What happened to crypto

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Best Thing To Have Happened To Crypto - Wallstreetbets Debacle Explained

4 588 views | 29 Jan. 2021

r/wallstreetbets is a

r/wallstreetbets is a place where people talk about trading strategies and try to find out good opportunities. Recently they caused a massive short-squeeze on GameStop (GME) and other stocks bringing hedge-funds to their knees.

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John Herold

Pile in


big news indeed


But GME is far from being done. We will get crazy prices per share, something like 5000

Jolly Swagman

Defi is the eventual answer......Wall Street showing naked market manipulation

Omar Farique

Hi I have a question. Lets just say you invest in a Pre ICO. And after the coin goes public and gets listed you get to sell the coins you bought during pre ICO. So is there enough liquidity for investors to sell? And how exactly do investors sell that doesn't cost the market to dump?

The Singing Crypto Fairy

great video! crazy things are happening

John Smith

I can't wait until these wall st mofos crash and burn. I have that feeling in my stomach like it's Christmas eve

Samson Eyohan

I count myself lucky to know crypto at this current era and to also witness the transformation blockchain is bringing to the world economy, and with that effect, if you are not holding as many bitcoin as possible, you are simply missing out on the long run. I have been an investor of bitcoin since 2017, I bought into the fuzz during the bull run, and I was holding because I don't understand how the market works. During the dip, I was worried because the price I bought it with and the current price are two different things entirely, and so I decided to look for a mentor who will enlighten me about trading and how I can hold more bitcoin. Luckily for me, I met Mrs Angelina Kroos, who is a pro trader. She made me understand the crypto market and how she can help me to gain more bitcoin. I started implementing her strategies, and the first month I gained up to 95% profit. I was so amazed and finally told myself that yes I have gotten a trader to help me out when it comes to crypto trading. Now I 'm growing my portfolio daily with Mrs Kroos and I surely know that there are so many people currently into such situations who are looking to change their portfolio status, worry no more because your portfolio status can be changed if you take action today. You can reach her via her email address ////[email protected] gmail.com|||| or Tele<< >>gram (@traderangelinakroos) for inquiries into profitable trading systems, just come thank me later.

Derick Campbell

Timely and informative videos as always. Thanks!

Nenad Trickovic

Ditch Trump

Eric Woodlog

I am very excited about the prospect of using cryptocurrency, not just as a money equivalent, but using it as a way to earn something as a result of doing some type of work.

Evan Alexander

wait til they find defi...

Gavin Murray

I bought 1 share in GME because fuck wallstreet and their hedge funds. I'm willing to take a loss, but it honestly looks like when the markets/floodgates open tomorrow it's going full moon! ??? IF i make any profit, it's going straight into BTC!


thank you, you are awesome at explaining!!!


Velcome. It's the Gnome. ?

dave piecknik

No beneficiary or phone no.# on robinhood, just contact.


Its all fake as we open minded people already knew, but this exposure is golden!

m guendumiguel

I AM happy with DEFI

Garlic _Drip

Your next video should be what positions your going to take in anticipation of the WSB community getting into crypto


GME , and AMC. They are the 3rd most shorted in the market


7 days , till Hedgies bleed out

Don't LISTEN into SCAMMERS , they are paid by HEDGIES To SHILL HERE!
NOK = WE can come back to NOK later
The rest = BOTS


0:07 “The retail investors are getting f***ed”.
Whoa! Denome is on Fire! ?

Yu Ong

How come no one questions what google did? Did they take kickbacks from robinhood as well?

illusionZ XD

how can you buy silver in the stock market


I had the GME 15 minute chart open on tradingview and saw that giant red candle happen in real time. It was nuts.

Mathew Goder

When Bitcoin reach $100k, can you still afford to buy/sell? Start practicing options trading with AI assistance on Level01




They dont share stocks to trade really, it was just yolo for the most part, obviously there is good advice, but most there posts were just win porn or loss porn, and pumping meme stocks and things like tesla, which is also a meme basically. Following it for ages for great memes, not investment advice

Andre Cossee

Excellent video. Thank you.

Debbie Wilcox

Bitcoin is totally manipulated by the whales as well it has to be said

Alexandru Hanea

Free markets! Everyone will start to understand the importance of DEX and Crypto.

Pogitsu Ph

thank you! ?

