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DEBATE FALLOUT: Destiny Surprises Pakman, Calls In

81 793 views | 10 Feb. 2021

Destiny calls in to the

Destiny calls in to the David Pakman show to hash out some disagreements regarding GameStop and WallStreetBets reddit vs stock market coverage...

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This showcases nicely how to backlash counterswings against a popularly held idea that involves some disinformation often also starts misrepresenting the ideas


Don’t take David Pakman lightly. He can get really nasty if you are on his bad side.


kenny needs to stop being a mean baby. chad pakman

Traveler Finder

A new type of legal market manipulation was born lets all get rich off the backs of zoomers who use Robinhood. Zoomers are still young they'll make the money back.

PaleBlueDot N

I wish Destiny wouldn't burn bridges so gleefully, but with certain people I do get it I guess. When you're having trouble communicating clearly with David Pakman though, it's time to start looking inward.


I don't get how things can get this tense over something this banal... Was there other things stressing this bridge in the background?


The prodigal son, Va'aush

Steve Bannon's Cat

Bro when Vaush said DPak, I was legit confused as to where did this Indian dude came from in the middle of all this. I'm a YouTube subscriber to pakman but took me a while to get it.

Deepak is an Indian name btw.


3:05 what we really can say is that it happened to protect the shorts in this case. I can also imagine a situation where it would hurt them. Pakman is ascribing collusion which is the problem


It's sad so many lonely le redditors listen to these people and give them money, attention and fame. Absolute fucking losers, just like the ones trying to be le funny and get top comment on these videos with recycled reddit comments

Oscar Chacon

Great to see one of my new favorite Youtubers (Dpak) shut this guy down. I don't think destiny is even capable of arguing in good faith at this point.

Mike Mac

Pakman deliberately ignoring the Circumcision Jew conversation.

daniel bowman

Phew ! That was a close one

Nez Mustard

Well.. I think that’s the closest Destiny will come to conceding. Muddy the waters with semantic circles then pretend they were on the same page .


trying to watch any video with destiny on 2x speed is always impossible

Moth Bohique

No man is an island. Except Destiny. And no bridges will take you there

That Tommy West

Some men aren't looking for anything logical, like money. They can't be bought, bullied, reasoned or negotiated with. Some men just want to watch the bridge burn.


Is pakman a polygamist?

Jonathan Young



I can never tell if pakman is serious or trolling, he just sounds so sarcastic to me


I can’t figure out if Destiny missed his Adderall or took a double shot ?

Tarqin Quentinsson

But I thought the point was that Robinhood literally couldn't facilitate those trades? That it wasn't about risk, its that the platform was never designed for such high volumes of trades on single stocks and that they therefore were not able to continue offering that service on that product?

I mean, rather than Robinhood's actions being self-preservation which also happened to protect short-sellers because "that's the way the system is designed", it seems more like Pakman is calling for Robinhood to be bailed out for the sake of making the short-sellers suffer...

Tomas 162

Un cubano y un argentino viendo quien es mas zurdo

kaemon bonet

I heard David pakman doesn't even like attack on Titan.


destiny is so terrible lol he'll throw anyone under the bus to make himself look better


The right is eating itself, the left is eating itself, now the libs are eating themselves. Is no one safe? Truly Orwellian folks. Dark times

Martin Kerr

When David Pakman is actually the God tier debate lord. He just hides his power level to test his strength on you for training.


pac man will DESTROY him


Kenny 2 and Dpak bridge saved

Jami Salama

Bridge over river DPak

David Nymann

0/10 needs more swordfights

Philippe Capet

Am i correct that robinhood only closed buys and not sells?


Not sure if I am missing something but wasn’t David saying he didn’t like that robinhood stopping buys protected short positions while hurting retail investors. Isn’t the detail of this the crux of Destiny’s argument: robinhood could no longer actually offer to execute buys because they didn’t have the capital – if retailers wanted to they could have gone through another brokerage to do so. If you think these shorts got saved by robinhood then you have to agree it was luck on their part that robinhood didn’t have more capital. Am I correct in thinking there would always be an upper limit at which robinhood could no longer offer buys?


This is the start of Destiny's Bobby Fischer era

Cee Gee

This is an unexpected introduction to Pakman. He is not too cool but he's pretty boss.

No Noyes

Steven "Kenny" Kenneth "Destiny" Bonnell II

MyessYallyah Americus

You have no means of communicating with me because you're afraid to.

Floopsie McSoops

Destiny's argument is so bad. Even if retailers were selling en masse prior to Robinhood closing the ability to execute buy orders, making it impossible for retailers to buy stock but not limiting selling, this still helps the short sellers.

Chef Leen

Va- aosh sound like nice gui

Andrej Popovski

Im afraid this bridge is made of the finest stone <3


Pakman wins this exchange. Kenny came off like a Shapiro who tries to talk fast to hide that he doesn’t really have a sound argument.

Julian Lawrence

Wait... you're invested in Tesla? I'm out, Mr. Pakman.

Gr8 B8 M8

Getting into the stock market in 2020 is like getting a rotary dial phone in 2021. If you're not in crypto as an average joe, you're not making money.


