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"Ripple" w/Lyrics- The Grateful Dead

182 201 views | 10 Jul. 2017

From their 1970 album

From their 1970 album "American Beauty". "Ripple" features the brilliant mandolin playing of Jerry Garcia's friend, David Grisman.

The sons lyrics were written by Robert Hunter and evoke a certain Spiritual quality about the song and also showcases the bands outstanding folk country style that they could exhibit.

Andrea Vlasis

I love this song my graduation song 1972

Michael van sante

Just realizing now how good this band was/is!

Jeanette Waverly

Thank you.

Alyce Batta

???Always my favorite...beautiful???

Linda Lambert

Love, love it


This is "historicusjoe", you can see my latest videos at my new youtube channel, "Joe Daugherty"


Anti-Anxiety Attack fuel

Alyce Batta

??Love it??....beautiful

anselm mends

After this song no one has composed musid

Old Style Services LLC

This song and some physcadelics put me into an experience on my living room.. lol

Billy Renz

So beautiful. Be kind, and kind will return to you

Martha Fosdick

Nicely Done! Quite lovely!

Robert Andaya

It doesn't get much better than this man

David Salerno

Must have heard this song a million times and it still brings a tear to my eyes. Haunting and beautiful.

Linda Lambert

I think this is Jerry s favorite song, rip Jerry , for you - you can heR your song - hope u enjoy where ever you are!!

Miranda Burroway

Love this song

Alyce Batta

???love the Grateful Dead but this is my favorite ???


RIP Robert Hunter. If I knew the way I would take you home. <3

Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta

this is the happyest song ❤

Vickie Boleyn

better now


Fantastic... where is the LOVE up-button...!

Stuart Walker

The video needs Sunlight, it was written with that light shining.

Susan Evans

Absolutely beautiful song ?

michaela be4ger

My husband recorded himself playing and singing this song and now I listen to it when he is underway. An absolutely beautiful song ?

Linda Lambert

La de da . .

Bongo Dave

As classic as any song I can name, and I know a lot of songs.

Alyce Batta

???my favorite...beautiful???


Any dream will do...


Who would thumbs down this song?

Wassup Bros

I am listening to this at 2020 imagine

Barbara Ann

My comfort song; works every time.

Marsha Saldana



One of the most beautiful songs ever written. Garcia and Hunter were the soul of the band.

Bruce Farris

Soothes my soul and puts a smile on my face !!

Dusty Roads

Love you Forever Fam!
Lost Boys!https://youtu.be/497x3-HQYtw


My grandfather always plays this song for us

Sirsmokealot 709

This song can haul me out of the worst mood ever.....

R.P Haneberg

Garcia had a way with words made to fit the tune

Trevor Farr

Brilliant song

Linda deBourbon

Rest in Heaven Robert Hunter - go find Jerry, he's waiting for you

Linda Lambert

It sure doesn't get much better than this song

Douglas B aka DWBonny

Not that anyone much cares anymore, but I actually found (stumbled upon) such a spring or fountain in an impossibly remote, trail-less, wilderness mountain valley one day, many long years ago, and I seriously doubt that anyone else has had the same singular misfortune (?) to this day... And, no, I’m not telling where, or even which mountain range; most would just get themselves killed (I barely made it out, and I was young, in good shape, and was used to clamoring about remote wilderness places no sane person would think of venturing into.) I might also have been in London, and met my long-lost sweetheart, the very same afternoon Robert Hunter just happened to have been inspired to write these God-inspired lyrics, and no, you can’t make this stuff up; it either happens or it doesn’t, but you’ve gotta have heart. Peace.

Mike Sierra

48 years ago... let there be songs filling the air...

Robert Hoffman

RIP Mr Hunter. Brilliant lyric.....thank you. That path is for your steps alone.....tell Jerry we said hi....Peace!!

Matt Caracciolo

I gave this song to my son

Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta

When my cup is empty I listen to the Dead, then it is full again. ?


I have let it be known to my family years ago that this is one of two songs I want played at my funeral.

Nigel Teets

Fucking masterpiece.



Linda Lambert

Let there be songs!

Navin Kumar



I needed this tonight <3
I haven't listened to Jerry for a very long time. I stopped for a reason, because it made me think of someone I lost. I just realized he's still with me through Jerry <3

ALWAYS <3 <3 <3

Tommy Petraglia

God bless you Fred Chu.