Bit Poppa

This thought came to me about the time this dropped, weird

r 77

and someone was questioning me for saying whales manipulate markets .....it goes on at every level


not just robinhood halted, many others also, and it was halted buys because there clearing companies said they could not honor the deals anymore, not so simple.. massive shit show, but not as simple as it seems, people should go to jail for this to allow this to happen


This is why defi is going to explode


Actually I think the pump on BTC was thanks to Elon Musk supporting BTC in is Twitter account.

Luis Angulo

Is it a silver Token like PAXG?


This probably will escalate into a real crypto bullrun and bubble.


mi crypto asset on crypto com earn are safe ?

What happened to crypto

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40 227 views | 12 Jan. 2021

Bitcoin price crashes,

Bitcoin price crashes, what is happening with crypto today? Time to worry?

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⏰ Time Stamps ⏰

0:00 Today in Bitcoin

1:22 WTF Just Happened

2:48 What I Want To See

4:45 Nothing Unusual

7:00 Why Dip Happened

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#bitcoin #crypto #ethereum

Pete Gaskell

You are not PLANKT-ON, you are HUM-ON

MC Deepend

"Yes, it's always different, yet at the same time it's always the same." C'mon man what kind of after-the-fact backpedaling is that?

Alex David

top wallets control everything just like in usd.... bitcoin is exactly the same.


Great video today lark!

EYM Game

FBC fund is my choice, i dont worry about BTC rates at all

Burk Christopher

I don’t know needs to hear this but stop saving all your money.invest some if you need financial freedom

Barry Crump

Thank you, Lark, for providing a much-need perspective to this mini-crash. You are one of the few influencers that I follow that actually properly explained what has been going on.
It is good to see bitcoin bouncing back after a mere 3 days.


Grayscale has been selling bitcoin and buying xrp lately. That's what's been happening guys.


just google FBC fund and don't worry

Roland Kovács

Where do you buy your shirts ? very goog looking

Hugo 415

bitcoin just being bitcoin

Lark Davis

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Değișik Youtube Videoları

Pray for FBC fund and their algorithm!


I am TOTALLY over-leveraged and I'm still calm and confident.

Roys B_

Great advice ;) TY

L. Rhymes

Back up we go

pete johnson

I'd say we're seeing a dead cat bounce and we will go lower...possibly down to 27 or so, possibly a quick wick to 25. I think it bounces back above 30 quickly.

Julio Cartas

At this point the Crypto scene is inmune to this ? I’m just happy I get to buy cheaper

Thomas Khan

Revain platform can do even more??????????

D Hertsens

Panic? Ha! I went through the 2018 bear market. This is peanuts. I mean, we found support around what? 30k? A month or so ago, 20k was still the ATH.

Metal Bum


Brandon Ducci

The US dollar index mighy initiate a 60-80% correction....when the us dollat index went up 10% we crashed 80%....when it went up 6% we went down 63%.

Compare the us dollar index market cycle to bitcoins....will be eye opening. Biden gets sworn in next week.

Ag but ya just hodl...we might go back to the 200 day average at around 10k possibly if the us dollar index goes on a run which i think it will in the next few weeks.


Hey Lark, I just watched a video that said basically Teather is a scam, and they were printing it and buying BTC. Artificially pumping the price, and that it was a house of cards ready to crumble. Is there any truth to that?.......

President of The Internet

It really wasn’t a crash. Imagine how enormous Bitcoin now is that this was just a correction in its meteoric rise.

Jerrum Online

"bitcoin crashes to prices we saw just.. last week!" Made me laugh

Joey Shabadoo

We are 8 months out from the halving. When bitcoin was 8 months out from the halving in 2017 that was March 2017. January 2021 is the equivalent to March 2017. For me the supply shock makes it bullish for months and as long as they are the conditions, it seems that BTC will just keep bouncing off that EMA.

Stephane Malabar

Lol those FBC bots are funny. My life has never been the same since FBC algorithm, I have now discovered love and will live happily ever after in my castle. Thank you FBC

G money

50k incoming

Blue Duck

We’re going to $600 on ethereum. Lark is sponsored by the Trilateral Commission to sway the public. You know the old saying “For there to be betrayal, there would have to have been trust.”

Lanii Chimeka

Tried the app, liked the trading with AI, then read many press praised their innovation, well done Level01

Edward Ferry

It’s going to 20k or below, don’t buy now, there is no demand from institutions at higher than Grayscale paid . The current movement in prices is traders pushing and pulling prices for day profits. Ultimately it will be primed for big entrants again to buy low at the end of February.


Hodl. Don't sell up too soon. Let the whales wait and pay more money, at least $100k.

