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WHY I BOUGHT MORE OF THIS PENNY STOCK! ? Addressing pump & dump issues

86 427 views | 20 Jan. 2021

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In this video I talk about why i bought more of this penny stock and I provide you with one of the best penny stocks to buy right now. This penny stock has making a lot of noise recently. The company applied to be listed on the NASDAQ and their revenue has seen insane year over year growth. If it is accepted into NASDAQ this will quickly become one of the best penny stocks to buy on Robinhood (Robinhood penny stocks). If you saw my last penny stock video of the 5 penny stocks to buy now (https://youtu.be/TNtmkJkEBa0) all of our picks are way up. And now this is why I think this penny stock is worth buying (my opinion only).

I also address some concerns that investors/traders have had regarding pump & dumps by Reddit/YouTube communities. From my perspective, what we do is no different than what Cramer does on CNBC.

Hope you enjoy the video.

Alpine 4 Technologies (ALPP) CEO Issues Annual Letter For 2021: https://finance.yahoo.com/news/alpine-4-technologies-alpp-ceo-140000403.html



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Gordon Kropp

How about LLKKF, seems like lithium prices are skyrocketing and will keep going with EVs


Your DD is Second to NONE... Thanks Fam!

Jorge Durazo

Sporting In n Out. ....awesome....My childhood hang out after LA partying.
Great synopsis of ALPP. Great work Z. Between you and Charlie @ zip definitely the best content that I’ve come across.

j child of God



When Cramer names a stock it moves and that will happen. There is no way to share without this forum. ALPP looks good like that they are in a number of areas and especially the drone market.

Dale Stiles

Not available for trade on WeBull. The pitfalls of using one of these types of platforms.

Csiki Szilard

Toughts about TRXC-TransEnterix? Can it go higher?Would you buy ?


Hi Please check Ideanomics, Inc. (IDEX) it is the cheapest EV stock and they will be starting production very soon and they are located in US unlike NIO and they will have similar Battery swap business model it will be huge in near future and it is a steal for only $3.17 as of now It has potential to 10X-20X what do you think about it ?

Free Music Account

Do a Bantec $BANT PLEASE

Greg Mason

Hello me and a few buddies of mine have just got picked up by a company in fernley Nevada, we are coming from Piedmont lithium in North Carolina, my question is im single make good money and want to start investing and i thought the company i will be working for american battery would be a good place to start it seems like low priced stocks should i go balls out now or when i start near April? I just want to flip some untapped income i've been sitting on or can you suggest something.

Thanks Excuvatorbully. P.S what brokerage site should i use?

Nick Hanna


Massimo Borrelli

Inpixon (INPX) 1.5400 +0.1400 (+10.00%) Inpixon Releases High-Performance, Real-Time Location System Server Enhancements Is Going Up Very Fast Is The Next Penny Stock, Could You Pls Make A Video?

Prof. Dina Reyes

Soooo happy I found this channel



How do u pick stocks?

Ceecee White

Is this stock available in Robin Hood?

Anna Feshchenko

Thank you! :)

Follow you for more that a month and your analysis very often( read almost every time) are correct.
Ppl have their own head to decide what to buy. Thank you for showing companies we might never discover or see news about them too late.

From Penny I got into SNDL only, as it hit my desired price. Thanks

Chris Davis

$SESN momentum is just getting going. The volume and the price action makes me think $SESN is about to take off. Their protein therapeutics could be expanded to other implications other than bladder cancer. $SESN has huge upside and has the potential to 10x. $SESN ? ? ? ? ?

danxx friedman

100 3.04


does anyone know anything about BIOLASE INC. it is looking quite stable and safe for penny stock? any one have opinion ??

Peyton Brandon

OZSC $ AITX ?????????

Ashraf El-Ga'aly

Can we do a vid on SPAC and warrants to consider this year?


Brother I need to comment- I absolutely love this segment man ! You are the real deal. From a smaller micro YTube Channel to a beast gotta say you the man love that u keep it real !! I do the same and would be honoured if u would take a look and provide any advice thanks brother. Merci beaucoup! God bless. I refuse to recommend stuff just for views ! Ur the same since day 1.


a i t x $$$$

The Gurch

Sounds great , drones are amazing you guys see Ehangs products absolutely nuts!!! Just getting into this one today, am I too late here? What price does everyone expect this to hit in the next couple of months to the end of the year.
Big thanks ? .

the utah fan

Look at ATOS. Thank me later.


