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How Many Lux Does Cannabis NEED At Canopy? + Digital Illuminance Meters Overview

59 929 views | 5 Jan. 2019

Discussion of light

Discussion of light intensity and illuminance and what lux values Cannabis plants need to grow in vegetative or flowering at canopy height. We’ll also discuss misconceptions about lumen outputs and light meters like the Dr.Meter LX1330B - link to one is further down.

Our sponsor today, TNB Naturals: http://www.tnbnaturals.com

The Dr.Meter Light meter can be found at my Grow Gear shop: https://www.amazon.com/shop/influencer-945853a8

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My episode on Light Basics: https://www.theweedtube.com/video/light-spectrum-guide-for-new-cannabis-growers

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Fineeko Da Assailant

Does it work good with Cob led light

rezrat native

Can you do a show about growing with LED shop light? I grew some with shop lights that said 5100 and they worked good, Now i am going to order a grow light from amazon, Thanks,


thank brother

Jay Lee

I’m glad you you did this video. People need to know Lux is a better guage for full spectrum light

Caderbavah Siddicl

Very helpful,, thank lots brother...

Joe Loop

This is really fucking complicated


Lux' world

TNB Naturals

looking good as always Lex! ???

William Johnson

If you wanted to buy one of the more expensive meters which one would you suggest

Fifth Horseman

What was the enlightened pirates golf score?

Cheflife 420


Charles Coe

Lux Blazer.


so.. hanging a hid light 18 inches above your plant should be good? even in vegetative phase?

Bob Foster

This makes sense to me. I have been finding symptoms of light stress (yellow or brown end tips) on the higher leaves in the canopy when I have been using the higher lux values advocated by others.

Eric Gauthier

the ehh enricher over here.
i would not pay you to promote my products like that

Mathew G

Foot candles! HA!

Gary Rutherford

How many lumens for a 4ftx3ftx6ft tent

Darrius Spence

What’s the damages that can occur from 315 cmh bulbs without eye protection? I’ve been dealing with some scary symptoms & haven’t been able to share the love to my garden. :(

Golson Moldon

Use an app on my phone.
Not super accurate.
But good enough for my basic spacing and defoliating needs.


Sunlight here is about 130,000 lux, I just measured in April. Why do indoor plants get light burn excessive Lux, but less than that of sunlight, even if the heat is dealt with? But outdoors they do not.

Paul FUN

There are lots of free lux/light meter apps you can download for free. Your cell phone camera is probably more accurate than most $100 standalone lux meters but wtf knows. Maybe you could whip out your phone and see how close they are. Tia.

John Carcamo

I found a light meter APP for android even if it's not perfect it, it is free

Нови Сад Србија

More hours more light food for your plant.

Ray Jones

I like him he's a dude ??

Jordan Williams Jr

I’m planning to pop some seeds and germinate them in a mondi dome. I’m using a Raymatix HAMR lights does anyone know what a good lux reading is for growing them for a period of one month in the dome?

Ray Ingraham

Sort of related and late. Started one auto under 1500 watt LED. Was given 12 photos tent and fan. I can't have that much bud legally in Michigan. Can I put florescent lights on them now and move some of the plants into the tent with the led to flower and veg some with the LED



Don Keedik

I picked up 3 2500 lumen cfl bulbs at a salvage store can I use them or will that electricity be wasted

legal canada

a mars hydro is NOT a 'mid range' light, not even in 2015, it's absolute bottom bin. surprised there was no mention of PAR (photosynthetically active radiation) either, PAR meters are much more accurate than lux meters and a lot cheaper than a spectrophotometer too

Godzmazter Weedz

I Saved Your Video For Future Reference Because its Some Good Info, Brother. So Without Further Ado I'll Jez Say What Godz Alwayz Sez, Peace, Love and Hippie Beadz ✌??

Byron Lee

I am a first time grower. I am using T5s cause that what I had to over winter my plants.
When it’s time to start flowering, do I need to change the bulbs to 3000k? I currently have 6400k bulbs in. Or just change the cycle to 12/12?

John Drew Broadley

Hey great videos man enjoy watching them !! Could use some advice my self if you can spare some


Hey Lex thank you for the video. Im on my 6th grow and Ive noticed something about LEDs that I dont see mentioned. Thought Id see if you have noticed this too. If you place LEDs too close to a plant (say less than 12 inches/ especially when in veg) They tend to have shorter internodal spacing and a general bushier build. As I said only a few grows and this is comparing clones from bag seed so was hoping you could tell me if its in my head or not. Thank you.


Very informative brother

Bryan McNamara

So ... if an LED light doesn't give off any (or very little) heat, should we worry about burn at the canopy with a light under 1 foot from the canopy?

Rich V

What about a 600w in a XXL raptor hood? Wondering if I should just bolt it to the top of my 6' Tent.

