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INTP vs INTJ: How They Process Information Differently — DIKW — (INTx Insights)

36 039 views | 20 Mar. 2018

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Marcus Vincent

I am equal parts INTP and INFP. Not a hint of INTJ. Sometimes one dominates the other. Both perspectives get weighed in the balance. Double work? More conflict? Probably. I learn by piecing the data and information into a framework that I can use, organized from the general to the specific. I love information for informations sake. The more the merrier for building understanding and wisdom. I hope to gain insights into both leveraging my strengths and learning how to communicate better with other personality types. I would have joined earlier, but I have had to pay education expenses and money is not a motivation for me. I look for challenging work without considering the rate of pay. Thank both of you for your work here. I don't usually comment or give feedback as my thirst for knowledge is unquenchable coupled with more extreme introversion. I have to put on the extroversion act to work and have learned to enjoy that challenge, but must quickly retire to the inner sanctuary. I am probably an enigma to others. I have 2 friends only but am rarely lonely. I love people and hate the idea of having to influence their thinking or being. I like to know people for who they are rather than try to change their minds. I have very strong principles, integrity, and beliefs. My desire is to grow without changing the good qualities I have been given. Hopefully, we can work together soon. I truly appreciate all that you do.

anon nymus

I'm watching this because I get both INTP and INTJ in tests. And when I get those results often the percent versus Percieve and Judgement isn't that far from each other. ( ie. 51% Perciever, 49% Judger).

Ryan Holt

INTJ here, and my opinion is this is way overthinking extra mumbo jumbo. Maybe some more practical examples early would keep me interested. Made my head hurt.

Tomas B

Slightly off topic, but not really.? so how do you account for people with personality disorders or mental disorder like NPD or codependent people. Does this effect their car models slight . I’ve seen a NPD go in and out of narcissistic personality and ESTJ traits. Weird as one ball y’all. Yes Kentucky boy here. ????‍♂️


@20:35 Always take note of what people are telling you when they're telling you something.

"When you tattle on someone you're not just telling on them, you're telling on yourself... and by tattling on someone, you're really just telling them, "I'm a tattletale"."
- Greg Brady.

Colin Robertson

As far as I can tell this is 100% accurate to both my experience as an INTP and my experiences with INTJs. Awesome work, and thank you.

Budi Nurgraha

Software Programmer use Te for Picture Detail then Ti to collect how to Code work for complete Te.

J Robb Wilson

Great interaction and verbals/non-verbals. Content very valuable information to distill into knowledge and even wisdom. Thanks for all you do.

Eyes On the Kingdom

Hi there! I am 33 years old and I have never heard about any of this until now when I stumbled upon this personality test on your site. When what I was really looking for was an Autism or Asperger's test. I always felt different as a child. And what's amazing now that I know I am an INTJ is, it all makes sense. The video explaining my results literally felt like for the first time in my life that I am understood. Seriously lifted my spirits. I grew up in a broken family. My father beat me when I was young and then left at the age of 4. I grew up with two brothers and my mother was always away at work to provide for us. So I never had a role model or any type of Parental Guidance or upbringing. Also feel like I lacked some development at an early age for communication because I rarely talked due to feeling different, belittled, under minded, underestimated. And then bullied for most of my grade school cuz I kept my mouth shut I wasn't quick to criticize or just be like anybody else looking for some sort of social gratification. And then right after high school I joined the military as a paratrooper United States Army. Travel the world some really dark combat in Iraq and Afghanistan. Still while feeling different and inadequate. I always felt like I was very smart but I could not explain it and I try not to boast and always tried to stay humble. Because I lacked a certain Social Development as a child from never talking I always struggle with explaining myself. But now I see why my mind operates the way it does thanks to your test. I always try to explain my thought process when gathering information as a pattern like a spider web how everything intertwines and nothing can be explain or Justified by one cause to an effect as most people claim to quickly jump on. I have always mastered everything I've ever attempted. I'm on the worship team at my church as a guitarist that I've been playing self-taught for 16 years. I always knew I lacked a certain part of music understanding. My worship leader at my church explained to me that it's beneficial to learn how to play the piano before my desired instrument of choice. So I start looking into music theory on YouTube for about a week or two. And then grabbed a keyboard from a friend of mine and started learning. I have been playing for about 6 or 7 months now and everyone that I played for is astonished and in unbelief for how long I claimed to have been playing. I've been told it seems like I've been playing for my whole life. Not trying to boast here as I always try to remain humble but this sort of quick learning has been a part of everything I have ever attempted. I just love learning new things I can never stick to one thing which is why I have never landed at career, but have dabbled in almost every career field. It makes sense why I can easily sit in a dark room for hours just thinking and analyzing. and it feels so comfortable to do so to plan thoroughly before I make my next step and acting out or executing my plan. I struggle with relationships because argument seems to always go in circles. And it's not that I don't understand why it goes in circles, I just see the flaw within the lack of understanding from the person I may be arguing with the feel like it's impossible to get them to see their track of mind how to keep focused on the same points instead of bouncing around to win an argument. One thing I feel like I am most proficient in is finding a flaw in a functional system. And taking that flaw to try to bring it to light so that it can be corrected to optimize the function of the system. I just realized at this moment that I feel so comfortable explaining myself right now more than any time prior because I finally feel like I'm being understood for the first time. It's an amazing feeling thank you so much. I do want to learn more about how I can better myself but I am poor. I injured myself in the Army from wear and tear. My back is so messed up that I can throw my back out just loading a dishwasher. I just recently tried going to school to become a nurse. I took the entrance exam roughly 15 years from the last time I attended School and with no studying prior to taking the test. The teacher examined my results and told me she hasn't seen a score that high in a long time. Unfortunately my back pain was too much to handle and have decided not to pursue this career. I always thought that, with my social struggles in finding the right words, I might be Autistic or have Asperger's. I took a few diagnostic tests and I always fit right in the middle between average neurotypicals and average Asperger's. But now I realize exactly what it is. Again thank you very much.