Can someone let me know why isoray is crashing???

KA Options

Great content. Do you sell puts for income?


finally a good analysis on alpp!

Auday Pigeons USA

It’s not available on Robinhood

Farzana Hoque

My friend has 50,000 shares in ALPP and has been buying since 0.04!! and has even recommend it to others since then but nobody listened.

It is people like that who will give you these amazing plays super early instead of when it's $2-4 dollars and it's too late!

Connar Gocken

UVXY is going to get a good profit soon I wouldn’t wait! ?

Keith Hoffman

ASTI, check it out, with Biden going into office it’ll ? I got on at .006, it’s .03 now! It’s up 25% already this morning‼️ Trying to help y’all out ?

Alex Ramos

Thanks for the great content. Thinking about joining the group. What are your thoughts on GHIV and INUV? GHIV behaved a bit unexpected pre and post merger.

ahmed chowdhury


Elan Malina

Great video. Is alpp going to be. Long term hold for you. Would you get in at the 3.50 mark or wait for a pull back.

5igma M.

Anybody’s got a problem with the Traveling Trader they’ve got a problem with me. Who wants smoke???


TPGY spec has good potential if buy now


Is there a robinhood for penny stocks?

Kristine Springer

I'm holding ALPP and will continue to hold. Can't wait for uplist!


Who has isoray? And is it worth to keep it? Got in at $2

Sapiens Motivation

I bought ALPP at 3.55 USD based on your recommendation. Planning to add more.

Puneet Sehgal

I liked your videos they are really informative. I am in Canada any penny stock to look at that available in Canada? The most famous app here is Wealthsimpler and this stock is not available in the app. + If you can make another video about how to create a chart pattern that will be awesome for beginners. Thanks again for your knowledge sharing.

Arun Logan

Your thoughts about STCN please

jamal kaddouri

I have bought all 5 of them and I m up ? thanks ?I just want to say something is full of you tubers out there but you are one of the best honestly speaking thanks

Komfy Owl Designs

How do you feel about ticker Novn?

Colin Dinger

thank you for updating us !

Aviv Wachman

What do you think about MTTCF? It’s an Israeli tech company making 3D printed meat without hurting animals and a lot cheaper. I’m very bullish on this sector


Guys is his membership helpful?

The Traveling Trader

✅?⚡?Get access to the trade alerts and/or 1 on 1 training here: www.TTTsignals.com ?⚡?✅
?✏️ Sign up here for early bird access to my futures Options Trading course: https://bit.ly/39qSAkL
?⚡️?Get 4 free stocks up to $1400 in value!???

Chris Davis

$SESN momentum is just getting going. The volume and the price action makes me think $SESN is about to take off. Their protein therapeutics could be expanded to other implications other than bladder cancer. $SESN has huge upside and has the potential to 10x. $SESN ? ? ? ? ?


CHOOM goes boom
Choom Holdings


I bought some sesan having listened to your videos and doing a bit of reading up..is there any updates available on what’s new with them

Phil Aesthetics

Can u please talk about Sunpower?

Saki Chowdhury

Always appreciate your time and effort in helping others making money. Could you please make a video on AITX? Thanks.


I think run is over.

Robot Account

I'm new to this..anyone in on xrp?

Dave Dayya

how do you buy these stocks tho?

Trading Experiment

Does anyone actually watch the video??? He clearly says it’s an OTC stock so not available on Robinhood. Just to clarify to everyone using Robinhood, you won’t find ALPP on there! ???‍♂️

Fred Meliniotis

It's a new part of the YouTube trading societies effect on penny stocks


Why is everything down ?? Those stocks are down now

Ryan Urbanek


albert tailleur

I saw the ALPP ticker on one of your videos a while back and had been tracking it. I bought the dip at $2.50 purely because of the upside on technical analysis. (Huge credit to your video on technical analysis) Was really happy when the positive reports came out on the fundamentals side as well. Holding now and will see how high it goes on this run up.
It can’t be said enough....thank you for all that you do. You are the best!
“Bro....you’re not Picasso.”

jm301 x

cant evn buy it today

Javier Dandridge

WOW I'm a rookie my freinds sons got called a few days ago to go to work in april at that site in nevada for that mining company!!!! I'm a F.......in rookie i had that sign in front of me and did not invest earlier and i've been waiting for a break @#!!%#!!!!

