Price of rhodium

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How Much Is A Catalytic Converter Worth? Scrap Recycling Guide

57 462 views | 9 Jan. 2021

The catalytic converter

The catalytic converter scrap price list feels like a closely guarded secret to scrappers and scrapyards, but not anymore! If you're a scrap metal recycler wondering, how much is a catalytic converter worth? This one's for you.

Here are the wire cutters I like!: https://amzn.to/3adv7kz

This is the cheaper version: https://amzn.to/2wjkMFd

And here are those grips I recommend: https://amzn.to/2QCJmYl

(If you make a purchase on amazon through the links above, a small amount of what amazon makes on the sale is shared with me. It's a great way to help support my channel, at no additional cost to you. Even if you buy something other than my tool recommendations!)

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Music: Harris Heller

Pold - Better

B Walsh

This dude is hood winking u Eco cat is a ripoff..


Used OEM 04-09 Prius cats go for $1400+ on Ebay! Crazy!

Guillermo Flores

Thank you ...

Julian Encinas

Eco cat not a good app prices not accurate at all

Angela Webb


Livvy Weimar

Oh Wow!!! No wonder you looked so stunned ?. I would have been too. And you were all smooth with the "That's about what I expected" hahahahahahaha

Andy Mullarx

Is cat theft remains a thing then bring on the electric cars already.

Cycle Scrapping

Great video. Liked and subbed.


Walmart new 65 bucks

Michael M

Thank you for the information it was useful ?

Mario Rangel

That app is crap... Don't even bother to pay for a monthly subscription... Most of the models are not even there.

Erik Olsen

Aftermarket are worth absolutely nothing

Inverse Universe

So a catalytic converter is about $50.00 to the thief .
And it cost the owner of the vehicle about $ 1400 .00 .
To replace stolen catalyst.
Don't let me catch anyone stealing one !!


Thub is one of the cool kids.


I etched my plate number on my CC.

Spiffy Turtle

In my city the methheads boost cars just to cut of the cat and then abandon the vehicle on the street or wherever. they are. So you basically lose your ride for like < $100 so somebody can get trashed for a week

Erik Olsen

Dpf filters are where its at


The hundreds of people who wake up with loud exhaust going what the hell. Now have somone to blame. You

Stimulus Dragon

No wonder they're chopping them out of cars at malls and shit.

Chris Ney

I regularly purchase vehicles specifically for their converters. If you know which ones to look for you can make a substantial profit. Almost embarrassing to say but I make more from 1 or 2 junk cars than I do working a 40 hour week as a cnc machinist...

Chris Franklin

Eco cat is a waste of money gives you somewhat of a ball park but careful buying off those prices I see it happen all the time when people bring a converter and eco cat will be much higher than what scrapyard/ core buyer will give or get their self. Sometimes eco cat is much lower than the real world pricing. Use it as a reference but always check with your buyer for their price. Find 1 buyer you like and stay with them you’ll never get the top dollar on every piece but someone that’s honest and willing to work with you is the best bet. A lot of buyers will pay high on the first few get you hooked on them and then lowball it. Last thing a legit core buyer will always pay more than a scrap yard

Mad Max

??How much $$$ should i expect to get for my 2001 PRIUS cat??... I was told its one of the most valuable modern ones with 2 cats in tandem...and Toyota wants 3Grand new for one...

VB Deals

F81a pix check that value and let me know what your app says it's worth

Nicole Baker

Looks like nissan xterra pre cats.

Curtis Payment

Not a very accurate app

wereguy metalman

great video.may the scrap gods reward you

mike brannon

I learned nothing about values, he learned nothing about values. We did learn picture matching and guessing values

Joe Lewis

Bad hair day?


What a treat! Two days in a row.

Dan Murphy

I live in upstate ny i get 600 to 800 for honda crv cats right now after market is 29$ a Ford cat torpedo is 1200 right now


Please Everyone Stop selling yourselves short. The radiation and exposure to these dangerous gases and chemicals ARE detrimental to your health. NOT WORTH THE TIME you and your family WILL NEVER get back. And there wont be any ozone left because they ARE there for a reason. Stop working for the man and putting yourself at risk.