If you're an INTJ still baffled by why people label you arrogant, go to 18:23 and observe Joe give his opinion . We don't present our opinions like that. While we implicitly accept the provisional nature of our pronouncements, i.e. they are true until better data or a better understanding changes our opinion, most people express it explicitly like Joe does. I think it's a matter of tone. We seem like we're delivering Revealed Truth, when subjectively it's just wow I just had an interesting idea.

This is all supposition on my part as I am the only INTJ I have ever experienced. You'll have to compare it to your experience to see if there is any validity/worth to it.

Aegon Targaryen

Very interesting series you're doing there. INTJ here, wondering what that kanji in the background means.

Trancemaster Onyx

That last thing you brought up really gave it away I think. Until that point I wasn't really sure if I was an INTP or INTJ, but now I can see why I would class myself as an INTP just cause I love information and to learn more about lots of thing, even if there's no practicality in it. But there's a small thing I might not be as confident about and that is the energy draining from information gathering, here's I'm not very sure where I would fit in...

Midnight Gaming.

I gotta get a bracelet or something that says that: INTJ - Measure twice, cut once.
yes omg.. but y'know 'people' just to just have fun and hack and slash at stuff.
I think in order to be a healthy INTJ its important to know when one option is more favorable than the other.
If hacking at a fruit like an idiot promotes bonding and social fun. Let it be and efficiency be damned, also nature be damned in how we might be wasting food. but its for the kids..


Is it true this guy is an intj? https://youtu.be/ygAI6THuLM8

INTJ Island

Thank you. I think what you said is spot on. You might have trouble telling the difference between an INTP and an INTJ at the library, because they both will be reading like crazy. But how they use what they read is going to be different. Great video!

8 Bit Boss

I have gone through the test 3 times and got INTJ twice and INTP once is there a way I’m sort of split between the two? The questions on the test are so general I find it hard to answer without knowing more information or sharing some nuance to my position.


I just got read. This is uncharted territory.

Perception Subjective

I have never really given MBTI a whole lot of validity as far as assessments go. Graduate school in rehabilitation counseling focused very little on Jung’s personality indicators themselves, and more on why they could not be accurate within psychoanalysis and clinical psychology due to the low level of understanding Jung would have had, regarding personality, at the time he hypothesized the different types. Also, it was pointed out that very little attempt at pursuing any amount of qualitative or even quantitative data, was made after the hypothesis was formed.
But the accuracy of INTP to my life is absolutely undeniable. I am happy to say that I do not see MBTI as just another typecasting tool, meant to make people feel as if they belong to or subscribe to a certain set of parameters, which somehow give those people meaning... Much like a horoscope did to so many before those believers were finally pointed to the fact that the zodiac signs and meanings were developed by people who thought that the stars revolved around a flat Earth, and likely truly did feel that the star combinations truly represented Gods, rather than random bunches of stars which would obviously change in appearance by simply switching their location in the universe in comparison to those stars... Your analysis of the MBTI has put this once easily dismissible personality assessment at the top of my radar for a while. Thanks again.


*Sigh*, the Ti-Te thing... Being an INTP I once casually told an ESTJ (Te dom) some ideas that I was having about something she holds very dear. In return I got a lecture about how I need to learn much more about it before acting on it. And I'm sitting there thinking "but, but, that's not the point, I don't want to enact, I'm just thinking out loud..."


"just for the sake of information" i think tends to make people believe that an INTP doesn't want to use that knowledge. i believe the INTP is looking to apply what they know, but they see more overlap between things that some many not realize. for example: i may be thinking about gardening, "just for the sake" of learning something new. but i can see down the line (a path) how it can improve my life in unrelated ways, and may even be helpful in ways in the future i do not see yet. it's more of a "just in case".

Vishnu Vardhan

Loved it. Thank you! Could you make another insight video on Ni and Ne?


DIKW-"Knowledge is knowing a tomato is a fruit; wisdom is not putting it in a fruit salad"

Mgtow Boo Boo

Is this mgtow?