Orange Tang

Just want to say you are awesome!

Zia’s Pizza

I bought LMFA. I regret that stock the moment I bought. That shit was a true BUMP N DUMP. I hope there is a class auction lawsuit

Rodi Tasan

Just signed up to your website and nothing seems to be working

Alireza Shirazifard

I appreciate your honesty. We know you are just helping this community therefore we will not put you in pump & dump category. We know you . Keep up the good work .


Why did Alpine go so high without any big news?

Trong Cay Sau Vuon Nha


Prof. Dina Reyes

MSTR Earnings input?


Love the simplicity and professional way that you explain things but I never follow someone else stock!! I do my DD and I love to listen to ur videos and learning about technical,charts...and so on!! The stock that I bought my house cash..was penny stock ZOM...I got in .09 sold .50 and got in .38 and sold at 1.26...take care and great videos!!!

Johnny Li

How can i get into the chartroom in your discord? thanks

Mike P

This is aging well

wills david

Most people remain poor only because friends and relatives discouraged and advised them against investing and trading forex while the wise ones kept investing and growing higher financially

H. Anthony Ribadeneira

... and Cramer ought not be trusted.

Profit Stores

Anyone know about TWOH, BRTX, GCAN, or HCMC?

Ryan Urbanek

Checkout SNPW

Business Guide

Keep posting interesting contents like this!

sasha magana

Hi. I messaged you on Instagram. It’s about joining your trade alert group. How else or where can I private message you?
Thank you ?

Reece Brown

Look into GAXY mate ??

Chris Veer

Any explanation for this run up of Obalon Therapeutics today? It went up more than 500 % today.

Connar Gocken

ACHV is about to ? !! Jt wealth is ??

Wayne The Wolf

You have buy BLSP trading at $0.39 !!!!! With a CNN 12 month price target of $20!!


I believe alpp is also looking to have a part in blockchain, alpp is a great long term hold imo

Charlie Escobar

Look at Inpixon guys...could be a monster

Bob Biden

try BANT ???....ALPP goin to drop check reddit

Aaron Emerson

thanks fo talking about this pump and dump nonsense...... I find tremendous value in your analysis and appreciate the hard work you do and put into it. I don't feel like you or dead or or zip are trying to run and pump and dump scheme at all

Ryan Vidler

Thanks for your tips man. Been a trader for a hot minute now and diligently do my research. I watch your channel as well as few others at night in bed before falling asleep. There is alot of you tubers out there just looking to make money and feed false info out there. And ive gotten a pretty good noise for them and my mouse comes no where near their subscribe button. You are only 1 of four i listen to. Trying to find the good ones on YouTube are literally diamonds in the rough. Im pretty good at finding trades on my own, but you have pointed out some that flew under my radar and as a result.. I have netted 16k i would have not with out your tips. Your option ideas or priceless!! I usually only use options as insurance against stock i already own. You've kinda helped bring me out of my comfort zone into the option world. Any ways, don't let the haters get to ya. Hater is going to hate and a FOMOer, is going to fomo. lol


been in this stock since 0.40 and just DCA. should have bought more. holding 500 shares. looking to buy more on the dip. my price target for this is $8-$10 dollars in 3 months.

Steph W

I like watching Cramer for entertaining purpose, his show is hilarious to watch. But in terms of practicality, this guys 10x better. I loaded on the lca deal and bngo. Much appreciated for your work

Enrico manunta

The traveling trader when will you do a video on Orbital Energy Group (OEG)??

Invest Now

HYSR best pennystock 2021. Will go up about 500% ?

Art Napiontek

Hey brother, love your content! Was curious of your thoughts on cannabis penny stock AGFAF. Agra Flora Organics has 2nd biggest grow space (2 million square feet) in Canada and they are getting their sales license reportedly in quarter 1 of 2021. It's only at 4 cents right now but it reminds me alot of when ACB and CGC were getting going and wanted to be the biggest and best. Thanks!!!