42 years ago you slipped on Smugglers Notch and you were gone.

But not forgetten. Everytime where ever this plays you and the kind friendship you showed me lives on


RIP Robin Hunter :(

Sigurd Dagsland

Den vakreste låten ever? Magisk

Carrie Berry

Thank you, RH for the music. It has been, and will be, the music for my life.

Thelonious Coltrane

music by Garcia and lyrics by Hunter

Bruce Farris

A musical masterpiece that is nothing short of a religious experience !!

Linda Lambert

Had to hear it again b-4 going to sleep, now got to see a pic of himmmmmmmm b4 falling asleep

Linda Lambert

Love, love, love it


When I was about 27 and going thru a bad break-up, I would usually drink quite a bit on nights available. Next day, besides coffee, i needed me a good tune with some meaning. I went thru a BOX of RAIN phase about 10 years previously. And being a Dylan fan, words were important for me. One hungover morning, it was a gorgeous spring day and put this tune on. When I got into the words, it was almost like a little aside from GOD, like Box had been before, a talking to with great love and wisdom from GOD. Ripple has become that pinacle, and I have not found a song to top it in that way for.....27 years now!

Edward Hill

Whenever i am having a down in the dumps depressed day this beautiful song lifts my spirits. Thank god for the grateful dead

Clark Akatiff

Love this .

Roc Pile

Living it

Alex Carl

Saw them in '90 at Rich Stadium (Ralph Wilson) in Buffalo, NY. What a show.

Violet at Content Boutique

rest easy dear Robert Hunter ... and have a Love-ly next life jammin' with Jerry again... <3

Webster Black

Recall a night at Winterland-SF.

Neil Monastero

RIP Robert Hunter. This was his masterpiece! We need more songs like this that promote love and kindness! Thank you to the man hidden form view who wrote all the lyrics.


Love Phil Lesh's bass here

Jay Predzik

If you would like to know the secret occult meaning to AoxoMoxoA send me a check for $100. It's the greatest secret of All Time! Jason Predzik 7624 W. Keefe Ave Milwaukee WI 53222. Guaranteed to blow your mind ????

GD oot n aboot

Some of the most beautiful lyrics ever written. Love the Dead.

Jenn Koko

The most beautiful song ever ?

Charles J Lynch

RIP Robert Hunter so much brilliance, so much love.

Catherine Ferrone-Keating

Still classic heart string tuggin music!! <3



lino joseph

If my words did glow with the gold of sunshine
And my tunes were played on the harp unstrung
Would you hear my voice come through the music
Would you hold it near as it were your own?
It's a hand-me-down, the thoughts are broken
Perhaps they're better left unsung
I don't know, don't really care
Let there be songs to fill the air
Ripple in still water
When there is no pebble tossed
Nor wind to blow
Reach out your hand if your cup be empty
If your cup is full may it be again
Let it be known there is a fountain
That was not made by the hands of men
There is a road, no simple highway
Between the dawn and the dark of night
And if you go no one may follow
That path is for your steps alone
Ripple in still water
When there is no pebble tossed
Nor wind to blow
You who choose to lead must follow
But if you fall you fall alone
If you should stand then who's to guide you?
If I knew the way I would take you home


Sharing love and life.

Monica Herrera


Anna Michellon


Thomas Brown

Absolute Favorite Dead Song! When is Dead and Company going to break out the We Bid You Goodnight!?!

JOHN Paulus

God bless Jerry Garcia! Hippies forever!!????

Poochie 1022

My favorite song to lay down and close my eyes and think of my lover with his head on my chest and my fingers through his hair the most intimate thing on this earth

Hurricane Stardust

This has been getting 'marked as spam' on facebook when I try to share it in the comments. Just fyi. Really enjoy it and thanks for making it available. Excellent job!

Marjorie Cohn

So beautiful but makes me cry.......

Kerry Evans

What a SONG I had the privilege of seeing the DEAD many Times in California including the time Gerry played in Lake Tahoe beautiful DAY but windy ...in squaw Valley
Some memories...let it be known there is a fountain...
Greetings from Dublin Ireland brothers and sisters


What a song.
I want to just grow old listening to this, watching the Italian countryside streak by while I sit peacefully in a train...