Personality Hacker

Get INTx Unleashed: https://personalityhacker.com/intx
Learn More About INTPs: https://personalityhacker.com/results-intp
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Andrea Duarte

Thank you so much. You've actually made me understand a problem I have with Ti-user friend right now.

Susan J Walters Powers

Snowing here, beginning to think you live in my neighborhood. Sleepy INTJ here

Perception Subjective

Hello, INTP here... I can’t stop wondering why it is that INTx are among the rarest personality categories, yet somehow it seems that a very high percentage of individuals I discuss the MBTI with, claim to be one or the other. As an INTP, I feel as if these “posers” are taking something from me. I understand that this is a ridiculous notion, but for some reason, the worth of my personality type is lacking due to these (often overwhelmingly extroverted), and I end up building a resentment because of it... HA. Illogical emotional response, but come on, I want to be special damn it...
Also, would you say that INTPs tend to be longer winded when it comes to writing? I have a hell of a time keeping my text messages to less than an essay’s worth of explanation... In dating, I often come off as needy... And perhaps I am. I guess I am just wondering if this is a trait found in other INTPs or is simply due to my individual, nurture based experiences...


Thank you so much and kindly. The best differences video I found.

Mermaid Shawna

I find this very true. I’m going into nursing and I definitely need to be on a floor where I 100% KNOW the steps I need to take and will have the time to act. I imagine an INTP would do better in the emergency room because you can bare to troubleshoot. -INTJ

Beth Cawelti

Good information... thanks! I'm an INTP. You gave me new insight into the core problem in communicating with my INTJ ex-husband. (We have kids so good communication still matters). Also, to why our relationship failed in the first place. Info from which wisdom can be gained is good info. :)


I don't need an example, because while you were talking I was thinking: "Ooh, taking in more information could actually benefit me. I should change my behavior." Guess what type I am.

Hikaru Sorano

Hi! Very interested in INTPs and how we deal with the world every day. I have a question that has been going around my head for weeks, is it possible that someone shifts from one type to another? Is it possible for someone to mutate or evolve into other personality types?

Musically Obsessed

I usually asks ... “what do you mean”?


Can you please make a video on INTJ shadow functions? I’ve come across information which states the INTJ shadow is an unhealthy ESFP and also opposing information which states an INTJ shadow is an unhealthy ENTP. Thanks in advance.

Véronique Cloutier

INTJ. You are damn right ! The fisrt thing I did when you mentionned DIWK is to google it to understand how could I use it ;) Just realised this pattern I was unaware of... thanks to you :)

Trent Bergen

Intp trying to date an intj. She's maddeningly slow.

Hattie Lott

As an INTP, I advocate the pajama wearing. All day.


I'm an INTP with an INTJ father. One of the biggest differences is that I need to hear lots of information early in order to put things into context before I can begin to make sense of them or how to act. My INTJ father finds it very stressful to be given any information until he is already ready to act on it. My memory is much better than his. He says he would never remember things he is told before he is ready to use the info and so there is no point in knowing it early. All it does is distract him from focusing on more urgent decisions.

Xiloe Teknowledgies LLC

My model is nearing completion!

hra Kupariseppo

I just need to point out that, in the case of the INTJ, Te logic doesn't necessarily need to be applicable to the outside world. As, we need to remeber that rhe is a Ni dominant meaning that Te first and foremost serves rhis introverted intuition.

There is a strong element of externality in the logical mindset of the Te-user, sure, but internal visions and background are given more time and space. External use Se turns out relevant eventually.


Hi guys. I’m an INTP and I can definitely relate to this. I also have Asperger Syndrome which is a higher functioning form of autism. Could you possibly do a video about mental disorders along with certain personality types? Socializing is even more crazy when you’re an autistic introverted teenager lol. Thanks for making this series. It will definitely help me understand myself more.


you guys have helped me realize this whole time that t'm not an INTJ, but an INTP. holy shit.

Corey Denegar

Get to the poini

harshil shah

I'm an INTP, but I have reached a point where I can often tap into INTJ behaviour for INTJ reasons, and switch back in an instant.

Mary @H2OsEdge

There is so much to say about this interesting video. I'm rerunning it again. You are clearly describing my husband and I... lol 'Wisdom' is the patterns of knowledge. 'Knowledge' is the patterns of information. 'Information' is the patterns of data. Great model. I'm really feeling the pain of that social backlash today, so I'm happy to find this.


I'd really like to hear you talk about INTJ struggles with energy management vs INTP struggles with motivation and how those show up. I'm INTJ but sometimes type as INTP on tests. I prefer to get things done, but regularly fall into the "I don't give a sh**" mode. Wondering if this is just energy protection.

Lisa Cherry Beaumont

Oh my goodness, this is SO accurate; thank you!

I'm INTJ and my man has INTROVERTED thinking (ESFJ), and this has caused confusion between us, because he loves telling me stuff just for the sake of sharing information - just typing that makes me shrug my shoulders and wonder why, haha! - and I'd immediately tell him what needs to be done about it, and he couldn't for the life of him understand why I was doing that!

