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G I A N T S - Whale sharks of Isla Mujeres

412 474 views | 5 May. 2015

The Yucatan peninsula is

The Yucatan peninsula is one of the busiest tourist destinations in the world and every year just offshore from Cancun, the largest fish in the ocean aggregates in vast numbers to feed.

This very special aggregation is one of only a handful of such known sites where whale sharks aggregate and it has turned into a valuable ecotourism contribution to the local economy.

Filmed on Panasonic GH4 and Canon 7D

For details on how this was filmed please see our website journal at http://www.viewfromtheblue.me.uk/blog/blog.html

Bruno Baillet

I am always amazed by whale sharks, I just love them. They are the most gentle creature of all...
Check my channel where I get very very close and personal with whale sharks in Similan Islands, Thailand.​


I’ve been to this island twice and didn’t know about this. What a shame

Venus Venus

The animal that's in 1:54 is most dangerous!

Nadia Aly

Great video!! Really loved it !


Awesome footage guys, great job, shootings are quite amazing! Swim closer to these giants of the sea it's a thrilling experience! If anyone want to experience these feel free to visit the follow link https://aquaworld.com.mx/en/tours/swim-with-the-whale-sharks/, sighting guaranteeed from June to August. Top-rated on TripAdvisor with the most professional and experienced guides!

Crazy Guy John

Wow thats amazing so beautiful its moth so big ?


There so cute I love them

nerma sabdani

Omg! ?Wow! Amazing beautiful ocean sea ?, watching under water such amazing cool and relaxing feelings ever❤️❤️?big thumbs up for this beautiful vedeo and amazing hard work in capturing underwater beauty ?new supporters here watching now from Saudi Arabia Riyadh ??stay safe evryone and God bless ???+1❤️+1?the one who swim underwater with the biggest shark?, is really amazing man?‍♀️may God bless and more power and protect you guys?

Tommy Gerrard

he is look big but whale shark is bit big but blue whale is the biggest one in ocean

Crazy 2-1 ILZ

I believe megalodon was the same size of a whale shark

Chasity Williams

All the fishes hiding its survival of the fittest for them as well humans and animals lol that’s sad ?

Echoes Act 3

1:48 that is fucking beautiful

Sammyscar 09

Whale shark wants to be friends why is it getting hunted

Antonia Devaulde

This shark sucks

Bustanul Arifin

I love this sea

AnimeKitten Playz

Whale sharks are cute to me. It's just they have huge mouths and beady eyes and it looks so derpy

The Social Corner


chiz pebbles

Theyre adorable


Can't understand why no prop protection, or why it's not yet illegal.... Ridiculous....

Amir Haghdani

Use boats with water jets no propellers required, same as jet skis!!

Milito Garcia

That was beautiful. Thank you


my fav animal♥️


i've come here because of shark pog

Dean J Burman


mike edwards

Ban any boat that does not comply.. Make laws that will protect these fish and if they are not followed take the boats away from the people That choose to ignore.


Can you snorkel with whale sharks in early May?


Why aren’t we making more food for them than control them then everything good they have the number and we get to dive with them ?

Sadiq Najwan

I want pet him but he’s so big


He big succ


I love whale sharks.

Karla Mendoza

my brother said their friendly :3


Stunning sharks??


One of the most amazing experiences in my life was swimming with whale sharks

Gonzalo Paul Maza

I represent a Real Estate company in Isla Mujeres, Isla Mujeres Luxury Homes. and we will like to add this excellent video to our blog.
Will it be possible?.
Thank you.

jasmine dalla vedova

just did it¿ it was a magical and heartbreaking experience. they are such a wonderful and evoluted creatures

Travel Solo

Beautiful video, I was privaledge to swim with these beautiful majestic creatures, a memory I will always treasure. Thank you for sharing.

Latif Kasmirin


Tommy Gerrard

Blue whale is bigger than megalodon


whale sharks start at 2:38


Hopefully prop guards are mandatory now

gangster ॐ

Fuck off boat.

