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539 984 views | 11 Sep. 2017


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SECONDARY: http://amzn.to/2vxNblk

GREAT CHOICE: http://amzn.to/2uosSXu


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Who can i shoot with this?


There is a drum gun 240 fps 87 dollars on amazon obviously not good but look like s drummy lmaoooooo

Jhett Heckert

If you go thru the link to the website the guns are acctually 250 plus dollars

Gage M.

Your right shoulder would be fucked if those were real

Trace Mcsorley

they are like 150 now:(

Paul M

Plz help, when u get to the gen 2 website, which gun is the one he reviewed? Great vid by the way ?

Tunic 14

My first gun was the LT19 GB2 Lancer Tactical and I love the gun


this was posted on my b-day in 2017 lol i was turning 9 lol

2xkey Slatt

I need the tan guns name

Mace Obama

man its cap its 200 that anoyed me so much

Gavin Mazerat

whats the price cause i see them for 350 bucks


look at those school supplies

William Frischmann


Triple Seven

The guns cost $175

Onyx Eclipse

Is it just me or are these no longer available

levi gray

F**K yea I'm totally getting one of those gunz

Liberty Worker

Anybody know what exact guns these are on the website?

PHANT0M Gaming


Lukepie XD

9:52 audio?

Bill Phan

Karen: Why would kids need that kind of stuff!?!?

Mr._ CashXD

I got this umarex eliminator mp9 for 15 bucks and its great

Archer Davidson

Now they are around 153 and now I have to save more


120 what I see 250 bucks

relzer Fps

California: these are 50 caliber nuke rpgs gatilng death machines


only difference between guns is the flip up iron sites and the key rail system and the black one is an M16

gun bros

How is everyone?

Gage Feldman

What is the m4 called

Justin Fenwick

how the hell do i get a batter

Kyle Penna

I got the second gun you showed for $180 expect mine was a different color

Shqipe Ibrahimi-Haxha

Where you buy this airsoft guns

Abel Torres

bro the uzi in the background fire as hell

Tru3 clan gaming

The tan gun is a low valosity and I have the the high valosity one one is for cqb and one if for out door

Justin Kovacs

What is the name of the black one?

Witted Shampoo


The Bali Unicorn

Do you know the rpm on full (I’m a sniper looking for a decent first aeg just to see if I like speedsofting more then sniping)

Emina Špago

I'm still disappointed that this is atill out of my budget bcs I'm 14yrs old and I don't have an allowance for like doing my chores, so the only way I can make moneyis from my birthday and other holidays i have like 68 dollars from 2 years of saving but I do spend some money here and there

Second Forfun

Bud they like 200$ not 120$

Worth Zinkerman


Kalyani Sarkar

Being an indian , i forgot 120 dollars are equal to 8000rupees in INDIA

oompa-loompa doompity-doo

is it just my computer or is the thumbnail kinda thicc

Cub Electric

What is the black gun called

Witted Shampoo

You guys


When I check it says 159.99

Ole Brook

There is not one gun on that site that’s 120$ or less

JR Pearson


Ryan Jagolino

It's allowed to transport on the airplane for the baggage. I want to buy and bring in my country. Please notice me ??

Riley Williams

I just looked them up they cost 150 and up

Pocket Prepper


abby thomas


osama bon jovi

Who taught you to shoulder a rifle?

Yeet Sports


Giddy Giddy

What is the first gun called

Alan Edits

How much does it cost

Josefe Lowster

Do u get both for 120$



Zachary Olson

Tight bore? Did you mean rifling. And your trigger discipline is non existent.

happama r

Whats the black one called

Daniel Esposito

I tried searching this guy on evike nothing came up, is it the gun name or brand? ?‍♂️

Johnny Sav

RIP 7Up can


Can i get them shipped/delivered to germany ? I saw it on a field in the us
And i would like to get one myself, but dont know if the gun is legal.

Alex Saephan

I know this is a old video but I was thinking about buying a lancer tactical m4 gen 2 spr interceptor as my first airsoft lemme know what you think if you have time

Zachary Olson

aperture??? you mean adjustable range rear sight?