We had to create a "rule" whereby, when he tells me something and I then want to tell him what needs to be done about it, I first have to ask, "Do I need to do something with that, or was it only for information?" It's almost always only for information. So I just nod and smile and say thank you, and it's strangely liberating!

What you also explain about energy management is so incredibly true for the both of us.

Great video; much appreciated. :)

Talib Bah

These kinds of videos are so important because this is such a big topic of confusion in the community: Am I INTJ or INTP? Am I INFP or INFJ? Common problem. I was in it myself, typed as INTJ, then INTP (???), then back to INTJ. For me, it is very difficult to explain what Ni is. How I see the world. What my 'inner images' are. Because I don't believe in them so strongly unless I have empirical evidence (Te). So one can easily get stuck in a loop where one seeks to rationalize those inner images through logic, appearing very Ti as an INTJ. INTJ:s are great at Ti, just as INTP:s are great at Ni. Look at Newton [intj] and his Calculus (Ti) or Einstein [intp] and his madly wise metaphorical quotes (Ni). (by the way, this is based on an eight-function model). So who am I, INTJ or INTP? For me, it clarified when analyzing the flow state and how deeply within myself I'm a spiritual person (Ni) and I use a lot of logic and mathematical thinking, but it's more in a persona role or to achieve a goal (supporting Te to Ni). //TB


Just now:

Wife: "please come here and tell me which seats we should book on the airline"
Me: "uh, 37 a and b?"
Wife: "You're boring I'm making it 32"
Me: "So what did you ask me?!?!?!?"


You guys are awesome.

Nathan Hubbard

Might be a factor of 1.25 speed or something but you guys body language is distant. Idk if you did a bunch of takes (which might be the case) so you weren't focused on the partners info... Y'all looked bored n distant between whoever was talking.


The holidays are coming so in good INTJ fashion I’m trying to research and remember how to interact with all my different personality children.

your mom

I notice as an INTP I recheck my personal scripts continuously, seeing the same information over and over to create more fidelity and understanding

Cory Stevens

I'm definitely an INTP, I gather information because I feel compelled to. Yet oddly, when taking a Myers Briggs test I always get mistakenly scored as an INFP, I don't think I would ever be mistaken for an INTJ. My mind shows all internal traits of an INTP yet on the surface it seems to pose as an INFP. I suppose it works for me though, people are more likely to be open with an INFP.

the guy

For all tests I take, I'm an intp. But I too see all information as actionable, given that the information fits my current internal patterns. Not sure if this is a result of what I do professionally but what you describe as intj reflects me but I score as intp. I am also careful about the information I dish out. When a colleague asks for information I always ask "what is the problem you're trying to solve" before I give the information. I find that people ask me for data and often they're asking the wrong questions and/ or will use the data to solve the problem in a less than ideal way.
I find that I also ask people for data in bits and pieces and when I don't outright say what the problem is, when they ask for more background I explain it without an issue but when I ask for background before giving out data, the person asking often gets annoyed and thinks I don't trust them


Thank you, great share.
I'm open with information, except with another INTP.
I wonder why that is.

chips falling

INTJ = what, when, where, who. INTP = why

Energy.. INTJ = doing. INTP = considering.. which of course seems like procrastination. The INTJ 'judged' the course of action and took it. The INTP, took their sweet time to consider every possible direction or avenue before taking a course of action.

data = debris
information = construct/context
knowledge = applied as abstraction across domains
wisdom = .. across time

Sam F

INTP here. As a kid I would watch medical mystery documentaries and then be like, "God this is so apparent the issue is xyz..how is it I as a kid can already see and they can't. What morons!" and at the end the narrator would be like "the doctors were shocked, the diagnosis was xyz" because I had already categorized and stored information pertaining to human biology and immunology and could recall it from the code I had already written per my understanding of the subject matter. It baffled me that these so called scientists and doctors didn't clearly see the problem or the solution from the data already present for them. Now I understand not everyone works this way and it has helped me be less critical of others, because they literally do not work that way. I can cut them some slack. It's helped me be less of an unhealthy INTP.

Winsome Wizard

I do like the DIKW model, but in my perspective (INTJ joke) theres another level between knowledge and wisdom, understanding.

I see knowledge as just collections/families of subjective Ti information, without purpose. Theyve been organized and labelled and set up and look nice and pretty, but do nothing. Its just stuff.

I know people who hoard knowledge (Ti) and still dont seem to have much understanding of its relationships with other information (Ni), and vice versa.

Above those two is wisdom and when and how to best share/action your understanding of ___.

So since understanding can be had before taking action, it makes sense to me that knowing something (Ti) doesnt mean you understand its relationships and applications (Ni), and wisdom is proving to correctly wield and MAKE ACTION (Te) from the understanding of the knowledge youve aquired. Thank you guys! I hope you read this! XD i have to get ready for work lol

Christian Rivera

I've actually lately been working to figure out and adjust to my ENFP partner's use of Te. When I discuss data and putting it out there to play with she may shut it down in a "I'm not ready for that" kind of way or if she brings up a point and I expand on that point she may say "yeah, that's what I just said." To me, as an INTP, I want to continue to play with the data and since I consider her part of my inner reality I include her but I know she doesn't think that way. So it's been a bit of challenge.