Cypher . Yoongi

I hate how I just want to lay in bed, eat my gummy bears, and watch videos about whales. But NOOOO I got an ad for this asshole telling me how to lose weight -_-

Underwater Illusion Joe Starzz

My favourite whale...

Don't forget to subscribe my youtube channel guys thank you ??


This magnificent creature is in the endangered species list. So sad

barzy ali

That was so beautiful to watch! Thank you so much for sharing! I was tearing up just watching how beautiful those sharks were! They’re truly a wonder and it’s saddening to hear precautions are taken to prevent harm to these creatures.


music reminds me of finding nemo

Ay lmao XD? xddd

Whales did it first

DrowBot 13

Mujeres means womans so...


Human Being


Dumb Mutts.

Swam with these 3 times now in Philippines. Only paddle boats allowed in the vicinity of where they will be.

Laura Metheny

I love these guys so much! Thankyou for sharing this.???

Ian Graham

4:42 . . I bet that little fish swam home and poured himself a stiff one.

Creaking Skull

Creaking Skull

Sliver EagleXX

2:37 destiny is that you be careful don’t bump it to objects

Bungus Squad

I went to Cancun one summer and went swimming with whale sharks, and one of them took a crap right in front of me.
It was nasty
Over all though, it was amazing having the opportunity to do something so spectacular

Lawrence Dumantay

There is in the philippines guys

Elle Woods


Jonathon Gonzales

Beautiful film!

Mike Kotze

What is that animal called at 1:29????


"Look at this majesty of nature. Thousands of years of evolution have produced an event where beautiful, gentle creatures gather in pristine waters. Hold my beer while I crank up this loud ass, fume-spewing motor and get real close"

Cole MacFarlane

Just leave them alone, enjoy them from a far

Jason Sandoval

People are so evil how hard is it to a propeller guard so these Beautiful animals don’t get hurt!!!!!!


Biggest KNOWN fish

The Other Side

I want to see this beside an Orca and Blue Whale.

John irfan mehmet

Who else is watching it sitting on a toilet seat ?

Jay Tremblay

swimming with one of these was the most amazing experience in my life


Tiny fish: " AAAHHHH!!! - hehe hehe...  I LIVED "

dai zayed


Kip Loretta

Nice, we need to Seed the ocean and slow down just Fishing it.

Andy Valdez

omg, I'm taking the tour in 5 days.... ahhhhh so excited

Rhonda Puckett



I hate when I'm just trying to watch a video on whale sharks and at least half the video is some BS about other topics.

win gonyaung


꧁Elisha Mae꧂

2:49 (・۝・)

Lia Johnson

this is so awesome wow


I swim with them every year, Isla Mujeres is much better than swimming with them in Holbox. The water is warm is clear as opposed to cold and green around Holbox. The biggest I saw was around 8m though apparently they get to 12m. Also you will see manta rays too. I recommend https://www.oceantoursmexico.com/tours/whale-shark-tour/ I have used them about 7 times already, they have noise reduction on their out-board motors and respect the rules for interacting with whale sharks.

Suga's hoe

Hi guys!
i saw a whale shark too

Reef Patrol

lovely!!! :) Very nice, hope to film them too soon! Can't wait to get back into the water :)


Other People: They are so beautiful
Me: This voice is making me want to sleep

Owen Tasker

The most beautiful animal. Only animal that moves me to tears from sight alone

Nikko Medina

Breaks my heart to see them damaged so badly, or sometimes purposefully killed. To me they are the most majestic of sea creatures, almost like the sea gods. They should be respected much more.

Khaled Sabbah

i love that videos and i have so amazing videos here https://youtu.be/le7nmsGMNms watch it

Ian Phillips


Sunny Gaddam

Narrator sounds like Jeremy Clarkson


Just swam with a school of them today. Greatest thing I’ve done with my life

Judi L

Please stop the music when you speak.

Michele Picozzi

I went swimming with them last May! the experience was amazing! truly one of the best animals you can interact with https://youtu.be/IXnlAn-c-6k


this dude can't pronounce spanish properly if it came to life and death LOL

Gail Neubauer

This video is amazing,!