Can I attach a keymod/mlok grip?


i watched the official review of the m4 and they said that the top was only a lookalike accessory rail ?‍♂️


Are those oranges in the background


what happened to ur audio at the end??

Just D1z


Pokémongo Addict

He lied about price


what is the purpose of the wind up on the mag?

Worth Zinkerman


Blake Sorrow

Is it just my phone or did the video glitch on words

Worth Zinkerman



Did he repeat intro at the end?

Smack That Chicken Gaming

I went on the website today and it said 190$

Grove street Family member

Me when I hear some one in the bush 6:52

Juice WRLD

For all the curious nerdy people out there, if you were wondering what the average feet per second range was based on all the trails he did on the Black M4, it came out to be approximately 391.83. And for the Tan M4 the average feet per second came out to be approximately 322.52.

Tyler Maestas

My charge pin doesn't open the thing it just broke

Anthony Hegedus

Link for guns?

Horizon Doggo

Can someone link me these please

Fireman Miller

No need in puttin’ your finger in the safety position as your waving those weapons around. Guess you just don’t give a fxck bout gun safety?

Shqipe Ibrahimi-Haxha


Uncle Ruckus

My dad looking at airsoft guns for me 200$ ! Who do you think I am I bought my spring pistol for 1$

Jairus Nadab

You can’t deal with real guns in real life. They are unaffordable yet risky. Therefore, cheap airsoft guns are produced to solve this problem.

Stillsasuke Uchiha

I got 202$ for my birthday and I didn’t know What to buy

Dogo Dogo

Does it come with the battery


These r shit get Cyma m4 same price but way better internals

Miguel Carsanchez


Carlos Chaidez

So there is a button that don't do nothin?

Russell :l

The little um.... tool... that is... what’s it called?... it makes it go up and down?

Trace Mcsorley

my budget is 120 but it says it’s 159

Langston’s unboxuble RC

Don’t buy that gun it seems good I just bought it and I’m just getting into airsoft and I don’t like that gun

friendly beast10

There not 120 anymore there now close to 200

CheckedMantis 44

Nice fps bro

Casey Melcher

Hey, i was on the website where you baught the black m4 for some reason i cant find it could you give me the full name of it so i can find it?

Sean Smith

My mom might buy me a 240 dollars air soft gun


I’m guessing you can’t put a tracer

Taylor Shaw

@1:20 he starts

Russian Not Russian

i found a ak on amazon for $125

Scott 5.0

Low key sounds like a r6 siege nerd


Does it come with batteries

Usd to ar

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Best Budget AR-10

424 318 views | 26 Oct. 2017

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Gideon Orchard

Top 5 Best Scopes for AR-10 Review That You Need to Know

A. Braggs

Palmetto should give you a percentage on their sales of this rifle. I almost got a DB AR-10 but after this video I change my mind. Mines arrived today. Can’t wait to shoot it!! Thanks!

Nick Grosse

"It has a stainless steel barrel, that's cool" "A carbine length gas system that's good" etc....... Need more facts dude.


Palmetto State Armory still rocks hard! So glad a friend clued me into them!


Good thing you said budget because I have a $3500 PWS ar10 anniversary rifle #^ of 25 from 2010 lol,psa is good but also look into the s&w mp10.

Kaden Stahley

I like the billet pun.


I’ve been practicing my range theatrics. I can do a shooting combat roll montage almost as good as a Spetsnaz dude!

Really pisses off the boomer Fudd RSO’s at the indoor range by my moms house! They tried to ban me, I said look brah, that there rules sign doesn’t say fuckall about spetsnaz range rolls!

Haters gon hate!

John Endsley

I have the same one and love it no problems at all

Troy Elder

Buying the upper and lower separate from them really is a gamble on fit and finish

andrés romero

Looks pretty good

M Brady

I own two PSA rifles, one PA15 and one PA10. I’ve had an absolutely amazing experience with them. I put Nikon Prostaff optics on both. I love to run them against my friends’ high end builds and either keep up or outshoot them. Best bang for the buck that I’ve come across.

Ramba Ral

I love my PSA 16" 1/7 5.56 Freedom. I'm hitting clays at 1000yds with 75 and 77 grain 5.56. But I've been looking for an AR10 to replace it. Thank you for posting this review.