Rikki lee


Richard Saner

Well thank you very much for including me in your post Lex I am doing great

Nun YA

444th like, what up

sleep depp vegas

Dude.. Everytime I encounter a new question, i come to YT and search it... You are ALWAYS in the top results with super nerdy information WHICH IS EXACTLY WHAT I AM LOOKING FOR. thank you kind sir. Been experimenting with led light. Can seem to get to an optimal height for my 1 autoflowering critical purp. Seems it hasn't grown or changed in about a week. (plant is going on two weeks old)

Victor Supreme

Are you using a grow light as illumination for filming?

Billy Martin

Thanks for all your help bro been watchin for long time ?

P R64

LEDs are the way to go


TY for advice keep it up :>

DJI Ireland

Use mob phone app!

Kiril Dzharov

HELLO Blazer , can u explain me why everywhere said for Vegetative growth: 15,000–50,000 lux and u said only 8000lux ?
example https://www.royalqueenseeds.com/blog-how-to-use-a-lux-meter-to-increase-your-cannabis-yields-n977

Richard Atkinson

Thanks lex for another very informative video! I have a question off topic however. It is to do with tinctures. Many recipes call for decarb of flower, soak in alcohol for a period of time and then a strain. Simplified version. My question is this, can we use fresh cut flowers? This saves on dry/cure time. Flower usually sits for two weeks anyways. If this is okay, how can we scale the recipe? For example if I use 4g dry/cured flower per 1oz/35ml of high proof alcohol. When using fresh off the plant flowers they’re full of water etc and thus heavy in comparison. How can we figure out how much to use. Without a trial an error. Ball park guessing/educated workings.....
I see it’s more than one question, but it’s all relevant right? Much love fella. I look forward to your speedy response as always!

Raymond Robbins

Thanks for this video Lex its the one that i really needed. I ordered a Lux Meter from HydroFarm in all honesty i thought it also read the PPFD but it does not and i had no idea what Lux value cannabis would grow in. So this video actually really helped me. The lux at the canopy of my plant was at 45000. So i moved it up to get into the range suggested.


There are a couple phone apps to check lux... may not be the most accurate way but in a pinch.

Di Ablo

you know this may have really helped me out today. Ive been wondering why my girls in veg have been showing signs of stress, and It may have been me cranking my Quantum Boards up too high. I have a LUX meter on my phone ( not very accurate ) but it gave me an idea of how intense these lights are.

Cranked half way up and at around 3 feet It was saying 35-45k at canopy around the centre of the tent. First run with these boards as ive just upgraded from some citizen clu048 1212 arrays, and these boards are better in every way so far. They have 3500k, 5000k, 660nm, 730nm and 385nm. Ill give them a few days turned down and see if they turn around.

Hedgehog's Right of Passage

I've heard 2 opinions about AutoFlowering during Flowering stage. 1, at flowering to stop any nutrient that includes Nitrogen and the snd say 2, include Nitrogen . All opinions please welcomed!


two green thumbs up i agree 100% with everything you just said

Don vito

Wasn't this channel deleted for awhile?

Graham Clay Clay

Got 60000 i thought thats crap as the sun give i read 100000 lux well my plant growing fine

No Sound

Check the micro growers I followed some dude he used 12 w lamps and it did work really well for him

David L'Abbée

Hi Lex, love your channel and the way you explain things. Very pleasing to watch and learn!

I wanted to ask you something about light.
I'm growing a single plant in a small 36''x20''x63'' Vivosun grow tent equiped with an intake fan at the bottom, an exhaust fan at the top, and a oscillating fan to move air around. I was using a Mars Hydro Reflector 96 (rated perfect for this size of grow tent). I first attempt to grow vegetables such as lettuce and cucumbers...but i laways felt like the blurple color of the light was changing the plant structure quite a lot (and not in a good way). The plants aren't reaching for the light and bush too much (with leaves staying small and curling). First, I though the light was too close to the plants (even though it was set a the recommended height)... but it never got better. Plants grow quite fast, but in a strange way. Now i'm growing a Blueberry strain. I started the seed with the Mars Hydro light, but again... too short and bushy (tight nodes) at 24'' height (rated at 680 PAR at center in full BLOOM mode, at 18''). So i bought a new affordable light on amazon that i felt was a pretty good deal. It's an AGLEX 1200W COB (veg 113w, bloom 208w), with 2x 5500K Bridglux COB with 60º lenses (extreme PAR values), + RED, BLUE, UV & IR Epistar dual-chip boost for BLOOM. It's kinda like an OPTIC 2 replica (with differences in the color blend, but has a very good full spectrum and same true wattage at the end). So far, my plant is LOVING IT, leaves are getting big and straight.... very healthy looking! Although, I'm getting a little bit nervous that i won't have enough height space in the tent once it's flowering. I don't own a light meter, so i'm just experimenting with some free iPhone LUX meter apps. In VEG, I'm getting around 30 000 - 40 000 LUX in the center at 36''. In BLOOM, I'm getting around 60 000 LUX in the center at 36'' (around 85 000 LUX at 24''). Based on your video, this light is WAY too intense for this grow tent, right? The OPTIC 2 is rated to flower a 3x2 area, but the COBs have 90º lenses (wider spread, less intense), and recommended height is 18-24 (bloom) and 24-36 (veg). I contacted AGLEX and they replied that I should keep the light between 24-36'' (never below 24''). What do you recommend? Should I trust them, or the iPhone LUX meter apps? Do they give me an ''accurate enough'' reading to judge? I can still raise the light up 6'' further away, because it's hanging 12'' from the ceilling at the moment.