I’ve made 80,000 on ticker symbol OZSC... it’s a green energy company. Looking to become the amazon of green components for the world market
Q: Why are the company’s financials in their SEC filings so poor if the company is this big?
A: Keep in mind that the most recent financials filed by the company were on November 23, 2020, and only cover the quarter from July 1, 2020 through September 30, 2020. Further, keep in mind that the acquisition of PCTI was only completed in June 2020, and that the company was near bankruptcy when Brian Conway took over in February 2020. Any financials prior to Q3 2020 do not even cover the company before it acquired PCTI and pivoted into the energy sector. You are looking at a completely different company with a completely different set of management!
Would you judge the City of New Orleans in the present day based on how it looked after Hurricane Katrina?
In just four months, since the last quarterly financial period covered in the company’s SEC filings, the following events have occurred:
1) The company has changed names and sectors from surgical to energy;
2) The company has created a new subsidiary, Ozop Energy Systems;
3) The company has hired two new heads of business development, one for PCTI and one for their new subsidiary, Ozop Energy Systems;
4) The company has hired a consultant, Talva Energy;
5) The company has entered into a deal with PPP India, projected to be worth 124m over 5 years;
6) The company has entered into a deal with SPBES. The projected revenue for this deal ranges from 2.7m - 7.8m per year minimum;
7) The company entered into a Master Supply Agreement with WESCO to sell their entire catalogue of renewable energy products;
8) The company entered into a co-development partnership with Zeem Solutions to enter the EV charging market for fleet vehicles

Dat Huynh

anyone knows when this stock will be available on Robinhood?

Dianne Robinson

Every bitcoin investor right now is just smiling at the price of bitcoin as it held strong and indeed valuable enough to generating good ROI. More persons are gonna become millionaires and we have bitcoin thanks for that

Alejandro Negron

Any thoughts on penny stock ozsc? Has gained over 700% since Jan 1 2021. They have quite a few things brewing. Please let me know if you have any thoughts. Thank you


Thanks. ALPP is going to be huge

Abdulla Mahmoud

What are your thoughts on JAGX ?

Penny stocks listings

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7 Top Penny Stocks To Buy?| May 2019

36 834 views | 22 Apr. 2019

Charlie goes over the Top

Charlie goes over the Top 7 Penny Stocks to buy and watch in May 2019. He also provides evidence as well as his opinion so that the viewer can come to their own conclusion.

✅WeBull: Free Stock For Signing Up - https://bit.ly/2TZf3Pq

(Must Use Link For Promotion)

?Planning: When To Buy Stocks https://youtu.be/P3oXSKZXfXA

?Volume: https://youtu.be/QYo8m9o6N_g

⚖RSI Indicator: Crash Course https://youtu.be/C6z4Ntf4Yos

?Trading Tutorial Playlist https://bit.ly/2HCn3hT

?Converse With Charlie & Other ZipTraders https://www.facebook.com/groups/ziptrader

??How I Find These Dates: https://www.biopharmcatalyst.com

(How To Find This Info Tutorial is at 12:13 in the video)

?New to the stock market and #trading? We break everything down in a short sweet and simplified way. If you have any questions, go ahead and comment below and we'll answer them!

?ZipTrader also places an emphasis on day-trading #PennyStocks, Marijuana Stocks, Biotech Stocks, and Pharmaceutical Stocks. Let us know if you have a specific stock that you would like us to analyze!


DISCLAIMER: All of ZipTrader, our trades, strategies, and news coverage are based on our opinions alone and are only for entertainment purposes. You should not take any of this information as guidance for buying or selling any type of investment or security. I am not a financial advisor and anything that I say on this YouTube channel should not be seen as financial advice. I am only sharing my biased opinion based off of speculation and personal experience. An individual trader's results may not be typical and may vary from person to person. It is important to keep in mind that there are risks associated with investing in the stock market and that one can lose all of their investment. Thus, trades should not be based on the opinions of others but by your own research and due diligence.


Thank you for ADMA ??

Usman Shafiq

I wish there was a motif for penny stocks

zakaria Naser

PGNX May 6,NBRV April 30,OVID May 7,ALDX May 1,ACHN May 17,EYEN May 3-7,ADAP May 2,CYTK May 5

Thank me with knocking that like Button loose.

Randy Acer

A few of these were already on my watch list for this month. I totally ravished that Like button for the few extra tickers to look out for. Thanks again, Charlie!

Alex V

Look like NBVR didn't spike on the 30th. Or am I speaking too soon?