Destiny's just a centrist now.. I used to follow him but haven't for a while now.

Josh Maclean

What is the difference between what Wallstreet bets did and what cnbc and their analysts do every day? You can't really prove intent of the Wallstreet bets people (leaders?)



Michael Hiben

Okay good I thought you burnt another bridge haha


Can we go back to realizing the real enemy such as scumbags like Crowder.


v, osh

Curt Bressler

Destiny's Dishonesty; "I've spent literally more time on this than anyone else!"
What a very TRUMPian thing to say.

Dizzy Raskolnikov



10:21 something about Dpak there made me laugh so hard. Almost as if he felt like Destiny was going to start shouting at him any second XD


No sponsoring in this clip, I am disappointed.


We have been watching Destiny slowly fall to the dark side.
Resorting to aggression and emotion instead of being cool and levelheaded.


Make America Bate Again

Pakman showed up right in Destiny's horse feeeeeed

Might be your mother

Dpak: makes a valid argument
Steven: gish gallop engaged

BJA Anderson

DPak's back must hurt carrying that bridge around by himself. Oomph.

Lord A

It was a matter of time before Destiny ruined another friendship. Also Destiny looks pretty bad.

Jacob Prescott

When Destiny says "the majority of retailers were selling prior to Robinhood closing trades" does he mean the total amount of stock owned by retailers being traded, or does he mean that there was a numerical majority of individuals in the sell position. This is a pretty important distinction because it more accurately puts into context the closing of stock buys through Robinhood. If it was a majority amount in terms of total value, then Robinhood wouldn't have run into the clearinghouse issue that it did. To me, this only makes sense if the majority of value was still in the buy position, even though the numerical majority of individuals were selling.

If that is true, the odds of WSB facing any kind of criminal exposure is next to nothing...at least according my limited layman understanding of the stock market and its related legal complexities...which is very little. If, however, we take at face value that the numerical majority were selling before the major value crunch, and both the price fluctuations as well as the majority of gains/losses were absorbed by institutions and not retailers...then where is the consumer fraud? This doesn't really fit into classic models of Pump and Dump schemes because a majority of the promoting for this supposed scheme wasn't even from WSB. It came from outside content creators and mainstream media sources. The impetus for the buys wasn't to take a penny stock and hyperinflate its value, but instead to counter a short. These two facets alone would make a fraud case highly unlikely because it will be very difficult to prove malicious intent when most retailers knowledge of stock situation didn't actually come from WSB and the reason for the buys has potentially legitimate purpose.

This isn't to say that Destiny is wrong, and I hope he will get into more detail when his compilation video comes out. However, I can't help but notice that Destiny didn't really touch the main thrust of David's assertion that our financial investment is structured heavily in favor of institutions. The risks they take are mitigated in ways that are not accessible to the average retail traders. It is a system where millions can lose their retirement savings, their homes, and their jobs with no structural safeguards but large Wall Street institutions like hedge funds and investment bankers have protections bakes right in. Destiny doesn't actually address this issue though and instead wanted to focus on the culpability of WSB. I wish Destiny had actually answered the actual thrust of Davids criticism instead of hammering at a completely unrelated topic.

Leeopold logan

Are people in the comments not getting the joke or is the people in the comments not getting the joke the joke that I'm not getting also screw punctuation


“I don’t even think we disagree on anything”. Ya Destiny, except you called out David...

Chris Field

lol, destiny is such a clown


Why do these arguments make me cringe so much, I can't even watch them.

Ty Johson

I fucks with Pac-Man


im shorting the dpak/destiny bridge, it's a matter of time sadly at least ill make some profit


Destiny was so out of his league on this one...


Destiny can fuck right off. Dpakman is God tier. Destiny is whiny 14yr old vibes

Tormund GiantsBrain

Bae Pakman too smart for destiny to gish gallop. destiny's still head and shoulders above the socialist frauds tho.

Russell Scott

Is two pump and dump any good?


It kinda seems like Destiny is losing it.


Destiny!? Isn’t that a girls name?

PDX Sound

Im sorry but Destiny absolutely implied what Pakman thought he implied... maybe not intentional but Destiny was hard to follow in this talk.


The title says the bridge is saved but i feel dpak is still going in the manifesto.


@4:33 "D-Pak" begins to tremble as the one known as Destiny begins knocking at the door. D-Pak realizes that he is going to have to debate his way out of this one.

Ashley Johansson

This is nice to see since the conservative community on youtube are just circle jerkers who only debate dumb college students.


"He PROBABLY has a certain ideology...He PROBABLY passes it on without being too critical of it... I THINK that he like also has his ideological biases that he falls into"



This is the content we crave, but don't deserve...


Time to debate against circumcision?


Destiny is so CRINGECRINGEcringeCRINGE... can’t he go back to addressing Ben Shapiro or whoever?

Lilly Chamberlain

I'm disappointed in David Pakman.


Destiny is talking at Ben shabibi speeds


YES! 100% agree with David's take on the GME situation.