Here are the links for the 2 LED lights :

BTW, temperature and humidity are totally fine in the grow tent (22-25ºC day, and 20-22ºC night, and between 50-60% RH at all time).
I can send you pictures of the setup if that could help!
You can also message me in private at [email protected]live.fr

Thanks a lot for all the help and knowledge you're providing the world!

Jerry L.

Great info. Thanks for your knowledge.

mancave THEATER

Appreciate your lumen lux breakdown bro :-) very helpful:-)


Glad to see an educational cannabis channel still up and running RIP other channels

Cal B

Awesome video

Asım Barış

I watched a lot of video on YouTube about different topics. Like non-duality, music harmony, etc. But the way you talk about something; it's just meditation.

Donald Fisher

Lex first off what a great show. I just got my Dr
Meter and checked the Lux. It was 45,000 so I raised the light to about 2 feet
from the plant. It now reads 35,000. I know the optic 2 runs hotter than other
LEDs I’ve have had in the past so do I still need to go up with the light? I
have the room to go up. Just wondering what is better for the plant.

Advanced Hydro Gardens

Hydroponics is the future for growing your own ? please call us for more ℹ️ Information on point thx ?

Sam Humphries

Could you do a video about brick weed?

Coffee Sploosh

Good video. Never even thought about this. Will consider purchasing one of those lux monitors down the road. I'm picking up my hydro system today off a UPS Freight along with the Kind LED 750watt light.

I'm excited I just thought I'd share. ?


You dont want my optic 6 to close to you plant man...I have a 1000 watt de and a optic 6 in the same 4x8 tent..And they are at exact same height...both att 6 feet! from seed to flower ...

Doug West

I thought I didn't need a par meter when I started growing but I got one going into my second grow and it changed everything


I dont like to ruin the party but utelising LUX on growlights especially LED lights or sun light wich might be the most usefull to messure lux if ya wanna be cheap is not that usefull because the plants dont care about LUX largly exept heat but its all about PAR wich is the photosythetic active radiation. And for outdoor ya would use LAI anyways wich is not essentially needed for indoor operations.
If you wanna get rly nerdy and you got too much money you can also look at YPF altho that aint that effective currently because there are lil to non references.
But I keep short for here not including A bunch of facts surrounding light messurments and the utilisation of those in Horticultue.
Lex you should maybe include atlest PAR and PPF+PPFD pretty dissapointed (Yes I am aware that people at home wont gonna invest in an PAR reader wich is logical but the knowleadge/Concep they should atlest understand especially if they look at LED lights wich particularly because of that react totally diffrent from other grow lights

Munsur Ahmed

Plzzzz make a video on secret hidden grow ideas in home , my parents found my baby seedling n chuck em away

Winn Pierrepoint

cheers mate

Rich Shoemaker

Loves me PAR! AARRRR


Stick to PPFD..

Ganja Train

Nice share!


Great channel and great info. You helped clear up my confusion about what was the correct amount of LUX at the canopy level. I'm seeing 25k at the top of the plant and 12k at the bottom in flower with the light about 2.5 feet above. i worried LUX was too low but now i'm resting easy all the way to harvest! thank you!
btw... i use a free LUX meter app on my android phone and it is fairly accurate. If i had more than 2 small plants in a 3x4 tent with 600w hps, i'd consider a dedicated

Bruce Holinight

Lex give me your opinion on flower dragon and other hermie prevention products ! I've had some success with reverse dragon but still have some male flower , nanner problems !

James Butterson

Lux ahh shuks . I been delvin in Kelvin!!! ??

GMOE 918 Tha Grow

2 ?

ghost in the darkness

Hey man I just bought one of these I have some new seedlings that I have in a special box I built . I have cfl in there 6500 k color temp . What do you think I should have them at . They are auttos and are like an inch tall

Leam Godfrey

U can get a free app the measures lux

Darrius Spence

Happy New Years Lex!


Hey Lex Happy New Year. Hoping we have more states going green this year in US.