Devon Gonzalez

Oh, another video I will profit off of. Liked before watching ❤️

John Foster

Charlie where are you finding the insider trading info for these? Great videos lots of important info for us pharma guys and gals.

GG Dat Boi

So I’m extremely new to this. Penny stocks seem to be crazy volatile. So when is the best time to sell and buy them ? Right before the give dates (buy) and then selling immediately after the given date ? Or how does it work

Vegan Chris

Where can I find fair value on the RSI on the Webull platform?


Dude! You're the best.

simon kalendarev

Just wanted to add to the collective of people expressing gratitude for this man, thank you so much. Ive definitely become more confident with your help!

mike martin


Jesse Mazulo

Video kicked ass Charlie! Keep them coming, thank you for all your hard work an efforts, they are more than appreciated!


You made me a lot of money with ADMA. This time I am going to pick NBRV for the run up.



Prince Of Opinion

I’m so happy I found this channel. This guy proves that not all heroes wear capes...

They wear suits

Michael Satterfield

Thanks for the video!!!


Hy Charile i am Armando from croatia what brokers and platforms do you sugest for trading from eu

Pd Legend

First rule of taking advice from internet gurus is if they tell you something will definitely happen to a stock, RUN!!!!!!

kali bourne



Hot! Stocks BUY & HOLD Low Levels Now, CELH, WTER, NBEV, CHK, SWN, AKS $ Revenues will be going up End of this Summer Season.

Steenfott Aquatics

Great info!


I’m officially a fan of your videos now. I know you’ll hit 100k subscribers ? RAVISHING


Don’t you mean, “you’ll see ME in the next video!”?


“We’re just not buying dead dogs on the side of the street”
I can’t LOL

Lorconsha Shailee


David Banks

Looks like NBRV still failed after all.

Matt Richards

Your amazing thanks for all your hard work!

K Dixon

NBRV is spiking. Up 8% Pre-market $$

Robert Johnston

Only CYTK and PIRS are higher now (May 23), and only marginally. The others are marginally down.

Dominic international

I used to be very close to abandon all efforts permanently the pursuit to making money on the internet but yet, right about the very last moment I stumbled upon this mysuccess.live?927 which 100% improved my life style.

Yeah Buddy

Super informative. I'm just learning the basics, and I appreciate your videos and explanations

Elizabeth Graves

$HRTX FDA fast track & FDA priority review. Check out Bloomberg YouTube channel "FDA fights opiates by making approval easier for opiate free pain killers." Politics effect the market ALOT, this is gonna get approved. Check it out.

Nickolas Bell

I officially started investing in the stock market at the start of this month but only came across your channel a couple weeks or so ago.. I've loved it so far but this is the first "penny stocks to watch" video that I've actually seen on time and with all the people saying they've made big profits off of past videos in pumped! Your videos are straight forward and are simple and easy to understand and you never beat around the bush. Keep being awesome! Thank you!

Mohammed Alsadi

who lost money on NBRV? like this comment lol


Great content Just subscribed


where does he go to read all the fda approval news?? I have been trying to find iut but no luck so far

fdiha Gndiha

Excellent videoo , keep it Sir and Tell us how to get it olso hah , you make us happy

villa dorado

Lets Pump it!!¡

Gabriel S

Charlie like usual love the video and will use it as a baseline for DD.

Note: at minute 6:26 you say “ADLX” but the ticker is ALDX. Just letting you know. I don’t know if you can edit or whatever.

Art Hernandez

Like button hit!!

The Sim Architect

Webull won't let users who live outside the United States to open an account to trade. Robin Hood also presents the same problem. Any other free trading platform we can use from Europe (I have banking in US & Canada, I currently pay $ 4.99 per trade, it would be nice to pay less)? Thanks!

WKC- Gaddy

Hey bud..what site did you go to to see the internal share holders buying and selling?

Ana Aranda

Hey, is his style for day-trading or long and hold for dew days? Pls let me know

Alex Lopez

Where does he find the info on insider trading?


No bullshiting and exactly to the point. Good one buddy


Charlie you’re awesome, thank you so much for your contribution and transparency! ???

nyla nieche

half of these tanked lol

dale mitchell

Free stock- free [email protected]


Thanks for this video.
Can you make a video explaining futures and options in stock market

Austyn Joe

Lisp hurts


Again I have been ravished by the like button and I liked it.