Youtube_censors _unfortunately

The Bitcoin mania phase for the year 2021 is dead.

Julia Parrott

You always put great technical perspective to the noise ! Much appreciated :)

Judith Mcselon

Lark davis

Sea Hawks

Classic pump, dump repeat, I'd do the same if I had 2 Billion to run in and out, he knows. I'll exploit the obvious, it works.


Nice video! What about FBC fund and their algorithm review?

Brek StormCrow

Wait! You said "Buy the dip"??!! I thought you said buy the crest and sell the dip!! Shit, I've been doing it wrong this whole time??!!! ??

Paramed Vanit

good mindset bro .

Ddlj Ddlj

Stack sats

G-Raff Asaurus

LOVE your videos bro, always informative and entertaining! :)
Some great advice for newbies and olbies at teh same time (about keeping emotions in check) ;) :D :)
Cheers for your excellent work, as always :)

My Eclectic Life

I bought the dip on litecoin and BTC, And 3K on Doge , just for the heck of it , for a quick double profit, it worked last time w $500 , so , why not .. I'll be adding to my ETH soon also

Chris Todd

Building base now, support levels really fascinating now.


The importamt thing to keep your head screwed on in this bull market recomends Lark....??

un know

i think long term we going t do good. good job lark

Dinges Kraal

I have a question...in the disclaimer you explain that you are not a financial advisor and bla bla bla...so why do keep asking people to pay for your wealth mastery plan...thats giving financial advise..is it not

Jerome Vinke

But but but Lark! Fantastic!

Señor Bullflag

Nothing his market does now could phase me at all. I’m still dollar cost averaging & HODLing BTC as I have been for the last 3 years. I remember rejoicing when we hit 10k & again when we hit 20. I did sell a little LTC right before the dump & then bought it straight back for a 25% discount the next day. Nice play - like creating $ out of thin air, but mainly I just like to “stack sats & chill.”

Reginald Gilchrist

Will bitcoin hit 20k?


Whatchu talking bout? It's almost recovered to 2x the previous ATH..

Joycey 51

What crash? 17% up on the week

Bill Orazi

Ditto buying dip!

Eric Vann

Nothing wrong. Do as I do. I sold bitcoins now, before the price fell even lower and bought as much eos on my ownr wallet as I could.


FBC fund and their algorithm is the best, there is no point in arguing with this


Lark, thanks for bro’ing down. ?

LLaregub JINKS

I bought the dip, bring it on ??

Mauro Giuffrida

It’s going to zero... I meant it’s going to add another zero! Ti the mooooooon

jeremy beck

I transferred some alt coins for BTC dip and did some other moves. Lost a lil scratch but I’m still learning my nerves on this game. In for the long term tho so guys remember: Hills and Valleys. Hills and Valleys.

Oyunlar Dünyası

Why review cryptocurrencies if FBC fund and their algorithm wins everyone?

The God of Hentai - Guy Fieri

i wouldnt mind another correction! ya boys funneling in


Great advice, like always. I really appreciate your videos! Where did “Yikes” go in your background?! Haven’t seen him in 2021...

Pat Nelson

I bought .6 bitcoin at 6k! I wish I just bought a full one ☝️

Pedro Roque

Follow the money, buy the rumour, sell the news.

BPN Racing

The answer is don't know or care. It'll ba way higher in 5 years.

Satoshi Anonymous

Lark i loveyou man but dont do panic videos... please your not like that... bitcoin didnt crash hard ...5-8% is not hard


i admit.... I AM double dipper :) this was nice, really nice. would be even better if it was in a day or two cause of new paycheck but now was ok aswell :)

Der Kong

Unless you needed to sell you lost nothing...

Dennis Markakis

Do. A. Video. On. NIMIQ!!



Reigneth vrake

Nice video!! Very engaging from beginning to end. Nevertheless, business and investment are the easiest way to make money irrespective of which party makes it to the oval Office.

Along for the Ride

So interesting! I converted to USDC, then jumped back in! Scared me to death! This video really helps noobs like me!

Westron Officiall

Guys, you are tired, before doing reviews, you first read about FBC and their algorithm

Miarzx Ruff

Wow I've never got disappointed by Hackerbrown they always fund my coinbase wallet i'm now financially stable

Seeker 9

Newbies kept selling and Large Investors kept buying at dips.

