New coin 2020

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Upcoming 2020 U.S. Coin Releases That You Need To Find - COLLECTORS WILL PAY BIG $$!!

33 638 views | 28 Dec. 2019


#RecessionProofInvesting #CashForCoins #TreasureInPocketChange

Hey everyone, I have another spinoff channel called BlueRidgeCollectibles where I share my other favorite hobbies. Come check out this new channel and show your support with a sub! https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCLGZ0uSfzVNT1FC8HocF8ww

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I taped 2 half dollars to the inside of my bum cheeks for 2 weeks. Of course, I took them off at night but retaped them in the morning. Believe it or not, after a full 2 weeks of them being there while I worked in the mill sweating those coins were nicely toned. Rainbow toning.


Thanks for all the insight and knowledge you share - with what I've learned, I'm finally able to search, then sort my coins to keep, spend or sell - in the past I just kept them packed away unsure of what to look for or how to sort and store them correctly :)


I hear the American Eagles (silver)dollars,are going out and a new coin is gonna take their place.

Scott Holliday


constipated in sin city

Hey Playboy, are you one of the Blue Man Group members?

Dodger 455

I want a West Point nickel, Monticello with a big W over the dome like a war nickel!!

Thomas Buckley

Thank for the info,love your videos.


Is this the word you were trying to give us? semiquincentennial

Christopher Simpson

The time to buy the West point quarters and West point pennies is now on eBay before your mint state quality coins disappear. Because once they go they will be harder to find in a few years or maybe five years is my best guess maybe sooner.

Steven Howley

Also does anyone know what the cheapest option to ship a full $25 box of shield cents would be like shipping package wise ?

Travelin JOHN

Lol a 999 silver penny done like the West Point quarters. Would be interesting ?

Sierra C.

I'm furious at the u.s. mint Department would let them have all those 2019 s enhance reverse proof silver eagles when they said we can only have one each how did they(CSN) get away with that....!!!!

Steven Thomas

Sestercentennial is the 250th anniversary of our country in 2026. BTW, I found inverted eaves on rolls of 2020 P nickels on the left side of Monticello. I found 31 examples.

well b l o w me down

ended the year on a bad note i think, missed out on 2 out of 3 of the enhanced silver eagles i was trying to get. the 3rd i was able to purchase the mailman was too lazy to deliver so it got sent back to the mint where i was told by the mint returning items are destroyed. now just waiting to see what grades PCGS gives the 5 rivers of no return quarters and 3 witp quarters i sent in 2 weeks ago to try and make up for my badluck on the silver eagle, o sent in a 1891 idh penny im hoping grades out ms65+ rb


There building what? 2020 will be a big surprise what about back to the future new mints Carson city CC and new Orleans. O.

Christopher Simpson

Just as long as they keep Washington on the Quarter I prefer keeping dead Presdients on both coins and paper currency. I guess I am not big on change.

Archaeology Mikey007

I would like to see them to bring back the new Orleans mint mark and CC mint marks

Jacob Klein

Nice 1950 (d???)

John Howlett

Hey blue ridge , how are ya ! I couldn't just wheel through those nickles , I'm looking for varietys ! Seems your way quick ! Well have a great day MR, ENJOY

Sierra C.

Blue Ridge you got to hear this the sales place that's on TV that's CSN.. they're selling the 2019 s enhance reverse proof Silver Eagle for $2999.95.... can you freaking believe that that is crazy.. I tried to get this coin on the first day and the website kept crashing makes me mad ..!! ,I couldn't receive it, or purchase it .. this selling shopping network is selling them for that much ..! there should be a law against that...

WoW Guy

Go look at what a recent 2019 W Quarter sold for on Ebay....theyre still HOT

Beautine Young

I can't find a West point Quarter or a Nickel where can I find them not here in Savannah Georgia THANK YOU Blueridge

Shane York

I was paying attention to all you were saying, because it's very interesting!! I hope you do update videos on what's new!!

I have a question, I've been collecting since June, so almost 7 months now. I've been getting really into it as strong as my budget will allow. I'm ready to take the next steps and that's getting in on being... well I'm guessing a member of PCGS and The U.S. Mint, what's some of the basic things I should know and how much should I expect to pay just to get started???? Not submitting or buying cost!!
Thanks for any help you can give me!!!
Have a GREAT Day!!!


I would think the West Point coin would go on the war in the pacific quarter. Who knows.

John Sharp

Doing a limited minting of something with Carson City would create some excitement.


10:34 that nickel I believe is worth around $50


250 years. Quarter-millenial?