Another enlightening video.... :) Two fingers..!

The Grow Wolf

First :)


I just use an app on my phone

Username Here

Thank you ?

Ake Tipoki

thanks..im gon' check out that illuminance meter..

Drake Butt

Thumbs up

Lux chart

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Light lux meter App to PAR meter hack | Android Smartphone PAR meter hack

57 694 views | 25 Sep. 2019

I have calibrated the

I have calibrated the Android 'light Lux Meter Free' app by Doggo Apps against the Asensetek Spectroradiometer for three grow light spectrum. I have calibrated the App to the Asensetek Lux and PAR readings.


Take a reading with the App and divide by the factor listed on the chart for your spectrum as follows:


3500K spectrum:

Divide App reading by 1.4 for accurate lux

Divide App reading by 100 for PAR


4000K spectrum:

Divide App reading by 1.25 for accurate lux

Divide App reading by 90 for PAR


HPS spectrum:

Divide App reading by 1.2 for accurate lux

Divide App reading by 90 for PAR


I used the MIGRO 3500K COB, the HLG 4000K Quantum board and a HPS BULB.

I cannot do the same for Blurple lights as it would not be reliable, sorry.


I have only done for Android as I tested some lux apps with iPhone and they were not accurate. I will try and find a reliable one.


Follow us:


Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/MIGROLIGHT/



Any news on a reliable app for iPhones?

imb sysop

Could you, please, explain why all these devices apparently measure in "LUX" and not in Lumen? Lux makes no sense to me as it is Lumen per square meter ie correlated to a surface illuminated. BTW I've installed that app again (removed it previously from my Note4, now I have an S8) and measured some household lamps I use as grow lights, 3000 and 4000°K, CFL and Leds ... the results are just shambles :-D

Flash Gordon

Shane for president!

Tim Turk

Excellent Shane! You found one!!! All apps for Android, that I tried, probably at least 6 months ago, required an expensive meter as well. Not as accurate for HPS, is it? But usually large grows use DE-HPS and can afford a great meter. BUT, Many still use CMH(Best quality, I believe, but not as efficient as LED's, but I supplement my 630 DE-CMH with 400W of COB's around the perimeter, for an even canopy). Seems bright as the sun, all around canopy now! Would love to know how accurate for CMH, as well! But you do so much for us, I can never ask for more, lol! YOUR THE BEST SHANE! MUCH THANKS FOR EVERYTHING YOU DO!

nemor nems1

Stay of the drugs, this video makes no sense. Maybe dont shoot up a ball of H before you try and make a explain things to people on a YouTube video

עמוד רע

Hey, I need to measure LED with a device I connect to a PC and incorporate its reading in my own testing software, Are you familiar with a device that can allow me to do this?

no group

"Light meters manufacturers hate him."


Chris B

Hey Shane, I got the app and am using my S9 phone to check my spiderfarmer sf4000
I'm getting a max reading of 67,000 lux, 12" down. According to your algorithm, that would be only 722 PAR when a SF4000 is suppose to get 2400 ppfd at that height

Chris H

Hi Shane, what about the Migro veg? :)

ClDl SolshineGrowing

What is the X axis on your graphs?
Very cool. Very helpful!

Jimmy Mels

Thanks for all you do for people like me.


Found this calculartor to convert to PPFD using lux

Derpa Perta

Some of the best unbiased info out there regarding all facets of LED lighting tech... As others have also mentioned, I was researching PAR meters to check my canopy lighting intensity and stumbled across this GEM of a video~ Thank-you very much for the thought, and time, that you put into your videos~ I have learned a lot, and probably saved a buck or two too boot~

Harley Ross

There are websites that have nice calculators to convert your lux to par. Lots of spectrums to choose from. Google is your friend ?

Mann Jnn

I have questions : Do computer screens produce PAR ? Is it possible to make light for plants using a computer screen ? Maybe if we display on the screen a blue and red picture ? Thanks

John Snow

6500k led Lux to Par conversio please.


Wow you just saved HUGE $$$$. I'm picking up a HLG 550 V2 R-Spec, would you say using this app with conversion spectrum it'd be pretty accurate (accurate enough to to get by initially)?

daniel gonzalez

Quick question, I use a analog $10 3 in 1 that checks water in soil, ph in soil & sun light intensity, it has heaps of numbers for sunlight reading, are these par? & can I use this to give a approx par reading under hlg quantum boards?

Thomas L

I have a lumatek zeus 565 pro that you have tested as very good in an other video, it only put out 60 thousand lux 10 cm directly under the one of the bars at 40 cm i only get 30 thousand lux compared to my old mars hydro ts 1000 who has double the lux power, but i can still burn my plants at 30 thousand lux with lumatek, but nothing happens at 48 thousand lux under mars hydro ts 1000. I'm VERY confused by this, at first i thought they shipped me the cheaper 465c model?‍♂️ Can you help me out here please?

