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G & M Code - Titan Teaches Manual Programming on a CNC Machine.

668 629 views | 7 Aug. 2018

Titan teaches you how to

Titan teaches you how to program a CNC Machine right at the control using G & M codes.

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traore abdulramzy

Thank you so much .I'm learning cnc en Spain.different keyboard but the Sam program

Tim Ree

i'm totally new to programming, only been an operator for like 4 months and i've been super overwhelmed by learning code... Just wanted to let you know Titan, your teaching style is awesome and its working great for me!


How do I plot cnc codes on graph paper huh


you'd think they'd have an actual keyboard to do this on.

its a little bit clunky that you're writing code using what is effectively a vending machine.

Sadhik Mulla

Please use MM

Mamdouh Noshy

Thank you kindly for the great efforts& for your time

B-sQuare Productions .

this machine only works with manual coding ???


If its a carbon drill with a drillangle of 140 degrees. Dont you use chamfer after instead? Carbondrills dont like touching on a less angle? I may be wrong here. Nice vids ??

X Mane



Damn this was interesting!! Thanks Mr Boom ?

Raif Hanna

thanks for explaining , i have a job that needs to be adjusted like the following:
it is 5 AXIS , to achieve the job i need the 5th AXIS to move only when Z AXIS=0 otherwise turned off and turned on again when Z AXIS returned to 0 coordinate (and of course the other AXIS moving to it's ways)
it means that 5th AXIS turned on all the time Z AXIS=0


One of the best CNC programming vids I've seen. Many thanks. Boom!?

Zeke Rich

Good work brother. Nice tutorial for the people.

Duke Vanlien

Omg haas machines suck !!!! Mazak all the way

Praveen Pravin

For 10 years of search ..... This is the best CNC programming teaching video ever seen...
Small suggestion !!!
Plz make in mm unit

Petru Petru

Lol. I like how he saying. Boom. Boom done

Cesar Padilla

Hello, I congratulate you for the channel, it is very good, I am from CHILE, you would mind activating the subtitles in Spanish since I do not speak English and I say it in the form of information I work in a cnc milling machine and I would like to learn much more greetings from South America ...

Leon Mathaios

Kind Sir can you Please do a tutorial o how to grind a crankshaft from measurement and setup to the entire grinding prcoess and how to control the depth of cut...i belong to a remote part of india and i cannot have access to a technician school.It would be previlege to learn.Thankyou.



1963 TOMB

I'm watching this as my son is just about to start an apprenticeship as a CNC machinist and I'm interested in what he will be doing.

ke Frank

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Jake Minner

For anyone watching (M3) is a clockwise spindle rotation. M4 is counter clockwise. Same for Hass lathes. You'll use counter clock a hell of a lot more on a lathe than mill.

Jesse Erico

omg my lecterur never say about this . i hate it when the lecturer did not explain more percisely .

surinder kumar

I know vmc 2d programming manully please send me working visa . I have 5 year experince


Im a little confused on the starting position on the X axis. If we are starting at X - 0.50 and we input X 3.99 on the next line. Would that not fall short by .25 before the first radius?

rebelSTAR Pritam

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Juan David Rojas

Sería bueno que generarán los vídeos en traducción al español

Marcelo Pereira


shah khuram

Love. boom. I was only expert in programming on simulator but now I learnt it from you how to execute it booo

vahid reza rahmati

thanks titans of cnc
pls teach G & M Code more

Yustas Foosa

what made that crack on the safety glass?

Jake Minner

This is the same print I was taught how to program when I was taught Mastercam '17.


Guys, I have a doubt. Why go to all this trouble when you can just do it in autocad?


This must be what it must feel like when I try to explain to my parents how operate their smartphones and how to use any app.

Julie Torgerson

Titan is a very good teacher .

Adam De La Hay

? titans rock man.

polash mazi

Hello sir
I am interesting in your Academy Working.

David Fast

I want some more Manuel Programming, you are a awsome teacher.

GC Gaming Fighter

How much cost it will take to open a CNC business ?


Huh, this is easier than I expected it to be. I was thinking it would be something a bit more like coding a website.

Crypto Karnage

Wow it seems just like my MACH 3nema. I run 2 cnc machines and have built 1 from scratch. both 3 axis. 5 axis AND TURN IS JUST NUTZ! Luv the content titans, it brings me peace watching these videos. Good job


Is there any cnc programming practice programs?

mike marisa

You said on tapping you just entered g84 but u didn't tell the machine which thread pitch its gonna follow, how does it know ? From the tool number or i am missing something

Jan Se

As a computer scientist I understood this but why are those codes used instead of a more readable instruction set? I mean the language is pretty limited to what it can do and yet reads more like assembly than it should. Also, why are the blocks not simply designed in CAD and then automatically machined?

James Madison

I’m an engineer and I never knew this lol. Thanks Titan! Learning something new everyday.

Engineering Kid


Jaxx Brat

Whats schampher?


9:31 - I'm not agreeing with your calculation. If the material dimension is 1·9 and corner radii are 0·1 then linear cutting distance is 1·88, not 1·89 because you're starting 0·1 'late' and finishing 0·1 'early'.

Rizqan ID

I think u need M29 code for Tap program

Adelio Raposo

Could used G41 D1 or whatever tool #, for Cutter diameter compensation left, easer to calculate. still i love this guy.

miha Skrt

I see you didn't use G42 for tool diameter compensation, why not : ) ?

Bill Aravena

Such a poor looser


QUESTION to Tintan:
How do you deal with cell phones, and constant texting in these days. Do you leave the phone apart, put it in silence? I have worked in machines and the phone made crashed some parts, so I refuse to haveing it with me.