Karo 2718

Thank you, Charlie!! ?

Shahan C

You’re genuinely a good human

Juan Vasquez

Top ship...??


I hit the red button. Great work as usual, you deserve it

Alex Mangal

Why the fuck is this guy not over 100k subs already? Seriously

vast oceans

Which indicators are helpful to use on on WeBull to determine the best entry point? For instance NBRV is currently showing its overbought. Could I help draw a probable conclusion from a specific indicator that the stock will get closer to its fair value before a potential increase with its impending abstract release?


Awesome thank you

Lady Trader

You’re awesome kid..!

Jan R

Thank you. Teach us to fish and we live.

arkisha karisma

Since i was a total amateur I have struggled too much for a long period on my effort to make money over the internet however the good news is this mysuccess.live?027 helped me generate really good cash

NPC #1776


Mauricio Trujillo Felix

What about sell in may and go away


Thank you Charlie every bit of work you do is greatly helping me further my education and is very much appreciated thank you!


Have you considered starting a discord server? I want to join your circle(jerk(?)) but legitimately hate facebook, can't go on there without getting sucked into everybody else's mental illness! Or at least without coming away seriously rattled. Discord is pretty awesome for these kinds of communities, so consider it!

Will Brown

Amazing video I have been waiting for a good Penny Stock Video!!

Matrix Man

I really enjoy your informative show. But, what do you make of NBRV FDA letter telling them that a contractor manufacturers plant has sum inspection issues before they give them the fda approval? Will this trade as an approval you think? Like to hear back from you if you can post pls. Tks.

Luis Rojas

This guy is great


SCYX didn't do anything yet :-(

Dejan Mac

very nice picks for may :)


Just killed it on MBRX... thx for the heads up charlie!

BooMan TheGhost

I dont fully understand all that you're say new to the whole stock market thing but i have a gut feeling that i should keep paying attention.


Well you seem to be in a good mood in this video. Thanks and a good video. :)


Hey guys! We're back to another monthly list, don't forget to hit that like button guys!
And remember, to always watch the full video for more in depth information on these stocks:
1. PGNX 05/06
2. NBRV 04/30
3. OVID 05/03
4. ALDX 05/01
5. ACHN 05/17
6. EYEN 05/03
7. ADAP 05/02

Best of luck traders!

Jaxon Dakota

Charlie I got a question, why do stock prices fluctuate during pre-market & why can't I buy or sell during the time of so much volatility?

Anthony Wells

Completely new to this, not sure if I missed something but when do i know to buy and sell shares? How many shares should i buy to make the most out of it?


Hey ZipTrader just subbed to your channel and I got a question: For trading penny stocks should I go with TD Ameritrade or Webull? Thanks ... and your channel rocks!

iGGy O.G.

I am relatively new to this but you do a fantastic job of teaching, even though you are going fast it is necessary and better that way, I didn’t miss a single concept as you explained. When a new question popped up you either explained or referred me to the answer because you have already made a video. What I appreciate most is that you are able to relate to the thought process of a beginner, knowing that I may need to learn something more in order to understand your opinion is not something all teachers can do, I am subbing

Flip2 Futures Trading Company

Good video. Thanks for the good content!

sage colegrove

My new favorite stock guy to follow❤️

Jason Fiegert

Thanks for the video. Your channel is extremely informative. I, as I am sure many others do, appreciate the time abd effort you put into helping us become successful traders.


Todd Smith

Dam Man, you are 1 in a Million!!! Just toooooo good to be real. Why would you give away all the information for FREE. You are a Blessing from ABOVE.


PTOP made 65% today ? Thursday made 341% ???

Christine Vu

I have a crush on Charlie ???

Ronnie Newsome

hey what are your thoughts on /CL right now possibly being overbought? potential DWT swing trade?


What sight where you using to see insider trading ?

Donnie Hill

Thank you!

Joshua McKay

In this video, where were you going to see the buy action of the company officers for OVID?


Thank you for not putting up a pay wall, or some kind of pay $X a month etc.

William Dupont

I really like your videos and appreciate you straight forward attitude and all your research that you put into it I now have been buying stocks for years but have only been trading for about a year on my owne and I have been watching ur videos and thoroughly enjoyed them.


What platform do u recommend to trade on?