Dads please don't fight... :(

Manny EHC

Pakman's composure is otherworldly. Steven went at it while David just, as calm as he could, tried to understand the misunderstanding Steven had about a belief David has.

Carl M

"Depends on how many wives you have with you at the time".... rofl

Charles Barnes

The balls this Destiny guy has, posting such an embarrassing performance as this on his own channel.

Armand D

'Donald Trump Watch Live Senate Impeachment Trial Day 1' won this debate

Keith Araneo-Yowell

Horse diet

Solon 292

Packman over Destiny, more brains more calmness, more honestness. And thats coming from someone who is further left than either of them.

Andrew Profitt

I was afraid for Pakman but he was very controlling throughout that convo... kinda hot

William Bennett

daddy Soros Blesstiny

Don't you fucking uwu me

By merely saying that the 'system is set up so that big guys can avoid risk and small guys can be prevented from buying' Pakman implies 1) this system was set up this way intentionally 2) there is a better way to set up the '''system''' and strongly hints at a downright conspiracy theory. All of this needs justification.

Secondly, him saying that what Robinhood did was not illegal is mosdirection! He talks about the situation as if Robinhood stopping trades was morally bad, but when it comes to defending this, he motte and bayles back to 'oh im just stating facts, im not passing judgement here, no no'.

Curt Bressler

That's just destiny's debate tactic/style.....destiny rarely communicates with anyone without employing such tactics. He uses maximal words to attack and defend positions. He uses vague and implied terms to establish arguments with ample wiggle room for him to dance around in.
These tactics work on the weak minded and Destinetes. It's very disingenuous.

J Creates

I was at the edge of my seat the entire time. The only time I was hoping this Destiny girl lost an argument.

Shane Fallen

Kinda crazy that if destiny says one thing Pakman doesn’t like destiny becomes the enemy


This feels like Trihex all over again, is he gonna come out with a thesis-long manifesto detailing all the ways in which Dpak has screwed up?

Trihex spoke to him as a friend asking for an apology and he fragrantly brushed it off. And when questioned or judged by his actions he lashed out and acted facetiously and then argumentatively.

I looked over that incident and acquiesced back into his following. But now I'm starting to think that he's forgot why he's fighting and will die in any hill.


destiny? that's a girl name!

randy corona

If you allow this guy to talk down to you, you deserve it. DPak? You guys are lame.


Thought this was a Dpack video...


They didn't even talk about the dissagreement. Thing is, Steven made a VERY defencible claim that even Pakman probably has his biases. And used the GME thing as an example since that was what they were talking about. Though it's irrelevant werther or not it is actually the case with GME. It remains the case that EVERYONE has their biases, that's something even Steven does, and will admit to having.

R gamestop

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The REAL Reason Why GameStop Stock Is Crashing

27 225 views | 4 Feb. 2021

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We've all heard of what happened with GameStop - a huge short squeeze followed by a downwards trend. But have you seen the truth? In this video, I cover the behind the scenes of GameStop stock and the stock market in general.

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im just gonna leave my gme stock in my portfolio as a reminder for me for the quote " Be FEARFUL when others are GREEDY"

low key diamond hands


Like it happened with KNDI.

Tim Chow

Why does this video only have 16k views? Everyone needs to watch it


its crazy how low the big guys managed to push gamestop. They got it below 50.

Andrew Marucci

If there was nothing to hide, why the propaganda? @MainstreamMedia

Honestly just do some simple math. If 1% of the worlds population just bought one share each that's 73 million shares. People all around the world are buying this stock and in droves.
With so many people who have bought and held by the number of shares across the globe, it's damn near impossible for them to have covered their shorts.

DD has told me they manipulated the price drop. Yes there were panic sellers but not enough to get them out of trouble, and it only allowed more people to buy in for the first time. Their FUD play just backfired hard.

I firmly believe the squeeze is a comin' CHOO CHOO! Lol.

This is not financial advice but I am certainly buying more shares of GME and AMC premarket tonight/tomorrow morning

Alex Villanueva

Cramer doesn't need to work for Hedge funds. He is against them. Provide some evidence that's not over 15 years old. He's been teaching people how they operate since he quit his own hedge fund.


Jim Cramer has always been a shady criminal. But CNBC loves him, because he is helping their friends on Wall Street.

Paul Nelson

I wonder if I am too late to jump on the GameStop frenzy, I always seem to be on the loosing end of all this beautiful opportunities. I even heard of a guy who made around $200k just this past week. How can I be in the know of all these, and if possible make such incomes in a short window?

Brent Nally

I just bought GME at $51 as a protest to the corrupt system. Maybe I’ll even make some money...great video as always!

Robert Camarda

This reminds me of the Hunt brothers and Silver back in 80's

T Mills

"Comment comment comment." Great vid ??.. should I buy GME now ?

dp Amok

One question remains : do the initial fight has been won by WSB against Marvin and Citron ?

Jim N

What if the 8 million Reddit investors all targeted on stock for voting rights?

Bob Slartabartfast

superb video very clear. thank you.

Antonio NYC

I was watching Jim Cramer a little last night just to be entertained about the market, and some of the negative things he would say about certain companies that are performing well seemed suspect to me. But I always watch and analyze neg people so that I know not to get fooled by their bullshit...

