Plaid shirt guy meme

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"Joe Biden Is Stealing The Election" Says Guy Wearing Sleeveless BBQ, BEER, FREEDOM T-Shirt

43 643 views | 5 Nov. 2020

"Joe Biden Is Stealing

"Joe Biden Is Stealing The Election" Says Guy Wearing Sleeveless BBQ, BEER, FREEDOM T-Shirt

In the chaos that is the 2020 election, we find ourselves relating to this guy!!!

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Lunatic! I died laughing. ???

Rhino Black

Bleach and bbq...


He’s right. Biden did steal the election.

Ray Bin

An extreme full tilt Trumpist. I kinda feel sorry for the fella...

Six Fingers

Where is Rick and bubba voting for


Why did he just walk away??

alifer canimper

Robust safeguards to make sure the steal of the election is secure.

Going Extinct

This was a staged tactic by the dems so people would actually believe Trump supporters were all half wits. The shirt says it all... even as a former dem I know how theatre works in elections.
Look let’s be honest with ourselves, my circle consists of both parties. My mother is a dem my dad is a republican. Both are intelligent beings with good morals yet the media wants u to believe that Trump supporters are deplorable and Biden supporters are snowflakes.
Guess what? You are if you actually believe the horse crap they feed you day in and day out. Stop feeding into this bs and maybe we could make America great again.

Daniel Hayes

The Prophet.


Is this the right wing version of Trigglypuff?

Magyar Bluey

America will go down the toilet under Biden and everybody will be forced to be jabbed you will see


If this guy says it, it must be true! He's tRump's legal rep in court - probably makes more sense than the Lyin' King's actual legal team! LOL!


Joe Biden is stealing our freedom? Um...I am not sure... ... But stealing our BBQ? and beers ... oh yeah! Definitely!

John Doe

You all should be ashamed.

Doug Murphy


Some Guy

And he has a channel.


I wish he wore his assless chaps.

MJ Sellers

lol these are the type of people who voted for trump so it explains why they believe anything the BS that comes out of trumps mouth.

Friendly Salad

This is why aliens won't visit us.

Freeworld of the Mind Entertainment

I just love how they let him go full retatd. They allowed him to provide all of us laughs forever.

Bob Causey

A perfect example of how trump made America great again.


WOW. Great job on my video. Have a great weekend. FSV


He seems like a person you’ll see at Walmart.

Truth N Politics

U All See How Scared The Politicians get When An American Gets Close To Them?!!!

Jeffery Rowland

I bet this “loser has never hit his wife for not having dinner on the table at 6 o’clock...and by God woman dinner better be bbq and beer smothered in freedom...This is a spot on as an example of a trump(loser) bot...
However, that being said 43% of what is left of America agrees with him...and that’s the real scary part...

Kinga Dorosz

I know what I'm doing for Halloween next year!

Kelly Hutcheson

This guy is how everyone feels!!


Sir, Sir...please take a seat...in fact take several sir...


this guy is going to be in a civil war history book one day.

Carlo Jones

Joe Biden will give us freedom from That!

Devin S

And sadly that guy is safely in the upper half of American intellect.

John Lingel

This guy cracks me up every time. He is a hero in my book.

Dragomir Aurelia

Trump Supporters=Karens

Rick Prusak

Hillbilly family inbreeding at it's finest. So glad my sister isn't dating him. THANKFUL he isn't my son or brother-in-law. Hee Haw.

Mark Ross

CONGRATULATIONS AMERICA!!!!! love from the uk.

Chazaq Yashar

??? please southpark put this in a episode

ed s

"America will never be a socialist nation" WRONG!!! she is well on her way
with the Leftist Liar Biden at the helm, a Lawyer raised by his mentor
(A used car salesman) married to an Adulteress, looks like the stars
have aligned for the Socialist movement


That's just immensely beautiful! ???


He wants to protect children from being sniffed by creepy uncle Joe! ?


I wonder how that guy really feels about this ... epic!

GreenMatrix 30seven810172324

Russel case from Independence Day any1?

Racist Trump Supporter

In my time they would of been quick to throw that guy out


If this were only a week earlier it would've been THE Halloween costume of 2020 lol The 'Freakin Raccons' remix of him is hilarious

Sophia R

I thought mainstream media said Biden is going to win by a landslide?! Get that man a beer!

Nolan Jacobs

He ain't wrong


BBQ, Beer, Freedom. Only thing missing is: Guns.

Rising Meme King :p

Normal day

white guy

Ben A. E

Bill Burr describes him perfectly on his podcast!


We had Superman, i.e., Trump, now we get the "Man of STEAL", he will fly you to the extermination camps. There is room for only ONE Opinion in the USA now, and if you don't agree they will RE-EDUCATE YOU! and if that does not work, there is the option like they give the innocent unborn babies, you will be aborted. I'm a Christian, my God died for me, if I have to return the favor: Give me LIBERTY ,... well, you know the rest ... to pull a Joe Biden.

sean stoner

Yes BBQ man trump must be so proud I'm crying !!!!!!!!!

shaun edwards

Great Biden president. Now all the Liberals can get out of Texas and go back to California. Back to feces covered streets

Mr. Ken 6.5-06 longrange grdhog eliminator Miller

Pork BBQ, BEER, and FREEDOM the three things that Islam hates!

Jupiter Stars

If "I voted for Trump" was a person


What an SJW

Chris L.

At 1:40 he casually heads to Taco Bell.

Steve Anthony

What's sad about this is everyone is mocking this guy right now but what he is clearly upset about is something that over 60 million Americans are clearly concerned about and the media is completely complicit in covering up and failing to acknowledge any of the suspicious and fraudulent activity occurring right now


Big Boomer

It's called an ignorant moment... and what confusion, it all seems pretty simple ?

