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eToro fees | All you need to know

4 898 views | 22 Oct. 2020

I use the eToro platform

I use the eToro platform to invest. It is simple, user friendly and SAFE!

Interested in trying ETORO? Here is a LINK ??: https://med.etoro.com/B13974_A99492_TClick_Setoro.aspx

?If you are unsure what eToro is and how to use it, I recommended watching this tutorial first: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ViFgKUbGxHo&t=319s

Valuable content to watch:??

Investing for Beginners: https://youtu.be/uJUsfnlAw_4

ETF's Explained: https://youtu.be/c9ei4ybGkNs

Stock Investing vs Trading: https://youtu.be/o9M5j_h2xQo

Happy investing and creating wealth ??


1. Conversion Fee

Conversion fees only apply when you are transferring any other currency into eToro other than dollar. This is because eToro functions in dollars. If you transfer dollars into the eToro platform there will be no fee and the amount you transferred is the amount that you will have to trade with.

For instance: If you have $1000 balance in Paypal and you transfer $1000 to eToro, you will have the full $1000 available to trade with. Quite simple right? This is thus the best way to use eToro is to use dollars to avoid conversion fees.

If you are using another currency like Pounds or Euro, eToro calculates the conversion fee using pips. In the video, I share with you a view of the eToro fee page to see how many pips it costs to transfer other currencies onto eToro.

This is the hardest fee to understand. It is very important to note that your money has to leave eToro the same way it enters. Thus if you paid a conversion fee at the beginning to convert different currencies on eToro, you will have to do the same again when you withdraw your money from the platform. This is very important to be aware of before transferring any foreign currencies onto eToro’s platform.

2. Spread fees

This is very easy to understand. All leveraged stocks have spread fees. Leveraged stocks mean you are borrowing money from eToro to trade and when you do that, spread fees occur. In simple terms, spread fees are just a mark-up on the stock.

For instance:

If you want to buy a stock that’s valued at $1, but because of a spread fee, the stock will cost you say $ 1,05. It’s very easy to avoid this fee. JUST DON'T LEVERAGE AND BORROW MONEY TO TRADE, it doesn’t matter what the opportunity is. Rather trade with what you have and now, owe nobody anything and life a free live.

3. Withdrawal fee

eToro charges a withdrawal fee of $5 every time you want to take out money on eToro. This amount stays fixed no matter the amount being withdrawn.

4. Leverage fee

As with the spread fee, this is not a fee I will encounter when trading on eToro as I don’t believe in borrowing money to invest. Leverage fees can easily be seen when choosing a leveraged option below in the tab.

5. Overnight fees

Overnight fees only apply when leveraging. This is simple to understand as eToro lends you money and they charge interest on that at 6,4% over 365 days. There is also a LIBOR fee of 1,55% which basically is the banks interest rate for loaning money. And these rates generally change for long position and short positions. These fees are always changing and it’s important to check them regularly if you go down this path.

In summary, if you do leverage, eToro will charge you with spread fees, leverage fees and overnight fees which can easily be avoided when just using your own money to trade.

6. Inactivity fee

eToro will charge you a fee of $10 when you don’t log into your account for 12 months. The $10 fee will continue every month there after until your account is depleted at $0. This is a very silly fee to pay and can easily be avoided by just logging in regularly or depleting and deactivating your account if you don’t want to invest with eToro any longer.

These are the fees that you need to be aware of when trading with eToro. As you can see, most of them can be avoided by just being aware and not trading on leverage. These fees may differ at any time so double check them in the future. Also, a very important thing to remember is TAX. You are always liable to pay tax in your country of residence on any dividends or capital gains, so make sure to know your countries tax laws to not get surprised by any unforeseen taxes afterwards.

Images: www.unsplash.com

Videos: Free Stock video by: www.videezy.com

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Great breakdown my friend! And technology really is amazing; I don't know how I would trade without it!


yikes eToro has fees good to know. I been seeing a lot of reviews lately on eToro but been good for trading. Seems pretty good. Thanks for sharing ! ??


what if I just want to invert in a company for a long term?

Milone Money Mindset

I think Etoro has a great platform. I haven't up an account yet but I'm looking to do so soon! Great video and info!!