Tres Wittum

I always enjoy your content - Thank you for the value you have brought to me! Any thoughts on $VSHC?
Higher highs every week.


?The Circle -> http://facebook.com/groups/ziptrader
✅WeBull 2 Free Stocks Promo -> https://bit.ly/2TZf3Pq
Thanks for the support as always ZipTraders!

Leo Causland

Another brilliant video with great picks but also added due diligence for ourselves! Thx Charlie!


How can you tell they are selling too high & how can you calculate the fair value ?

Vernon Scott

Fantastic teacher!! Love your quick to the point style and dry humor.


I just sold some of my first employee stocks to trade with. My timing was right and I got lucky hitting a peak. I had no idea what I was doing. It was the first time ever I looked at my broker account. The next day I decided to listen to Youtubers about the market at work. There is a lot of janky videos out there. I am glad the auto play found this channel. Thank you for helping me understand what is going on and showing us how to find our own opportunities. I joined the Facebook and really enjoy the different perspectives of the groups community. Thanks Charley.

Nick23at63 Nick

I'm new to your site and analysis, and so far I like your presentation. Just curious, what is your profit goal per trade %-wise? I realize you probably have videos of when to sell, but in short, are you looking for at least 5% to 10%, being perfectly happy with levels higher than that?

Cody Lee

What exactly is confirmation of uptrend? Like what do you consider confirming it?

Penny stocks listings

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Should you buy penny stocks now? (ASX Wealth Creation Tips)

10 495 views | 1 Jun. 2020

Should you buy penny

Should you buy penny stocks now? (ASX Wealth Creation Tips) - As an ASX fundamental value-based investor I'll break down my opinion on Penny Stocks in 2020 listed on the ASX (Australian Securities Exchange) (Australian Stocks). We also discuss the current economy and if now is the best time to buy these types of companies (in the middle of a stock market crash).

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Jason Phan

Great video.

Rodolfo Vitangcol

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Early bird catches the worm!

Travels with the Giggles

Higher the risk higher the reward :) I’ve got about 30 percent risky ones but did a lil homework :) great vid keep up the good work

Dylan Smith

Hey Mate great video, would you be able to make a video saying the best trading platforms in Australia

William Quigley-Smith

Thoughts on FZO and PAR

Puskar Raj Neupane

Which screener and website is best for asx knowledge ?could you please help me.


Do you think FPH is a good investment?

og loc

2017 was a fun time when we had that discord Chris

Dylan Stewart

This has gotta be my new favourite channel for sure. Keep doing what you’re doing. PS. Great presentation quality

Debbie Wei

?great video! My favourite penny stock is PLS?

Prosperous Life

Awesome video man! I personally think penny stocks are good for trading ✅ as you can make profit through their high volatility and day to day fluctuations. Thank you for the amazing content and good work, looking forward for more videos! ???


Hi Chris, love your videos! I’m a newbie to stock market. I’m currently using Commsec for buying stocks. Would you recommend any other medium to trade with low commission rates?



Awesome content.

Lactic Commoditiesfund

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Average C

It's hard to not be emotional really. I bought Zip at both 3.50& 1.20. anyway I had 10k in it, I wanted to expirence the next Afterpay, but I realized it was more than I was willing to lose. So I withdrew 8k. Left 2k in there, they are up past $5.00 at the moment. Yes I would have made a great return, but who knew if the covid stuff was going to get worse and I would watch the stock dip to 0.50. it was risky business ?


I agree with your view. I have done my own assessments and found the same.

Karl P

Great video mate! Thanks for the info.


Good stuff Mr. Compound Everyrhing

Ham VR

Nice! ?

Jun Huang

I bought BUD when it was at $0.052. A few days later they announced a product which will be very popular in today's world. The price has surged to $0.092 a few days later after I first bought it. I think this will be an interesting one to watch.

Alex Alt

How long have you been planning this channel? Just curious because I think you've done a great job with it all. Very polished straight out the gates.
I find the time you started it interesting as a lot of new retail investors are entering the market. I'm mainly wondering, did the crash happen and then you got it all polished up this quickly? Or have you been planning this for some months and then the crash accelerated it?

The Economist

The like button has a sad life. It gets pounded and destroyed by random dudes...


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Are you / were you a graphic designer perchance?