Jennifer Shelley

Not a real fan of the Grateful Dead, but someone suggested I listen to this song. It's a very pretty and I really love the lyrics. Meaningful lyrics always get me.

dan kinsler

This album was inspired by CSNY....you can hear it in the bands vocal harmonies. Definitely one of the bands more accessible albums.

Notso Baddrummeronce

Did a certain English composer appropriate some of this for a song about an Old Testament figure with dubious taste in outer wear?

Linda Lambert

Everybody, prayer for our president, Mr. Trump & for Jerry Garcia wherever he is. He would have loved our president, now!!!!

Erin Sullivan

AH, the Dead . . . home band!

Who wrote ripple

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Garlinghouse BREAKS SILENCE On Ripple's Plan To MOVE ABROAD

8 982 views | 12 Oct. 2020

Follow me on Twitter:

Follow me on Twitter: @moonlamboio

DISCLAIMER: I am not a financial adviser. None of what I have communicated verbally or in writing here should be considered financial advice; it is not. Do your own research before investing in any digital asset, and understand that investing in any cryptocurrency is inherently risky. If you do, you need to be prepared to lose your entire investment.

John Le

All the world is a stage.

Sara Moorer

<<[email protected]>>

Johson Mabel

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rebel without a cause!

Xrp won't moon,,, it reacts to bitcoin just like the other cryptos,,, it seems XRP creators are just filling up their pockets$$$ (not a scam) lol

adolph gracius

if ripple were to move abroad and use all their tech support them (with no hold backs), they will end up taking other countries under their wing too until the usa has no other choice but to join, and that works for me too

Johson Mabel

Can’t imagine life without you sir hackerzhiyong on telegram help me out with Btc daily into my blockchain wallet ???

Abubaker Francis

Ripple won't move,ripple in my opinion are a USA government project, so I'm not distracted by what Brad &Larsen say,its only pro-fake.

Andy Steele

Mr. Anthony Lauberth is not like other brokers that do tell stories and excuses why the trade didn't go well after investing , he help you show you how you monitor your earnings.

Fidencio Painting


Brad Kiefer

Matt, how will moving out of the USA help XRP? Is this due to regulation? IF so, won't that affect all the USA XRP holders? I have seen this happen with mostly exchanges blocking us from the USA.

philippe balo

Hi .Asked about the future performance of the asset, more than 72% of them estimate that it will reach 100 dollars in the future. But a rather distant future? Short-term predictions are more measured: 31% of respondents believe that XRP will not exceed $ 1 by the end of the year. Note, however, that nearly 30% of XRP investors believe that assets will cross the $ 5 threshold by January 2021.

Louis Vincent


margret wakeman

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Jaime Martinez

UK or Singapore ?? I would prefer , Singapore ...$$$$$$$$

Daniel XRP

Ripple moving to Antarctica, Charlie ward told me.


Preparing for imf adoption

Dakota Shipley

Thanks, Mr. Mat Lambo!

Joshua C

That's no moon, that's a space station.


Finally moving to the Moon, and we are going with them!!


Mr Lambo are you attending swell??

Piper Vazquez

motions will kill you more than it will save you! "Show me the charts, I'll show you the news!" This is only channel I go to for fact based TA. One must be able to discern facts from given information at the time without bias, for you to succeed in the trading world there should be no room for error or cheap mistakes that's why i advise the inexperienced traders to learn and gain more experience by practicing and learning from professional traders like Amelia Trades, Mrs Amelia helped me so much in my novice days and i was able to increase my portfolio so much in just few trades i made and i will be forever indebted to her you can take daily forex lessons with her and expect a boost in your portfolio after doing that, you reach her on telegram @Ameliatrades1 Goodluck lets make the best of whatever


Once this decision is made, which all correlates to it being a security, XRP will take off. Don't expect price action until it does. Mid November is my prediction. And my advice is strap in.

Blockchain Backer


AWOL 201

Hey ML CONGRATULATIONS on not only being included in XRP 2020 Poll , but you are tagged as major researcher and Influencer .


1st or 666th?

ash williams



This won't matter to us... XRP

Eugene Niel

Garlichouse needs to come clean about the Ripple top brass dumping XRP on retail
The price performance od XRP over 2020 has been horrific and I've switched my funds over to VELO.

Velo is a cross border payments and credit issuance platform with REAL leaders. They look out for retail, and foster financial inclusion. I'm up 2x already and XRP is done as far as I'm concerned.