Off Handed

I have 3 PSA uppers... 2 chambered in 223 Wylde (16" pencil barrel & 20" SS) one dedicated 22 LR upper. Their lower parts kits are great value (MOE and MOE+) can be had on sale every couple months. QC on the torque is my only gripe. All of mine have worked well out of the box, but while disassembling 2 of them I have found barrel nuts that must have been cranked on by a roided up gorilla, a gas block that had one allen screw torqued too much and one fairly loose. The parts themselves seem great, but upon receiving any PSA upper I recommend breaking it down to re-seat and re-torque everything.

Cory Hobbs

I purchased a gen 3 PA10 in November of 2019 and it has been fantastic. With 168 grain BTHP and 165 grain PSP from PPU, I was getting 1 inch 5 shot groups and so far after 400 rounds haven't had a single malfunction. Great gun for the money. I paid $680 shipped including taxes


Lol i bought mine today for 579.00 free shipping so now the waiting game. Mine is 20” barrel


Great video, definitely thinking about building an ar10 and I think this will be my choice for the price!

Arthur Chenoweth

I really hate budget/cheap riflereviews

erik garcia

Anyone watching in 2020 ?? Under 600 bucks not even at 1400 now

Robert Gordon

I just acquired a PSA 6.5 creedmoor and it is accurate and functions flawlessly.

Ken Ray

I agree ar 15 for women n children lol just playing depends on if u appreciate penetration is the question lol


Couple times a week? I bet I get 2-3 a day from PSA


Still love the AR10??

John-Henry Mccoy

great buy

Gill Mccuddy

If i order the lower online, it goes to ffl i gotta pay 20 transfer fee and 10 bg check... can i save 20, and have my ffl order the lower and pay his price..?


Woah I’ve only watched the intro so far and why In the holy hecc is it “getting fit” when it could be “gains”?


Jesus Loves You

nilton moura

Very nice

Daniel Box

What kind of sub does he want subway and what does he want on it ?????️?

Ben Gaarder

He doesn't seem to know much of what he's talking about. Iv'e bought Armalite before, I think I will again.

Matt Hall

Kinda new to this do they make a kit in 30-06 and where to find it?

Xavier settle

I absolutely love my psa AR-15, super good deals and great quality. I trust it with my life.


Never waste my time and money on PSA again. Chances of you getting a working rifle are less than 50/50. They don’t call you or notify you if your order won’t be shipping until you contact them and bug them to tell you why. They have special rules that they do not disclose before you order something. Weeks and money wasted on tons of orders that have defects and they ship them anyway. How the heck are they still in business. Buy elsewhere. You’re welcome.

I'm Right Here

Dude, your heavy swallowing is annoying.

Jamie Sloan

I just bought a brand new DelTon. I freakin LOVE IT!!!! Runs like a dream, and at a great price. I got the upgraded full length "slim" Mlok handguard, with the full length pica tinny rail on top. $475. Very accurate, and perfectly gassed(mid-length low profile gas system). Casings eject at 3 o'clock. I added a 2 MOA red dot, with co-witness flip-up aluminum BUIS. I couldn't be happier!!!!! I highly recommend DelTon, if you haven't heard anything about their rifles. I eventually want one in 7.62(.308). This PSA also looks nice, for the price. But, I gotta stick with DelTon, for now.

Spencer Fisher

How much was this gun?

ben cruz

I have been looking for this gun!! I found an upper assembly with a keymod rail system for $499 but this is m-lok and cheaper. grass amigo, grass

Jo-Jo bighiker

I just bought the PS-10 Kit for $349.99. Then, the PSA Gen2 bare Lower Receiver ($79) was sent to my local FFL gun guy, and I am in business!.


Try not to eat right before you film your videos. You seem to be struggling. Great vid, keep it coming.

Paul S. Kearns

Man, I couldn't hang with all the damn swallowing... Shit

Diksaca Yehovah

I bought the 308 chambered AR15 from POF. Ships next Monday. Can't wait.

Philippe FRATER

I love AR10'S, for their power and long range ability.
???????? Regards from France!
Yep we also have guns here... ?