Market Scraper

I don't think Cramer is getting paid, but he is in his own circle and therefore will have the bias of the collective opinion. That is why he was anti Tesla, if he only hears the negative cases he would probably have the negative bias. Our opinions are often a collection of those around us.


03:12 I see a nice place for a Nikola logo there. ?



Just Me

We now have the power and right to fight back those immoral hypocrites


Shady Hedge fund bastards. They should all be charged criminally.

Max Lew

The Casino's games are rigged! Robin hood was an insolvent company that defrauded reddit investors.

Joey Jacobs

Holy. Fucking. Shit.
....How do we [the people] get organized and exact financial revenge???????

Optimus Prime

this is happening in AMC too..does not makes any sense that the price getting lower and lower and people offering lower and lower...despite the recovery we r getting

Mr R

what do you think of $INPX? Analysts says $1200 by end of year with market being underserved.


commenting for algorithm..

Tim Casady

That’s why it’s important to own great businesses long

Shelz Bane

Can't trust Cramer he never liked tesla lol he jus be talking

Gชอบมาก Fis

Hedge fun manipulation of stocks has been going on since the inception of hedge funds nobody will stop them because the people that should stop them are getting paid by the hedge funds

Mi M

This video reveals just some of the ongoing corruption among Wall Streeters and banks, which was actually admitted in the video shown! It is not the greatest corruption ongoing. All of the concealment and corruption among those crooks will soon collapse the US economy!

Imagine that a lot of the banks' assets are in that same situation as Deutche Bank and its recent, foreclosed, mall company’s non-sale: there are no purchasers who are likely to pay anywhere close to the book value at which the banks have their "assets" reported on their balance sheets. I believe that that event story reveals a GIGANTIC amount of corruption in real dollar terms, enabling massive, fraudulent transfers and concealing insolvency among banks/Wall Street entities, which the "Federal" Reserve has been complicit in concealing for years. My belief, for which I cannot state any reason, is that this has been going on for more than a decade in many areas by many banks.

Thus, if these banks were dissolved by a non-corrupt, third party, agency (if there were one), they would be revealed to have been legally insolvent (because the realizable, net FMV of their assets had been below the amount of their total liabilities) for years. That would mean that their dividend payments and other transfers of funds, e.g., with outrageous benefits to shareholders, would have been fraudulent transfers under most states' laws and/or illegal distributions under other states' laws FOR YEARS for which the corporate officers and shareholders (often the beneficiaries of these corrupt payments which their "Federal" Reserve has covertly enabled, e.g., by buying $2 TRILLION in mortgage-backed securities to bail out banks) would be liable.

Because of the powerful banksters involved, I predict that nothing will be done as to that corruption, as only fake reforms were enacted after the 2000 to 2009 Wall Streeter frauds. I use the earlier date because the bogus, for-inflated-values-designed-to-be-uncollectible securities that the banksters were selling to the dumb money were profitably sold for years before they needed to be bailed out.

The banksters made billions or trillions from such frauds for years before they finally got their free TRILLION dollar bailouts from the "Fed" and the US government. See cites below. Of course, after all of the alleged "reforms," the "Federal" Reserve just had to bail out the banksters again in 2019-2020 by buying their garbage, uncollectible, mortgage backed securities. See cites below.

What amazes me is how long the corrupt have been getting away with this kind of thing in so many, many areas. Do most Americans have to get hit on their heads by 2 by 4 foot beams before they notice the corruption? This corruption is now endemic.

I learned years ago that the legal profession was utterly corrupt: with many, many attorneys paying non-attorney third parties to create fake cases. Many, many others being preferred because they clean out files of damaging information and documents, do not produce damaging documents, and coach witnesses to lie.

Personally, I actually had a woman who stopped suddenly for no reason in LA after I had gotten an expensive sports car and when I was easily able to brake fast enough not to hit her old SUV, she actually backed up to try to hit me to try to create a fake accident. I yelled at her but was quick enough to back up faster than she did for about one block while blowing my horn, so she finally noticed the bystanders staring at us and drove off. I gave up on the corrupt police.

The labor authorities in California are similarly utterly corrupt: the FLSA ignores and does not investigate or even contact persons reporting labor violation cases against connected persons or companies. One complaint about a worker being used to commit tax fraud was just closed without even a phone call while when emails to that agency asking about the case were evaded and the FLSA responding person would not identify him or herself.

The LA workmen's compensation court has allowed persons to just remove and destroy papers filed by corrupt attorneys, so that persons who already appeared, filed papers, and were recognized as employers (for example) later reappear and claim that they were ignorant of the cases for years, while the judges “seem” to have amnesia about the whole thing! The IRS and FBI also do not take action against powerful, connected persons.

Real estate (RE) boards do not even open cases when corrupt brokers defraud their clients, despite repeated complaints being made to them. E.g., I know of a $700,000+ judgment obtained after diligent efforts despite the constant bragging of two attorneys representing a certain RE broker that they were so connected that the attorney handling it had better just accept money from them under the table, which was successfully defended on appeal, against a powerful RE broker of the right group, whose attorney basically bragged of his parentage from a member of organized crime.