This is the first year I'm looking forward to all of the ATB Quarters - the designs are refreshing - Samoan Fruit Bats; a Regal Fritillary butterfly; a mangrove tree; a person painting; and a child planting a tree - not a single rock formation or bird in the bunch - I can't wait! And I would love to go back to a static design for the quarter reverse - with the State and ATB programs, they've added over 100 designs - and trying to keep track of varieties and errors for all of them is burying me in spreadsheets!

John Sharp

Blueridge, have you ever found a Westpoint quarter in change? I haven't.

Coleman's Street Coin's

I wonder if they will ever change the dime...?...?

Diamondback Stacker

The mint did do a triple 9 silver coinage starting this year and every year moving forward. Grant it it’s the silver proof set but it does contain a dime half dollar and quarters. Unless you meant 999 fine silver on a circulated coin?! Awesome video as always! ✌️


What years of the modern nickels are we supposed to be looking for?

Jimmy Cheaves

Hello everyone new to coin collecting this is by far one of my favorite channels

Steven Howley

New circulating silver coinage would be amazing can't wait to hear about the new West Point program it should be a fun year for roll hunting :)

Eugene Lucero

I would like to see a North American endangered species quarters program in the near future...

Bambie Jackson Reese

a high grade W quarter graded at a little under 200 or less is a STEAL!! take it from me who owns a expensive modern coin and gold coin collection... these W quarters add a 0 at the end of the number in 5-10 years!! I own a MS 67 graded Lowell w quarter and I plan on buying them all up soon! in 30 years 00 added from now per coin of the highest grade possible

Amber Lowery

i bought $20 nickels friday, 6 out of 10 rolls were the 2019 P rolls.. that sucked.. i didnt find any high grades and barely found and few with full steps..

James Eubanks

I live 40 miles from Wilmington nc and still haven't found a single w quarter

Robert Aviles

Elizabeth City NC... and didn't get a W quarter. Ass load of P ones though ?

I only plan on getting FRESH 2020 rolls of coins (at least one of each to unroll) ?

Super Crazy Disco Kangaroo 9001

This will probably work to bring more collectors as it happened in Australia and Britain.
A series of 26 quarters with every letter of the Alphabet relating to something about America issued into circulation.

Beverly Riggins

Thanks blue ridge

Victoria's Nails

Blue Ridge this was hands down one of your most informative videos for someone like myself who needed a recap from the past few years. You sums it up coin fella thank youuuu! I have at least 10 pages of notes from this one video. Now I'm going to sleep! You gave me tons of information I didn't have!

the wolfman

Sean: love the vids except for the commercials. I found a Washington dollar coin that was shiny like silver. It's not sliver. They brass comp? Didn't know if was worth any thing or not? But still a neat find for 2019 dollar coin.




I don't know how you search your coins without using a scope? You're better than me, I have to use a scope searching all my coins. Thanks blue ridge!


Good hunt thanks for the insight

Beverly Riggins

I found a w quarter

Jonathan C Smelko

I am looking forward to checking out the new law enforcement coins. I am hoping that it will enhance and benefit the collector. I am going to be buying ! Thanks for the video


Huge waste of time.

William Long

That is some of best I have not be around long but I have watch all three .but wood have to go with 1977 about I see the some many great and different thing .I really understand not to pick .or take away from the 1990 or 1977

Sunjestersilver 999

You mentioned a black beauty. What is the significance and year we should be looking for? I didn’t do a recap of what you found?

Linda Bell

I guess the thumbs up is the common comment. ?


Did you say something about a 2009 nickel?

kenneth mckervey

I've got a 1969s proof with some doubling. . . Had the coin graded a 67 , . . But never said anything about Doubling.. what should I do. I feel it's under estimated. Can you help me

Yowlow Fortes

this guy was like he talks to much was like non stop!! are you kidding me..like hella long set up and all you just do was like talk talk talk talk and get mad to other coin youtubers! this guy is dumb!


You dont even look at the back of some of these,you just glance at most of them...what are you looking for

Sheila L art

Thanks for reminding me, I'll pick up a couple of those sets and pride of two nation's for my collection!! I 'll get a box to!!

silver coins errors hunter

Nice wow

Helen Richardson

I save every last one of the 2004 &2005 nickels, no matter how they look!!!!




Hey man thanks so much for all the new info you shared. Now have a lot to gnaw on before the new year hits! Most certainly be keeping an eye out for things. Q1: 2009 coins are currently worth about $0.75 each & what grade? I also keep all 2009 coins i come across. Q2: yesterday a family member found a 1863 CHARLES A LUHRS 77 PIKE SLIP SHADES coin in their yard in possibly AU condition(in my opinion). Have searched it but would like to know if you think would be worth getting certified? Can email you pictures for a better look at it. Any thoughts input or info is much appreciated. Thank you again God Bless you sir.