Tony W

Would you recommend using a stop-loss on your shares, I'm new to trading and wondering if adding a stop-loss would be a good idea to my shares that have gone up a fair bit, that way I wouldn't loose money if they dropped. cheers

Ben Eacott

Check out BRL and PMY

Always Winning

I'm learning as much as I can while saving (covid19 step back) what platform/broker you use to buy US penny stocks? I was looking at tradestation, but still need to get passport, now looking at commsec/nabtrade? they any good for day trading penny stock? I don't want to go big, only interested starting small work my way up.

Thumbs up peace

Stephanie Johanna

I’m so glad I found your channel! I can’t wait to binge watch your videos x


True first.. :)
another good video man. keep it up

Grant McCabe

What’s your thoughts on Pilbara minerals ? Went up 20% on Friday, it’s going to have its first break even year after a lot of investing. It’s a lithium mine and lithium will be in high demand in all green energy batteries

Suzin Bahc

Hey Chris, thanks for your video. My question: which bank or broker do you recommend when investing? Or do you recommend investing by yourself at all or work with brokers? Sorry, i am just so new to this but super keen to get into this. Might be a silly question but i’d appreciate if you can share your thoughts,

Recession 2019-2020

Terrible video. You equated penny stocks to day trading, risk and heartache. Such a one sided view. A rare thumbs down ? from me for any youtube video

Compounding Everything

First! Does it count if I'm 1.5 hours early?


Yes!! You made the video haha thanks mate, great content as always ??

Fat Cat

Rocking up the subs...... 10k in no time. huge congrats!

rose cao

Good advice! ?

Max Van

Hi mate, thoughts on ZNO's recent growth? Interesting investment or hype train?

Family Finance

Great video!!! The 5% rule is a great strategy ??. There’s no way I could handle the ups and downs of penny stocks ?. Definitely wouldn’t have that sleep well at night factor ??‍♀️


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Tomislav B

And stick to that plan! Hardest thing to do.
Trading is a huge psychological play and once you master this than you start to get good at it. (My humble.)
You make some great videos btw.

Sah J

what application do you use to trade penny stocks in Australia? I have been trialling plus500, and after searching for penny stocks, found there arent any listed on there. I ended up trading on EUR/USD which had a cup pattern emerging in a bully position, and made some cash, but I really wanted to get into emerging Australian business and as I said, they arent listed on there..... Even researching / searching for other penny stock platforms has been futile, all the ones Ive gone for dont list them!! :( Please help?

Noah Torres

What are your thoughts for tomoz??? Will it be a s*** show?


Love the new poster :)

Tom Brosnan

Great video and super helpful. What are your thoughts on ASX:VUL? (if you've heard of it)


Great channel, I'd put my whole capital on your subscriber count blowing up soon. Great easy to follow advice without the get rich quick rubbish that gets thrown around.

Travels with the Giggles

Might be to cheap but what are you thoughts on agh ?

Luke Wiles

Genuine guy providing insightful info on investing. Good stuff. Subbed man!


That was a really interesting video man ! And my prediction has almost fulfilled . Go get those 5 k subs :)


Why do you move your hands so much? It's so distracting


Great Video, its refreshing to see someone who genuinely wants to educate rather than click bait and just blurt some bullshit crap ... dont know why your video was recommended after i watched wealth within live video ... anyhow, its a good find. .. u r gold mate .. keep it up

Kay Boateng

I’m a month late to this video but better late than never I guess. Another great video Chris - one of my faves along with the Self-Wealth video. Just as you said at the start, it’ll be great if you did a video about your Year day-trading & how the whole experience was as well as how the various platforms and chat rooms are in terms of comparisons.

Michal Z

INKW stock
“Be Water” will be soon new American Artesian bottled water. American FIJI

Mr Tony


Asian Boss

Hey mate did you blow up all ur capital in prior years? But now your have researched n educated yourself in share trading you have became better?

Bryson Dukes

Hey mate huge fan love your work, I got some advice off an investor that I should only invest in the ASX top 50 and I just wanted to know your opinion and your % of blue chip stocks to high risk stocks Thankyou

Shane Coble

AT1 Atomo diagnostics. Pumped 14% today. Has a home Covid-19 blood test.

Pablo Caso

YES NDRA!! Can’t get enough for some reason. ?

Rion Koral

I destroyed the like botton ?