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Dead Homiez (Full Movie) 1994

64 291 views | 9 Jan. 2020

Dead Homiez was filmed on

Dead Homiez was filmed on location in South Central Los Angeles. ... The movie has real ex-gang members. This fact-based urban drama offers a moving, unforgettable account of the effects a drive-by shooting has upon the community, from the families, to the friends and neighbors of the victims, and the perpetrators.

The film consists of the dramatization of an actual incident regarding the murder of Bloods gang member Darryl "Poo Bear" Young (director Billy Wright's cousin) who was murdered in a gang-related shooting in 1988. The dramatization is interspersed with commentary from members of several Los Angeles street gangs including The Athens Park Bloods, The Gardena Payback Crips, The Campanella Park Pirus (Who are different from the bloods), and the Grape Street Watts Crips.

Angel Ortiz


B Barnett

Just remember the nigga Pooh bear had in the front seat...same nigga crying at the funeral. Don’t forget that part. Rest In Peace to the real dead homies. All homies ain’t real homies!

Cartier Qahlil

Cartoon from tha 60sis he still living ?

The Dream Jackson

Yea yea yeah!! Know I'm sayin!!

Ewire Wire

Now Dead Homiez a good movie

Derrick Talbert

105:30 oh but when somebody say, preach and do it like that its a problem. You say they trippin ... Smh

Dre Smoove

Homie from Harvard Gangsta Crip was the saddest to me, nigga lost 5 homies under 25 years on on 1 street in a week. Like how do u mentally process that, thats 5 mother’s crying to sleep foreverrrrrr no wonder that hood is defunct tho who tf claims that anymore was it the Raymonds that finished them ?

Mighty Child

I was only 4 years old

Steven Heap

South Central looks like a nice place, without the people.

Jorman Chanchavac

Love this movie???????????


there go franklin from gta v

Josiah Rivers

OMG I wish that preacher would go sit his azz down somewhere.

Austin Tx

46:26 SONG

Villian Records

dam when the blood got shot that was sad

Sterling Turner

Is the guy from 111 N Hood also Pooh Bear?



Cesar Guillen

I rented this movie at Blockbuster Video several times in 1997. Thanks, peace.


R.I.P. ???? ? BIG HOMIE BIG JAKE. ???? ?.

Dee Welch

I had this in vhs


This movie was deep and ahead of it’s time. I remember watching as a kid and only thinking that it was about dead homies from the hood but there is a deeper message in this movie. They were speaking on the injustice that plagues the black community.

Creative Mind

If you can see this , I love you

anthony anderson


白领xinying miao

1994 long time the year that I'was born

The Dream Jackson

Yea yeah, I'm strapped when I go buy pampers!! Yea yea yeah!!

Bernice Bernice

G-twin and Mouse my sons ?

Rob Low

Gang Banging is not worth it, these brothas wasted their potential. Once you dead or in prison for life, the gang forget all about you. Your loyal to them but they forget about you. I was locked up with brothas who had put in work but doing hard time, none of his gang would even put money on his books or write a letter. Be loyal to your family, make something of yourself


@52:00 I can understand why he didn't have a gun. Back in those days you either got caught slipping by your enemy or you was strapped and the cops caught you. Either way you was damned if you do and damned if you don't...

Amari Kid VI

Whoever uploaded this you real. I stumbled upon this and was glued to it. This was powerful.


I had this tape..But I saw a interview with skip Townsend saying black on black crime is a myth.....Lying on tv...Then who killed your dead homies skip???

silky stick

I wonder whatever happened to that brother cartoon from Rollin 60s I seen some 60s on Kev Mac videos but I never heard anybody mention him


Had to subscribe after coming across such ? ??

Bill Washburn

I wish there was more of a story line to this. The church scenes went on way to long.

travola L

I never realizex that that was dude form menace 2 socitey that got killed

C Vinyl

I grew up with members of
Banging on Wax back in the early 90s...Sad to say most of them are all gone...RIP 2 all the FALLEN SOLDIERS...Inglewood California chrenshaw...

Eddie Esco

The definition of "hurt people > hurt people"
RIP to the lost ones??

Cody Huggins


50shadesof gibbs

aye man.. u think u can upload fresh 1994 I aint getting to stream it anywhere

LuvizRag3 1600

When that nigga started singin I choked??

TBONE Nucaloni

2021 still caught in the twist. RIP ? TO YOU All every where. Free them all every where!

Oscar Mason

Wonder what happened to Cartoon, 60gang?