Do NOT trade on eToro! As soon as you try to withdraw any of your funds and it fails they lock your account so you cannot open any new positions and you cannot withdraw any of your funds. They will have all your money tied up and you cannot do a thing. Their sorry excuse for customer support you can only reach via chat where they will say they cannot discuss any "sensitive information" so after the chat they will send you an email where they say it may take 7 days for them to reply. This is a total scam! As soon as I can withdraw my funds (it has been 1 week so far) I am closing my account.

Investing Education

Nice video

Scott Edward - Real Estate

Very good breakdown on all of these fees! It's super important to understand fees when investing!

ASMR Music


Rodrigo Medeiros

Am i the only one locked out of Etoro in Canada lol? Seems like a cool platform if i could use it! ?

Micaela Caparas

Hi new friend! My mom said this is very informative! Thanks for sharing... full watched ? no 11

Shawn Persaud

Great information

Blind Idiocy

Very useful information!

Robina's Cuisine

Very nice beautiful informative video thanks for sharing this with us happy to joined you with your beautiful journey Stay connected!!!

Alejandro Pérez

Thanks so much for your video
PD: Your bonsai needs more light

Rafael Camara

Very good video... but I didn't like to know that to convert GBP/USD (deposit and withdraw) I'll lose 1% of my money...

Millennial on FIRE

Another awesome video! Thanks for breaking down this info.

Seven Circles

A big like is from me. Just joined you.

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Excellent breakdown. Another good video my Minika ?

Nina Klan

Thanks for this useful information all you need to know about eToro fees!

How to Make Stuff

Keep your videos going. You are very helpful and have a very nice video style????

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Nice content thanks for sharing

abbas younus

keep up the good work very useful and well explained

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Great informational video! ?

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Very informative. Thanks you for sharing

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Thanks, excellently explained. at last ! Good luck ! thnkx


Good video

Empowered! Personal Growth & Book Summaries

Great vid; been hearing about 'etoro' so great to hear more about it.

abdul khan

All fees no wonder nobody makes any money

shasa young

Thank you for sharing this video with us, the tips and breakdown fees was so helpful for someone new starting to invest using eToro app.

The Way Forward SG

Very good video about the investment. Good video. Thanks for the sharing. God bless you and your family too my friend with good health and happiness.

F.K Ideas

nice, ur nw frnd, u wl rtrn back, #fkideas

Odd Eology

Aren't the spread fees the only fees you can't runaway from? That's how they make money...primarily....

Also, are you taxed inside etoro, or on withdrawal to your country's bank account?


Ayeee yoo !! big ups all the way my friend !! ✌??

Malitu - Chill Sounds

hhey thanks for the breaking up the fees, but i must say that you forgot a 30 percent fees on dividends that they take....

Magic Metal Money

Solid information here, especially clarifying spread fees. Keep up the great work!

Mehdi Saraei


Ayesha cooking world

Like 11?nice
Stay in touch

Evangelia Mintzai

Thanks for breaking the fees down. I live in Europe so I use euros. Fortunately, there are other brokers in Europe without fees or very low fees.

Francis Dagostino

very helpful thank you. i subscribed.

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Hi,New SUBSCRIBER ?Friend here,
Hope u too do the same to me.Let's Stay connect & share more videos.Thanks see u on next video❤️????? like#29

Trish Lee

Awesome! This is so informative! Thank you for breaking down all the info for us! :)

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Looks like a pretty cool app! Was going to have a look at getting it this week aswell

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I've been hearing a lot about eToro recently, cool that its available pretty much worldwide.

Mind Leaves

Hey all! Thanks for watching. Hope you found it helpful?? I also gave a short Tutorial on starting out on eToro right here ? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ViFgK... Let me know your thoughts on my breakdown of the fees down below?

Kels Acosta

Happy Thursday Minika ? Thanks so much 4 the helpful tips, very informative and insightful! Hope that your having a great week so far! P.S - luv the necklace my friend lol

Simple Life - Self-Improvement & Development

Nice information in the Fee. Did not know got an inactive fee. Have been inactive in the app for a long time. Time to log in. Like # 21

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Interesting Video. Just heard about this platform. I guess I need to learn more

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Good info! Always good to have a good broker to invest with!

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ty for that, so many options out there!

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very helpful & interesting video! thank you for sharing!

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Is that an Africa pendant?! I have one too!!!

Luca Duca

does etoro charge for settled balance? Suppose I have 2000€ sitting there without trading....

Paypal currency conversion spread

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Paypal currency conversion spread

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Hello po Ma'am.
I just want to ask you about how to integrate payoneer for shopify payment?

Thanks for your answer.?


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