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Latvian Literature on the Verge

267 views | 29 Jul. 2016

Andrew Singer moderated a

Andrew Singer moderated a discussion with nationally-recognized Latvian authors and poets Juris Kronbergs, Liana Langa, Nora Ikstena and Margita Gailitis.

For transcript and more information, visit http://www.loc.gov/today/cyberlc/feature_wdesc.php?rec=7350

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Could insects be on the verge of extinction, and what could that mean for our survival?

132 views | 7 Mar. 2019

Insects may creep many of

Insects may creep many of us out, but without them, humanity would probably cease to exist.

That’s why many experts are concerned about the dramatic fall in the number of creepy crawlies and warn that they could be on the verge of extinction. So what can we do to stop that from happening? We ask a former member of Hezbollah turned bee expert what he thinks.


Rami Ollaik

Beekeeping professor at the American University of Beirut

#extinction #insects #bee

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Wonder Woman - A Symbol of Progress

362 586 views | 27 Apr. 2017

A look at the history of

A look at the history of one of comics most enduring legends.

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Patrick Perkins - Suitcase


HXNS - 5k Double Feature


Gabriel de oliveira

What does Wonder Woman do for a living

freddie naputi

You're good bro love this! wow!

Rory H

I cried, this is beautiful. Thank you :-)

Aidan Sullivan

When your Kaptain is making you teary eyed

Chris Higgins

This is his least viewed video :/

Blue is Not a Warm Colour

1:40 Waitwaitwait.... holup- am I the only one just a bit intrigued by this little piece of info right here?

EDIT: Nevermind, the bondage stuff probably desensitized everyone.


can you now make a video about the movie itself? the movie is so good.


god sometimes your work brings me to tears... thankyou


Just found your Roger Rabbit video, and then had to queue up every other video you've made. This is a hell of good channel you've got :D

Von Vex

Damn your AE work is exceptional


Great work on this video. It made me cry. Reminds me of why I love super heroes and why we need them.

Squire Muldoon

A symbol of zionism more than anything, as with every hollywood superhero movie.

Daksh P

This was so well done and emotional. Thank you for always making quality.

River Shen

A symbol of betraying batman and killing innocent people like a bitch


Too bad the wonder woman movie was ass

Scuttlebutt Stephanie

Wonder Woman is the love of my life. I strive to be like her everyday; she's everything I aspire to be.

G. William Cowart

As a game maker, a Wonder Woman game would be boring. if done by anyone, it would be a boring boring beat'em up

Big Pump

6:01 and it is a that point i realised. holy shit kaptainkristian has not done a rick and morty video essay yet

Michael Acuna

It really is time for a goddamn Wonder Woman game! Someone needs to get on that!

Emily Cabrera

Best pop culture channel on youtube right now, not just with editing and the imagery, but the research done for each and every video, its honestly outstanding. Fave channel, and this video about my fave super hero just made me so goddamn happy. The history behind ww and what ww means today is just ridiculously awesome. Bravo dude


Very good video the colors alone were mesmerizing. Personally i always thought wonder woman evoled parallel to feminism. She started off introducing to readers that a woman can also fight for truth and be an interesting character one thats relatable. Today she no longer has to remind the reader what she is becuase its now common place. Shes not so much the woman power figure anymore cuz theres no need for it now she stands to fight tyranny to defend those who cant defended themselves.

Mr. Zeecon

How the Eff does he do it. Kaptain is probably my fav video essayist on YouTube...

Daksh P

KaptainKristian, Nerdwriter, and Lessons from a Screenplay. The true trinity of YouTube art examinations.

Junaid Townsend

You're the best man! How do we throw you money for all you do?

Ajeet Albert

People are fascinated by the history tied to it and it's link to the current political state of mind. But as a movie, WW desperately failed to deliver just like the last series of Superman movies or the Suicide Squad. All these movies were over hyped and half baked.

Thyme and Oregano

Yeah but Wondy's supporting cast sucks tho. Cheetah is nowhere near as memorable like Lex, Joker or the many others.

Christian Triplett

I love powerful female characters. I can't wait to see the next movie.


yeeeeah, and her representation hasn't always been great in recent years. In Injustice 2 for instance, rather than the compassionate, spirit-of-love diplomat that is meant to bridge the gap between colliding forces . . . she's a bloodthirsty discriminatory warlord who has no care for the due process of criminals, has given up on mankinds capacity for responsible agency . . . and her motivation for all of it is to get some super dick and replace the deceased Lois Lane in Superman's heart.


wanna see how entrenched sexism and misogyny is in our society? watch this video.