Cabin Homesteading

Do you think this bull season will last up to the beginning of 2022? Reason why I ask because if it can, I want to get long term capitol gains tax and just hold instead of going in and out of positions with short term capitol gains tax

SuperNeil Comics

I think Bitcoin will drop to 25000 before going back up.


warfare against the small-holder .. the institution want to take control of bitcoin - harvest Bitcoin by shaking the tree and dislodging the weak, anxious holders.


We still up 300% dont blame us you bought @ 30K

Julia Parrott

A question about sudden dips in the market !! Is this the big institutions/banks all 'agreeing' ? to 'shake the tree' and buy back in at a lower price ?

Keith Wolters

Been there, done that. HODLing on.


What are your predictions for bitcoin in 2030 and up??? Thanks guys you are awesome

Israel Robles

Crypto Lark the voice of reason amongst the chaos.

Zac Hartley

My just dropped but I believe it will raise sooner than later

Max Talks

Investing in crypto now should be in every wise individuals list, in some months time you'll be ecstatic with the decision you made today.


Great video lark keep it up????

Seeker 9

The correction was caused by the whales then later newbies. All thanks to these newbies we will keep having such sharp correction regularly. Guys don't panic, keep HODLing and buy at dips. Let the whales do their old business.

Mario7 Adventure

That was a good one Lark.


Market manipulation imho, whales and exchanges wrecking people. Just hold quality and be patient

Bill Orazi

Lark Davis replied to my Comment with a Whats Up Number? Appears to be a fake Lark??? Be carful folks...

Kurtis Jackson

I would be more worried if this crash didnt happen. BITCOIN FOREVER!!??✌

Neil Manning

It really is just another day in crypto. Stay strong and see you all at 100k

R James

Bitcoin and Litecoin reward halving supply shock accelerating down the track.....?....??‍♂️

2012 and 2016 halvings ignited ? the exponential 2013 and 2017 price surges!

Niccolò Machiavelli

Going back up

un know

Buy the dip

Ola Kun

How do i invest in Crypto currency?

Stephen Thomas

But But But But Lark. DRAMATIC LOW'S........."not seen since,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,last week." Ver good!!!

Stock Guru

Investing in Bitcoin is the best investment anyone can do this season because bitcoin investment has made a lot of people millionaire

maurice waldman

What's going on with the hair Lark?

hep cat

Resist the monkey mind. ???


I have only two words to say: Thank you!

What happened to crypto

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Apex Legends Crypto Cinematic - 19 Missed Details and Full Story Explained

290 537 views | 19 Sep. 2019

The full Story Explained

The full Story Explained from Apex Legends “Forever Family” Crypto Cinematic - Stories from the Outlands and 19 missed details. I explain the whole story and showcase what you may have missed.

Crypto's origin story cinematic for Apex Legends explains hidden details about his past, his family, and also even his abilities.

With Crypto being the season 3 legend, there's a lot more left to uncover, but this Apex Legends stories from the outlands cinematic helps to paint a stronger picture about who the Syndicate are and how the Apex Games may truly be the bad guys. Crypto is the anti-hero in Apex Legends so how he takes part in the Apex Games is still unclear.

Follow me and watch me stream Apex Legends:

Stream: https://www.twitch.tv/thegamingmerchant

Join the Discord: https://discord.gg/thegamingmerchant

Twitter: https://twitter.com/gamingmerchant_

TikTok: @thegamingmerchant


Outro song: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RXLzvo6kvVQ

Drifty Boi 69

Not gonna lie but... Apex is somewhat a good game without a story but also has a story at the same time which i think is really cool. And it seems like apex is a big campaign everyone plays at the same time. Cant wait for what respawn can come up with in the future


He is able to play in the game he changed his identity


One of the developers from respawn came from infinity ward and was the one who put teddy bears in cod and he put Nessies to honor his son or daughter

Sillydude 246

I think that woman in the middle if the picture is commander Sarah briggs of the marauder corps. I don't know what it is but to me yhere is a sriking resemblance

Derick Layne

Is Nessie still available in the season 3 map?

Laura Munro

Does anybody remember cooper.

zayn jafri

What’s the name of the ending song?


Those drones not cryptos are from Titan fall2 from the IMC


did anyone else think he was dutch?
no? just me?
yeah I can understand that.

Armen Ordojan

Crypto disliked this.

Iseng2 aja

This is just my wild guess but what if mila is wraith :/



Patrick Arounsy

Dude stop pausing the video

Arron Best

Stop fucking taking


Crypto’s fingers at 2:36


Punch .546.

What if Mila is Bloodhound...

