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Q-Link Pendant Deep Dive and Teardown: Is It a Scam?

3 568 views | 14 Sep. 2020

In this video I talk about

In this video I talk about the Q-link pendant, the claims they make about what it does and how it does it and their claims about tests and studies. I researched their claims and I cut apart the pendant. Below are links to two of the studies I mention. This isn't something I'll be doing all the time. The content on my channel isn't going to change, this is a one-off.




The funny thing about things like this is, they would probably sell many more and make more money if they sold it for 10 dollars.

Prunk Doo

Very solid video man, good job. You deserve more views.


I bet when Q link executives saw this video they were hoping you cut a finger off.


It works

Ashley Lala

If you don’t think that rf or emf radiation have detrimental biological effects, why do the cell phone manufacturers actually tell you that the phones should be kept a certain distance from the body? And why do fertility Drs tell infertile men to get their cell phones out of their pockets? Why is WiFi illegal in French daycare centers. How do scientists use certain frequencies to induce diabetes in rats? Why does Italy actually grant worker’s compensation to people with jobs which require heavy cell phone usage and then later develop certain forms of brain cancer? Why are suicide rates so high among people who work on cell towers?
Check out EHTrust.org or EMFScientist website if you want to read about the very well documented negative biological effects of wireless radiation. Europe seems better educated on this issue for some strange reason. But hey, if you want to live between two giant cell towers and keep your phone next to your privates 24/7, that’s your business and you go ahead and enjoy.

Scott cheney

So are you saying that EMF's are not harmful?


coils are filtering frequences, like in an crossover, maybe that is the mechanism, and coils are self inductive, if brought in an magnetic field.

Bobby's World

Science has answer to everything....sad

Chris McCabe

you should report this for false advertising as well as false health claims. Report it to the US department of health & human services. here is the link to report fraud https://www.oig.hhs.gov/fraud/report-fraud/index.asp

troy hamilton

Scammers. Lol they should be hung by the balls

Val O

Thank you for this :=_ I have been a victim of scams like this over the years. I was desperate for something to help and for some reason I believed these lies. It is crazy but we buy the 'science' because we really want to believe in the 'magic'.


Issa Asad is the scam artist that created this crap

Dominic La Rosa

I do not believe just because you believe it will work it will . . or if you believe it wont it wont work . . either it does work or not . .unless your effected your self by EMF . . you wont be able to prove if it works or not

Matt Busch yee

What's in there could still be placebo

Drew Wock

This comment section is full of cope. People want to defend it because they don't want to feel bad about blowing their money.

Kevin VR

Can't we easily make our own Q-link pendant by tying a copper wire to any necklace? It saves ya 99 bucks.


Emf are bad for you, 5g very bad. Dirty electricity etc. Anything is better than nothing so get educated and stfu.

Dave C

There's some serious crazy in these comments. While the internet has spread a huge amount of proper information it's also spread a ton of misinformation. Social media is the worst offender. People who have no idea what they're talking about putting this stuff out there. And it usually sounds good. First thing to learn about EMF is how the spectrum works and how the frequency and wavelength vs radiated power effects things. Also how much energy is required for a photon to impact biological objects. Radiation is everywhere, the strongest source being the sun. And its UV-C radiation can harm living cells (ionizing). RF energy is not ionizing, but can impart a thermal change at high power levels and long exposure times. The key is high power levels and long exposures. Also if you blocked out all RF around your electric devices no wireless device would work. Faraday cages can do this. Or just turn off your phone.
The people that market this garbage should be thrown in jail. The elites aren't controlling people with 5G or RF, they're doing it with the news media and social media. Controlling the flow of information. And it's much easier to measure than some pseudoscientific resonance frequency cell quantum scalar energy garbage.

Age of Listening

The disk is supposed to be a crystal. Thank you. I nearly bought one but its folly to not look inside one.

Master Caster

I started playing with energies and frequencies and things, Generally I really dont like the feeling of copper. it definantly is capable of conducting. but plastice is capable of blocking. or blank. thats undetermined lol. resin for orgoneite I feel like it acts as a blocker of the energy. perhaps all that does is bring copper feeling near someone, plastic blocks it from them feeling shitty. but they get a recieveing effect ???? I dunno. talking initial opionin and looking for thoughts. I definantly prefer Silver when it comes to orgone over both gold and copper. perhaps it vibrates for a certain fold, or creates a certain tone , and every individual is different. some is good for, some is bad. I dunoo. thoughts ?


Theoretically if you are convinced it doesnt work, it wont. Same as if i convince myself it does, it will.

Matt Busch yee

I thank you for tying 2 help people not git ripped off

Racquel Koziel

It’s a fact EMF’s are harmful to us...that’s simple. But yes they don’t have studies to back it up so I’m weary. Also, the CDC makes vaccines and the Zuckerburgs but I’m sure you’re fine with all their suggestions?? Just strikes me that you would pick and choose on health matters conventional and “alternative”.

AJ Stone

What a joke!
Glad you posted this, these companies disgust me..