Free Thinker

The recyclers need to be required to get proper information from the seller or get shut down for buying stolen property.

Cross Smith

Beautiful video

muriatic ACID

Thumbs Up

russ peaknuckel

I got a 30 pack of Bush for mine.

Let's Bang Motorsports

Ecocat is way far off prices we are getting in ontario, sometimes way high, more often then not, way low best bet when selling cats is send pics/codes to a few buyers for quotes, you'll earn much, much more, also, pull the o2 sensors, they're worth $$$ too

Ou812 Really

The best way for you to find a core buyer in your town

Go to the auto mechanic garage and ask them who they sell to, then get the buyer's number from said shop's

Some of them are asshats and find it reluctant to share core buyers number but you'll find one of the shop's/garage's to give you a number

A Of demons

I worry that people will use this info to steal converters of people cars.

Adal Martinez

EBay is a good place to sell cats

dali Rodriguez

I found the numbers on one for a sienna straight from Google just typed the numbers in and catalytic converters and got the info and price.


Most cats have between 5-7 grams of platinum.


i got one from a boat for free

Morning Star

like with a lot of stuff call around.

You Coonts See Me!

Good video.

ǝdɐʇ ʞɔnp

perfect timing! just ended up with a single cat. hoping its worth some dough, gonna look into this! thanks!

Don Voll

Good day from Ont. I trusted a fellow, I had a 1992 ford areo star cat , no numbers , he said it's aftermarket, don't know how bought from fellow off of lease , he gave $5.00 Should have not sold it. Thanks

Geoff T

Good vid Thub! What about Sonya cat? Meow! LOL

Si-finds Thames Mudlark

Is anyone else here watching because you just had your Cat stolen too?

Chino Scars

Yeah criminals steal from where i live. They cut the converter from all the cars already. Its so bad no one parks their car nomore we have to park our car far away.

Music Moments

So meaning my stolen convertor is going through the process. ?‍♂️?

Uncle Sam

Subscribed! Thanks for the clear well presented no b.s. content. I appreciate that and I award you with a ? and 12 month subscription!

Alex Murphy

Great info, I have a few right now I need to research and this is perfect

laura diane ciancanelli

Someone just stole mine off a 1998 Honda Odyssey. Seeing as they are such hot items, do you need any documents to sell them to make sure they aren't stolen property? And can I buy one second hand?? Any help appreciated. The theft really screwed me and my car over for what seems like chump change. Ugh.


Thank you, Thub!

Deez nutz Mechanic

Eco cat is junk!! Malaisien company with a data base that does reflect North America! Don’t waste your money!!


Thanks for giving the thieves a nice heads up on which cats to steal for the most money... you got some views though

Joe Marturano III

People around this area are taking a sawsal and stealing them off of peoples cars now


They should require a valid ID when recycling Cats. And a tracking Db. In these covid times many folks are having theirs stolen by lowlifes. About $300 - $600 for a replacement

Kyle Dert

I got 400 bucks for a 03 Buick rendezvous cat and he cut it off

James Long

I have small lot and these run around cat buyers are a joke. They say they offer more than everyone else and the tell you $65 when the last guy said $180


Misleading information, Eco Cat should be taken away. Their samples are not based off of the live market and completely off, they actually scammed one of the biggest Smelters in the world with their load, got an advance and never brought them the load..

Horrible company.
Also, Real Refining is a 3 step process with 1000 cats or more.

You can’t assay less than that to a smelter, they will commingle your cats with another load hence give you an average, not true value.

We have our own database with over 21,000 samples on catalytic converters based off of the live market not kitco which is misleading also.

If you’d like to do your research and see for yourself I’d love to help anybody in educating and pricing, I think a lot of people are mislead unfortunately in this industry but I try to do my best to give people options!

Beyondautocores.com to see who we are, 8 locations process 200,000 units a month and our email is [email protected]gmail.com

Good luck everyone! DM now!


Cat theft is getting out of hand in the UK, there are even reports of thieves boosting cats, and waiting nearby for the owner to take the car to the garage to get a new cat, and sawing off the new cat almost as soon as it gets fitted..... One person lost 2 cats in 6 hours off the same car!