Tommy Gerrard

whale shark is big but his not that bit cuz whale shark can fit in aquarium

Bell Iron Fist

I’m going to swim with them soon and I am really excited


they look like socks


fun fact: the whale shark are the largest shark

Sonic Rainboom

These creatures are absolutely stunning. I'd love to swim that close to them.

Evan Castner







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360 View of Feeding Whale Sharks at Georgia Aquarium!

1 982 237 views | 22 Oct. 2018

Get a first-ever 360 view

Get a first-ever 360 view of what it's like to feed the largest fish in the world - whale sharks - right here in Georgia Aquarium's Ocean Voyager habitat!



Tiffany Chatham-Pardus



Pls, i have thallosophobia :v

Lost Coyote

This is incredible! Being chronically I'll has always made it extremely difficult to experience things or witness beauty or nature.
This truly brought a tear to my eye.

How 2 Draw Dinosaurs

1:30 that Manta ray at the bottom is GLORIOUS

John Kerley

Should be in an ocean not shut up in an aquarium

Quýt Wibu

Shark pog

GtaVGamer YT

Le fishe large edition


Animal cruelty


is fantastic!!!! do more like this one is super cool

Emma Birchler

I can’t believe I can move it by myself


Shark. Pog.

Fire Bender

This should be an hour long ?

Jochem B.

A fish that wanders thousands of kilometers through the oceans imprisoned in an aquarium, that's true animal cruelty!!!

Dhruv Jha

This is what you call, a gentle giant.

Emily Summergale

Awwe I luv him. ???

Ai Oi

Jinbe oyabun

Mautaunamasaya Cariajasendiri

So this is how Destiny eat!

Mulyadi Noval

Keren amat ini video...layar di sentuh gambar pun berubah posisi

سمیرا فرزاد

Your work is great

Vivica Torres

This is probably the coolest thing

Mat Grafy

We dont fucking need aquariums for those poor creatures. Free them

How 2 Draw Dinosaurs

When you pause the video but the camera keeps moving

Arthur John Malinao

stiil can't believe, a creatire dis big only feeds on planktons ...
i think dis d most legit gentle giant ..

Sirdanielpay ll

Shark pog

Trini Tyas hapsari Suyono

That is a while

Ryan Wickett

I still can't believe there's WHALE SHARKS in a tank, like holy crap they're huge it's incredible. I know they got them in there as babies but oh my god it's still mind blowing.
would love to go see them in the distant future! Whale Sharks can live up to 100 years so there's no rush hahaha

Rebecca Zickefoose

When I realized I was controlling the screen I was like #-#

Redmist 78

i love how 1.7k downvoted a whale shark video. get real.


This is amazing , just to think that no one has watched this video the same

Robert Thistlewood

How fin awful, what kind of people work in those places, jailers,,,,,

Kristy Watkins

How much it must cost to feed one of these guys!


whale shark is pog champ

Dirt Block

I did not read the title so I got freaked out when I could move it


0:41 turn around to your left and look part ways down to the corner trust me

Ann Ramjattan

I feel sad to see these shark in captivity. They need to be where they belong. The big ocean.

Shaelesh A

What a video is it .....
I am shocked

reventhiraX-A harshitha 1-A

Wow ? super how it is possible ?

Rupal verma

Kksne ihdbjdo of dodjeneneiee 9iejeiuoepa jowjejdohiivuidd jfkkrhr JFK jnr frjkendrinss e

Anora Kiani

Hrrrrngh S L O R P

Sean Mullikin

When you look at the bottom the bubbles look cgi af haha



Fanny Hewijanto

Awesome vr!!!!!!!!!!!

Nelson Costa Pesca em família


Oliver O'Neill

You guys are so stupid why would you keep a beautiful big animal in a enclosure to small for it!

Ze zhao

I didnt know Theres aquarium for Whale and whale shark :-:

Bob The builder

How can they afford to feed 2 whale sharks that is a lot of food

Alexa Davis

I’m going to Georgia in a couple of months with my best friend to see this aquarium I’m sooo excited!!