Jeff Minto

Doesn't a magnet and a copper coil create electromagnetic energy did you test the grey plastic plate to see if it was magnetic?

Faith Subs

Maybe you should read more about Shungite.

Jani Palonen

I know that a faraday cage would block some frequencies from my body but that qlink does absolutely nothing. Buuuuut if you would want to block some frequencies you could start to walk around in a copper cage and see if your feeling of wellnes actually overcomes the impracticality. In either case both ideas are stupid. If you actually want a trinket that improves your health by lets say telling you that you have increased blood pressure or your pulse is of the charts i would recommend the finnish OURA smart ring because it actually does something useful https://ouraring.com/


Great Video.. I think placebo products have a place - but they should be cheaper - This is a total ripoff

Truth be told

There are Studies that show the effect on your blood cells and on the brain. Links to these here:




Not everyone will feel the affects of wearing such a pendant but your biology will! Just as not everyone feels (or realises) the affects of wifi radiation. We are bombarded with wifi radiation everyday from our phones, wifi routers, smart meters, smart TVs, laptops, computers, Alexa’s, AirPods, baby monitors, masts and small cells in the streets to schools constantly having wifi on bombarding growing and developing children’s bodies! This is a major problem but we are told it’s ‘SMART’ technology well theres nothing smart about constantly putting your body under stressors which will cause illness from headaches to cancers!

Symptoms of Radio-wave sickness includes: Headaches, Dizziness, Nausea, Depression, Anxiety, Memory loss, Fatigue, Tremors, Insomnia, Muscle spasms, Muscle & join pain, Tingling, Sinusitis, Bronchitis, Asthma, Pneumonia, Skin rash, Itching, Burning skin, Facial flushing, Digestive problems, Abdominal pain, Enlarged thyroid, Testicular/ovarian pain, Dehydration, Immune abnormalities, Hair loss, Altered sugar metabolisms, Palpitations, Arrhythmia, Chest pain or pressure, low/high blood pressure. * US Naval Medical Research Institute 1972 Declassified

I think it makes sense to have on your person something that will help your body retune to its natural state as sadly the world we live in today is bombarded with unnatural frequencies which most certainly are affecting us all regardless of if you can feel it or get any symptoms.

More info:


If this info resonates with you speak to your children’s school and other parents, show them the studies and use wired technology in your homes. Just because you can’t see it or necessarily feel it doesn’t mean it’s not there!


Dominic La Rosa

bigtb 1717 are you paid to debunk this item ?
Sorry i mean no disrespect but EMF is seriously hurting many of us . .
Your video is not reveling if its the Q-Link SRT 3 version . . and then again . . what if the item your investigating is a fake Q-link

Heu Reuse

It's not nothing, the new SRT-3 seems to be a updated crystalline version of the earlier SRT-2 microchip version. And many electronic components are encapsulated by plastic resin so it's nothing unusual with that.
I think you have to disable it in a lab to be able to determine what's inside (due to the alleged crystal structure).

Ash Nair

Just bought one and it’s making me feel real centred and calmer. For whatever reason ... I don’t believe it’s a placebo effect as I’m very sensitive to my inner state and meditate often ... for some reason, that I don’t have an answer for, this product seems to make me chilled and calmer. My sleep has improved too. Who the f knows why.


nice review!


“It Ain’t What You Don’t Know That Gets You Into Trouble. It’s What You Know for Sure That Just Ain’t So”

Dude, you just spent what appeared to be about 20 or 30 minutes digging out the epoxy disc which is nothing more than the background for the white logo on the pendant. It’s called branding. Do you realize that the most renowned scientist in the world still don’t know exactly how the brain works? Just because you don’t understand it doesn’t mean it doesn’t work. As you were sir. Press on.

Tyler Johnston

This video is not accurate at all ive tested my radiation levels with this on and off and it rejects almost 90% of radiation i was a non believer until I started having deep dreams like NEVER before,I've been sleeping threw the whole night and before the q-link I would never sleep half of the time I do sleep! THEY ALSO GIVE YOU A 90 DAY RETURN PERIOD WITH MONEY BACK GUARANTEE IF YOUR NOT HAPPY WITH THE Q-LINK SO HIW IS THIS A SCAM??? this YouTube video is inaccurate by a bunch!


This reminds me of an upgraded version of the bracelet with the holographic sticker on it

troy hamilton

In weld?

Mathieu Akerley

Thanks for your investment and also your display of openness in your other comments. Do you still have the coil? I would like to know the length and size of it. My take on the item is why not build myself one. First I need a theory of how it works to guide the build: so the coil is going to act as a resonator, it will take time to resonate to the perfect match of your average heart beat. Once it does it will act as a metronome/pacemaker encouraging constance in the whole electrical heart system. The coil being very long will permit many higher harmonics to build up until coherence is achieved. The benefits of a clean and constant heart signal affects many other cells in the body, you'll have to research that part yourselves. Other than the clearer inter-cell electrical communications, good management of charges through the body will be possible and does help against EMF negative effects: mainly with Action Potential and Zeta-potential. BTW I'm motivated to try this as past experiments with orgone placed near the heart does feel as there are electromagnetic interactions with the heart.