Wow, it's so interesting to observe how still and focused the intj is. Those eyes!


Looking more for differentiating between INTP and INFP. I’ve read tons on it...including Psychological Types, and I still relate to both Ti and Fi as ego types and resist both Fe and Te mentality.

Trash Rose

talking about caring about the background of the video
Me: ugh when’s the point coming?
Antonia: but the rest of you don’t. You just want to get to the point.
Me: i feel attacked

Yuriko Furiyama

INTP withhold information because they don't want people to use that information against the INTP, YES!!

Pearl Monson

INTJ here. Love your guys’ podcast, I’ve listened to nearly 100 episodes over the past 6 months! You guys are awesome and I’ve learned so much. Much more to learn however, keep doing what you’re doing!


Im typed by others as INTP but thats just soo not the case, I'm INTJ. Known it for 9 months, this video just confirms it more.
On the "information can be weaponized" - great metaphor, let me just add this: I'm not necessarily that careful of what info I give out, I'm honest and sincere because if someone wants to use it against me, I will perceive that in a millisecond and start turning it against him. Its like - I can be very open and honest because I trust in my ability to win a battle if that should happen.


As an INTJ who has been happily married to an INTP for almost 13 years, I relate to a lot of what you said in this video, but I just want to point out that I don't always with hold information out of fear that it will be misused. It's more a case of wanting to make sure I give you the correct actionable information, so I need to be clear on what you're asking and why. My husband doesn't just want to answer the question. He wants to go through the whole history of what led to the question and then answer it. Most of the time this is amusing. :)


Thanks. You two have pointed me in the right direction by adding this piece of the puzzle. I'll look into DIKW now. Maybe this will help me know who wants to talk Shakespeare and who Groks but also identify those who don't want to Grok. Good info and you two feel like you might be a part of my tribe. Carmel anyone?

Yuriko Furiyama

Information gets vetted instantly, the Ti automatically judges if its logical or not - TOTALLY ABSOLUTELY ACCURATE!! YESSSSSS!!!!


The code metaphor and the one about playing with outside world and then reconciling the model that’s inside was pretty accurate.

Youngsin Lee

Hey Joel, put your arm around Antonia's shoulder instead of putting it on the chair. Is it you or Antonia? Is it me, INFJ, or can Antonia also would like? I think Joel would really want to do so.

Jasmine Andrews

Literally work with the whole spectrum of DIKW in my professional life. Information and knowledge management, business analysis, and now learning more about data science because I have strong opinions on best practice design of what data is collected and how and how it’s presented to yield insights.

Aamer Qureshi

My result is INTJ/P and at times I act like INTP but if I behave for a long time lNTP then I get restless so I act interchangeably.


I think this is one of the few videos of Personality Hacker that made my head spin. What the hell are they saying? The only thing that I understood was the DIKW bit.

Grumpy Schnauzer

Tell us how to get along!!! ? The way “we” (I.e., INTPs and INTJs) process information differently can be a major source of conflict when introducing “new” Ni concepts that the INTP is not ready or willing to receive and the INxJ needs/wants to info share. Then conflict ensues because maladaptive coping and negotiating happens then egos get hurt and next thing we know... wow, this isn’t working.

Micka Datwist

This guy is in Foo Fighters?

Wojciech Brzychcyk

Great video. Thanks

Subhabrata Das

I unlocked my phone to see the video after not caring about your outfit came up :)

Micah Long

Hey guys! Suspected INTJ here. I don't really relate to the idea of keeping information private as a way of passively managing people. I do however hedge the living heck out of most assertions I make with words like "often", "seems", "can" and the like. I'm passing the information over but couching it in uncertainty such that my own back is covered should the recipient encounter negative consequences from its application.
This may be a fear-based strategy (see what I did there?) but also may be a way of respecting other people's autonomy.
"X" is a trend I know about. Do what you like with that; you are your own boss.

Antonio Fernández Guerrero

For what you say, it seems like INTJs (perhaps, all Js) would self-pres in the instincts of the enneagram, while INTPs (again, perhaps all Ps) more likely to be sexuals. In my case, it's correct (INTP 5sx).

Dawn Hodges

I love his hair.


Concerning information dissemination, I had a lady I peripherally knew was a gossip ask me how much I was making at one point in my career. I instinctively assumed she wanted the information to apply to her life/career (as she had a complementary but different job) so I told her and then went about my day. A few days later my supervisor called me into her office to tell me that they had to move me down to the technically correct lower pay scale because someone had complained...while I never confronted her, I was quite hurt by this. I have at least learned to keep personal information private.