Ross Gabriel

Thank you so much for that. You're helping to take out more and more guess-work with every video


Hi, idont understand what the calibrate setting is? What should i have it on @MIGRO

Peter Karel Kraus

Is there a color spectrum analyzing app for Android that is reasonably accurate?

herb smith

Shane what about par tests on mylar vs white interior. About to buy a new tent and seen that some growers are switching to white interior tents


Shane, I noticed you have a MIGRO hanging in a fish tank , have you done any testing for freshwater plants? Water tends to abuse light but I have been shopping for something to light up a 24" deep tank which lead me here.


I use this to estimate PPFD for my growing area, so far so good.

Shane Read

Thanks for the video, is there an apple app yet to measure light that’s reasonably accurate yet?


I use this cheap chinese made LED light for my seedlings and the numbers from the manufacturer are damn close to the app but at different heights than what are recommended. I had already adjusted my light based on the growth but at least this confirms the output is there.

I would never use this particular light for veg/flower but my seedlings are thriving at 10" light height lol

Thank you!

Mr. Lund

Hi Thanks for a great video again. Im wondering if the par is higher or lower when cbx3590 has a 90 degress lens on. Cheers

Chris Hamill

Dual spectrum hps? Would it make a difference? I use this app. Just to check even light levels across the tent @migro?


Lux chart for canopy
. Clones and seedlings: 5,000-7,000 lux
. Vegetative growth: 15,000-50,000 lux
. Flowering: 45,000-65,000 lux
. Maximum recommended amount of light:

Scott Rensel

Thanks. This app is very helpful and saves me from buying an expensive meter. I'm going to throw the dev a couple bucks on payday since it's a free app.

Anthony C

This is bad advice, even migro lights won't be efficient if there not set up properly, what's the point in spending extra money on high efficiency led lights if your going to cut corners with setting them up right, you should be encouraging people to buy a decent par meter, not the hydrofarm tho, that's a piece of junk, I did a video on it

Cam Defran

can you give me a link to the app lux meter from doggo


Had "lx Light Meter", the other light bulb Android app. It's full on free. Was charged 5?? fot this app he's shown. Both apps w/ bulb logos work. seem extremely similar. (It'll shoot in a circle of color) rich huh? No, its free.

imb sysop

Please kindly explain how that phone app (and any other cheap LUX meter, for that matter) can measure LUX and not LUMEN, given that LUX is defined as LUMEN PER SQUARE METER? No one is able to give a satisfying explanation for this. Can one calculate actual LUMEN output of the light source given the LUX value? all "back" calculators need a surface input, as expected (yes, I know that the most important value is PAR)


Brilliant video Shane. I think there will be some discrepancy between device sensors etc but still a very handy guide


this is the most helpful info I got from youtube in a long time. literally just saved my self buying a 300 buck par meter

David Delgado

The 2019 Hydroponic Nobel prize winner right here.

Thank you for this.

cha noone

Great channel ✌


How would I go about testing the Lux and converting to Par when using a combo of 4000k and 3000k in the same light? cheers

Yusuf Imran

Thanks you for this very useful info. Plz make a similar PAR conversion chart for 6500K LED light. Most planted aquariums use 6500 K LED so it will be very useful for all planted aquarium hobbyists.

Jared Plowman

Thanks! Will be checking this on my light tomorrow.

David Darko

Your channel rocks bro! Your knowledge has helped me TREMENDOUSLY when choosing a grow light. Sorry I didn't go with Migro.... I bought some Optic LED Optic 1's, I LOVE THEM. Bought 2 COB's and 2 of the new LM301H Phantom 1's. All 54 watts. 206 watts total in a 2x4 tent. IT CRUSHES! Unbelievable potential and some dense ass nuggets! Anyway, this video is great. I got this app and I gotta say, it's pretty accurate. I was really surprised. Check it out. Thank you MIGRO!

Ronnie Santos

Such a great channel, maybe the best in light tech

Peter Jones

Have you found an accurate Apple light meter app yet?


Hi, any chance you could check 460 blue led? thanks

Joe Smith

If you make and sell this for iphone you’d make a lot of $


Sony Xz goes to 30000 and is maxxed out


Since this app only measures up to 60,000 lux then I can only work out par to 600ppfd with a 3500k. I could just use the inverse square law from a distance at or below 60,000 to figure out lux beyond 60,000 couldn't I?

Honeyball Leckda

Wow nice! Thx! Its not possible to screen this with 5000 k and 6500k? It would be nice to have the "complete" spectrum

James Green

I use the app to find lux, then convert into ppfd and DLI.

František Malý

Thank you Shane, :)

Leo H

incredible Hack, works great. Thank you so much!!!!

