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NASA’s Eyes of Earth - 20 Years of ‘Worldview’

8 027 views | 6 Jun. 2018

NASA's Worldview website

NASA's Worldview website delivers and feature where you can look and interact with NASA satellite imagery and data from the last 20 years. -- Learn more about it: https://www.space.com/40812-incredible-nasa-earth-weather-time-lapse-video.html

Visit https://worldview.earthdata.nasa.gov/ for more.



Wow, our earth is cool...

Lori Hughes

What’s with the satellight

Mary Bodros


Greys Q

We're killing earth

Tom Doe

20 yrs under 2 minutes. ?

Noah Bob





the weather sucks during my last 18 birthdays

Ramu Mila

From india

devrim ozyer

Salve ci sono carozza dI meteoriti voglio vendere ti enterasa vuoi ? Wapsap Romania 0040 768 197 241

Stephen Cordero

8th comment. Like for luck.

Mutafa Rahmani

Fuck off with your first


what are those darkzone lines?

I'm babie

Oh but there's no global warming. People are very uneducated today. There is clearly increases of temperature, and other signs of global warming. Just take this video for example, bad air quality and such.

But the video is very interesting to see!!




Earth looks flat why theye spread it out

Greys Q

I think the only way to save earth is to kill 75% of the population of the earth

KillersMemes Squad




Jax Barker

Thats crazy



Nasa eyes

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NASA's eyes on the solar system part 1

7 475 views | 4 Feb. 2014

A cool game/tool made by

A cool game/tool made by NASA enjoy!

music is Kevin MacLeod at http://www.incompetech.com


Subbed just cuz

Daniel Nieto

what is this app?

Lord Valor

It’s an Official NASA educational space exploration tool..and this app is not a game...this app tells you where we have been at in history in space...also tells you all the current real time locations of where all of our satellites, probe, rovers and other space exploration crafts are currently at in our solar system....This official NASA app allows you to see everything in the NASA deep space network...it also allows you to track voyager 1 & voyager 2... Voyager 1 is in "Interstellar space" and Voyager 2 is currently in the "Heliosheath" -- the outermost layer of the heliosphere where the solar wind is slowed by the pressure of interstellar gas....voyager 2 is currently in the process of completely leaving our home solar system...voyager 1 has left the solar system...you know like Elvis has left the building...well voyager 1 has left the definitely building and voyager 2 is all most out completely out the door and all most completely left our home solar system....


Then he says I want to go Uranus

Chelsea Chan :3

How old are you bitch


also the universe sandbox is much better

Nasa eyes

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Asteroid 2012 DA14 - NASA Eyes on the Solar System

47 669 views | 14 Feb. 2013

Today we return to NASA

Today we return to NASA Eyes on the Solar system, a web browser app similar to Celestia and Space Engine, to simulate the February 15th, 2013 close fly-by of Asteroid 2012 DA14!

NASA Eyes on the Solar System: http://eyes.nasa.gov

NASA JPL Livestream of the event (starting 12:00pm EST): http://www.ustream.tv/nasajpl2

Thanks for watching! Remember to leave a "LIKE" if you enjoyed this video!


Kurt Im 12,Is the meteor that exploded in Russia apart of D14?


I'm reading an article from "The Economist" on american's statistics of death. There is twice more chance (1/75 000 000) to die from fireworks than asteroid impact, basicely. And heart desease is 1/476, for instance.


you've been watching too many movies. Extinction level asteroids are around 1km or 1000m in diameter, if it was 500m it would probably have massive impact on the environment and climate. but this one was only 50m. it would depend on the speed and angle it hits the atmosphere, and the asteroid density, but the damage would likely not do anything you just said.

Laser Puppies



Yes, but by the time it had hit Earth it had broken up and burnt up to the point that it was a lot smaller. The main impact was from the explosion of the asteroid when it shattered in the air from the heat.


It destroy a city, not kill all life.


no it didnt hit it whas a smaller rock from the asteroid that hit russia


Nope. Completely unrelated.


so right DynamiteBacon clouds I hate them when they cover the sky

Jens Mortiers

actually, there are 1000 people who got injured. just saying and indeed there are no deaths fortunatly i know your comment is made 6 hours ago. i'm just giving an update :)

Nick Kromer

so glad i wasnt the only one thinking nasa wasted a golden opportunity to send something to this


I'm in Australia :)


there where 3 meteros that flew by

Finally Lost

My Uncle died today due to the meteor. His injuries were far to severe.


But there were. 3 confirmed deaths. Besides, it was apparently a US weapons test.


The debris that would be ejected into the atmosphere at impact would cover a large portion of the globe causing it to cool. Because large meteors are vaporized at impact, it would be a very fine dust the can float easily in the air and take years to finally fall fall back to the ground, along with all the ash and smoke that is produced from fires and vaporized earth from the creator. The size of a meteor over 20ft is irrelevant if its going fast enough


That '15 meter' asteroid DID hit the Earth


it was on the science channel.


the textures wont load and gui isnt showing

Unknown -Agario

Are we gonna see it in Europe?