Antonia's explanation of data being 1s and 0s is actually really interesting to me because I'm a computer science major in school and binary is the fundamental basis of a computing. Alternating pulses of electricity. From there up you move into extreme levels of abstraction like binary -> circuits -> logic gates -> memory registers -> digital processors -> etc... all the way up to the personal computer I'm using to type this haha each higher level uses the previous as a building block


I still can't seem to determine if I am INTJ or INTP. The more I think about it, read and watch videos the more confused I get. I think I am INTJ but there are some things with motivation, taking in information that make me wonder. When it comes to how and what I share I determine based on the person and the environment. When I get too comfortable with a person basic trust the information shared sometime comes back to bite me.

Christian Swensen

One thing that seems to be skipped is that the distinction between the 2 is more pronounced at lower aptitudes.

The higher the aptitude of the responder, the more they work both of these angles simultaneously. At IQ 100, they are very different. At IQ 130, the difference is very blurry. At IQ 160, there is no meaningful way to differentiate, because you're outside of the testable range.

Brian Bull

this was excellent and easy to understand thanks for sharing/posting

Mr. Booga

Met you guys in New York.

Midnight Gaming.

Thats why we INTJ's hate small talk. Its comes across as SPAM yo. Unless you make clear very soon why you're telling us this(small talk), firing up our process engines for what? Thats great about your weekend or your coffee, but..... lets NOT do this again sometime :)


I'm an INTP. My default mode is share, share, share. Information is good. However, as an INTP with a rough childhood I would say that I hold back info only if both cases are true:
If I'm aware that it will be used against me and
If I don't already have a 'honeypot' setup ( en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Honeypot_(computing) ) to observe an incursion, on my livelihood, in order to later form a defense against it.

I'm completely aware that there are people out there phishing (google.com/search?q=phishing) for personal info in order to exploit an easy target, but that's not gonna stop me from sharing. Only slow me down.

ps: these concepts are not limited to cybersecurity

Kelly Casey

Very helpful! Thank you!

iliana m

Oh, thank you for this video! The information you communicated (haha) was so on point and really highlighted certain details of both the processes. It really helped to distinguish between the two types of thinking and also (on a personal level) helped me to understand exactly why we sometimes disagree with my partner on what information each one share (and why I never can take easily the exact information I really need from him!) and also about the energy control! (He is the INTJ and I am the INTP). This was really illuminating for me. :D (So happy!)


As an INTP this is very helpful! Thanks!


It's very interesting listening to both of you talk about these types regardless of what my type is. Quite useful to know this stuff when interacting with those around you.

It's funny how different these types are despite people thinking they're similar because of the INTx. Looking at it functionally really brings the differences to the surface.

I'd view an INTP as a typical nerd and an INTJ more as a scientist. One loves learning a buncha random stuff to share with others while the other loves applying their ideas towards whatever their vision is.

Amy Hudelson

A psychologist gave me the test... I went thru it 3 times before the psychologist determined I was both intj and intp. If this video is true at all, I am, because I do both.


Another aspect of an INTJ asking "why do you ask?" is...there could be 20 different rabbit holes to go down, we need to pick the right one and focus! :D


Intj here. Career...behavior analyst. ???

Charles Packwood

Info is vetted first with INTJ, right? The truthfulness of information is trapped for first.

INTJ when writing code, may need knowledge about say how to add an object, method etc. In this search they will sift through information and books faster knowing the code that the add on has to couple with. So in their research they will have a grid in front of them to help wade through the possibilities that could actually work. While the INTP might stop and think through stuff he comes across and say to himself that this could come to play in another life ...I mean he might analyze info on penguins because the info was unique, even though the code has nothing to do with penguins.

Shelley Beglau

Too much talking, thanks for the try


I am INTP. One of the things I can't understand is the terrible noise people are making about internet information. The more I get inf. The more I can decide what to do. Its like I never have enough. But as I have grown older I have kind of learned how to "close" the gathering and make a decision. At least when I understand that it is not the end of the world what I decide.


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More Funny MBTI Memes (16 Personalities)

61 631 views | 2 Feb. 2020

Heyo, have you already

Heyo, have you already heard of UrMyType? It's a MBTI-inspired dating app matching the users based on whether their personality types are compatible. Try it out :D

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Hey everyone, here are more Funny Memes about the 16 personality types (MBTI).

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Check out https://www.typologygifts.com/ for gift ideas for all 16 personality types!

kit kat

The meme where you were questioning if your an INF or INFJ is me
But I also think I'm an ENFP

Renata Miron

Who's Jessica? ??????

Saianna Sweet

Last one was so cute ???

Olliezoe Villy

I have intj and infj on my results, am i bipolar ???


That first one... I've been in the throes of "is MBTI even real" lately and that first one reminded me of the Jack Durden website (Fight Club theory) and how it puts forth the idea that Marla Singer (MBTI) isn't real, that she only exists in the main character's head.


Me an ISTP: ....yep. Figured I wouldn’t see myself. Lone wolf forever

Sofie Arts

4:05 That's almost literally me and this one (probably, gives off vibes)ENTP guy in my class(no, I don't have a crush on him, he likes racist and homophobic jokes.. Can't deny I might like him a liiittle bit though), in PE.. Story time I'm really insecure about PE class because I'm afraid of ruining it for everyone else or being judged.. So me and him were on the same team in mini tennis once and whenever I messed up he just kept blaming this one guy on the opposing team, trying to make me feel better.. #Wholesome amirite


Why are you reading everything out loud?