Mike Disher

Thanks Shane

Ben Willshaw

Apogee website give you lux and par equivalents ?? could you do a test between the Mars TS 1000 and the Spider Farmer SF 1000 ??


In the App it has "Lux" and "FC" Is FC what we refer to as Par?


Please how do I do the conversion? I don't understand how to use the graph..

Learning Bass Making Sawdust

Sweet! 3500K CMH?

Dave wvdave

Shane ya done it again, outta the park. peace much love stay blessed

Xuan Tran Valverde

Hello My grow light is 3500k+660+750+385 do You know What graph should I use? Is the same as 3500k graph

tired leeches

Interesting, just downloaded the app but I have 4hrs left at work before i can go home and try it. Hopefully it'll work for letting me know my weak points in my tent. Thank you for the video

Wikus Van loggerenberg

Wow i actually use that same app becouse i cant afford the propper meter. This helps alot. They should read the colour via the camera

ReaL y Ty 4 Real

I use that exact same app... but it read from recomended hang height on phlizon at 35"" 6000 lux with the veg+bloom swith on only, and the cobs off, with all of it on at the same height it will read 35000 lux and from the sun it reads 400000 lux, if i bring it to 5 inch from the light it will go to 600000lux tho.
I know we have good sun here but does this mean that the sun over here is putting out 6000PPFF? Like 4 real tho? Its know to be one of the best climates during the summer wich is starting now, sometimes i cant even open my eyes from too much light

pink toes

genius idea

Aly H

Numbers go high in day light but once I go under the led it maxes at 1388

Patrick Walbaum

What are the lux requirements for cannabis according to growth cycle?


I have the APP and so far it seems to be quite good. But I'm not fully understanding the conversion method. Great video by the way. Awesome content. Thxs

Aaron Craig

This is the kind of information sharing that pushes everything in society forward. Thanks


You are the best. Thank you.

dwc growz

I've been using these apps for years ? I found them particularly useful when trying to figure out if something will grow well in an outdoor setting with heavy shade.


on the app did you turn up the calibration to 2.0?

World Of Gaming

sweet thats the app i use awesome explaination and thank you very much

Phillip Parkhurst

what par do you recommend for growing herb?


I tested this with the Samsung Galaxy S8. It appears other phones may not have the same camera sensitivity. On the Galaxy S8 the lux readings max out at 491491 lux. This may be helpful when seeing if the camera on your phone has similar sensitivity. Any other suggestions welcome. PS I will do for IOS on iPhones soon.

Michael Gilchrist

Ahh legend, I was looking at buying a good par meter before I saw this keen for you to find a good Apple app.

Tyler Curry

Do you have a chart for a 3k LED.?


Higher numbers for those spectrums would be nice. For say a 6500k T5 setup


Super high in this one I sense.

tmoney g

Apple has a par meter app called korona. it's suppose to be better then the android lux light meter by dogo


How can this be possible? I usually watch every Migro video in the first 24 hours ans that one slipped through my attention. Thank you Shane, again and again and again :)
Only thing that i can't find: what is the dividing factor if your light is 3000K?


So... The lux meter maxes out at 32000 on my phone. I believe it is true that for every foott away from the light, the intensity divides by two. That being said, if I get 32000 at 18 inches away, it should be around 64000 at 6 inches. Is that correct? Obviously is a guestimation.


Good info! Many people just want an approximation to make sure we don't roast our plants, so I'm going to give it a try later. I still want to get a real par meter, I've been guessing since I started growing about 2 years ago and feel paranoid to turn up my light, especially since I don't have much to compare it to.

Jeffrey Bozko

Does the android lux meter give similair readings as a regular cheap lux meter?

Time Lapse Cannabis

Thank you for this tip. You made me subscribe. Works great on a s10+. Shows my 1000w DE hortilux with solis tek matrix at 53k at the top of the canopy. My 8x 48 t5 vho is about 22k on my clones.

jaime delgado

Thanx. Cant wait to try it out. Game changer. Ive always wanted something like this

Firat Yildirim

Thanks dude, thanks...

Jo Stanton Stanton

Once again thanks for usin the doggo app it a Good one goes up to 120000 with my migro gen 4 100+ which is workin a dream goood crop. Top man.


my phone shows 55.000 lux...
while me meter shows 15.000.

chip graff

Thank you Shane...it will make this current Migro run better as my first, I had troubke dialibg in optimal hanging distance and still knocked it out of the park


This is so awesome, thanks Shane!!

Flukes L

The work you do and share is nothing short of amazing. Thank you sincerly for all your efforts and the work you share.