Nevertheless, when the RE brokers relatives were sued (to whom he had fraudulently transferred his assets and income for years) a member of the right group was appointed to handle the case who eventually revealed his relationship to those two attorneys for the RE broker! During this time, the one, honest judge who had entered the $700,000+ judgment was moved to the court of appeal, so the new judge from the same group as the "connected" lawyers could be put into the case. Those connected lawyers had claimed that they were so powerful that they did not even have to produce documents in response to discovery demands repeatedly, before the honest judge later ordered them to do so.

The new, corrupt LA judge of that same group then reportedly talked to the client improperly, terrified him so he actually, physically shed tears hysterically asking his lawyer to just settle the case while he never ever disclosed the reason, and convinced him to take a settlement sum that was below the value of one of the many houses of that corrupt, RE broker's families that had previously been located and were going to be sold to satisfy that FINAL judgment. After the settlement, the RE authorities (who were supposed to investigate and prosecute brokers and do prosecute brokers who are Hispanic or African American or Muslim or of other poor minorities) never even responded to prior complaints as to the broker.

Also, ALL RECORDS of that corrupt, RE broker's judgment and of other, prior suits against him suddenly DISAPPEARED from LA county superior court and appellate court records! If that RE broker defrauds another of his clients, for which offense he had been sued repeatedly, that newly defrauded client will never be able to prove that there was any judgment for fraud against that RE broker again.

He will be able to claim to a later jury that he never had a fraud judgment entered against him! Similarly, now, the evidence of corruption by real estate brokers and hedge funds has become publicly admitted and blatant. E.g., watch "How Hedge Fund Billionaires Are Crushing GameStop Stock" at casgains academy in yte before it is removed or censored.

After seeing this, I wonder if Americans will finally demand that their congresspersons take action at least as to the SEC (called the "Society to Enable Corruption"), which is probably again sitting on its hands as it sat on his hands FOR YEARS when it was repeatedly warned about the connected, Bernie Maddoff's corruption until his own family member reported it. (Did they report it to get police protection from their defrauded clients who had accepted remarkably high returns for years without questioning how they were being “procured” and might have left them floating in some pools somewhere? I suspect the latter.)

The sign on the front of the SEC sigil should be drawings of the see no evil, hear no evil, and speak no evil monkeys, except perhaps a last, fourth monkey should be added which always keeps his head stuck in a whole in the sand, because he does not notice any corruption among the connected. Why do you think that entity's leaders and TV personalities have been hired for years? Because they stand up to corruption, or because they go along with it and do not report on it?

As Forbes reported, 15 billionaires now own US media, so the media has utterly abandoned its investigatory role. Watch other countries' media to see how real journalists investigate stories and do not just public word bites repeating whatever the powerful want said, even false stories to manipulate stock prices! We will see if the new administration has a reformer head the SEC or just another enabler.

Brian Krynitsky

Great video but confusing title


The wsb has been completely taken over. We're clearly hurting them, hold you apes!


Can you imagine if a bill passes that shorting would be illegal, how much all stocks would go up

Miki M

Thanks, very nice content. And although not sure is true now about Jim, but you brave calling him out...

Mi M

Great video! I just subscribed.


Jim Cramer has so much to tell us now that he has transitioned from the Dark Side .... ;)


I agreed with Jim, I played the GME run up, made 2k on my small position over a couple of days but Was under no illusion this price was going to hold or even keep going up got in a little over 200 got out a little over 380 just for fun but never thought it was going to be anything more than what it was, a straight short squeeze.... it goes up then it is gonna come crashing back down so anyone that was holding for the long term I think is a bit of an idiot, all this hold the line rubbish, I’m not selling until it hits 5k...... How the hell was that ever going to eventuate


Great explanation

D Duffy

I'm hoping more new investors start to see who Cramer is and what he's been doing for years if not decades. I remember a college roommate listening to him back in the late nineties and early 2000's. He lost everything. He didn't understand how to value companies on his own he only learned how to value what Cramer said. So sad

Jenny A

Diamant hands, the squeeze is coming, this are just short ladda attacks. Lost 2k €

Mike Fas

As a lawyer for decades, I can say that this is a must watch video, which reveals truths that some would like censored. I also copied the link to send it to someone else and then the link would not work. Also, searching for only the keywords does not bring up this video but other, pro-crooks videos. I think that you are being censored.

Christopher Conlogue

This will be the inflection point of the rejection of the mainstream financial system and the real beginning of decentralized finance.


Cramer actually gave solid advice. If you had that stock like gme and it went up that much, you won that play already. If you waited up until today, you won somewhat but not as much.

Alan Tan

The only fraud is the discord and reddit channels fooling investors to hold after GME hit $460. This is to allow the smart money to exit, dumb ones left to hold the bag.

Jose Vela

I have never listened to kramer, always thought he was full of it, the interview confirms it and I'm not buying his act that now he believes in the people and is doing it for us. He just tells you what you want to hear.

T Snide

3:50 so, the plot of Showtime's TV show 'Billionaires' is real?