Raw Sage

People will steal those things off your car and sell them watch your shit


Thanks for educating the dirty little bastards who cut the one off my truck!

Canadian Treasure Hunter

Well Said

Brent Krause

Great info, Thanks dude! Still no snow here in Sunny Manitoba! Peace & Love to you and yours in this new year, Thub!

Scrappin Fam

If you live in the U.S.A. You can use RR CATS.COM. I posted a video of my experience, pretty easy and I got a few hundred bucks! Good luck out there!!


How do u get the music u use in your videos

Martin Anon


Caravana Band

What's the bounty for the thieves? I will catch one soon.

Neil Dougherty

Didn't tell me anything

Julie B.

Couldn’t you buy junk cars with valuable cats on them and take them off and sell. Then just scrap out the rest of the car??

Mark Conner

Yep 1 thing your missing. For those that dont know, Stick a rod in the end of them to make sure they are not blown out or rusted out. If the insides are gone, you wont get crap out of them.

Lance Schenkey

is it possible to melt these down your self and sellthe precious metals is it worth the time if you could

Christian Renne

Scrap recycle showing tons of crackheads how to steal the cat off my truck in the middle of the night.

́ '

In 2015 i sold the stock ones off a 94 caprice for 50 bucks each

Was that a good price?

Cracker !

Yeah they stole my friend's catalytic converter out of his Hyundai SUV in broad daylight without a care in the world. That's Philly for you.

Julie B.

How did you get $500 for those 2 you turned in? Do they screw up?

Amethyst Winter

Be sure your kitty gets sunlight, very important for health. ?

Randy Stone

Hey Thub: Interesting video, on a pretty elusive topic. I've got a friend who scraps cars and resells parts. He gets usually at least 2 Cats per car because he does higher end models. Peace, my dude! ☮️


This is not a scrap segment I ever expect to be in, but I appreciate and am interested in it anyway.

Cowboy Car Crushing

A quick way to identify the "cat" component of the exhaust system is to look for bolts at both ends of the part. These parts are expected to "go out" and need to be changed. Thus the nuts and bolts.

Jeff Ring

Wow in salem oregon the scrap dealer cherry city metals pays a whole 10 bucks to u for a cat converter, fucking bastards.

Fuzzy Electronics

This is why my car was damaged by cunts who stole my cat and damaged my car cutting it out. £1700 damage and insurance won't pay our for it, and your video just encourages it.

John Bennett

That cat is a DOHC Taurus

Joshua Morris


Tarique Anwar

Hy sr

Toilet Paper

Worth enough for your boss to throw in the back of his range rover and get money out of

Fart Zilla

A friend apparently wired a hidden alarm to his cat that rings his phone and caught the thief in the act. All he would tell me after that is the police weren't called. Now I've ordered the same type of alarm, although I'd probably call the police and hope I don't have to defend myself. Unlike my friend I'll also be adding a protective cage, and hope the alarm never gos off.

B Walsh

Eco cat app is a hoax, its about 1/3 of what's its worth....certified dealer here..

vincent bell

We have gangs in Europe that cut them from cars on private driveways in Europe.

Nathan Hurley

I always add 15 percent to price from any app I use and when my core buyer comes his price is still higher then what I had.

jackpot digger

Great info very good job

Price of rhodium

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Monitor Planitum, Palladium and Rhodium rates

378 views | 11 Jun. 2019


Discover our new feature, which allows monitoring PGM rates through time freely!

Compare Platinum, Palladium, and Rhodium market prices.

? Download ECO CAT APP here: http://onelink.to/ecocatapp

Ecotrade Group

Contact us for more information at [email protected]ecotradegroup.com ??

Price of rhodium

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RHODIUM Price OVER $9000!!! News & update on Rhodium Investment THE BITCOIN OF PRECIOUS METALS ?

3 022 views | 20 Jan. 2020

FINALLY a Rhodium Update

FINALLY a Rhodium Update Video! The rhodium price continues to soar as Friday do United States came closer to reaching a trade deal with China. Investors hope this deal will increased demand for autos which use rhodium.