Wow thank you for nothing talking like you just shot up heroin only to say jack shit, you didn't even compare damn

Torrie Landsman

The Korona app for apple works reasonably well if you follow the instructions and put a piece of white printer paper over the lens.
watch this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t0umUgrS_UE&feature=youtu.be https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hlOLYYtDMPI

david catur widodo

how about High Power LEDs


Soo this is good application ??

william zarza

i never thought this was posible... well i did but i thought if it was really possible than anyone with a big youtube channel and a par metre should of created this conversion a long time ago

Jeffrey Bozko

you the best

Steven David

Hi could i know...i have a 100w 5000k burple cob. Im getting abt 1k to 2k for my plants...n i see your list starts at 10k to get the good nm....does this mean im placing my lights way too far then needed? Kindly advice pls. I used the frre app n on a note 8 samsung.

Sunny CraftsVision

The problem is that Lux meters or Android Lux apps may also not work with LED grow lights accurately. Is there a way to convert lux value on android app from led light to PAR?

David Olson

I just started using Light Meter Pro on Apple.

Lux chart

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Elementalist Lux (Ultimate Skin!) Skin Spotlight - Pre-Release - League of Legends

4 388 826 views | 9 Nov. 2016

This is a pre-release

This is a pre-release spotlight of the new Ultimate Skin, Elementalist Lux with ingame gameplay!

Purchase RP here (Amazon Affiliate - NA): https://amzn.to/2qZ3Bmv

This video has all 10 forms for the Ulimate Skin Elementalist Lux, the forms are, Light (00:00), Air (2:22), Fire (4:27), Nature (6:24), Water (8:24), Magma (10:35), Storm (12:47), Mystic (15:00), Ice (17:19) and Dark (19:32).

Price: 3250RP

Skin name is CONFIRMED as Elementalist Lux, particles & SFX may not be final.

Check out the other skins in this cycle.

Full Skin Spotlight will be released in the near future which will go more indepth.

For League of Legends Related News Check Out [email protected]:


Feel Free to Follow me on Twitter as well:


Facebook for all you FB Users who want to keep upto date:


Wish to ask me anything? Ask away here:


Please feel free to subscribe for more Skin Spotlights to stay upto date with new skins about to be released!

Christian Wiksten

i got this from rerolling 3 skins yesterday

i make tofu

Hate her or not, Lux ( for me ) still has the best ultimate skin in the skinline. The hype, the quality, the voice, the design and dont forget that sick login theme, just make me feel so well-feeded by rito in these days as a Lux's main. Just feel sad for what rito has did to Seraphine.


I re reolled this today but had rereolled Gun godess before lol i was suprised that i.had to work for my forms pretty cool feauture but kinda limited imo

Banette Girl

This Skin needs a upgrade...


Why did you recommend me this now, youtube? I'm not buying the fucking skin, SHE GETS ONE EVERY MONTH


holy shit just got this skin permanent from a twitch prime mystery shard lol

Doom Guy

Avatar lux the last lightbender


i just got this skin by opening one blood moon capsule from event, lol waht a luck

Golden Lemon

Just came back and Seraphine could never

ImaGinXd Gaming

Can we change the skin form ingame or how is it like?

yuukitracy garcia

i'm so jelous because all the lux main have this :(

joshua h

wap lux 8:25

Michael Chen

Looking back, I feel like the dev clearly put more thoughts into some of the elementalist form than others.


2:06 China


This skin basically gave lux 9 more skin.

Themistoklis Sofoulis

2021 someone?

Tom Ether

Anyone after Seraphine's "Ultimate"? Bruh

tokioozez 。

Dark element is like Dark cosmic lux


Still the best ultimate skin after 4 years ?✅


the last ultimate skin that riot will not gonna make. :(


howld on
you be constantly asking for new skins when this one has like 8 skins in one


Yes, it has a lot of variants, but the skin feels disappointing. Cosmic/Dark Cosmic/Lunar empress ftw.

Rival OW

I've had this for years, one of the few skins i did not get bored of because of all the transformations


magma hot

Michell Palacios

VFX is the same of at lot of skin
Magma = Infernal lore
Storm = Storm Dragon lore
Mysthic = Elverwood lore
Ice = Irelia frozen assthicc


I like water magma and dark the most


i got this from my first case on smurf acc :DDDDDDDDDDD


Me trying lux:
My Brain: I don't need it, I definitely dont need it... I NEED IT !!!!

Karrueche Tran

Now this is an ultimate skin. Not that seraphine one


I like magma



GrimReaper Blaze

So this is why lol players like elemetalist lux she has multiple form now i know

Archie Mendoza

I just got this from a hextech box earlier and she's my main too. Just sharing

Jonel Rapsing

Pls elementalist lux skin give me pplss

Ryunosuke Chiba

What am I even doing here. I don't even have a pc


dat build tho


I came here after getting 2 Elementalist Lux on the Star Guardian 2020 capsules.