Eros Kaw

these aggressive shortsellers are a bane to the global economy. and the media are the attack dogs. its like Sauron and the journalists are orcs.

Reca Nto

My biggest problem aside from these already mentioned are youtubers that are beeing paid to hike or crumble a stock. Thats a no no.


This is the best explanation of the Gamestop drama I have seen. Thank you, Casgains

Macio Luko

So I guess what these criminals will come up with is some sort of questionnaire before you buy stock!?


Bill Clinton signed the bill for shorts

Philippe Gauthier

I used my Long Elevator Defence against the short ladder attack

Cruz Custio

Short selling should be illegal

Mercot Singh

I figured it out...these guys r making both on the short n long...their orders r not even registering during market hrs...their transactions r set to be done first b4 everybody else n the rest is left overs when the big action happens already without anybody knowing....i tracked the volumes sales during market hrs n they do not add up...there r pieces missing...it is said that these guys will do a transaction for eg...they say they want 2mil shares to buy...hedge fund buys it...sells it back at profit unaccounted for on the market however the transaction took place...all these guys need to proof is that they can show they bought the stock here n sold it there ...thats all they need to do...they dont even enter the actual market...the algorhythms takes care of all that...u never notice the big drops in the algos n then they shot right back...thats when the transaction took place b4 the market is actually open it does not reflect in the volumes u never noticed???


Amazing video

No Fear Trading Group


Stephen Remillard

Where is the rest of the video? You can't stop like that!!

Jeffrey Smith

Theranos was private so it was not shorted but it would have been a great short

kalidas k

I am learning lot from you . Awesome work ?

lucci brisc

George Soros is the Master Hedge Fund butcher. He destroyed entire countries' economies back 30, 40 years ago. He is a billionaire because of his corrupt nature. MFers

Kyle JF

This is what was done with GNUS. Citron or Hindenburg said "this ain't worth xyz" it worth $1.50 then drove it down to below $1 at one point.

Now before anyone says much, I'm not saying this stock is worth $10 or anything, but they've literally ticked off every box so far they said they would. Look at their management. It ain't full of small hitters at all.

Would love to see you cover this one, even though it is very different from your usual ARK or Tesla videos. You have a very good eye for the details.

Robert Fox

Thank you!

daciefus jones

now we are seeing all the crooked regulators that the hedge funds own, they are bought and paid for. I have sent e-mails to all my senators and congressmen and women to express my disappointment for those regulators going after people for exercising their 1st amendment rights. I am so far as disgusted with the democrats as I was with the republicans. neither party seems to care about the working class citizens of this country. they only care about lining their own pockets with our money. I am 69 years old so I don't have the incentive or energy to get radical
like I did in the late 60's and early 70's. but if I were younger I would be there. I will continue to contact my representatives and post comments about these inequities and injustices to the working class people of our beloved country. I regret that that is all I can do.


im literally playing werewolf apocalypse right now and i doubled back when you used the footage haha. just turned into a werewolf a second ago.

Deven P

As always, much respect for exposing the truth

Bruno Mailly

Fair recap, but it's much more complicated than that.
Some media is obviously corrupt, most of it just parrots.
"Too big to fail" is in full swing: the system has to choose between saving retail or the system. Foregone conclusion.
Conflict of interest is now taken openly.
The rules are broken by design :

Julio Garcia

Well done doooo
Just waiting
On the market authority to come up with new regulations to avoid this issue in the future
Keep the good work doooo


Sounds like the democratic party of Anti-Americans!!!

John Gordon

So buy and hold GME and AMC and don’t get scared off?

R Tfark

I think Cramer was telling people to get out with their profits because it looked very much like GME was inflated and coming down. I didn't see his advice as nefarious, but rather trying to help newer investors realize the larger gains were going to evaporate, which they did (down about 95% from the high at this point).


even if gamestop was improving, it's still not worth $400

Cass Almendral

Wow, great summary! Thanks for taking the time to put this together. Jim Cramer should be called in by Congress to explain live to the American people how hedge funds use the media to foment investor sentiment.




many people got burn chasing the gains i think what cramer did was justified being a hedge fund manager himself

Goran Pocina

Re: Cramer, I feel he was giving what he thought was good advice. Once Robinhood et al halted buying, hedge funds were able to short sell again and drive the price down. At that point holding onto GME only maximized profits for the hedge funds and maximized losses for holders.

With buying banned, it was in the hedge interests to get WSB traders to hold. I suspect there was a massive transfer of wealth to hedge fund.

Luis Dias

everyone talking about this with their own motives, even you. You're all part of the machine.

Robertson Tems

The stocks markets has been lit for some since last year. I've been able to rack up $26k with an investment of $2k within two weeks of investing. Trade wisely.

GameEditor Che

i lost 13k in amc and gamestop, wish a weithed just 2,3 overs befor i bout for 23k fuckin 1at and last investment on stocks. and yea after couple days i got out witch 10k may year sevings fuckt

Bob Dyck


Guy Michaud

Allegedly, I liked this video.