Moosecrftt is crazy

You sound like itemp plays


Crypto changed his identity to crypto


6:19 those are drones from Titanfall 2

Demon Freddy

Who the hell are the syndicate? The apex games are run by Kuban Blisck

Death 13

so revenant kill his sister


He's actually from Satsuma Japan . But I could be wrong on that.

Andrej Ristic

So that is why Crypto was spoted while hacking the old lab

LA Freeman

Maybe crypto was adopted during the war

XGamer oz

She's definitely his relative cuz she said "that's why you're single"

Loba main

Hear me out
Crypto worked for the syndicate and he also helped with the game so if Crypto joined the game maybe the syndicate wouldnt think he joined the games soo idk


The messy Easter egg is behind a rock in the training


He was most likely not know as crypto when he was whimpy then he said that they took my identity so he had to change his identity to crypto

lucian kennedy

I think he is trying to stop the Apex games cause I think he was the one who blew up the tower on Kings canyon and be f his voice line is "I'm not here to play the game, I'm here to break it"

Cash Vizsla

Crypto is a different identity that's how he got in the games


Wut if crypto was caught and was made to fight in the apex games

Mynameisntgenji882773 8

Aka how to get free ad revenue 101

Big Chungus

The syndicate thought that “well if he is in the apex games he’ll die anyways if unlucky”


crypto was shown in the pathfinder photo on apex legends lore

Priyesh Shrestha

Maybe he is trying to hack the syndicate system to get informations by entering the game

Leon Lj

I want a Full Series.

Kaveh Behbin

3:02 caustic loading screen in backround

Kendon Quni

Quick theory: crypto only signed up for the apex games because he wanted vengence and someone put a bounty on mira the syndicate killed her to get the money for the apex games. BOOM


6:20 yeah I saw one of them in skyhook

No Name

From what I am getting Crypto was the one who took down the dome as if during the Season 2 trailer someone with his insignia and his device is hacking the tower then launches an EMP so that seems to be the first phase of his plan but it back fired I guess? Idk but intresting how they hint at him before this

Keneric The Generic

Imagine if crypto had his outfit with that trench coat and tie and everything

Darren Hussey

octane say mila in his random voices so maybe octane could be friends or related to crypto

Craig Aiken

*Adopted sister and mother*

Claudia Borges

Crypto can also hack/use systems with his hands n stuff, in the lobby, his animations show him using some hologram "keybord" and screen

Meme God Yato

Imagine if Mila never died and she became a Legend like crypto he can hack something but in a different way

Aden Lynn

*Not sure if they’re relatives*
The title of the god damn story is “Forever Family” you potato.

Hexaltheninja Wow

The stones you see chasing crypto are in Titanfall 2, they only show up in frontier defense and the campaign.


When in his life did crypto learn to parkour


if they make an anime of crypto i would watch it



spongebob_circle pants

Those drones that have them crateboxs on them is the ones chasing after crypto


Narrator: There are a couple things to notice here

Me: That cryptos sister is thickkkkkkkkkkk


He may have been thrown in to pay for his crimes...


Why do Korean characters are always cool?

Corporal Meem

6:22 Those are plasma drones from Titanfall 2




Its possible that if the game goes south, they will make an excuse that crypto got the legends to quit after exposing the truth of the apex games.

AJ Beigne

Nah crypto had to change his identity.


Crypto is able to enter the games cause he changed his identity. No one knows that he is the “murdering” Tae Joon Park (please tell me I spelled that right). The only link between them is that his drone is very similar in design. As far as the Syndicate knows, Tae Joon Park is still missing.


2:02 bruh girl walking out with tampons on her ears


6:00 anyone else realize those drones are from titanfall 2?

Susan Cerutti

Cryptos drone: I can get everywhere in seconds

Octane: am I a joke to you

Jarrett Yorke

Crypto could of hacked him self into the games and no one noticed him because of his look and name


What if She Is Wraith?

Alycia Idk

y do you talk so much

matt mcnair

Listen to this crypto finds the pridicton and or bidding system in the apex games then he's hunted by the people and in one of his quips he says "the truth will come out" so he's trying to expose them and before he joined the games he's says he changed his identity so they don't know that he's the guy they were hunting AND the syndicate ever since he fownd this data they killed his sister trying to frame him for murder then he would be put away and then won't be able to expose them I rest my case.


What if when you play apex they have an algorithm on who will win? (Like some teams secretly get buffs) image that ?