Osno Fla


Allen Chen

I feel old

Amanda Villanueva

got this baby from a chest!!!!


i just started playing lolyesterday and screenshared my friend. he saw that I had the common box or how its named. Guess what I unlocked?

Leopard DSO

i just got this skin from hextech im so happy :D


The funny thing is i got a shard for this skin and i just disenchanted it cuz i was new to the game ×-×

Julliane Kim

heheh i'm here to know who she is i just watched the cinematic trailer.

Zagi Productions

Magma and mystic are my favorites

wish i could afford this skin?

umm chile anyways so

every single years since this skin came out it has been in my reccomends in nov 6-9th. i remember when e. lux came out and i was like I NEED THIS. do in the first day i bought it. no regrets. would do it again.

Dr łasic

Bruh recommend is harder to understand that enigma

Marc Josh Villaverde

I hope they develop the visual effects much smoother


Just got the skin shard from Amazon Prime game loot for Thanksgiving WOOOOO!!!



parisa Mousavi

The only true ultimate skin... sorry seraphine

Loonatic XoXo

the way the remain unbothered even after 3 years


that feel when no steam form :(


oh shit im old

Zul Roti

Lux The Last Avatar


I have this skin ?

Tom Tran

this shit is like 35 dollars!

Jinjer Tangonan

despite the fact that i have this skin i stil watch it... anyone doing the same?

Little Firefly

the best ultimate skin

Afonso Silva

The comment about the kat skin you are looking for

Another Random

damn i got this skin from event chest: 3

god is jihyo

this was a cultural reset

Zayne Patrick

Got this skin from a reroll what a bday gift from riot

ma.obietrice sagarbarria

Lux Dark Elementalist skin looks like Miya Legends skin in MLBB


Sympa, I got her in a hextec chest today :D


Katarina is so strong she killed every forms of lux.

Charlie.L.A - C.L.A

The quality dropped quite a bit after this (2018 MY opinion with MF and now 2020) Seraphine looks good, but not enough to compare with this

Kira Wilkinson

Compare this to Seraphine's "Ultimate" skin... riot games is spiraling downward...

Achilles Constantino

If this skin comes to wild rift i swear I’ll buy it

reyner gavrila

How muchis this skin cost?

Wellington Lima


Eric Helbig

The best skin riot has ever created.

Sahil T

Basically what we wish chromas could do, especially my blue project pyke chroma. So blue until you use an ability. I'm sure technology hasn't advanced in the last decade, to just change the range of colors of his abilities depending on the chroma.


Anyone else back here after the abomination of an ultimate skin they announced today?

Jacob Peterson

Pokémon: ( makes a new Pokémon)
Community: what’s its name?
Pokémon: Lux the element Pokémon...
Community: isn’t lux from LOL?
Pokémon: no they basically copied eevee...

DeadzeroEye Official

my account is level 6 in lol but i have these skin permanent and idk why how i get that skin...


As if chemistry isn't bad already, now I have to remember elements combo to get the skin I want


coming here after got this skin for 325 rp on infinity sales >v<

Brock B

Strange alchemy fuels my dammit as well.

Mary Grace Usi

Soon this skin will be put in wild rift ?❤️

Ink 1nTle

I think they needa re-do this skin. The legendary is arguably better

Alyssa Richardson

~~ E (Lucent Singularity) ~~

Light / Base: 1:37
Air 3:40
Fire: 5:53
Nature 7:38
Water: 9:35

Magma: 11:53 -- Fire + Nature
Storm: 14:00 -- Fire + Air
Mystic Water: 16:14 -- Water + Nature
Ice 19:31 Water + Air



too bad I rarely get to this point


When is the Wildrift version coming out?


why is this the same cost as the seraphine one? this is clearly way better

Yamini Bhagat

This should get a visual update.

Kian Jerusalem

Sorry, but Seraphine All out is downright trash


That Magma and Thunder is my favorite!??


Just got this today from my twitch prime skin shards


Just got this from an S chess lol


She's like boboiboy whahahahhaha

Tanay Verma

Riot : we have to make 4 different skins for Udyr, it's tough
Also riot : come here my baby girl, my cash cow, my million dollar champ here here we have 10 in 1 skin for you

Zayne Patrick

Got this skin from a reroll what a bday gift from riot

Oliver Ottmar

auto attack sound is bugged -.-


Ultimate skin on 2016: 10 skins, 1 base skin and 2 alternate forms per game
Ultimate skin on 2020: 3 skins, can’t even change them mid-game


18:45 star Guardian lux's E sound

Beans Guy

Riot says this kind of skin ruins gameplay experience. That's why Seraphine's ultimate skin cannot switch form. Does it really ruin gameplay that much?

Yarii Artz

The storm one looks like star guardian ezreal

0012061 Gaming

I like storm the best

Jacky Phayakmalerng

how does the skin have that much variants?