Jay Emm

S/o to the baccs & Gunz? GARDENA13 "aint nothing but a G thang

Shontel Park

Rest n peace to all the crips we got mad love for the bloods

B Barnett

Rest in paradise to all the dead homiez

lil bone

Song at 1:35:30


didnt expect homie from 60's to buss out singing @43:15 Lol

Ewire Wire

I for got good movie There's no children here

HAm BoNe_CaPonE

When ur homie dies it hurts YaHHhh!!

Jaquay Rodgers


Derrick Alexander

The grim reaper was real active during this time collecting many lives during this gang war!!!

C⃨Ʌ⃨S⃨H⃨M⃨O⃨N⃨Ξ⃨Y⃨ M⃨Ʌ⃨R⃨V⃨

17:08 that beat ?

Sun7Music (Recording & Production)

1:15:37 she sang that!

San Dubbz

That's a classic thanks for putting this movie back up


Anyone know the white boy, 79th msb I guess

DeuCe MzCooKie

Shrugs SHOTGUN ✌

Derrick Alexander

I remembered always rocking Red throwing up gang signs being stupid not knowing what it meant until I got expelled and that same day I seen this movie. Thank God I didn't get into deep with the Red cause ain't no telling where I would've been if I got into deep.



Spiritual Indian Cherokee Jones


moab smith bey

This is the beginning of gang violence pookie ray ray porverty single parent household.


☠️I got love for a bunch of real be -Dogs
Like K-Dub, Top Cat, be -Reel, E-Rock, Boo-Lay Face
And the homie Har'ron Rest In Peace! Oh yeah and
Big Jay from Cappinella Park
He used to blaze with his nephew after dark
On and on, rocking big neck bone
Mauseberg I had to put you on my song
It's so real☠️

John Franklin

Are these brothers in this Documentary still living

poke_uno 3911

Did they not have 186.22 abcdef on the books bacc then cause damn

Ewire Wire

Best gangster movies Young blood 1978 Education of sunny carson Boys N the hood Menece to seciety South Central

32 Su

Loyalty is forever by 32su on YouTube listen ?

Joloni Mason

Da Homie Kam Was Speaking Big Facts. I Felt Dat Shit

Jahvyon Casley-El

J ??C ? Constitution ?
⚰ ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? REV ?
Blood ? ⛪ Crips ? decon ? blood ? mother ? and anut ? ?blood blood Crip ? story time 5 ? none ? not 25 years old ? 103rd boom boom
⚰ ? ? jump off 9m 2 head ? ?jet
Crips ? anybody killers preach this peace you can run but you can't hide pay Crip ?blood 18 teen West side ?
? ? ? ? ? ? 83th Crip ? ?
? blood? ? blood ? ? blood
Blood ?on ?blood shot in neck blood telling his story ?$ 7.blood ?100keys and a ? ? ? ?blood ?blood ?blood ? ? hospital ? ? and ? Dr
Blood sister ??prison ?brother?mother ?anut ?? ? and ?⛪ ? REV RIP ? ? ⚰ when your homie die it hurts you ? mother son ? ? 4 blood ? ? ? ? ? ? ?Crip ?

rich pesos

10 seconds in and I’m already like fuck 7kswAyz9k on AGC

Ewire Wire

This black women singing Sings like an Angle with a high pitch

Derrick Alexander

By other races he mean white racists!!!

David Bates

Gtwin is not dead so I’m confused by this movie lol I was locked up at Centiela state with him in 2010. Now his brother Mouse is dead but they say RIP to Gtwin on this movie in 1997. Director must have gotten them mixed up

Israel Ramirez

Anyone know the song on 46:36 I've been looking for it for years

Dean Curtis

47:39 that nigga in the red shirt & black shades look like bruh who played on Boyz in the hood who had on the SF giants hat when furious was talking about gentrification

Dane Artis

It’s like they didn’t have a choice in gang banging, some of these men actually seem smart and I wish they weren’t products of their environment. Jake said his mama house just happen to be on the red side and Gtwin said he started banging with his dad “big mouse”, this is all they knew and know.


what a shitty movie

Reginald Turner

That boy OG Cartoon hit that old Al Green note! At 43:15 man that's that loss felt pain from dead homiez!! Whhhyyyyyy youuuuuuuuu!!!

Neo Anderson

24:10-25 anyone have a link to that real compton city gs beat remix or know what the song name is ?


Love this movie haven’t watched it since I was7

Bryan NoLimitSoulja


Visionaire TV

52:10 His own man closed the door on him & left him out there to die. Then lied about what happened!