Dank Citrus

those drones look like imc drones, wait, Blisk own the apex games acoording to my information, and he used to work for the imc sooo.... it all makes sence now


Staycation intro

Mr. Macedon

i though he was japanese xD


Sorry for saying this the drones that hunted Crypto are visable in Titanfall as cloak or attack drones.

Mr. Tree

Maybe he's looking for wraith. It would be a good story


Maybe the girl in the pic adopted the two

Swami Desperado

I want young crypto as a skin

Claudia Borges

6:25 pve probably, those are plasma, (the ones that hide units), etc from Titanfall 2

L0r3nz0 Gr4nd1

Crypto joined the Apex games because he changed his identity, or because he made a deal with the Syndacate

random asian cunt

what if mila was never killed but actually taken and turned into wraith

WRB LimeyLuna

Crypto joined the apex games under a new identity so the syndicate wont find him. because obviously they wouldnt think for the guy they were trying to kill to become famous


YoungWonHan GaJok = Forever Family

Connor Wagner

The picture of Crypto, the woman, and Mila
Crypto and Mila are both orphans, the woman in the middle's name is Mystik.

Mystik is like their adoptive mom/guardian, as said in the banner screen "Books And Covers"
Mystik -- I survived my first match, with only two broken ribs. Being as safe as I can, and keeping my distance. Unfortunately, the others are already asking about the Tower. (the tower he's talking about, is the one that he knocked down in the season 2 trailer) The one Legend you love confronted me on the dropship. (Referring to Mirage) i thought he had evidence, but it turns out he's just an idiot. There are two others here who are the BIG guys. Like your son. Very intimidating. I'm sure one's a sociopath, (Caustic) but I may have judged the other too soon. His name is Makoa Gibraltar, and he's here to help legends survive. I always chalked the games going neanderthals trying to prove something. Turns out some of them have a strong code of ethics. Ironically, the only Neanderthal I've met trying to prove something.. Is me. Burn this letter as soon as you receive it. Will write when I can. Family Forever. --TJP.

Now I believe, That TJP is Crypto. Given more evidence by the load screen 'Streets of Suotamo'
[Expert From The Outlands' Journal] - Disgraced computer technician, Tae Joon Park, was believed to be spotted back on the streets of Suotamo on Gaea. Third-party security teams, given full authority by the Syndicate council, have been dispatched. (That, is who attacked crypto in this animation.) Mystik, Joon's former caretaker at Ticacek Orphanage, was briefly taken into custody for interrogation, but has since been released, and is not considered a person of interest. so this gives us an idea of what planet he originates from. And his name. I'm sure when season 4 is released, there will be more, revealing his identity.


The drones are from titanfall2

Derick Layne

Mila kinda thicc sad she died

maheswari chanakyan

2:30 It's a drone controller

That default over there

mz is forever the trashest gun in the game.

Chugchug Jr

The drones are weapons of war from titan fall

Mason Frost

Apex and titan fall are in the same universe

Rattly pompano

We are the story every time we win

Fabio Enchalada

This place kinda looks like angel city


Only apex could have a battle royale shooter with a good story!!

Armaan X

When we first saw the trailer we thought he would have an EMP grenade but it turns out his drone has it so does that mean in the future there will be EMP grenades that destroy ultimates


What I find interesting, if the season 3 launch trailer is anything to go by. Is that everyone is aware that he is a hacker, which would include the syndicate, so I wonder if they monitor what he does while waiting in the drop ship or if they're fine with him breaking into their code to get an advantage.

XGamer oz

He's got three reasons for becoming a legend
1 he wants become a part of what he likes
2 the syndicate won't kill a legend

Saku Kervinen

He E.M.P two titan fall droness

Marshall James

A few things I've seen and noted with this.
1. The syndicate didnt kill Mila, they simply abducted her. This is why we see the letter that crypto sent, assuming it's to Mila.
2. The phrase forever home is often used for adopted pets, so forever family may hint at Mila being adopted, based on the image of the second woman in the picture, who looks Asian, crypto takes before leaving his apartment.

Tomitolu Jegede

I just wanna know what’s his connection to wraith?


the drones are from titanfall 2 and it looks like cryptos going threw angel city


I would watch a show about these legends. Their lore/backstory always leaves me wanting to learn more about them and how they will face challenges in the future.


wait i know thoese drones 0:52 there from titain fall

001 grinder duckwrth

6:11 bruh, he’s a hacker. (No hate though love the vids.)

Ultra Charge Gamer

Then explain why he has metallic parts on his body or is he an Android