Axel Shark

His IQ is: -10??

Kim Taylor

What a friggin' idiot.

mike smith

and that's why I voted for Biden.

David Goldwasser

And that is the sad state of of beloved country today
Heaven help us all
maybe he can be our next Secy of State


This guy is exactly what I think other countries think of when they think of a stereotype American lol

Jade M

I mean... he looks like a nut but he said what were all thinking

Graeme Springer

Hes stealing it!!!!! ....... My favorite part ????


I agree with his shirt.

Francis Chabot

I love that if you search for "BBQ man" this is the 8th result. Legend.


This White Bread Trumpturd is obviously anti-American. No mention of "Bacon" on his Freedom shirt.

Paul Matthew G.

The media is totally ignoring trying to find any fraud and that should tell you all you need to know. Trump will find the fraud. He always does. Trump isn't going anywhere


We are so used to this type of behavior that’s why no one reacted.

Tiny Roman

Trump supporters: dumb liberal snowflakes so sensitive.

Trump supporters:

Matthew Bittenbender

Beer, BBQ & Freedom. That is beats MAGA as the a Trumpiest phrase that ever Trumped. POTUS sees that and will start saying he’s been sayin that since 1998 and try to copyright it.


Fake, real Trump voters don't wear masks.

Bradley David Good

where can i get one of those shirts?


The guy with the black mask is totally chill.


We all know he's right!

Dante integra

Wtf ?? I feel sorry for this poor animal ?

Level 100

How to become a meme in 5 minutes

Brian M


(dun! dun!)

One Freedom

(dun! dun!)

One beeeeeer....

(Blues turnaround riff)

Robert E

The channel WTFbrahh made a hilarious hip hop song using this guy.

Johnny Toronado

Bythen for nursing home 2021... I think the guy is pretty cool he is a shouting so all the people can hear him! nothing wrong with the guy... If you don't like the guy shut up ... America is finally waking up! Middle income families got enough of it....


Joe Biden did steal the Election

dhhd sjjc

No, no, he's got a point.

Diarrhea Latte

That man was a paid actor. They do this stuff all the time.

Reggi D


S He

Trump is losing, and the racist haters are coming out of the septic tank for one last hurrah. The people have spoken! Biden will be our next president. America is returning to its senses and we will never again return to the days of the good ole boy system, of an all-white male rule, while all others be damned. Those days are no more!

Percy Roussell

Biden is CEO of U.S. INC

bob cromo

Starts off strong, but once he realizes no one is going to drag him out he just looks so silly.

Rire Muyi

Showing results for shame democrat
No results found for shame domencrat

The shame of the Democratic Party.

Irene C. Abry

LMAO i love how no one is phased by it, and once he’s done screaming, the speaker is like “.... anyway...”

Large Unidentifiable Reptile

Is this the conservative version of the inauguration howl?


He looks like Zap Rowsdower.

David Sword

Biden #?Gate

straight and narrows cat lover

zoo authorities must change their cage padlocks the old ones just don't work.

George Rucich

Is that Rick Harrison with a wig???

Mollie Rollman

where is Hunter ..

Jenny Churchill

Love it!


Rudy Giuliani:
This is evidence we can show the judge

Red Castle

At least someone is telling the truth!

will new

Can we talk about the fact that most 40+ year old men wear New Balance?

Plaid shirt guy meme

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Plaid Shirt Guy & Fake Rally

1 627 views | 9 Sep. 2018

weird ..crazy

weird ..crazy

Virginia McJunkin


Tange O’Rheen

Plaid shirt guy went viral, lol!

Plaid shirt guy meme

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Plaid Shirt Guy Anthem | Prod. Joenar Beats

3 491 views | 9 Sep. 2018

I had a lot of fun making

I had a lot of fun making this video. SUBSCRIBE and hit the bell to be notified of more beats and content like this!

A high school student; Tyler Linfesty, was asked to leave a Trump rally in Montana after making animated facial expressions during the President's speech.

Video I used to make my music video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CFnF3jAvpTw&t=102s

Plaid Shirt Guy doesn't clap #MocksTrump #BoredAtTrumpRally Billings, Montana. Plaid Shirt Guy was switched out midway through!

aT sOme PoiNt tHiS WhoLe thINg iS gOInG To bE eXPoSeD

#PlaidShirtGuy #MoodBeats #TylerLinfestyMusicVideo


Fire ??????

Nancy Ivie

I loved it!


Nice beat to the news!?⭐️??

Joenar Beats

Let me know what you think of this idea. I had a lot of fun making it. I hope you enjoy! ????⭐️



man on the beat


S- Kay

So dope ? would appreciate it if you could check out my channel and give me some feedback

Anaya Anaya

Damn that’s amazing

Mary Her

The beat is dope

kash 317


S&K Galindo

Lol I didnt know this could get any better before I saw this. Too bad he didnt get much screen time otherwise you could've gotten more material to make it longer. ?

Alex Alt

Haha this is classic. And good to hear you’ve been well bro! I didn’t get around to replying. I’ve been doing good too! Clean at the moment from smoking so I’m riding my own wave at the moment :) ?

Jane Doe

This high school student cares more for the nation than our presidents and the Republicans.

Marina Phillips

Tyler knows more about the world at large than that ?guy in the White House. That is a tragic reality. A high school student shows an intellectual maturity, grown up irony while so called adults are brainwashed into stupidity and vacant servitude. This is what our country has become. Smart man Tyler versus braindead nincompoop guy Trump? I rest my case.

Lucia H.

Loved it! Bravo to the plaid shirt guy.

G.W. Rick

Thank you animatronic crowd for choosing servitude over freedom of expression. Quite unlike Tyler Linfesty (Plaid Shirt Guy) and his two friends.
Trump and friends are proud of you !