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Meatless Monday (Nexus Earth Week 2020 Challenge)

26 views | 22 Apr. 2020

Cook for your family with

Cook for your family with Victus’ Stir Fried Rice. Send us photos!


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Nexus Earth Conference State of the Union Update!

608 views | 23 Sep. 2017

Nexus is really coming

Nexus is really coming out with some revolutionary game-changing ways of utilizing cryptocurrency technology to its full potential.


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Should be interesting.


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Roger Ver on the Future of Bitcoin: Live from Nexus Earth

3 149 views | 24 Sep. 2017

At the Nexus Earth

At the Nexus Earth Conference, Joel and Travis got to keep up with Roger Ver, a pioneer of the bitcoin space and CEO of Bitcoin.com.

Discover what Roger believes is the future of Bitcoin and crypto in this exclusive interview


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Great Interview guys keep up the good work!?

Lady Anarki

and Nexus!


For me, I think the (chinese) big miners are spamming original Bitcoin to put fees up and have a reason to create bcash, bgold www.youtube.com/watch?v=MSjXp2arA5Q , segwit2xcoin etc. It is about money, so everybody is lying and cheating (Jesus may be Judas now etc.) ... The Nodes should get more money for recording transactions, not the miners (they want the fees, bcash too - the fight is all about the future fees of thousands or even millions of transactions per second.

New Earth Administration

Notice Colin and Roger were kept away from each other. Colin would have blown him away. Nexus is far superior.


"A segwit coin is NOT a bitcoin..."

Nunya Bizniz

Roger is just like Jesus - FAKE!


bcash is shit.

logans run

Bitcoin seg wit fees are not expensive anymore, i moved £2000 for 6p in one minute.....unlucky roger spreading your fud!

Bob Smith

Supporters of NorthCorea/BlockTheStream/SegShit coin are like the people in the movie Idiocracy.


I lasted 43 seconds! Can't stand all the goofing off! If you're going to make a serious video, GET SERIOUS! Don't waste our time with the 'bitcoin Jesus' bullshit! I won't watch more and I won't subscribe!

High Sierra News

I think of Roger Ver as more of the Johnny Appleseed of the cryptocoin world. Good interview.

Ge Res

SegWit is too complicated for roger. and btw: nodody cares about #bcash with its <10kB blocks. just a #scamcoin.