BaiBai Monkey

I’m going to say it

Shark pog

Adrian Koo

I love how the whale shark just popped up his face and basically said


Emu Warrior


Patti Earehart

So this is a young whale shark...will he be released at some point? Doesn’t seem right confining him.

himel rahman



I didn't know whale sharks could survive in captivity... whereas great white sharks can't. Interesting...

AX pro

Ngl the girl looks beutiful

Connor Sargent

It's a bit janky on phone if you have a shaky hand ?

Yanet Smith

Who knew whale sharks lived in Georgia? I always thought they lived in the ocean. No doubt he'd prefer the wide open seas to a enclosure a fraction the size

sugarcane ssweet tooth

I am most concerned that such a BEAUTIFUL GIANT is in such a small habitat. Too big and precious to be kept as pets!!! What to gain knowledge? Go dive with them or pick up a book!!

dlvi -

It's a chonky sea carpet

Bad Karma

They don’t belong in a tank, they belong in the ocean! When will we learn.

سمیرا فرزاد

Your work is great

Dino Mation


King Mufasa

Another animal in a bathtub!

The Dreamer

I really like when people put technology into a use like this. Have a good day!

Yamila Sejas

Wow yo ciedo tocar mano tieneciedo aberlor

Blyxx 74

I live in Texas and I'm not big on traveling. I went to this aquarium just for the whale sharks. It was awesome and worth it. If you get a chance go.


RIP Trixie. You were such a joy to swim with...

I mopped u



the biggest catfish I've seen

ThePaynePlayzYT -Please sub-

I went their today!! Best day ever!! I went for my 13 th bday!!!!!!! ????????????

brk hewi

Which camera did you use?

Bima Alinmaulana03

Sow cool

Tivan Gaming

Mantap amat sih didalam kayak laut


You should have seen the whale shark that got away....

Music Videos With Lyrics

Anyone else get stressed out because there were so many fish and you didn’t know where to look and you were scared you’re missing out so you were stuck in an endless cycle of turning your phone?!?

Its Earnest plays

I thought this os just a vod its a 360 3D

Midnight Austin

i can see the whale sharks drink the tank water

JBC Parkward

I remember going here when I was little and I thought the building was literally connected to the ocean. Good times.?


Who are these people who did not like the video of how one of the cutest marine life is fed?

Bui Tha

Que Dios nos perdone.


Best video in YouTube ??


Hope to bring them back in the ocean

How 2 Draw Dinosaurs

The fact that you can look around freely is already impressive to me, but the fact you can still look around even when its paused really sets the bomb

Aniq Ajmal


Matthew Russell

Aw lawd he feedin

Kevin Tanjaya

Yooo This is amazing!

Lucio Rodriguez

So cool ?

Leo Shaz

Should be free in the ocean


@notcho business


this is exactly what i needed

Peces en Madrid Peces


Tyrone Sweater

I love whale sharks, this is the best thing rn

Denise Pendergrass

That was amazing... thank you


I was like why is the camera shaking lol

Lemon Joyz

P r e t t y ! ! !

Can't Touch This

I did not know a place existed that was big enough to keep whale sharks. The 360 view is a cool way to see it!


Was very satisfied because I love whale sharks

C.R. Grantham

Should not be in captivity. Sad.


my guy almost ate me


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Why visit La Paz, Mexico? Simple..... WHALE SHARKS & AMAZING BEACHES

769 views | 19 Jan. 2021

This is our video 3/3 of

This is our video 3/3 of our trip to Cabo San Lucas. On this trip we drove to LaPaz, Mexico and got to really experience local culture with great local restaurants and of course swimming with the whale sharks.

LaPaz is a city that is about 2.5 hours north of Cabo San Lucas, best way to get there is by renting your own vehicle which you can do either from the airport or locally in Cabo.

Make sure to check out the hotel we stayed at in LaPaz, Mexico "Hotel Catedral" this is close to the Malecon and within walking distance to many restaurants and bars. We have found this hotel to be one of the best in LaPaz.