I'm impressed by your teaching,
For this video my vote 10/10....
Please added some more videos related to manually program


Love the videos- I have been programming at the console for almost 20 years.

I understand you programming like this in the video but at the same time you are programming like a Cad program

I teach my guys to program to the part, let the machine do the math. It’s easier to decipher.

I personally would have writing The code from the G43 line like this

G43 x-.5 y.0 z1.h1
G1 x.5y.01( come away from part)

This allows you to program to your actual dimensions on your print, not have to do all the calculations for tool diameter and if you decided you want to run a 3/8 or 5/8 the program is exactly the same.


Ams Before Any Oil Independent Amsoil Dealer

Are there Academy T-shirts in Large ?? Like you're wearing. Only seen XXXL and Medium


Dear Mr. Booom

if I may to know, what scheduling software do you use to manage that jobs?
Because it is not easy to set schedule for all job with many machine.

Roger Ramco

Can you make a reality show about your life


Cool video. As a British programmer and machinist I use millimeters so its interesting seeing it done in inches. One thing I would say that you didnt use Diameter cutter compensation (G41) for the profile you milled, would be good to use that on high batch jobs for cutter ware as you will find your job could go oversize or have a bad finish as the cutter blunts.

Jay Aspero

I like how this grow his employees. Not just worker.

Saint Louis

I’m currently learning this in my CNC programming semester

deep mystic

Unreal to think a simple shape like this requires so much work

Imagine the code on the lion head



Imperial system is very frustrating.

Ocean Blue

I love watching your posts on CNC machining Titan. Boy it has come a long way, I'm a toolmaker specializing in plastic injection moulding tools. I was excited when we got optics on our milling machine, then digital readouts on our machinery. Then come along EDM (electrical discharge machine) silly me putting in what that means. Now you maybe able to work out roughly how old I am. I just can't believe what you can do with these model CNC machines and the knowledge you have with this technology. You certainly have done it the hard way, from the very lows to the very highs. I'm not a religious person, but it has helped you to get where you are now. Please, don't take it the wrong way, but it's you who has overcome life's lows with a never give up attitude and a love with what you do, keep up with the great work, from Exmouth Australia.

X Mane

Then boom!!!

E Selman


John Mav

The best teacher of cnc and nc!


All that code is on a sticker on the haas...if anyone bothered to keep your machine clean.


This video desserves to be watched and used as pedagogical tool in all schools. Excellent!!!

vandiem tran

Thank sir, video very benefit

Lyons Cultivars



Back to cnc from injection molding monday. Watched this video 3 times now deff helpful for refreshing my memory

indra K.c

Great CNC bro

Justin Buck

Titan, You rock. You literally explained this so well.


You explained everything really well. I wish I had a Haas mill to practice on. Thank you.


I would like to say that you are the best coach or teacher I have ever seen, thank you very much!!

Stefan Eckl

G-Code is so fucking stupid XD
do you ever heard of Heidenhain or Simens?

Thomas Shelby

never had seen any video with cnc machining before (coding) but somehow it seems easier than programming with python,c++ or matlab
at least it seems so to me,don't get me wrong. AMAZING explanation and quality content! keep it up !


Is this a Haas control?

Kefer Denis


Haziq Farhan

10000 shy? please anyone reply me. cause i really dont know what is that dimension refer to. i already search shy shi shie but still dont know what is that mean. URGENT!!

Daniel 972

Hello there Sir- I love what you do and how you deliver it , clear eloquent and idiot proof. Just one wee snagg, for us this side of the pond. In Engineering we use MM microns, INCHES are used only to measure one's John Thomas/dick. otherwise just beautiful , GOD bless you and the USA.

Mikey Eskay

Which machine is that?



Curtis Mateja

How much would it cost me to come train under you? Dead serious. I got into machining/ cnc about a year ago. I started with operating a water jet. Recently started in a mill, but getting the old heads in my shop to train and cross train, properly and in depth, is near impossible. Your attention to detail is impeccable and would love to be able to take my skills to another level. Let me know, again I’m dead serious.

Rajat Sinha

This booom is the best part

Uriel Ramirez

Im confused on the g2 code. Im used to seeing the x,y - I J location


Can you contact me .... thx

D Vo

Titan Gilroy gives a new meaning to the word 'boomer' xD

Enrique Jarquin

k buena ideologia de crear


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This is what happens when your company doesn't invest in routing/cutting software. lol It's simple, but huge waste of time. Much easier to draw a shape with a radius and just hit "cut". lol BUT great explanation of the process. :)


For basic milling... I dont think f-360 is actually required.... everything you just did! is common sense and with practice a mac3 will be perfect for me ... thx a million.

Duane Dean

Most use cam software for in depth milling. Otherwise its conversational.

Center Drill
.250 Drill

Simple hole drilling, x,y,z is per print. G1 is drilling, G3 is peck Drilling, W is work plane, K is peck depth. Aint got no time for boom let alone sit there and program like that. Setup, Conversational Programming, Operate. Or its Setup, Transfer Program, Operate.

Victor Gumera

I crash the machine Boom! Lol


Boom ???????

thanuja ranasinghe

BOOM BOOM BOOM... Extreme Explanation... Outstanding... TOP... TIP...

Michael Kösler

what is in the USA with safty :) ? i mean the flip snail


G-codes CAM everytime.
Heidenhain with manual programing everytime.
Metric metric metric everytime!
Fantastic explaining but this is just sooo sooo complicated dinosaur programing. Yes we know gcode is the most used. So we need to learn this but my oh my. I can be easier than this and a whole lot more pedagogic. The quicker gcode dies the better but i think were stuck with it for a while.
Truly magnificent video. Graphics excellent. A very very good video.

Knc titans

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Knc titans

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