Joe Tittiger

Wondering if the 5D tactical 80% lower will work with this Palmetto kit? TIA

Jim Proietti

Been using PSA parts for decades and have never had an issue. Not one! But you must be aware of their nomenclature. Melonite, a trade name , is NOT the same finish as QPQ Nitride, and PSA uses both on their barrels. And you should be able to tell the difference between a forged and a billet receiver. I just built an A 10 battle rifle with the same lower and the standard F2 front sight post upper with a nitrided barrel and this thing shoots sub MOA at 100 yards! Stoked, to say the least!


it’s funny because trump’s trying to take our guns now

Abigail Fennigan

My only experiences with PSA are their 16" midlength 5.56 uppers on Anderson lowers. 2,200 rounds through my current build, no malfunctions with brass and steel case. I haven't shot for accuracy cause I run a red dot, but I can hit a man size target at 450 yards.

The first upper had a 416r stainless steel barrel and I had 1500 rounds through that one with no malfunctions.
Both came with the A2 handguards which I switched out for the Magpul drop in handguard.
Next purchases from them are gonna be their Lower build kits and their 10.5" 5.56 and 300blk uppers.

Joe Forte

Quick talking ass hat and get to the point

Bryan Simmons

Have had great luck with PSA products. They are great value IMHO.

family man

Cool vid TGC sent me keep up the good work??

Orie Pierce

I’ve built two. Both are sub moa. Love them

Jeff Young

First time here enjoyed the AR10 review I plan on buying one ASAP Subscribed to your channel Thx

Edwin McNew

That’s a great rifle! I would love to have one!

Kelly Finney

You keep clearing your throat and swallowing hard!
How fit are you?
Quit smoking whatever you’re smoking and you’ll feel much better!

Mr. James

Problem with buying Ar10 as cheap as you did you will find out when you try to get sub MOA groups. Not possible with cheap hardware.

Ed Musick

Pretty sure a SOCOM 16 will feed any ammo and will always work vs ammo picky, delicate AR10s.

Die Blou

Thinking about picking one of these up for my poor mans M110ish. Any issues with reliability? I did see that there were two more parts to this video series. If you address that there, my apologies for lack of patience.


I like PSA !

Gab Gab

I personally prefer an FN FAL, if I need something in .308. But palmetto s rifle looks gorgeous.


Love PSA! I wish they offered more rifle twist options other than1:7. At least offer a few 1:9 uppers in 556.

Big Boss 9

Bruh... Blink!


Opportunity missed for those of us that didn’t buy an AR-10 back when you reviewed this rifle...good vid, thanks.

Hater of evil

I bought a PA10 on Black Friday. Basically the same as yours except for a 20” barrel and an upgraded buttstock. I love it, and what a great deal. Thinking about buying another.

DR Dan

Smith and Wesson, Diamond Back are only a little more money but far superior.

Arthur Chenoweth

I'll try to improve my grammar if you will review rifles without referencing cost.Try quality.

Mark Alton

Cries in 2021

Daniel Delgado

Cant buy these anywhere period....sold out on every upper,lower ar 10,15. Frustrating

Jesus Christ

Too much into crap and you should thread it throughout the video

Ronnie Paul

can someone just link the damn rifle, I cant listen to him hawing around stammering and stuttering anymore!

Orie Pierce

Mine is moa at 100

Bandit Leu

Just picked up a BCA 308 upper 16" heavy barrel for 349$ named her Isabelle.. Also very Happy with the BCA 450 bushmaster upper 240$ named her Jolene...

None of Your business

Nah... Diamondback DB10

Jake Dickson

Looking at buying my first rifle and this looks great thanks for the content man!


whats that coupon link?

Mark Norwood

I've made several purchases from PSA, No Disappointments.

Willow Crest Farm

on the ones that show a full rifle is it actualy a full rifle?

John Powell

The .308 from such a stubby barrel is too steep of a performance trade in my book. What do I know having owned and reloaded concurrently for 6.5 CM, .308 Win, .270Win, & .30-06. They are all great cartridges, not one of them dances their best jig in carbines. I'll let YOUR chronograph tell you that.

Dj Chaisson

How much does it weight????