Here is their website....https://hotelcatedral.mx/.

There are several companies that offer the whale shark experience, you can find those companies on the malecon as well as several found on trip advisor. https://www.tripadvisor.com/Attraction_Review-g150771-d11867794-Reviews-Whale_Shark_Mexico-La_Paz_Baja_California.html

Please check out our other videos:

Cabo San Lucas and San Jose Del Cabo https://youtu.be/v_cpt5RXStc

Hiking Mt. Solmar in Cabo San Lucas https://youtu.be/DKT9_iWQDkg

You can also find us on Instagram as well, please check us out there for other great destinations.https://www.instagram.com/scottsdaletravelchick/

#lapazmexico #whalesharks #scottsdaletravelchick

Alicia Cooper

Omgggg whale sharks ?

Whateveriwant2Say Podcast

The delicious food prices alone is a must ? the sharks I'll keep watching from tv ?

That Boy Mom Life daily vlogs

Those whale sharks looked so cool! I think I'm adding this to my bucket list of things to do. :)


Nice City very interesting vlog beautiful place and can swimming with sharks good, like in Phillipines near Cebu also can swimming.

Yoga 2

Its stunning! So beautiful!


La Paz looks like a beautiful place to visit. I’ll have to put it on my bucket list.

victoria sykes

I love the sculptures so much but I could not take my eyes off the beautiful sky. Wow! It's so captivating. Yummy churros!??! Also loved the sea lions!!

Nicole Truong

Omg it’s beautiful thank you for introducing us La Paz ???


New friend here i hope we can support each other!

Jenna Brown

This was an awesome video! You guys are great at voice overs and I love the broll shots and overlays. The sea turtle story is so cool!!! I loved it. Great video guys! :)

Nicole Marie

I definitely miss Mexico watching this. I visited in February and it was one of my fav trips. Hospitality was 100!


Wow whale sharks, would love to swim with whale sharks ? Thanks for sharing your fun adventure. So enjoyable to see this beautiful animals under the clear waters. ?


Wow those huge mammals, we also have it here in the Philippines..But I never had the chance to travel. thanks for sharing I enjoyed it ?

YUKTI Agrawal

Wow Mexico has amazing beaches, marine life and lovely people. Hopefully I would visit soon.

Nadine’s Mommy Channel

I always love how you start with a map and explaining an overview of the place. La Paz is beautiful, your whole travel experience is so informative and cool!

Axiee Bee

I'm sure it would be wonderful and interesting experiences to swim with the sharkwhale and the seals. The beaches are beautiful and crystal clear water. Wonderful trip ? ?❤️

Julia T.

Ohmygosh! Swimming with the whale sharks, was that scary? I’ve always loved the idea of it but I don’t think I can do it ?

Deurys La Morena

Very lovely!!! Omg the little tortuguitas were tooo cute!!!!

Bruno Busca

Nice video thanks for sharing this

Leyley Schott

Man I love how adventurous you are. Your videos make me want to go places.


this is so cool! i’d love to experience this but i would probably freak out ?

Elizabeth Nagasha

Wooowww that church really lights up at night ?

jennifer thomas

Looks like a fun place

Graves Life

That looks amazing. I have never been on vacation but this seems like a great spot.


I’m definitely adding La Paz to my travel list!

Emem Benson

Mexico is a must visit. Should learn how to swim?, so i could swim with the shark whales and seals. Beach looks so clean and clear

Share The Magic

Oh myyy!!! That’s so cool ? they were swimming so close to the boat.

Carolyn Anderson

So this is on my list if places to visit now? beautiful

Sarahlight TV

I don't know much about mexico, it is very nice place

Weddyjoy Kendi

Wow those shots were really amazing thanks for sharing

Precious Howard

Such a good shot with the go pro, this place is beautiful ?


omg very lovely trip

jyoti uniyal

I never heard about this place ,it is so beautiful, after watching ur vlog wanna go there???

Snigdha's Passion

Mexico is a beautiful place to visit . Your guides are just wonderful.


Amazing video I love your talking and how you showing around supert ? ? I like taco ? ?