Meh, you could basically do video like this about any comicbook character. Not like those matter that much anyway.




Can you post a video editing tutorial?

Sir PC

Wonder Woman is pretty damn cool. If I could meet any superhero in real life it’d probably be her.


"Became lovers" O_O


They're literally making a movie about this now. Not wonder woman, but marston and his two lovers


Anyone know what specific comic/run the images from 1:32-1:36 are from?


the word "progression" has devolved into virtue signaling, shaming, high moral horses and other stupid shit. Whenever a game comes out in the name of "progression" its goes to shit. youve seen marvels comic sales? youve seen mass effect Andromeda? all were made with the intent of "progress" and look how well thats turning out.

Jeronimo Tamayo Lopera


Sol Harv

Aaaaaaand the movie came out and was shit. Oh well.

paco ramon

In injustice and the lego games you can play as Wonder Woman

Brookie Smallz

whats the song that plays at the end of all your video's????

Shubham Gupta

Well, this video made me appreciate the film more ._.

Marcel FR

I don't know why you left out the fact that she kills, unlike Batman or Superman

Dog Kibble Jimbo

0:20 A message to that dump trump lady. Nice job ruining a beloved character with your SJW nonsense

Доминикус Венти / Dominikus Wenty

That animated movie is awesome.

Daksh P

Rewatched the Spiderman one. Your audio has improved as well as visuals. Thanks for pushing yourself!


dude his voice should be in a drama film


That was really nice but I also believed that wonder woman was never that well represented in recent years because they were cautious not to do it wrong or afraid to mess up one of their most recognizable characters.


Wonder Woman, stands for human rights but is played by a child killer (Gal Gadot).

Jonathan Palmquist

Too bad the movie was pretty much sexist and didn't reflect those great societal values except for loving Steve Trevor.

Scott Pilgrim

This video is brilliant the creation of wonder women is so interesting and funny

maddy heinen

Great video! Were you able to find the actual article "don't laugh at comics"? I'm interested in reading it but I can't find the whole article online only quotes.

Ramon A. Vargas

He banged his student, & his wife was in on it?!?!?


"We can't make media featuring Wonder Woman because she's not as recognisable being as she's in no media we're making." Well boy, I think I found your problem there, execs...

Olu Yomi Ososanya

Another great video.

Mr Cookiez

But in injustice 2 she's a bloodthirsty bitch.


Women can't act and they should be making dinner, not movies.

Kenyatta Street

I bet they hear you now Ms. PRINCE, in one movie boom!!  You did it.  So proud!!


Wow, this is the 2nd video I've seen of yours and your stuff is REALLY GOOD! How on earth do you do these animations? Is there a program you use? As a new Youtube creator I'd love to know.

Shane Williams

And here we are now, and Wonder Woman is actually more popular than Batman and Superman right now.


I think the main reason WW never really became marketable is because her premise is just kind of boring.

Compare it to the other two main DC heroes.

Superman is a foreigner who discovers he has the ability to right the wrongs of the world. He must struggle with xenophobia and fear to help those who distrust him.

Batman is man in a position of opportunity. He is able to use his vast wealth (at great personal sacrifice) to help the world (or at least Gotham) and is never able to achieve recognition for his acts.

Wonder Woman was created by a God for fighting. And she does that.

There's no personal struggle there. No difficulties to overcome. No conflict.
Just a flat character.

Robbie Backpacking

Awesome video, really like how you showed how Wonder Woman evolved with society.


“Wonder Freaking Woman isn’t marketable” It is truly remarkable that DC kept thinking this for almost 80 years. You can make radically different Batmen, but can’t do the same with her.

Meanwhile, Marvel makes Guardians of the Galaxy and freaking Ant-Man rockstars. They even made Spider-Woman (Jessica Drew) a cartoon! Fox made two Ghost Rider movies for frak’s sake!

“Wonder Woman has no adaptations except for 3”

To be fair, a lot of Batman and Superman adaptations are pretty bad. Superman, after 2, became dead on cinema. Smallvile should have ended with the Justice League. Batman almost killed the genre after Returns. Batman has only one great game series, being the Arkham games. Superman has no good games, minus the side scroller beat up game. I’d love to have an Assassin Creed Odyssey style game for her, or God of War style.