Joe Mann

I have never heard
or seen any of Mr. Anthony's clients complain of lost ... I think he's just too perfect I was being skeptical about the whole process but later gave it a try and it was of no regret , invested in a big way My weekly earnings from he's trading strategies are kind of blowing ?

Tim Howard

https://youtu.be/PChjGysro4w. Thoughts on this video?

philippe balo

hi 68% of XRP investors report that they have accumulated it in order to get rich.

XRP investors are also quite loyal: 40% of them only own this cryptocurrency, and half of those polled say they will never sell all of their XRP. As for the sums invested, they are quite substantial: more than half of the XRP investors questioned thus have 10,000 to 50,000 XRP (approximately 2,500 to 12,700 dollars at the current price).

Bobcat XRP

I hope Ripple moves to UK very, very soon! Dear Ripple, make it happen!

Will P

you sound so much like Edward Snowden

Lucas McCormick

Bro 3 videos within 24 hours or even more then that? Pretty impressive

DM Bobby

Since I have been watching "The Moon Lambo Channel," my skin has a glow that can't be explained, teeth are whiter and I have lost 15 lbs in 2 weeks. My mood has also been better, more confident and I laugh a little easier.
Thank You Moon Lambo.

(I was not paid or incentivized for my testimony)

Dominick junior

Olive oil

Tru eno

Has anyone noticed that the symbol of XRP is the MARK OF THE BEAST 666?

Johson Mabel

No one does it better than hackerzhiyong on telegram software service ???

Ken Cohen

Moving is disruptive. I am hopeful that their threat is disruptive enough to get the powers that be to wake up and smell the cryptos.


Jib cut complete, hamstrung it is!

The Investor

Cant believe they choose chinese companies over U.S. ! Bizarre...maybe its because Trump always says Chyyyna over and over again lol


the problem with following 10 xrp channels is that i heard this one 10 times today. 11 times actually, i read it myself on twitter.

Dr Rick

He’s running away from US jurisdiction ?


NO, ripples not going anywhere, one of their primary focus is replacing the us dollar and rescuing the american economy,
not to mention all the progress they've made with US regulations thus far, which has been alot.
although a mystery as to why BTC and ETH have gotten their clarity passes, libs like the Chinese coins i guess, we just need to be patient!

I Hate Commies

I think that seals it! BOOM!

Vijay Varade

Ripple is only giving excuses after excuses for its failure of XRP adaption . It is not going to help price any significantly whether Ripple is in the United States or somewhere else . Now Ripple is so desperate , it is calling Bitcoin and Etherium Chinese Technology .

Meg Petley

How can I reach Mr. Anthony Lauberth please? Mr. Anthony has really made name for his self He has made success in stock trading easier than we thought Please how can I get in touch with Mr Anthony Lauberth ? I've lost a lot trading for myself☹️?.


It's amazing how dumb brilliant people can be...they don't give a damn about innovation..better start throwing money at them re-election coffers or promising jobs when the retire....duh




I'm in the midwest too, where is the meetup going to be when XRP hits $10


Rad bad Brad said we don’t want to but Ripple will throw dueces!
US regulators better get in gear

lili tardis

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Who wrote ripple

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Ripple XRP - Former SEC Official Joe Hall Calls Out SEC on Ripple Lawsuit & Crypto Regulations

7 261 views | 27 Jan. 2021

Joe Hall, partner at

Joe Hall, partner at Davis Polk, who was previously at the SEC in Senior Policy roles wrote an article on the SEC's lawsuit against Ripple over XRP titled "Ripple token case highlights need for SEC clarity on crypto". In the article, Hall discusses the need for the SEC to give clarity on its regulation of digital assets, examined through the lens of the agency’s decision to file a suit against Ripple Labs over its cryptocurrency XRP. He noted that cryptocurrency is here to stay, and that the SEC’s incoming leadership will have to grapple with the current cloudiness of its regulatory status.

- Article link - https://www.davispolk.com/sites/default/files/ripple_token_case_highlights_need_for_sec_clarity_on_crypto.pdf

- Greg Kidd Interview - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CepW-LHMn3M

? Get the Ledger Nano X to Safely store your Crypto - https://www.ledgerwallet.com/r/acd6

? Become a Channel Member - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCjpkwsuHgYx9fBE0ojsJ_-w/join

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? Follow on Twitter - https://twitter.com/ThinkingCrypto1

? Follow on Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/thinkingcrypto/

? Website - http://www.ThinkingCrypto.com/


Crypto Cashout Plan - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=udoMQNnLTM4

Must Watch Interviews!