Morgan Long

I always learn so much after watching your videos!

Anna’s TV

La Paz looks fascinating and fun , I might go there one day

Elliane Kheshen

The pandemic has really made me want to travel more ? once this crap is over, I’m definitely taking a trip somewhere nice as Mexico... maybe Talum


Food in Mexico is so cheap! How cool seeing the turtles hatch - gee he took off quick once he was in the water!

Lifestyle With Nina

Wow Mexico, absolutely beautiful! This gets me really excited for my travel soon to Brazil, would love to visit Mexico sometime too!

Laura Leanne

I love the underwater shots and I can’t believe how clear they are. Never thought about Mexico as a holiday but it looks so nice

Light and sass

Omg the baby turtles!!! It's amazing you could witness that! ? I would have cried of joy! The beachs looks amazing! Great vlog again! ?


Omg this place is so amazing! So clean and clear! And the churros ❤️ thank you so sharing this video ❤️

That Boy Mom Life daily vlogs

Those whale sharks looked so cool! I think I'm adding this to my bucket list of things to do. :)

Fedy Lifestyle

Wow that place looked amazing! And the narrator’s voice is amazing ?

Pallavi k Singh

Really amazing beaches..I love beaches ? thanks for sharing

Zhylene Escultura


Moli Musu

This is beautiful.... Definitely going to add it to my bucket list. Thanks for sharing.


Wow lovely marine life videos with stunning beaches. I loved those small road side eateries and on beaches too. Would love to visit Mexico

Oliver Brown

That swimming with the whale shark is amazing. It’s on my bucket list for sure. Where you scared.

Alice Kattner

Wow this place looks amazing! That’s insane that you swam with them Sharks and the baby seals looked so cute ? you go to such amazing places!

Hezekiah Daleman

The church looks amazing at night is an under statement its beautiful at night. I hope toviait one day soon.

Helen Carolina

What an amazing trip! I can’t wait to be able to travel.

Rhythm Rhythm

Very beautiful place.. beautifully captured video.. Thanks for sharing this beautiful place ❤️

Simply Teresa

Seeing these beaches makes me look forward to the summertime even more. We didn't make it to a beach last year but I really hope to take my daughter to the beach this year.
Call me crazy but I've always wanted to swim with sharks, I love them!
One day, it'll happen ?

Sophia Lin

Wow the shots underwater are amazing! It’s so cool seeing how things look like down there, it’s amazing to see the life in the ocean ❤️ Mexico is def on my “go to places” list

Prajakta M

Mexico is in my bucketlist now..the marine life is so beautiful there and so are the beaches and loved the way you showed us the local food spaces


Your right the last two beaches were amazing, playa balandra and playa tecolote. Thanks for sharing ?

Annjell Roberts

This was so beautiful tfs this is paradise my mind really needed this much blessings

dear sarah

this is such a lovely video, super informative yet laid back!! ❤

Arielle B

I seriously can't wait to travel again! This place looks stunning!!!

The Duncan Brothers

One day when my kids are older and out of the house I would love to go here with my husband. It looks like you and you it husband had so much fun!


I am jelous now. I wanted to visit Mexico, I don't even remember for how long, lol. Never had the chance yet. Well, hopefully sooner than later it will be changed :D


Wonderful vlog.. An amazing experience underwater..La Paz is a beautiful city. Thanks for sharing.

Verse o Iyorkar

Wow, I'm definitely visiting this place one day. ?


Beautiful place .beautifully captured video .. Thanks for sharing this beautiful video

Gabryella Alexa

La Paz looks beautiful, so awesome you guys got to see the turtles!! Mexico is on my must visit list with being Mexican I neeeed to experience it!

Majid Ibrahim Amadou

Lovely place very good


I plan on taking a cruise to Mexico one day! I'd be so scared to swim with the whales & sharks ? ... I'll have to watch from the boat!

Deja Leonni

I would love to visit here! Definitely beautiful ❤️ you are so lucky

Michael Jamil

This was such a beautiful place to visit . I would love to go one day .thanks for sharing