On with the build. It would be best if each person's best heart beat sequence would be known, but otherwise we can speculate the perfect length of the coil. In my case, when I use heart coherence apps I relaxe into a typical cycle of 60BPM*, 1 heart beat a second, what a coincidence, well I think not! Another theory of mine is that the second is exactly what it is originating from many people realizing hearts prefer the 1 second cycle (I know about the Mesopotamian base 60 thing with it's relation to 1,2,3,4,5,6 and the 12 phalanges but I prefer to think further about the second with relation to the heart as it's more inspiring). I like the 1 second thing because it gives more relevance to the 432hz paradigme. Far fetch... Maybe... Still my guitar sounds in tune with the fridge when tuned to 432hz. So electricity does this on its own, considering that the earth is at a constant size and the surface has free electron our biology basically evolved on top of an electrically oscillating bell. Our body is build to sing that song, not the Shumann one.

Continuing with the coil, so I will pick a heart beat of one second to calculate the length of coper wire for a whole oscillation or a fraction of complete cycle (using the speed of electric current in coper at body temperature as the pendant would rest on the chest), OR I just use the megalithic yard as the length (or multiple of). For parts I will use thin inductor wire.

Comments are welcome as this is an open source project herby declared.

*Edit: 60Hz to 60BPM.

Florin Radu

Of course the part where they mention srt technology is a scam. There's no such thing. In fact they have to make it seem a little complicated as in there is some technology backed by science behind it. The only reason the pendant has to have some effect is because of the copper inside. Being so simple they would not be able to charge that amount of money. Copper has some amazing properties around magnets so I am only guessing it does the same with magnetic fields as well. As for how beneficial is wearing the pendant, I bought one and felt worse for the first couple of days so you should imagine the dissapointment. Nevertheless I will give it try for a couple of weeks or so and record the benefits, if there are any.

steve gass Sr

If you emf meter I it clearly works


How long did you wear it?

Deanna Troy

Don't lie. Their site says nothing about tuning your frequencies to healthy frequencies. It says that it will strengthen the frequency that you already have. I don't trust anything else you've said now...

practice in peace : space to practice you

Research Nikola Tesla's work, as a copper coil is so much more than "nothing, nothing nothing" The information is all there if you are willing to go there. Thank you for opening up the q-link though, that is what I watched the video for.


Just a curiosity question:
How do you explain all the testimonials from many people over decades now?
Do you think they're all biased or psychosomatic or do you think the device could do something that may conflict with your own confirmation bias?

I don't care either way just curious.

sharon chriswell

I’m still getting one because I have high magnetic frequency in my body. In the winter, if I touch a stereo, I short out the AM radio to not work anymore. I also have touched a computer, and wiped out all the data. You hear a pop, and am stops working. Maybe this will lessen the static in my body.

Mike Anthony

I play electric guitar. Pickups are made from copper windings around another magical thing.
Magnets. ???


There is something in there, its the most conducive powerful mineral on earth. Copper!!

Master Caster

how much weight in copper ?


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Paul Bakewell

I have seen a photo with Roger daltrey wearing a Qlink, WHO can argue with that?


what a load of crap....
Not so long ago people carrying rocks in there pockets, crystals around there neck , jade stones and little bags of whatever type of dust inside omg , when one fad fades out another comes in.
I can think of so many other ways to feel better! who's spiking mikes water "vivid dreams" it is nothing more then a placebo effect.
If you want to relax change your diet exercise more turn off the TV, Tablets , PC and other electronic devices 3 hours before bed , read a book and not your kindle , your brain needs to wind down before bed and electronics that give off blue light will not allow that to happen , blue light is a way to stimulate the brain just like caffeine and other stimulants. These are nothing but a money racket , cost Penney's to make them.
Q-link lol , all it takes is for one Hollywood celebrity to wear one!

Matthew Day

Seen one dissected in another video, the centre being an epoxy disk with no connection to anything (instead of the 2's circuit board with no components or connections to anything)
I'd put these down as 100% placebo, just like crystals etc.

Ugly Bob

There is a shed load of stuff that I dont understand but just accept that they work. These things will work for some people and not for others, its a fact of life. If these work for folk then excellent, money well spent and those positive vibes can be passed onto others. In these strange and challenging times my mind is open to new things and if people I trust and respect get benefit from it then that makes me happy......we need more of this kind of thing. High fives for making the video Mike and Kath, I love hearing this kind of story where something just works and there are positivew benefits. Thanks for the video, haters are always gonna hate regardless so dont let that put you off :-)



Sky Stalker

I got one on Mike's advice to do my own evaluation. I took the challenge, and I am the son of a very traditional doctor, so I was a skeptic. So. I wore it for 3 months. Did I feel better? Actually, I believe so. Was it due to Qlink? Unknown. But, honestly, I don't care. If I feel better for whatever reason (placebo or not) that is a good thing. Problem is... I misplaced it 2 weeks ago. I guess I am going to buy another, and support the channel! (Mike did not pay me for this endorsement).

Oletta Liano