Sudo Nimm

Wow I saw this happen to Tesla almost daily until 2019. Wow has Cramer ever been made to answer for his hedge fund tactics revealed in this interview?. Now he says his mission is to help the mainstream investor make profits.


Fake media people must be arrested, they are destroying many economic pillars and brain washing public at large.


Shame, I used to think this channel was educational


Everyone in the Congress should watch this video every time a lobbyist is in their waiting room. It's spot on. My multi decade investing experience is that the business news feeds are repeatedly used by these crooks. It shouldn't be that difficult to figure out who's trying to report the news and who's a tool and should be banned.


Since you've watched the brilliant All-In podcast you may have noticed that in E20 Chamath walked back his E19 attack on Robinhood's income method Payment-For-Order-Flows; would be prudent to understand why.

I recommend watching tastytrade's podcast episode 'Educate Yourself Before You Regulate Yourself' (with Tom Sosnoff & Dylan Ratigan), it'll help correct some of the wrong assumptions, and therefore information, you've included in this video.


I got nothing to lose but $230. I FOMO'd into GME but just because I wanted to be apart of what seemed to be history. I'm just glad I only bought 1 share. All I can do is hold at this point and hope it recovers, if it goes to $0 it's not the end of the world but I cannot imagine the amount of stress people like DFV are going through. Loosing 8 figures everyday.


EXCELLENT video. This is really proof to me that you are truly an amazing researcher/youtuber/journalist/honest person. And yeah, that bozo Kramer def' gets paid by companies. He's a total dinosaur crook.

shawn stangeland

How you could you not take profit on the gme lunacy. A fantastic short squeeze that people just claimed it was an awesome stock to avoid charges for manipulation

RodAholics Fishing

I’m holding AMC + GME + DOGE ? ?? ?

Anthony Gregg

Think you have a bad read on Cramer. He’s actually one of the real ones on CNBC and pretty clear his advice to take profits
on GameStop at 300+ was sound. Love your content though man. Keep it up ???

chio saephanh


Jonathan Ketels

Why did I think this was an apex legends video when I read apex predators

Jurgen Vesst

Love that clip of Jim Cramer 7:16. Moron longs and Bozo reporters is exactly how the manipulators think. WSB beat them with their own arrogance.

You Heard Me

China doesn't allow shorting on its Exchange. It can be done. And it should be done IMHO.
You can write a report and identify faults in the company as a PUBLIC SERVICE.
But when money enters the picture, it's a recipe for bad actors.


I'm still holding 200 GME shares but I'm big lost. Do you think that in few days we will receive some good news about short interests?

angelo bonavera

Great videos on how to invest in the stock market. Quick, simple and to-the-point information. Short and informative videos on how to invest.

Michael Adkins

one thing that I disagree with, is the claim that Jim Cramer might be paid by a hedge fund . Doubtful, and unnecessary. Most people in his field trust the analyses of companies like Citron over a Reddit forum. He can't talk like a Wall Street Bets cultists (I'm holding meme stocks but is very cult like there) because he'd be laughed out of his career . And, if you guys turn out wrong and he sided with you, he can get sued. If you guys turns out right and he didn't side with you, which he didn't, he could just say, "Yay little guy!"

And, I'm on the meme stock bandwagon losing money, but it is a tightly controlled narrative and those people wrong me the wrong way bag

TrustyTryhard Gamer

Where do I go to invest?


You should also look into Sofi, the newest SPAC of Chamath. It also sells its order flow to citadel and owns 16% of Apex clearing.

Alexandros Kourt

What make me really sad is that I know the outcome of Janet Yellen's and the Fed's opining on the issue will NOT do the right thing and outlaw short-selling, as they really should. I worked at Goldman Sachs for over 10 years, and they didn't even locate their stock loans for most of my time there. How anyone can sell a stock they DO NOT OWN is insanity personified (or loan it out, for that matter). It should be illegal, period. As Elon said, it is a throw-back to the horse and carriage days, and should be eliminated in a civil society.


So sad, looks like the hedge funds can hold out w/ the interest payments for their borrowed stocks, until it goes down, to the original plan. It's a tough mouse and cat game, or more specifically the bulls and the bears.

God bless, Rev. 21:4

R gamestop

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GameStop Employees Share Their BEST Cringe Stories (r/AskReddit Top Stories)

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David Roudebush

Kids are horrible and so are women

Conor Fleury

Music is a bit too loud, it's a little distracting from the stories.


Whenever I went into GameStop, I wanted to try the games set up in the store. I’d get extremely nervous and never managed to try any. I’m stuck playing F2P games because choosing a platform and games has been too nerve wracking. So, even if you’re a cringy guy, you’re doing better than me. Lol

Just a Random sonic OC

I was waiting in line for the release of kingdom hearts 3 and I saw two grown men get into in argument with a kid because he said something about kingdom hearts being a fun fighting game or something like that (probably talking about heartless fights or something) any way they were getting mad at him laughing cause he didn’t know what he was talking about


The man who demanded be called MA’AM and threw a tantrum ?

Geoff F.