There's the proof U needed fools, bloods used to flag to either side before, if U don't believe me look up G Len from Damu Riders, he had a track going into detail about the flagging sides and how it's a new gen thing to flag right

C⃨Ʌ⃨S⃨H⃨M⃨O⃨N⃨Ξ⃨Y⃨ M⃨Ʌ⃨R⃨V⃨

5:44 the infamous ES SWAN with the bandana ???


Get your covid-19 defense from @westcoastkam on ig .. ??✊?

Gee Cee

Thank u for putting this classic movie ? back up..please post up Banged Out..

Vada Song

Dudes today can't compare to the OG's back in the day, u can't compare the two ??

Realized One

First time seeing this was in the late 90’s it was fire then fire now

Leonard Rodgers

Only one dude I respect from payback crip is the peacemaker....sad to say the way life works he gets killed and the rest live

Aesha Alberts

Jake is so smart or shall I say, was so smart ?

Boone Johnson

Before the internet footage is always so real

Jason Tisdale

Movie was in 94 and they still killing n 2021



白领xinying miao

now days Chicago is harmful

Eazi Money

1994 the year i was born ??

90s world

90s everyday ????

Inner Thoughts

I was 16 just getting out juvenile detention camp, when this came out. SuuuWoop shout out Jungles to the homies from Athens Park ????


Good movie, didn’t even require a big budget either!! RIP to all the Dead Homiez tho!!

90s world

Anyone know this song @32:10? Cheers


56:00 if anyone is gonna survive a shot in the neck that be him

lil jay stays flossin'

Black folks fought against segregation and racism against color and then we backdoor and segregate ourselves with neighborhoods and colors

Boot Damu23

Yo favorite rapper influences you to do drugs kill people and fuck ya whole life up, notice how these real killas and kriminals kept telling us dis ain’t the way ,was real yo tv or the world around u??


Thanc you for putting this movie bacc up .

Frank Suit

That was a dope scene seeing all the swans meeting up and getting ready. GIZMO S. I. P.

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The Social Network full movie in hindi dubbed

44 717 views | 29 Jun. 2020

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mr. simple


Manish Kumar

Thanks ❤️?

saima idrees

Eduardo ke saath achha nahi hua usne company upper le jaane ki puri koshish ki thi or seon Parker sirf partnership ke chakkar me tha

Vipul Bhakuni

Finally thanx man

Chevy camaro

Yeh such hai Mark Zuckerberg ne ekk idea ? chooraya tha divya narendra or cameron winklevoss brothers ka!

Adarsh Singh

Thanx ? Bro

Creative Projects Lab


Ajeet Kumar

Mam scheme 1992 upload kar dijiye plz

Taaj Ansari



Kamal hai sir ji


As this full movie

Manish Kumar

Aise hi movies dalte rahiye

Kiran Rao

Brw tq for upload this movie

SadBoyH FF

andrew garfield ka voice jisne dubbin kiya hain oh bilkul bhi achha nehi hain

The New Billionaire's Club

Subscribe to this Channel for more such movies...Thank you!

ShashiKant Ojha


Kamesh Yadav

Kaun si movie


Awesome Movie

Ranveer Kumar

Kaphi interesting movie hai


Farm animals :):(

Ajeet Kumar

Thanks mam

Taaj Ansari


The founder full movie free online

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Rogue Trader (1999) Starring Ewan McGregor and Anna Friel Full Movie | Retrospective

835 482 views | 26 Nov. 2018

The story of Nick Leeson,

The story of Nick Leeson, an ambitious investment broker who singlehandedly bankrupted one of the oldest and most important banks in Britain.

Rogue Trader (1999)

Studio: Granada Film Productions

Director James Dearden

Writer: James Dearden

Cast: Ewan McGregor, Anna Friel, Yves Beneyton

For more classic movies and clips, subscribe to Retrospective: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCibOdW_Yj0-pj5SQGZxZIgA?sub_confirmation=1

Visit ITV Global Entertainment:


sushant musale

Great movie

Quest Infinity



stocks are just a gambling racket run by the elite lizards who have enslaved humanity for their own pleasure and profit.

Marcio Mauricio


Yukio Chung-Ho

➲ Rogue Trader (2020) f'u"l'l M'o'V'i"E HD | Cinemax
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Ši traka filma ir tik forša, tik neticama. Es tikko pabeidz

Morocco Mole

me on e-torro. "tell me were not the customer nik ?"


Gets hit in the face with a bar stool.

Friend: "You alright?"

Ludovico Maria Pincini



Su Zhu brought me here where the CT gang at?

