafe Mocha from Keurig these last couple of days and I am freaking loving it! The machine functions perfectly, quickly, and with absolutely no fuss. The drink is fantastic and I can't wait to try others. This is a long term money saver, and so extremely convenient.


I got this as a gift and if it wasn't for your video I would've returned it. I thought it was a dud. It wasn't working. I wasn't touching the screen lol. Thank you so much ?

Sheila Johnson

Thanks just got one for Christmas and didn’t know how to put it together.

Rebecca Knighten

does this take regular K cups? can I use the store brand K cups as well. I read that one of the keurigs takes a particular K cup. I was just curious if it was this one or the 2.0 version.


I just got mine and it refuses to preheat. It will preheat for about 5 secs before saying I need to lift the lid. Ill open and close it and then it will do the same thing again.


can you tell me if I need to use the filter if I'm already using filter water? Thanks

linda Martin

How do you turn it off....it doesn't turn off and keeps repeating after each cup. Its working great ! I unplug the machine after it says enjoy so it doesnt keep making another cup...lol

Lky Lky

Too much music. It didn't help me.


I just bought one and read all the instructions, then I found this video. Well filmed and concise. Thanks. :-)

Jane Sharp

In the video it shows you installing the filter, but in the comments you're saying you don't use it? I plan on using water from my brita or store bought drinking water, I'm thinking about not installing the filter.

Peacock blue keurig

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2 HashMap Implementation (Sinhala)

140 views | 27 Aug. 2018