Storm's Killzone

1:06 ahahahaha


help, idk if i'm an infp, an infj, an isfp or an enfp and i do know that by watching memes i'm not gonna find out but these are just so goood ;(

Мария Уварова

2:25 thanks I’m exposed

Michele Mei

Wish you would just put music instead of that voice, it's extremely irritating


woAh I haven't met any ENTPs before. as an INFJ, how can I?¿

The MBTI Memes Channel

Hey guys, I just wanted to make you aware of Ur My Type, a new dating app which is connecting people based on their personality types.
The way it works is super easy:
1. You sign up and create your profile
2. You select what type you are (or take their personality test)
3. You take a short test which identifies which type you are most compatible with
And then you start swiping :D
It's super cool and people are super active here so check it out :)
The website is https://www.urmytype.app
Link to iOS Download: https://apps.apple.com/us/app/ur-my-type/id1548164389
Link to Android Download: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=urmytype.app
Have fun =)

william b

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b4WLFvh-Bh4 16 Personalities anime trailer

Marc Gewaltig

As an entp I can confirm the last one as a 100% accurate


2:04 this was a personal jab??????? oh my God I've overdone my 30 minutes I worked for 35 ??? oh my God ??? my mom says people of my numerical are lazy af, I guess that's only where I didn't disagree with numerology ????

Mercy Kok

3:03 same here ?

Vannesa Chung

3:00 seriously, i need answers, quarantine changed me from infp to infj ?✋

Света Логацкая

Yo, you have reeeeally good content
Me and my family love it so much!!!

Russel Webb

This video is for the coupling of God. Every image is hilarious.

William Newton

2:04 not all Intps are boiz


2:55 its 1:57am. I am currently doing this.

Molin J.

This was really good, although you will run out of mbti memes inevitably, a way to keep this thing going could be to keep tabs on all the mbti meme reddits, you probably do that already though.

Ghoulette Spears

2:26 meme hit me like a truck. Don't expose me like this lol (INFJ)

Yaamini kp

Hey yayo r u a girl ??

Around The World Girl

I have a hard time determining if I’m an INTP or an ENTP, but let me just say as 2:36 played I said "This is completely me. This has to be my MBTI type" and I was sort of right. Although according to the test I am INTP, I really related to that one.


ENTP's are so fucking funny and the other types are just too dense to realise haha - ENFP


I'm an INFJ and my husband is an ENTP, and the last one is so true.


4:00 As an INFJ, I find this amazing.


hehe 669 subscribers

n o i c e

Gerry 00

3:12 Fühl ich


I still don't know if I am an enfp or an infp


Me sitting here waiting for ISFP


I think I’m an infj but I’m not emotional enough to be an infj haha. I mean, I’m pretty logical most of the times but others, i cry over stupid things (once i cried watching a documentary about birds lol). I also REALLY CARE about others’ opinion of me BUT sometimes I’m a bit insensitive to other people. I love giving advice though.

lygia isabelle

One more time isfj has been forgotten


literally no istp memes anywhere. i feel like we're rarer than people think at this point.

onslaught -

Damm dude why's everyone an infj here

Patrick Hodson

Where is ISTP?


That last one got me ???

Kiersten McComas

As an INFJ I found these hilarious

Shot in the Heart

Lol the last one is so true... I’m a ENTP and my husband is a INFJ so I just think he’s adorable... but I love making jokes about the other types

RK The character

As an infj I find entps scary ?


INTP: ahhh so that's what went wrong on my date with the ENTP... I WASN'T INFJ ENOUGH!!! ???

Nazz Reah Andapang Nuril

i wonder what's your personality ?

MlaG V

4:00 - as an ENTP whose best friend is an INFJ.
I approve.


3:54 why is it so me tho ???

Kristína Bencúrová

mbti - 0:00
ENTP - 0:07
mbti - 0:15
Feeler, biased xNTx - 0:25
INFP - 0:31
xNTx - 0:38
xNxP, xxTJ- 0:46
INFP, ENTJ- 0:55
ESFJ, INTx - 1:05
crush - 1:13
INTJ, ENFJ - 1:19
ENxP - 1:31
INFJ - 1:41
ENTJ - 1:48
mbti - 1:56
INTP - 2:03
xxTJ - 2:11
xNFx - 2:19
ENTJ - 2:29
ENTP - 2:36
INFJ, INFP - 2:56
ENxP - 3:05
INFJ - 3:13
ENTJ, ESTJ - 3:32
ESFP, INTP - 3:38
ENTP, INFJ - 3:55


3:04 is me

inci denizci

am i the only one who thinks intp entp relationships are best

King Eena

As an ENTP, you're pretty accurate

Duy N.K

Help me to introduce xNxx type to MBTI


When your an ISTP and they don’t include you

Sadness noises

Ella N

infj memes actually accurate and getting more than one mention in a meme video.. how rare

Shakiba Abik

I love being an intp .... So cool



Dünyanın en real shipi: Çayşe [periodt]

2:26 :"")))


3:00 why did you had to expose me like that ?

