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??? Why the SP 500 is rising and what STOCKS to buy for May 2020!

12 359 views | 29 Apr. 2020

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Why the SP 500 is rising and what stocks to buy now for May 2020? There are a few key reasons why the stock market and S&P 500 are rising. Besides the S&P 500 technical analysis which I go over, and a ton of stock earnings being reported this week, the reason the SP500 is rising is because the blue chip companies can sustain a few bad earnings seasons, especially if they are not cash strapped. And the companies that don't have enough cash will be rescued by the FED stimulus.

Gilead stocks halted in premarket due to an announcement that Remdesivir might be successful in treating patients. Should you buy Gilead stocks now ($GILD)? Is Gilead a good stock to buy now?

What stocks should you be buying right now? Well there are still some stocks that are near the bottom. You did not miss the stock market bottom luckily. Here are great stocks to buy now for May 2020 that are still near their crash prices. Look for industries such banking, travel, and real estate for extremely great values on underpriced stocks.

How did we play earnings on Boeing Stock ($BA stock), Microsoft stock ($MSFT stock), and Facebook stock ($FB). And why did I short oil tanker stocks like $TNP.

We'll also take a look at Bitcoin technical analysis and why Bitcoin is rising again. Should you buy Bitcoin now?



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Alex Hamm

Hertz seems to be a solid purchase. I'm looking to slowly start investing since I have to save most my money for school. Any other stocks that I should look into?

diana pontos

The car rental company has hired an additional advisor to help prepare for a planned bankruptcy filing, according to The Wall Street Journal.


I bought moderna at 37 with 100 shares. Hoping it gets back to growing. lol nervous about Gilead

ISO Rawbee

Forgot to mention, but I gotta add booking in my watch list, what do you think of GOOG/GOOGL? Picked em up last week. seems like it’s gonna be a good investment long term

Benjamin Leahy

285 like

Ceri Lines

Thanks, more great content :)

Media Memories

Awesome insights

Lachhab Regragui

Stocks will not make you rich in the near future .Invest in bitcoin better for your wealth !

Giulio B

Very informative video. Thank you!


You're a beast bro... I'm fairly new to all of this... put $45k in ETrade acct and am up 6 grand since 3-25, I should be up more though as I've made some bush league moves but there is a learning curve to this as I'm sure you know. Where can I find information about working with you? You do a great job of explaining things and aren't pretentious which is cool. Thanks again.

Colton Brummel

Excellent professional crypto/market news show! Love it!

Samuel Adams

Great video, is there a website that would tell us how often dividends are paid out ? Quarterly, monthly, et cet.

Jack Coyle

Review Viacomcbs I'm making bank off it!!

Vargab Pathak

check news before recommending stocks - Hertz is filing bankruptcy!!


Think Ill sign up to you start of the new month you have good content.

Samuel Adams

Iron Condor;


POT Stocks will jump in 2020. Already making $$


Are these stocks to hold or to day trade?


Can you share your opinion on Swiss Water Decaffeinated Coffee Inc.

ISO Rawbee

Great video as always man. Always speaking the truth.

The Traveling Trader

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Gwent Champ

Facebook is now at $213.50 as I type this. How's your iron condor doing? I assume you closed it out.


This is terrible advice the stock market crash is not over.

Austin Abrahan

Bro the words u choose

Ed Hoss

Hey there, what do you think about groupon stocks?

Craig Israel

Bill Gates wants you to take his vaccine...do what he tells you!

Guy Redares

That was a really professional show!

Todd Mullis

Thank so much for all your help! Great day today! Raftrider

Mike O

There is no cost to subscribe to this channel folks! Consider yourselves Lucky. Just Saying.

Laura Moore-Shay

This was really helpful! I have been trying to pick out a few good stocks to buy at a discount, very informative!

Jalil Chalhoub

Great content, presented in a concise and professional way...

Samuel Adams

Hertz 52 week high was $20 ish, imagine that hold for a year


For someone just starting out. For about $300-500 what should I start investing in? $3-$5 stocks? Good content.


If you’re recommending buying stocks in May 2020 you’re a piece of shit

Nataly Teran

Do you think hertz will go bankrupt

High Desert Garden

Great video man. I really need to start trading options.

Sclx stock

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Sclx stock

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