She s Fine

Nick Leeson....
Left his mark in money making history !
But in real, he wasn't as good looking as Ewan McGregor... as far I can remember....! ;)


Wtf Lisa got herself a new fella ? I thought she had said she would love him no matter what.

Dhruv Yadav

I will be the first in this world
Mark my words

sekhar veeravalli

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Lilly Apichaya Thongkham

ROGUE (2020) ????-????? [??]
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A Repas

That Aussie accent is horrid. Couldn't they afford an actual Australian to play the role?

andrew newman

it's not always easy to trade the market because trading can be so tricky but profitable if approach the right way..

for me trading has been a major source of income.

Haikal ZA

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He is really lucky. Only 4.5 years for such crime.

suryaatmaja05 Audiobook

this movie scare the shit out of me

Pe Dro

In other words.. Don't be Greedy.. Don't Get Creative.. Don't Gamble with Investor's Funds.. Don't Forget to have a Stash.. and Don't Fk Up.. Or Risk Your Freedom.. Your Sanity.. Your Friends.. Your Team.. Your Accomplishments.. Your Opportunity.. and Your Wife. Great Film to Watch After The Big Short. ????

Atom Bigod


Black Dog

"I'm gonna go get the papers, get the papers."

prince singh

For the whole movie i was thinking..that's what true love looks like..But i was shocked at the end literally..

Jacob Price

Anyone who works in wealth management in the U.K. and feels like they spend more time dealing with internal queries than client queries... meet the reason.

George Hamilton

Holy moly, this looks awful.

Marika Lagercdans

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Adam Wassajja

at 1:29:40 was the best part and question

Maimed Fascia A.K.A. New London

The chemistry between Nick and Lisa in this film is electric. That's what I want.... ??

Kevin Yang Podcast

I need a woman that would stay with me through something like that. Never mind she left him eventually.

Wow even 1999 films look so old school.

Quest Infinity


Dapper Gent

Great film

Dan Arrington

Just goes to show you how stupidly greedy the top officials are at the investment banks. If one person can bring down a well established bank from within
then they all are vulnerable to the same thing. Nothing but vultures getting rich off the hard work of others.

Kyn Chan

You know when there is a stampede and you decide you are going to charge into it in the hope it will turn. Getting burned hurts like a *** as you see your money evaporate away.

On the other hand good trading requires no ego, never chasing the market, going along with the trend, managing money well and no emotion. However, winning money almost always buoys up the ego, gives a feeling of invincibility and makes you feel like you can write the rules.

Anie Love

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You have to be a good loser to be a good trader.

Shut up Idiot • 16 years ago

Why do sooo many British people have soo terrible teeth lmao I don't ever remember seeing a British with good teeth


after 20minutes of watching this movir I Google about ewan McGregor n find out that he left his 22years marriage. So automatically I lost interest to continue watching this movie. I don't respect him. .... oh no I continue this until the end.

2. I hate lisa she left him when he's in prison. She was ungrateful housewife just enjoy husband's money n left him when he was in difficulties.

3. Actually nick is a nice guy who protected his subordinate losses

4. What a shame this bank didn't have check and balance system.

5. Internal auditor role to be more curious of irregularities

Sigrid Juaneza

Hier, j'ai vu sur les médias sociaux que quelqu'un a partagé un lien vers un site Web pour diffuser les derniers films. Et j'ai essayé de le visiter, je suis très content car le contenu de ce site est très bon et toujours mis à jour. La langue fournie par ce site Web est également très compliquée. Voici le lien du site: http://upcoming-movies-full-hd.blogspot.com/

Orbo And Friends

WOW youtube shows boobs??/ crazy

Gracemoon Kallista Wyne

Rogue (2020) f'u"l'l M'o'V'i"E HD | Sub English
????? ???? : t.co/Cjykc4iQsn?newcinema'8

I loro stati di salute
rispettivi prevenirli
Ši traka filma ir tik forša, tik neticama. Es tikko pabeidzu

Dwayne Parker

London's Charlie sheen

Skip 8610

It's amazing that is great movie is on Youtube for free. Big Props to the owners.

Bender Bending Rodriguez

so...the injure on Nick's faces just...dissapeared?

marc layne

Flying Lizards.....

Anal Cavity

@36.01 Cameo of the real Nick leeson patting Euan Mcgreggor on the back.

Sushma Thapa



So this is "the irishsetter of wallstreet"!?

Chris Tantiado

Guardo spesso film in streaming qui
Oltre alla buona qualità dell'immagine, ci sono anche varie lingue. il sito web è molto completo e aggiorna sempre gli ultimi film

Maimed Fascia A.K.A. New London

2:08 That scream was chilling. Sounds so genuine. ?