I hate every time you swallow. The sound makes me cringe. Stop swallowing every 5 seconds or adjust the mic

Logan Paul

Dumb intro, way to loud

The Casual mechanic

No one sells guns like a democrat in office

Jimmy Prince

I have an AR15 pistol I got from PSA .556. I love it, 500 rounds so far with no problems. I was looking at their AR10. Great video!!!


I rattle can all my blasters.

Tyler Tapp

Good video bud, I've had probably 9 psa rifles and pistols, just to note I've played with alot of stuff from Anderson to BCM, colt, noveske. Psa's ive built some from the ground up. They're bomb proof for the money spent and a hell of a platform to start from and upgrade as felt needed. I have a psa 10.5 that I've built up and almost 3 grand in lol, that is with a suppressor though and trust me. It's what I'm grabbing if some something goes bump in the night. Nothin wrong with a psa by any means, it's a workin mans gun and will run with the big dogs.

Idaho Potato

The rear on the Armorlite upper is more like an angle and the PSA uses the DPMS style or an arc. Also buyers should know not all ar10 uppers and lowers match well between makers I have been told.

Anthony Gendron

I absolutely love my PSA10 with one exception. It is way over gassed. I reload my 308 rounds but not the ones I use in the AR10 due to the pounding the brass takes.

Fit'n Fire

Hey Team! I have had a number of people asking about the accuracy of this rifle. I have a part 2 video outlining the optic I put on this AR10 and part 3 covers the accuracy. You can find them here:

Part 2 - Optic: https://youtu.be/sSil5RA74r4
Part 3 - Accuracy: https://youtu.be/YA12cL5vgtY

Big Boss 9

Bruh... Blink


Bought a PSA lower and went to complete the build, but I switched gears and did a top down Aero build. Managed to come in right at 1100 completed. Shoots as smooth as a 10/22.

Ken Ray

I'd really like to try a binary trigger on mine,not to waste ammo but just in case u need to fill the a space with hell


Nothing like hearing someone review a firearm, that has no clue of the terms he is using to describe the features of construction, or the different patterns of said firearm, magwell "sizes", etc....lmfao

Pete Bentley

Wrong diamondback db 10's in 308 or 6.5 creedmoor,and I should know because I own both of then in burnt bronze color.muzzle brakes on both of them and a vortex viper 6/24/50 scope on both of them.love them both but I do favor the 6.5 a little over my 308 now ??????‼

Dark Nod

I dont know why everyone is say u need to be fit to shoot this rifle so not true ive fired some really hefty firearms this thing isnt bad at all you wouldint want to use any 308 as a battle rifle anyway thats wat the ar15 is for


When does he talk about the price?

Nick Robinson

Tulsa here as well, just got the gen 3 psa ar10. I: ready to go shoot lol

Buddy Mac

I love how everyone on YouTube says they have the "best budget AR10/15. I pieced mine together over about a year and I'm around $600 minus the optic AR10. MY AR15 was about $450 with the optic and it cycles flawlessly and accurate. All 80 lowers too.

Dutch Jennings

I have the same rifle- purchased complete upper and complete lower on sale 18 mo ago for combined price of $600. Unbelievable deal for a quality AR. PSA used to have some problems but lately they've gotten their act together more and I've purchased several AR rifles and pistols from them, all with zero problems. Dependable and accuracy on all have been within acceptable range- what you'd expect from a production AR.

frank 1040

Great review, great price and great info about the politics ?


The us adopted the ar platform and we started loosing wars,,.??? What lol

Jordan Winders

Palmetto State does pretty good

Kelly Finney

I don’t think mixing Fit with Fire is going to work for me...
To complicated!
It reminds me of the battle I had with weight while in my teens and frankly I’d rather just forget about that!
But I do love guns!
Anyways, who cares if you are fit?

lolo ent

I'm having a little trouble picking an affordable pistol AR upper because I like the stainless steel barrel look , can you look in to 22mods4all. Com

Usd to ar

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Top 10 AR15s Under $400 Dollars

71 406 views | 8 Feb. 2019

AR-15 is a rifle you could

AR-15 is a rifle you could spend thousands on, by why bother, this is a list of the 10 best AR15 rifles under $400 dollars.