Master Flex

Damn clouds...


well, it would suck, really suck. lots of extinctions, lots of deaths but the planet, life, and mankind would probably come out the other side. it's not NEARLY as bad as, say, the KT Meteorite that wiped out the dinosaurs, which was around the size of Mt. Everest whereas this one is around 500 Meters.


that would suck


You should look things up before you write... This asteroid didn't hit the earth. The asteroid that hit Russia hit earlier that day. so u iz wrong lukie boy!!!


I like how people instantly assumed I had linked the Cherlyabinsk incident to 2012 DA14, when I simply stated that A meteorite had exploded over Russia, not THE meteorite :P

Victor Neo

There were two different asteroids. And the one you talked about didn't even hit Earth. Research some more before commenting.


Where did you hear this? The most serious injury was supposedly a broken spine.


Wow there are people who really need to do research. The meteor that exploded over Russia was not related to this one in any way shape or form except for the fact they're both rocks from space. They had different trajectories, meaning they came from different parts of space and just happened to be near Earth at the same time.


-.- There have been way less deaths than what you said but the injuried people are maybe more than 1000.

jake butlin rdfgge

no chance ....really hahahahahahahahahhhaa

Tyler Pathana Sped Squad

he said Hey, Nasa, keep your eye on stuff not pointed at america


The speed was 18,641 mph, over 8 times as fast as a bullet. A asteroid only 20ft. in diameter that would cause another Tunguska event. An asteroid of 50 meters (or ~160ft) could cause a significantly large enough impact to do serious long term effects to the earths atmosphere. if a single nuke damages the atmosphere, what makes you think a asteroid with the equivalent energy of 5 wouldn't?


OMG! I was on a school hiking expedition in oman and i was star-gazing with my friends when this was flying over. But i didn't know about it :-(


lol, I hate when that happens xD

Victor Zamanian

I wonder if it would have made it difficult to catch up with the asteroid with a rocket given the fact that it was travelling almost perpendicular to the plane of our orbit around the sun. And not only that but was passing by on the side of our planet where we would've had to burn retrograde to the orbit around our own axis as well, or maybe coming around the back of our planet. I dunno. I find it interesting though.


Nope. The meteor over Russia was undiscovered and uncharted and came from a completely different direction, while people still had eyes on DA14. If it's the same one, that means it can teleport, change its own mass AND be in two places at the same instance in time!


Lol "close fly by" it hit Kurt

Mark Bagwell

The asteroid has no relation to the meteoroid that hit Russia.

I'm Scootaloo

I saw it, i was in europe, i am a kid so they tought "Yeah, ROCKS AREN'T ASTEROIDS YOU STUPID" I feel flattened.

Ryan Nelson

Not working on a mac mini running snow leopard GUI. Tried to open it from terminal too


Technically I understood it in my way, but it wasn't the way HE wanted me to understand.


Kurt's been watching vlogbrothers. He just said doobly-doo.


It would be cool if an asteroid gets caught in orbit, then we would have 2 moons :D...if it didn't have a big gravitational field then it would be cool.




A single nuclear explosion has never caused any significant effects to the atmosphere, so much for "damaging" it. Nuclear winters aren't too relevant, as that relates to the detonation of many nuclear explosives, and that's still just theoretical. With the many nuclear tests of the Cold War, there isn't any correlation with severe atmospheric events. Nowhere says that the object of the Tunguska event was about 20 feet. It was many, many times bigger than that, ranging from 120 to 500 ft.


Great vid as always, Kurt. Just one thing - GPS satellites aren't geosynchronous. Each of the satellite in the array flies over the DoD twice a day for updates and clock sync.

jake butlin rdfgge

ya see your looking at this meteor and the next day it hits the earth ironic ha


iam in asia :D


Yeah. And then it flew right past us, as expected. Many people watched it personally, for the rest of us there's plenty of videos on the Internet, filmed from different locations. It never even came close, relatively speaking.


I seriously doubt your claims. It has been speculated that the object that caused the Tunguska event was over 330 ft in diameter. The meteor that impacted yesterday was over 50 feet in diameter and only left a 6 meter hole in the ice, with little of the characteristics of the Tunguska event. It sounds like you're just concocting pseudoscience on those effects on the Earth's atmosphere. A nuclear explosion does not really "damage" the atmosphere.


I hope he is going to make a video about the meteorite that exploded above russia

Angel Bravo

Very professional explication


No, i mean the people in the comment section who don't account for other planets and the suns gravity but do account for the earth's.

Brett Miller

That asteroid was unrelated.


Have you heard of nuclear winter? That's proof that a nuclear explosion does in fact damage the atmosphere. Also the 6 meter hole wasn't caused by the meteor, it was a single fragment the separated from the meteor when it exploded in mid air. What decade are you looking at that says it was 330ft in diameter, no one was around to see it, but in 2008-2012 they used a super computers to calculate its size, which was ~20ft. The Tunguska event was felt world wide too, they have seismographic proof.