Jean Paul Jean Paul

Who’s watching this 2021, after the Robinhood fiasco?

Omar Mohamed

the game is when you make money someone somewhere in the world losses money & opposite

Quest Infinity


Bïkåsh Bhãï

Ye movie hindi hota to Kitna jyaada log dekh leta


Rogue (2020) f'u"l'l M'o'V'i"E HD | Quality 1080P
Watch or download »»» t.co/F7sNRsH9ag?twelveone'1

I loro stati di salute
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Ši traka filma ir tik forša, tik neticama. Es tikko pabeidzu

googler reviewer

moral of the story: NEVER COVER UP FOR ANYONE! shit backfires!

Bull Force Trading

Moral of the story. Stop loses matter.


Where’s Anna friel?

ritual spark

Osm thief

Fahmi Al fahriz

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Malia Rahmane

Ewan was looking stunish



Daniel Rc

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Mayank Galav

In reality he went to Singapore office not Indonesia.

Rafael Bautista

Hello mga MGT101

Bobby Cripouris

Although you know how it ends, you can't help but root for the bastard!!!!!!

Haikal ZA

ROGUE (2020) in HD f'u"l'l M'o'V'i"E
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Art S

When Leeson made back the $10M loss by sitting on the position, it was like closing his eyes and walking through a minefield without blowing up. So Leeson thought when he encounters a minefield, the best thing to do is close his eyes and walk through it. It was only a matter of time before he blew up.

John K

and his current networth is 3 M !

Amélie Harquin

Rogue Trader (1999) ????-????? [??]
ᴡᴀᴛᴄʜ ᴏʀ ᴅᴏᴡɴʟᴏᴀᴅ ɴᴏᴡ ✈️ moviemate.incinemax.net/movie/21039/rogue-trader.html
All Subtitles

I loro stati di salute
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Thanks ❤❤❤❤❤❤


Guh Wan Kenobi


i said it

mar l

Name of the Song in the beginning?

1053_Souvik Samanta

Top 5 books which make you billionaire ?? ????


Genius gambler, not a trader. I think its a waste of time. Almost anything as expected.

Quattro 4

This movie stressed me the fuck out.

Sayyed Ameer AR Khisro

Bankers are dumbest people on earth. They believe in their traditional ways & want just huge numbers. I believe if you work in any of these Financial Institutions, you must act like an all rounder & have an insight into all fields relevant to your business or area. Audit, Stock Markets, Accounting Practices, Risk Management are to name a few

eriks vonrosen

can someone explain this to me, how does the people who put in the trades for the traders manage to do it the same second 30 people yell at the same time? Well, i guess i also can ask my 60 year old former stockbroker colleage.

Edward Jenner

I feel so sorry for Bearings and the idiot toffs at the top - NOT.

Daniel Mateo Fitness

The swing trends in this movie give me more anxiety than my actual positions.

Gezza The Masked Reviewer

You go for broke, usually that’s where you end up.


He fu*ked the entire banking system Whoa!

MG Massey

If only it had been done for justice and not Greed

jo Rich



Rules no 1: never lose money

Brian Burnett

I don't get the comments about loads of ads? I had none.

Brian Burnett

Some great soundtracks, ain't heard Kula Shaker for a long time. Brilliant

Patrick Un


Fluffy Bunny

This trading stuff confuses me!

Kopi Luwak Singapore

It's all same old stories : Greed. Which is also the very core of Mortgage crisis in 2008, Enron crisis, etc. When people blinded with greed they turn blind eye to everything else. They bypass rules, regulation, manipulate accounting, manipulate credit rating (2008) and manipulate margin with fake trading account in this Nick Leeson's story. People in Baring have themselves to blame too. They have loosen the grip on Leeson push him for the profits where actually they are digging grave for themselves.

steve sandford

It says a lot about this movie (and its cast...) that I watched quite riveted despite having No Fucking Idea about how Futures Traders work or what that even is??? (Not that they do either, apparently...) xx SF

Nicole Loftus

I love you ewan mcgregor Marry me

Mike's Movie Club

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Y'all are welcome to browse my 5,000 title playlist ㋛

Tip S

His role gave me anxiety. Lmao. I can't imagine going through all that.

Cristian Carvajal

01:14:35 Ahahahahha the best part 01:17:45

Ramida Jiranorraphat

ROGUE (2020) Full Movie HD Full Movie Streaming
quality HD ➥ 12-new-hd-flixstream.blogspot.com

All languages available

айлык алгыныз келеби? Бирок сиз бала менен уйдо

Verne Fits

1:32:05 best scene