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History of Weapons


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God Family and Guns


Facebook https://www.facebook.com/godfamilyandguns/

Civilian #72583119

Delton 16” free float AR-15s at my local pawn shop for $399.00

Dylan Patterson

Yes 390 online plus 30 for shipping and 50 for a transfer fee


Surprised I haven't seen a comment on BCA. I think he should include links where these AR's can be found for the prices he stated.


Dti is 500 n MO


Indoor ranges look so depressing

Andrew Gordon

I love my Ruger AR 556 got it for $550 but if I was to get one cheaper it would be a Palmetto Rifle

Rick Bourne

Does anyone here remember NESARD? They were big in Northern IL gun shows in the late 80s, and in Shotgun News. This was the assemble it yourself AR15 supplier of that era. I think quality was marginal, and I had to destroy what I think was a M16 bolt for fear of any legal violation, and was pissed at the time for that.


Hopefully it comes back to this in 2021

Stewart Tomkinson

they will all be under 500 if it looks like cogress is going to ban them

SincerelyYours CG

? Where'd you find the Diamondback 15 for $330? I'll take that all day


Bear creek arsenal in 7.62x39 with a 15" key mod or mlock $379 best budget ar in my opinion ive seen what it does to hogs and white tails EXCELLENT rifle especially for the money

Doug Stubbs

My bog standard Colt AR 15 purchased in 1977 cost me $1880 AUS. Prime Minister John Howard gave me $220 for it during our enforced disarmament.

Mark Norwood

PSA 16" kit w/ Magpul MLOK and sights $339.00. Just need to buy your stripped lower and put it together.
If you don't know how, there's plenty of videos on YouTube.
It's not that hard.

Nancy M-R

@God family and guns, this is an eye-opener for people who say they can't afford an AR-15. I could never build my own; I'm not gifted that way nor did my misspent youth as a classical musician add to my Gun Knowledge. I've learned so much from you and your channel. God Bless you and keep putting out your message of freedom and faith.

Jonny Sprague

Thank you!


People buying ars left and right right now. I cannot even find one that isn't marked up a few hundred or out of stock.

mike ellis

Do you still own the ATI hybrid from 2 years ago,and if so how does it hold up to a high ammo count?. Thanks.

Eric Dolby

Kicking myself for paying $1400 for a Sig M400 flat top and low profile gas block during the Obama issues.

Darryl Stawberry

Does anybody know the optic that’s on the DPMS oracle

Tony Allen

Anyone else get a “Falling Down” Micheal Douglas vibe, while he’s shooting at the range, LOL. Nice review, definitely going to give me more consider vs the M&P Sport II.

Notcha Grandpa

Wow how things change!!!! I bet anyone wanting to buy an AR but decided to put it off for another year regret that decision today.


Ive owned the Omni for about 4 years now and ive put at least 1000 round through it. with 100 round drums and bump fire. works great. love it.Panther uppers have to have the gas hole drilled out under the block. also a good one to have.

Mark Norwood

Palmetto's are really good and often offer bundle packages.
Bought mine about 3 yrs ago.
PSA Freedom Rifle, Springfield XDS 9mm w/ Essentials Pkg. for

Nancy M-R

@God family and guns, comment #2: I bought a Bushmaster QRC Carbine XM-15 QRC - 16" W/ MINI RED DOT for a price comparable to your list today - brand new and FAR LESS than the MSRP on Bushmaster's site, so there are deals out there! They basically gave the red dot away for the cost. It shoots beautifully, either .223 / 5.56 and is beautifully made. https://www.bushmaster.com/firearms/xm-15-qrc/16-w-mini-red-dot -- only if you want to see the specs.

John Silver

I am surprised there are 2 much less 10 under 400 bucks.

George Kershner

Got a float barrel Ar 15 Diamond Back ,db15 439.00. 2019 buddy bought same gun jan 2021 1200$


That video just made me feel good. For just a little more you can get more.


2:12 That’s one crazy setup you got goin on there sir.

Rogelio Mendiola

Just decided to build my own AR. Which brands come disassembled or is it better to piece meal them? Seems that way would add a lot of freight charges.

Alex Rolon

Nice video thanks .