John Hale


jake butlin rdfgge

oh we got plenty of shine of that thing when it smacked us in the face


Yep. The Russian meteor event just happened at the same time Kurt uploaded the 2012 DA14 video and it was a much more spectacular event :) The Russian meteor came from another direction than the 2012 DA14 asteroid and it happened hours before the closest pass moment so no of way of that asteroid bringing along stragglers and flinging them Earthward.

The Swagmaster

Half of these comments are making me lose faith in humanity


a lot comes into play in an event like that. the speed and angle it hits the atmosphere, the composition and density of the asteroids, where it hits etc. It could break apart, hit multiple locations, could burn up. gauging the damage from a 15m meteor on a single partial collapse of a building may not be the most accurate of comparisons though.


this asteroid will never hit... russia hit by an asteroid u iz wrong kurtie boy!!!




Kurt, in light of the CRAZY coincidence of this asteroid and the meteor over Russia, I made a petition on We the People. I'd appreciate it if you checked it out, maybe signed it, and perhaps link people to it! whDOTgov/dHoD


Now would probably be a very good time for everyone to write to their congressional leaders about *maybe* spending a tiny bit more of the money we give them towards NEO detection and more research into possible deflection methods. Usually politicians don't worry about asteroids because they are not frequent enough to get their attention or they aren't scientifically literate enough to know about these things.


Kurt I just have to say this. You sir are one of the smartest people I have ever heard. And what kind of telescope do you have?


I said what the fuck because you called someone stupid because he pointed out that to possible outcomes isn't a 50/50 chance.


1: your right, Apophis will make a close pass in 2030 but, 2:they say if it does go through the "keyhole" it will be back in 2039 and 3: if it does go through the keyhole it only has a 1 in 500,000 chance of PASSING BY earth again in 2039, not impacting. in fact it has a very low impact probability now.


There is a chance that when a meteor of this size does enter the atmosphere, everything it is composed of just disintegrates. It is like setting a piece of paper on fire. Nothing remains of it. Just ashes. Nonetheless this event is pretty amazing. Sorry for the people who got hurt but that story will be remembered.


estimated about the same blast radius / explosive damage would probably level a city, but is probably not a threat in the big picture of things.


What the fuck?


You're the one who got butt hurt.

I'm Scootaloo



Nothing hit the earth yet.


There were actually several deaths. Get your facts straight mate.

Mark M

Actually, the Tunguska event only effected seismographs around eurasia, and the seismic activity around the epicenter was only measured at around 5.0 on the richter scale (which is still very powerful, but not as powerful as you're saying it is). Essentially, the blast was approximately as powerful as the Castle Bravo thermonuclear bomb. Also, the Tunguska meteorite was estimated to be 330 or so feet, not 20.


He said no chance of impact...Lol.


kurt egipt is not eastern europ

Kayla A. Stephen

Now correct me if I'm wrong but isn't there an asteroid that keeps on coming and passing and if it hits it could b dangerous. I forget the name but I believe the ppl that mantioned it who I heard about it from said that they aren't exctly sure or not if it will someday hit earth sooo yeah....fear of the day and again correct me plz cuz I don't wanna b a derp bcuz I only heard it once :/


luckily there wasnt


The asteroid is only about 50 meters wide. My understanding is that it is too small to make such a significant impact, but I haven't researched anything, so you could be correct.


This isn't the one in Russia. That one was substantially smaller, and if it hit the earth would wipe out an entire city.


The object that hit Earth in Russia was a meteor, first of all. I doubt a city would be destroyed if it were to have impacted in a city,, as it only left a small 6m hole in the ice. The asteroid is the one that flew by and is much larger (50m vs 17m). That one did not hit Earth.


Does not compute

mad scientist nova

8:40 i completely agree


He didn't say it was the same one

Kayla A. Stephen

When I said could b dangerous btw I meant that I don't rly remember the size but its bigger than the asteroid that kurt was mentioning I forget a lot or a little bigger


it's already gone. the time is increasing because it's getting further away dumbass

jake butlin rdfgge

nasa was wrong .......we are allllllll screwed im tellin ya hide ya kids hide ya wife cos ther a rapist meteor comin our way


Kurt: "I'm not a scientist." Me: "WHAAAAAAAAAAATTTTTTTTT????????"


Don't cry, being embarrassed because you are a failure doesnt mean you should come out offensive to some COD no-lifer kid. but what I do care about is, this COD kid is obviously smarter then you! thats the best troll-win ever.


its fiiiiine......until about 5 billion years from now when the sun engulfs the earth. ; )


Actually meteor, because it entered the atmosphere.

Dusan Rakic

i noticed that a minute later fuck it


Maybe it does, but some Russian officials think that it was a US weapons test. Obviously they are wrong, but it was interesting news at the time.


You mean like this one? The one that wasn't even visible from the American continents at the time of closest approach? "Pointed at the USA", my ass.


1080p nice

Bear Mackk



....the asteriod flew by just now? its friday.


Oh yeah definately it is NOT 2012 DA14. That just went by us. That event was just an unnamed meteor. Nothing is actually certain on what did fall to the ground or not. That was just the first news that popped up regarding the "if something landed" question.

Tyler Pathana Sped Squad