The argument that Wonder Woman isn't as marketable because she's not as familiar a character as Batman or Superman was always dodgy but it was completely blown out of the water at the point they started making films about characters like Daredevil, Iron Man and Ant-Man. Heck, we got Spawn, Steel, Green Hornet and Witchblade movies before a Wonder Woman movie. That's insane.

And that's not including completely new original superhero films that, by definition, noone had ever heard of before like Unbreakable, Chronicle, My Super Ex-Girlfriend and Sky High.


more like big chungus

a solid state hard drive

Youtube should feature quality content like this shit, im not talking about "trending"


Not to be a jerk but I personally dislike Gal Gadot as Wonder Women mainly because she doesn't look comic that Alex Ross painted...


Revisiting this now that I've seen WW84. Back in the day your video really helped to inform my understanding of what WW is "all about". And although the new film is getting a lot of mixed reception, I do feel like it still nailed what WW represents as a hero. Also, I still think it's pretty amazing we're actually getting WW films at all!

Brianna MacArthur

I kinda low key hope we get Wonder Woman: The Animated Series one day.

Tryptamine Odyssey

Diana is the mother of all BDSM thots

coolio coleee

This guy should have at least 1 mill subs...


Wonder woman didnt have a movie till now because her story was rewritten so many times nobody knows which one is ligit


I think one possible reason why there has not been as many interpretations of Wonder Woman as batman and superman, is that due to the very rapid evolution of what is progressive, it's hard to represent who wonder woman is to today's audience (whenever "today" happens to be). WW has always represented "progressive" ideology, which rejects the timelessness of conservatism, and the absolutes of right and wrong. Honestly, I WISH Superman writers would be more hesitant to write about him, until they have a truely timeless story that holds true to his core identity. Bruce Wayne/Batman is better for the constantly evolving world, since he is imperfect, and his audience accepts his imperfections. Sups and WW represent impossible ideal, BM is something anyone could be with enough time money and luck.

Byron Bae

Need some new Kaptain Kristian


The one time I might actually want to access/purchase something advertised on YouTube and it is not available in my region. sigh

Kasper Fabricius Laursen

Oooooh, it is a pleasure to watch each and everyone of your videoes - even though I have a very meager relation to many of the subjects!
What I really hope you would do is a video on BoJack Horseman!
Regardless, thanks for your time. You really do leave me with some grand impressions and a bit of awe.

Greg Hamilton

After watching the Superman and Batman videos this is the one that got me to subscribe. Keep the excellent work coming.


what sucks is the new wonder woman movie is gonna stink

Olaf Lesniak



Dude, I don't know if you're a one-man band or what. But the level of scripting -- I've been been writing for a living for decades, dammit I'm old... never mind... -- combined with the level of photoshop/animation is genuinely impressive. I just stumbled over your channel in this wormhole of algorithms, and I'll be taking a deep dive through your work. As a language guy, your Dr. Seuess effort was off the chart. As a late-night aficionado of eye candy... subbed. Excellent work. Brilliant.

Tristen Hooks

What is your songs on the outro. Nice video man. Keep it up. I love the depth in these videos.


Gonna watch this one more time before I head out tomorrow to watch the film :)

James M

Good thing Patty Jenkins tramples on a lot of this by having Wonder Woman literally rape someone during WW84

Better than Justin Y

Too bad her first film was mediocre/bad

Random Kryptonian

Where’s Affleck’s Batman?? 4:19

Aziz Woodward

It's a little annoying that such an awesome character was created by such a creep

Mr. Zeecon

Everytime I need inspiration for my own channel, I drop by here...


Hope you take on Iron Man, Captain America, and the Fantastic Four someday.


love the thumbnails

Tullece Sama

It's Akumajō Dracula! Not Retardvania.

Ricardo Martinez

The movie finally did her justice.

butter pigyy

What about those injustice games and those Lego batman games


How did you learn how to edit?

Dylan Campbell

You make the best videos

Lkhamdulam Lkhamsuren

good job !


Is this video hard to hear for anyone else?

That One Music Major In Your Comments

There is also the argument that you wouldn't want to be the guy that made the first ever Wonder Woman movie/game/whatever and it was BAD

Frank Noble-Waters

"Wonder Woman has had 0 games."
Superman: It's better to have no games than to have all of your games be known as some of the worst games of all time.


make one about green lanterns super concioussness powers!

Mihai Vasilache

Man, you're so good at this and I can see how much passion you put in your videos similar to this. Please make more videos, about other characters because I love how you explain everything about them.