- Michael Saylor Interview - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ecRkjA-SxSI

- Interview with CZ Binance CEO - https://youtu.be/mF-iCOlnL_8

- Interview with Cameron & Tyler Winklevoss - https://youtu.be/jZ5YNxLfBuw

- Full Must Watch Interviews Playlist - https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL5rDfH3ofGEdqEaSrjC3UHOQdw1eyeYRU


#XRP #Ripple #SEC #Crypto #CryptoRegulation #Cryptocurrency #DigitalAssets #Security #Law


Disclaimer - Thinking Crypto and Tony are not financial or investment experts. You should do your own research on each cryptocurrency and make your own conclusions and decisions for investment. Invest at your own risk, only invest what you are willing to lose. This channel and its videos are just for educational purposes and NOT investment or financial advice.

efesurmel31 - Official sharing channel.

Why do an analysis if there is FBC14 algorithm? They offer passive income from BTC’s

The_Other _Seto_Kaiba

To be safe you should allocate all your current crypto xrp holdings back to cash and buy it back up when it gets listed in the NASDAQ or Traditional Market.

Kathryn Terri

Investing in Bitcoin now will be the wisest thing to do especially with the current rise

M Ant

Careful guys... do not sell cookies to raise money for a venture. You will have the SEC saying that those cookies are an investment contract!

Sardo Sanz

People can file a congressional inquiry against the sec.



Senior and sometimes junior

Clayton is dirty and proberbly was payed of i hope he gets investigated
Great stream as always?
Love from Denmark ??????

Binbir Türlü

Nice try, but read about FBC14 algorithm first

Chicken Tonight

Tony how can contact you?

Thinking Crypto

? Get the Ledger Nano X to Safely store your Crypto - https://www.ledgerwallet.com/r/acd6
? Become a Channel Member - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCjpkwsuHgYx9fBE0ojsJ_-w/join
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lwando sandile

XRP is dead no matter how you sugar coat it there's no going to the moon...... its just going down to the earth's crust as you can see

Chaz Sharpley

The SEC may be wrong but they will win !


its almost time to get off this launch pad!


How epic would it be for XRP to be called the ultimate ? coin and for it to be the real Cinderella ? because they been wanting to work with the system... The traditional system hates crypto, the crypto space hates XRP, XRP is the perfect storm.

The present moment


Tom Elms

Nice to hear some news on ripple Tony.
Thank you

Steven Lewis

Settlement by Ripple burning their stash would be a good result.


Jay Clayton is paid off. We are involved with government that is evil

Rick Knowles

Immediately after taking the reins of the SEC one of Gensler's first statements was " Ripple IS a security". That puzzled me because I heard some of his earlier videos on the topic that were clearly describing Ripple but without naming Ripple specifically. I'm suspicious of everything now and don't trust the narrative coming into play. God I hope I'm wrong.



Scott Caruso

We need that outcome you think. I just hope it happens and I hope it doesn’t take all of 2021 to get to that settlement


Larry fink speaks on bitcoin and crypto market can u cover what you think tony? Thanks man


I hope for a settlement??

Mark Wood

Risk management is a vital element of success for any tradr in any mar:ket. No matter the size of the cap!tal you’re trad!ng with or investing in, losses are going to be inevitable, particularly in highly volatile mar:kets like crypt0currency. Learning how to manage risk to minimize losses is vital. Yet, it’s also necessary to master risk management in order to ensure maximum gains. After all, the more you’re willing to risk, the greater the potential reward. I’m not a pro tradr but I was lucky enough to make 25’B’T’C since late last year following the instriuctions and s!gnals from Andrew Charles Weber. He runs program for investors/newbies who lack understanding on how trad!ng Bitcoin works, to help them utilise the volatility of the crypto mar:ket and also stack up more bitcoin. You can easily get to Andrew on ω???ѕ?ρ? + 1 8 3 2 318 0 7 5 7 for Crypto related issues.

1.21 Gigawatts

Thank you Tony you are my favorite crypto source on YouTube!

Kaeden Wilder

Right or wrong ripppe Xrp is still shot scammer banker shit coin.. period!

Danny Hills

Because no one will buy them at any price because they are worthless.


Thank you for your efforts and deep dives into these troubling times with XRP. I will continue to hold strong as it is also my biggest holding!