A catalyst to Rhodium Price soaring in 2020 is the major production problems at mines in South Africa . South Africa is only national utility Eskom is cutting power several hours a day causing minds to stop or slow production. Because rhodium is the second rarest element on earth and it is so rare the price has soared over $9000 as of the release this video.

The 2008 all-time high was $10,100 analysts are looking at $15,000 as a potential new all-time high.

It’s important to remain cautious however because the faster and higher the price rises the more likely we are to see a big crash.

Early investors like myself are scrambling around looking for information and updates in the dark because even though this metal is being called the bitcoin of precious metals and has multiplied tenfold in three years... almost nobody is talking about it

There’s a time to buying a time to sell in this video I also discuss how to sell your rhodium when you are ready

elk addiction

$10,250, I have mining claims, and, I'm waiting for the last test from ALS assay company. 6.2 gt on the surface.

anthony bianconi


Jared Dintrone

I would listen to this guy and sell some at this $9K level. Of course dealers like kitco will offer only about $8K-$8500 because of the spread. Kitco will also need a 25% collateral for large transactions on an account with them before selling.

David Phillips

Why is silver so cheap?


The Bitcoin of Precious Metals?? Then no one seems to know there is also BitcoinRhodium with only 1,182,475 XRC supply > Available at Changelly >>> https://changelly.com/exchange/usdt/xrc , store them in Magnum Wallet . https://www.bitcoinrh.org/


To the point !!!!! Yeah this is what I think. Platinum producers wont produce just for rhodium. And since platinum is way too cheap, it makes dissapear any new supply of rhodium. Bought some at 1,500 $. There is another factor. The banksters cant manipulate it on the COMEX. So no infinite supply of fraudulent paper metal from the criminal bankster cartel.

Sanju Saini

I have goog rhodium want seeling

Bri I

Now at $2500.

jason doe

awesome metal to own, the rarity and potential to make into jewellery makes it more special than other precious metals. Everyone has gold, silver, platinum...but not RHODUIM!!!!

kenneth candler

Rodium plat palladium and gold came be made as a byproduct of fission and other nuclear reactors/ particle colliders. Ive read they scrape it off the reactor walls. Witch makes sense cuz its what happens when stars die or collide . Tin lead platn gold iridium lead and plutonium prolly other or all things in genral but i think it stops plutonium. Why a lot of astroids are platnium group metals. Imagine that shit.

anthony bianconi


Jay D

how can we invest in IRIDIUM !?


The spread has increased from 500, to 1000, to 1200 from the videos release to now. That is remarkable. *Also, all sales to dealers over 10k are reported to you know who, resulting in a 30% C.G. tax loss. 10k Rh yields only 7k for instance. It is so valuable, it's a nuisance. Fractional Baird or Pamp bars would be ideal in this stratum of bullion, yet only 1oz increments exist. At the post of this comment, Ask is 11700, Bid is 10500. Conditions in South Africa are none improved, Russia is closing borders as Covid19 is front page news.


Buckle up your belts cause it may be reaching 15,000 usd per ounze. It seems that the corona virus fear in China is pushing prices of rodhium to higher highs.


Rhodium plates jewelry to.


Sorry but for Canadians there is a sales tax on palladium and rhodium. My target is 50 000 $. Why ? Worldwide massive money printing. The end of the gold cartel and gold at 10 000 $. Rhodium is 100 times rarer than gold. And 5 times rarer than platinum.

shobi_ Watch Grail club

They and others will only buy it if they have a demand. And surprise surprise when it gets to 10k (now) they say they dont have any demand and have alot in the safe so its not easy to sell.

Kevin Bergman

I can produce Rhodium from Ores here in the US 907-799-8356


It is partially due to the 4:1 palladium:rhodium efficacy ratio. As long as Palladium stays at its current levels Rhodium should in turn also hold. And as we know Palladium is also in a deficit supply vs demand.

The main question - when to cash out?!?

Dave Wingler

Great vid. Do you think there is enough geopolitical turmoil / strife in SA to push Rhodium to a new ATH?

David Carr

Does Kitco honor their "bid" price if you call to sell or is it actually below that?


Almost at 11k ?

Matt Raymond

other than kitco where to sell? any take on palladium?


10,000 ?