Mark Huskey

Bear Creek Arsenal

F-250powerstroke7.3 Ford

I’m an AK guy it’s just my preference but I’m looking for a good Beginner AR as a fun GUN for the range I’m 18 years old and already have an AK Just wanna get my collection going


a year later, yea its time to stock up and get out of the city before the fall. thanks for sharing... peace and GOD BLESS

Manny Alonso

What about the Windom Weaponry CF1...


Cheapest AR I have ever owned or seen is my kit rifle on a Palmetto State lower.


Any of em come with sights?


I absolutely love the way prices have fallen on AR parts. A couple personal experiences:
ATI Omni can be a bit hit or miss on reliability. My dad's has a definite problem with the mags not locking high enough which occasionally causes rounds to nosedive under the feed ramp. Not good and results in recessed bullets, so you have to make sure those rounds are cleared before firing.
I bought a DPMS Oracle during the Obama years and paid $750. Shocking how low the prices have gone. They're a quality gun but beware if you decided to upgrade--the castle nut on mine was so tight I damaged the upper getting it off. Ordered one of those fantastic Anderson uppers for $50 and have been rocking the gun with a 14" slim guard since then. Amazing that you can get a decent Mlock rail for $30 now.


Enjoy it while you can because they want to take these “assault riffles” away from us more than anything else. Everyone should own at least 3 or 4 AR’s and AK’s so we have plenty when they take them away

Rob I

Just checked again everywhere and there are no new or used AR15’s for under $550, and practically speaking, over $600


Wow , I own 3 Ar15's and 1 AR10 , not one of them were under 900. I'll be looking into the ones you mentioned. Thanks for the tip

King Burton

What model chambers a 7.62 round?

Halfdollar 86

In this price range buy a Smith and Wesson M&P sport 2. Such a great value for under 500 dollars. A lot of times it comes with lots of goodies for that price.

Petry 740

Just picked up my first AR-15 which is a smith and Wesson M&P 15 sport gen 2 and I’m in love with. It came with the od green magpul furniture and grip under the hand guard. Also came with a bright green laser,a flashlight,a red dot,and 3 fully loaded 30 rnd mags. 2 pmag and 1 green authentic metal mag. Green and black tip ammo with some hollow points. I trained with the ar platform on my ruger 10/22 with the archangel 556 conversion kit. I also just got a Taurus g2c 9mm from rural king gun barn last month that I haven’t even got to site in yet. I may have a job there soon! The wife isn’t as happy as I am when I get a new gun lol these deals just don’t stop falling into my lap!

Jan Allen

Diamond Back Ar-15 is a lie. I just went there and they sell for $500 and Up

Dsanders PNW

Bear Creek Arsenal and 22mods for All. Others to consider for Budget AR's. Thanks for the video and glad to be a subscriber.

Q Dabeast

I wish he listed some of these online places ?



Tom Jones

Good list. I agree with Anderson & PSA! #10 should be 1-10, just my opinion. You save a lot, learn your rifle, & usually get what you like (ESPECIALLY if you shop smart & look for sales). GREAT video!

little pigs

Del-ton is 349$ and is very reliable

Smith N. Wesson

An AR Rifle - "It only offends you....until it DEFENDS you." AR = America's Rifle.

Cajun Swamp Fox

I totally agree with most of what you said here, except that ATI. The ATI Omni is a total piece of trash.

Hollow A.F.H

Good job I thought the list was perfect! We appreciate the information.

The Men of Tupperware

I would never touch those ATI Omni Hybrid's after watching Honest Outlaw's review on it. Talk about a piece of trash gun.

Nehemiah Jenkins

Now Ar15 are at least $700 and up since this pandemic


Love my del-ton...bear Creek..and PSA... AMERICAN FREEDOM FOREVER

Paul Freed

I've got the DPMS Oracle in 5.56. It's fun to shoot, reliable, accurate and with four rail handguard, bipod/foregrip, and red/green three way optic I think I spent $629 plus tax. It's a rifle I am comfortable with and the ammo is relatively inexpensive in bulk.