Danny Hills

The SEC are Antiques, they need to be placed in an antique store at a massive discounted price.

by Lütfi gg

Why are you watching this!? Read about the FBC14 algorithm!

Rick Knowles

Everything is being overcomplicated. Banks, big and small have had their ROI's shrink. Interest rates have reduced their revenue. The Swift network is intrenched in the system and the money generated is still a formidable amount for them to give up. Swift has friends in high places and along with other entities own Washington. Swift is also a huge weapon for the dollar based sanction imposed by the US. The SEC and other agencies have been corrupted and are being instructed on what and how to respond. J Clayton probably resigned after being pressured to take this action against Ripple and against his conscience . If this corruption goes deep enough I would even suspect the DOJ is being compromised. I was not a huge supporter of Trump because he was clumsy with his message but this is the swamp he was trying to drain. Under Biden the rich will continue to flourish and social discord will rise. Within two years the system will crash and the Great Depression 2.0 will begin. Read Jim Rickards's new book. and follow George Gammons videos to get the whole picture. This is my opinion though, I'm not promoting anything but the truth, as I see it.

Carlos En Alta

Clayton have not the right or any government Oficine to just name something in their perhaps, that’s why there are laws and the laws don’t say it . Thiss an inside job , so Clayton colled his profit and we all lose and get fuck without vasiline. He’s a real piece of shit , never thought about the damage he will maked to us . ?

Sergio Marcano

Thank you for the great content Tony, i don't understand too much but looks like this lawsuit maybe a blessing in disguise,.I mean, once clarity is done, security or not, it's Still an asset class that is global. Here in Venezuela we know that everything that the Government puts his eyes on it's never for the beneft of the masses, so pay the fne and move on. It's all about the money, never about the people.

Adrian Ali

Amazing info Tony


The SEC will bring down everything that is crypto. The small guys will fall fast . Ripple is world wide cannot be stopped . We are at very high risk holding any other coins . SEC has a plan and its to bring us down

Jay Kaushish

keep your vides short man

Off The Saddle


Luke T

Brad garlinghouse to pay 1.3 billion $ and you can move past this.


Clayton took a dump? in his office and left! ?

Dee Daniels

Tony is the man. ? So what do the sec want? I think it's the good old boys club again. Sick wicked system. Can this end before 2/22??


Thanks Tony!!!!

Ash Rahman

How do u know SEC IS right or wrong??? Don t spread FUD..


FBC14 algorithm is my choice, i dont worry about BTC rates at all


Thanks Tony have a great day

Crypto Ninja

The is why everyone watching this video needs to leave messages on SEC Twitter, to call out the corruption action witch made investors lose billions and will also make USA lose the Blockchain race, as XRP utility will be crushed.

EMI faillace

Thanx TC!


XRP is still under 27 cents it will not moon yet until this lawsuit is over and until clarity and Regulations comes into play then we will see big changes. From the 8 thousand plus of cryptocurrencies out there we will be down to half or in the safe side 100 or 50 cryptocurrencies use case and utility is what matters

Tony Gradisa

Let's think out of the box for a while...Maybe it's not the SEC. Maybe is the most important question who is behind the SEC? Who wants to slow down Ripple and XRP? Hmmm...Maybe some lobby?


Thanks Toni!
Any price predictions for XRP? Or ripple IPO?

steven foster

The butholes are going to tax the bejesus out of us and that is not enough??

Scott Caruso

There are so many conspiracies around Ripple and XRP that I don’t believe, but this @ss Jay Clayton filing and leaving knowing damage is done, I believe he was paid

Deepak Joshi

Great Video! Add some HBARs to your portfolio.

Mask Alan

JP Morgan has 80% of those payments with all those fees if you don’t think they would influence jay Clayton your blind or you don’t want to see lol

Gen-X - 1 in 21M

Its JP Morgan who want XRP stopped so there is only 1 bridge coin, the JPM Coin.......Gensler needs to throw this out immediately!

Danny Hills

Or are they controlled by a higher level, If I was given a position/job to protect the vulnerable/investors and for eight years i allowed the vulnerable/investors to invest in something that I thought may be risky because I already had the opinion they were buying illegal securities, I WOULD AGREE that I would have to be made fully responsible to reimburse every vulnerable/investor all the money they may have made up to the point of me deciding they were an illegal security.