Estrella Santos

I feel personally attacked as an ENTJ.
And I love it.

Joel Bedulla

Lol the infj meme with ariana grande was so funny


3:47 I feel called out.

Agent Glasses

It unsettles me that there is not backround music, just, robot

Dr Wizarrd

Good god that intj one was da best ??

Woolgathering Fopdoodle

1:03 my friend said that to me once, she's ENTJ. I don't think she likes me

Charlie Hinde

INTJ here.
Correction for the thumbnail from "Is that a person attack or something?" to "well, honestly, I don't give a Goose's Cliteris" moves swiftly on

Netta Atzili

1:07 It should have been Alien: Isolation's poster.


I so agree with the one about questioning being and infp or infj because although I really think I am an infj I never know AAAAAAAAA I NEED ANSWERS btw this video is hilarious

jaskaran singh

It is strangely entertaining ? and so accurate ?

Yağmur Sude KILIÇ

1:16 when they guess your type correctly on the first try

Valentina Dsouza

2:20 OH MY GOD! OH MY GOD! Lulu from CreamHeroes! :D


1:27 I actually can not breathe with this one ?


yea, I have no idea why I like being around INFJs, they're like adorable little geniuses.they can roast you one minute, then cry over something silly the next. it's a weird combo, but I can't help wanting to help them shit on everyone else.

Lakto za

3:29 is so accurate I’m crying ??

Kermit The Frog Dad

>disliking because the only one with mine in it doesn't even make sense and isn't funny<


ENTP gang assemble


2:02 as an INTP I'm literally rofl

There Is No Spoon

I don't need sleep, i need answers!

Vivian Cheung

I love your channel so much lol ? What's your personality type? I'm an INFP


2:00 That's me

Parus _

2:56 ok....... that was brutally true

Nunya Business

Is MBTI real? Yes, as it does classify humans and satiate their need for classification

Why does MBTI receive backlash? Because approximately 30% of companies use this test as part of their hiring process. While MBTI categorizes, one shouldn't be offered or denied a job due to a test. If they have the qualifications and fit into the company culture, you shouldn't reject them because a personality test suggests they can't do some type of work or another.

I love MBTI, we just need to know where to draw the line as a society lol


This is going to sound like a really weird question but is it possible for someone on the autistic spectrum to be an INFP? I feel a very strong connection to it after all the videos and articles I've read but I also know I built my personality based on public feedback. What if I'm not the kind, sensitive person I think I am and am just logical robot lying to myself about have feelings? Simply having an active imagination doesn't make someone an INFP.

Cat Soul Daisan'nome

So me at 2:57 also INFJ-T or INTP STRUGGLES!......!!..!

Felicia W

I went to your YouTube "About" page and tried joining your Discord server, but it isn't working for me. Idk what to do :/


Oh wait I already did, it didn’t work

Laura Pervan

Do ENTPs really like us INFJs?


Hi yayo how are you?

Just Some Girl without a Penis

3:01 I feel attacked

Freddie the Grand Marquis

I mean, INTJs are still better with feels than ENTJs. INTJs just inexpressive. We like to like things in silence, or in terms of Extraverted Thinking.

Johanna Hermoine Gensola

It's hilarious that the thumbnail actually happened to me a a few seconds ago?

SnK weeb

2:56 that's me every single day even though I know I'm only part infp

Arcane Warrior

3:00, get out of my head

Walela Rose

When isfj is often not included in mbti memes ?


MBTI is a real test, but the concept of cognitive function didn't stand the test of validity. If you can't prove the cognitive functions are real, then you shouldn't insist they exist. The reliability of the MBTI specifically is also not up to standard as a psychometric test. It is not that complicated. Everyone thinks they know some things about psychology and personality but a science has stricter criteria, so when these tests claim to test personality we ought to call out when it is not actually good at doing that.

People who study psychology know it is pseudo-psychology. Everyone else just falls for the barnum-effect of believing vague general descriptions, thinking they specifically describe themselves accurately when in reality these descriptions are generally true for most people. If that's the case you can't tell it's because of a shared experience or a shared personality trait. People dislike it when others burst that bubble, nonetheless.

Meanwhile, MBTI tests cost money, to be able to administer them takes training that costs a fortune, meaning someone's profiting off of this ignorance. It would be unethical not to call it out.




0:12 is exactly me (an INTP). Sometimes I think I'm an ENTP for how symilar I can be to the ENTP stereotypes. Then I remember that I can be a few days without leaving my room/house and without interacting with anyone without realising a few days have already happened.


3:03 that's exactly what am doing now ?


Only misses the background music and this series is perfect.

Mia Han

2:19 as an ENFP I felt that :’)

Fatima Fazal

The last one gave me the feels.
INFJ anyone?


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Is "INTx Unleashed" Right For Me? (your questions answered)

1 557 views | 19 Nov. 2017