Wayne Battersby

I just got a Del Ton Echo 3 and love it

Michael Dean

Would like for you to do a list for left handed shooters. With parts or kits or full weapons thanks

Greg Martin

Bear creek arsenal are cheap

Michael Dean

Would you suggest any left handed weapons for a left handed shooters

Galactic Faggot

Stop being poor thank

J Tgunnergurl85

Del Ton DTI-15 is awesome!

Eric John Schwab

My ex wife was absolutely against me owning a weapon. Now that I’m officially on my own and we have the upcoming inauguration I can’t find an AR for less than $1200. The more budget friendly ones are all sold out.

Stephen Maddaloni

I own three of the 10. Thank you for the video.

Jessica And David Taliadouros

Prayer Request: Hubby and I are new at buying rifles. We are struggling to decide on a gun that satisfies both of our wants and needs regardless of price. We like the AR-15s and any AR style weapon and recently came across the Kel-Tec RDB. Does anyone have any advice on which route to take for personal defense? Please pray for wisdom in this decision. Thank you!

Chris Yoder

So glad you mentioned the build it yourself.
That way you get what you want and can afford.

Anthony Banks

What online sight can I get them from


2020: $400 AR 15 rofl not anymore more like $875 oh and it's just a club because there is no ammo the entire internet is out.

Will Felton

What do you have on your AR pistol?

Rob I

More inexpensive??? Uh, no.... nothing below $400. Nothing below $500. Trying build cheaply, still over $400.

2wheeled Demon

Built my psa for $385


Guns are good, God is great!


please do a budget optic review

Project 704 Media

I like the Del-Tone. Right in my home state of NC. Elizabethtown,,NC. Thank. GFG!!!

hasv e

I got my kit for 249, and Anderson lower for 50. S0 300 for a complete AR is the lowest I found.

Jimmie Burleigh

Get the dirt on the top 10 or 5 cheaper models of ar 10



Carlos Carrillo

Undear $400.00 where...? You are so full of it ! Stop deceptive advertising...!

Brian Mouton

What kind of optic is that on the dpms

J. LaForge

I bought one this month.... from your list. The Del-Ton. It is a great rifle. But the price was $695.00

Jedidiah David

Im new to this but can someone tell me how do I learn about AR15? Are there any good books on the subject?

Rodney Baker

Wish I didn't still live in Connecticut.


I don't get the big deal about AR15s

Roger Whitley

A year later and none of these are available and if they are, they're priced 2 to 3 x's the original msrp... what a sad time we live in

Jake G

Trapped in this Godless communist state of Massachusetts. Cheapest pre ban is $1,600.

Justin Case

Welcome back to the samo samo Pastor. Those shat show posts aren't as groovy as your awesome top 5/10 notifications are. That was a very accurate list of quality named Black Guns under $400.- kudos 2U! 1John 4:7-11; Amen?

epic gameplay_

delton is 800 lol

Tom Ollie

what about www.abcrifle.com ? quality, affordable, can't see anything wrong with that :)


Your list is solid but I only have one recommendation, be sure to pick an AR with a front gas block that is the same height as the upper receiver. I had a heck of a time finding a flip up front steel sight designed for a low profile front gas block. Ended up spending nearly $100 on a Midwest Industries front sight made for that application.

sean white

I built a PSA 14.7" Mid with a real deal FN HF Barrel for $495.
This is a real deal FN HF not a second hand PSA marking one .
I paid $275 for my FN 14.5 HF Barrel directly from FN 2 years ago .
The Upper was $349 , and got a charging handle and Bolt / BCG for $75 . Paid $75 for the complete Lower . It's a complete PSA Build .
It's unbelievable how insanely cheap this was for a HF Upper.

Eric Dolby

Can someone post a link to the del-ton he mentioned?


is it pretty easy to change the gas block on the oracle ar??

Magnus Hodge

Ghostvendors com is the best site to buy firearms online .I deal with them and they have never failed me .

Halfdollar 86

Dang I didn’t know you could get Standards under 400 and Diamond back for 330

Brad P

Where are these -$400 rifles


I need a cheap AR


if any of you wanna trade an AR for my glock .45 cal hmu


I’m gonna go out on a limb here and say you are the Morgan freeman of YouTube and firearms ??

Rob I

Can I buy one of your AR pistols for under $400?

Paul Hök

jUsT aS GoOd!!!