My favorite experience as GameStop customer was going to the mall in college with my friends and just seeing Fallout 3 for the first time. It was the last copy in the store and this kid had just put it back, I--not knowing what Fallout was at the time--thought that the power armor looked cool and it was by the guys who made Oblivion (you know before they 76'd themselves) so I knew it'd be fun at least. Sniped that kid hard for that game. Besides, he was way too young to play it anyway.

William Mays

Good looking out brother


I went to GameStop and was gonna buy a 6$ copy of halo wars (never played it before...still never played it)

The dude at the register freezed, looks up at me, and goes "dude that game is terrible. It's not even worth the 6 dollars. Tell you what, you let me pick a game for you and I'll still give you the 6 dollar price for it."

I agreed, he reaches under the counter and sells me what was at the time a 30 dollar copy of Singularity for 6 dollars.

10/10 GameStop employee. I was not disappointed in that purchase at all. Really not a bad game.

Super Saiyan Salamence

CleanPrinceGaming has some pretty funny ass stories from when he worked at GameStop

David Stasny

12:38 wish I knew who that brooker1 person was as that sounds oddly, specifically, like a situation which happened to me back in my SGA days.

Trip ConeHead

chicken on purse action

Nick Razes

I had a friend who worked at gamestop as a store manager. You know how gamestop opens every game and puts the sticker over the seal and says after you break the seal it's considered open? Well, my friend told me the whole reason they do that is so if someone sells them a game that is in like new condition, they can just put the new sticker on it and sell it as new.


We get a lot of kids/young adults just trying to hang out at the store and chat with us. We don't mind talking to people but you can't hold us hostage just because you want to talk. We're there to work, not just hang out.

Tycoon Titian01

The ultimate threat: a GameStop next to a bus stop

trent ryan

Never was employee but I was in there 1 time this guy was trading in a PS3, they hooked it up to the store tv to check if it worked, the instant the console was turned on it was immediately playing hard core porn, looked over to see the employees scrambling to shut it off as a woman was taking it in the ass loudly on the screen, they told the guy they cant take it til he wipes the hard drive

KiKi Poet

Sounds like GS attracts weirdos lol

Mathias Mathias

These things should not have music in them. STOP PUTTING MUSIC IN THESE VIDEOS!!!


How does the manager not ban the customer for sexually harassing the employee? I would have called the police for stalking.

Depressing Mistake

I'll never forget when I went to game station (uk version of game stop) to trade in a load of old games. The guy opened all the cases showing no games inside after I said they were all in there. Only went and left them in my disc folder at home like a sponge. ?

The UnknownJoe

One issue I hated dealing with was when it game to currency cards - if you purchase one and for any reason it doesn't work you have to contact the company directly ( Sony, Microsoft, Nintendo, etc ) because we aren't able to resolve it. We even make sure to inform and have the customer sign the agreement prior to purchase that if they need aid with that card, we aren't liable...

They don't care, "Ya'll wrong for that" or "Hell no, I ain't callin' no number, I bought this from you!".

It was a experience alright. Lol.


you wont sell me the new Madden early huh? What are you gay!?


The music in your videos is too loud, pretty distracting

Dante Alighieri

Okay, but what's the point of The Sims if you're not going to do weird shit? You're not playing right if you haven't locked at least one family in a pool till they drowned.

Jon Evans

The amount of times I heard "my family member had 'serious illness' and therefore you have to do 'unreasonable request' for me"


Yeah but everyone plays sims like that. The funniest thing is seeing sims memes out of context, cus they're all about murdering the families

Just a random purple fox

I worked as a seasonal at GameStop during the 2018 holiday months.

I had a customer flip me off on Christmas Eve because I had the audacity to say “have a good evening” as he was leaving.

kelan james

I would have outright told the customers in the first one how op did bend the rules before and how she ended up using her sisters money for games for her own kid


Glad I wasn't in this. I was pretty greasy as a teenager. >.>


I worked at Game Stop before it was officially Game Stop back in 1999. This was before they had bought out Funcoland and rebranded them all Game Stop. We were being pressed to presale the Sega Dreamcast as it was being set for release that September. Problem was, we didn't have enough promotional material or even demo unit. Nevermind we were the district store and the management were very concerned about numbers. I saw an official corporate demo tape (vhs in the day) and it was the most generic thing ever made. Like someone just recorded themselves playing Virtua Fighter for 2 hours. That was it. At the time, I was a video student way before youtube existed, and managed to borrow a friends imported dreamcast and made an exciting promo with actual footage and music like an actual commercial. I showed an early version to the district manager who immediately told me to finish what I could by friday and dub 10 copies on a loop. I did so. Numbers were up, console released without a hitch. Being the top store, we got a visit from the Regional manager who introduced me as the guy who made the video with the District managers direction (bullshit). I got the casual nod for my work and Game stop went out of their way to make corporate vids that were like mine except with a budget, a team, professional equipment, and not 18-19 years old. I got nothing.

soulsaversara S. R. S

The music is so loud I cant hear anything

Stephens Tee

Nice pronounciation

sc98 98

What about the game stop "ma'am "?



Gayle, Gaily

I love how customers always make the exception/ kindness for special situation invalid. They get the employee in trouble when another won't keep the exception going.