Timothy Loyd

2019 W 1 cent. Get it. There is 3. Don't miss out.

Ben Dahlager

We already had a .999 quarter set. I think even the whole silver proof set was .999 for 2019.

Joseph Vance

I have a 2020 nickel what do I look for seen your page

NiceGuy Mick

In Central Washington State and I have still not seen one single 2019 quarter OR nickel OR dime...some pennies started showing up around August....on the other hand, I am often surprised at the nice condition on some older moderns I get in change. wtf?

John Marshall

Fire the guy who used regular staples on the 2x2 flip.

Dong Tv

looking a buyer of Massachusetts Quarter Dollar coin..who is interested?

Jennifer Wright

Today I found 4 West Point quarters River of No Return

Helen Richardson

That was great and exciting!!!

Helen Richardson

So far I've only found 1 2020 W Quarter but, I'm happy to have found that !!!

Todd Carman

New commemorative info was released on coinweek channel.

Jeff Shaw

Never saw one here I think that most of the quarters ended up on the east coast.

Ramon Juan

Hello BlueRidge Ouch there goes that one full steps ? Well sometimes you get lucky and than times you don't , but we all gained a little more coin knowledge and history from listening and watching . Thanks for the video Do a live stream before the year ends ???


Thanks Blue Ridge for the updates and info. Great video

Ron Schneider

You talk about the rare Washington W quarters. But what about the very rare Silver Eagles. The last three years the mintages have been going down. 2017, 2018 and 2019 burnised silver eagles and the S proof Silver Eagles all have mintages below 150,000 coins. 2020 Silver Eagles will probably be even rarer. The new coin designs for the US coins will be in 2021. So don't miss out wasting time on coins that are not even Silver.
Some of the graded Silver Eagles are now going on 200 dollars per coin.

Betty Grable

hey blueridgesilverhound ! I Suggest that you get a safety security box out of the state that you are in because it is going to be under water soon and it would be a shame to have lost all of your coins soon very soon by ,buy you have been warned get the hell out of there



Brian Broussard

250 years is called a sesquicentennial

Craig Voisin

I think they should do a US Navy series on a coin with all the navy vessel types/classes  since our countries independence in 1776


I do not have any of the US mint ATB coins. Anyone think getting one as a 10 year bet has chance of paying off? I was thinking of getting a single 2020 ATB coin that is still available.

John Sharp

I turned off the video when you wouldn't show us the 1950 nickel. No need to play games with us. Would have watched the whole video anyway.

Theresa Mongraudi

How many rolls are in a bank box of pennies can I just ask my bank officer help a newbie thanx


Love the flow of knowledge ? Keep it coming

New coin 2020

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2019 NEW 500 PISO COIN

11 020 views | 24 Dec. 2019

#500Piso #PhilippineCoins

#500Piso #PhilippineCoins #SilverCoins

Edwin Biclar

Do you have that coin?

Francis Baroña

pano po makaka kuha ng ganyan?

Aljoe Asuncion

Paano po mkakabili ng coins n unique sa bsp

nenita capistrano

Bro gd morning..napakaganda nman ng 500 coins na yan.your so luckybu have that.

Cesar Plecerda

Sir destrebute na po ba yn sa community ung 500 pesos coin any time poydi ka makakoha or makapagpapalit sa bank


Totoo b yan? Parang walang ganyan na inilabas ang bsp ah. Fake news?

Sheng & Nash Vlogs

is it true may 500 peso coin na?akala ko ung 20peso coin lng..

jade_ De_gracia

I'd like to buy 20 piso coin but how much for two pieces?

Kryniu g

A beautiful coin. Best wishes and a Happy Merry Christmas

hahahaha hahahaha

Di ako naka order sayang

Genneth paano susugin ang dahon anong araw Darios

saan pp makabili nia

Marvin Valle

Cno Guxto Bumili ng 20pesos 2019 ?

Cruz Collection

Ang ganda nyan sir

John's World TV

ang gandang pamasko nito bro merry christmas

JhayJhoy Vlogs

Ang cute ng Five hundred Peso na yan. Kaso madaling mawala yan.

Kittopher Collect

1st. Salamat idol

psei trends

boss hindi pa iyan sold out sa bsp. Nka private lg ksi yan. Pra lamang sa mga empleyado ng bsp. Ngaun araw lg yan ngng public. Pwedi na ngaun mg pa reserve sa banko sentral

Allan Bertillo

Sana all,



Bellie Joe Ruiz

Sana magkaroon ako nyan ?

New coin 2020

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Small dollar coins to look for! 2020 Native American $1 Coin!

6 824 views | 15 Oct. 2019

We talk about small

We talk about small dollar coin to look for. The new 2020 Native American $1 coin.

Thank You for watching and as always remember to check your change. You might have more money in your pocket than you think!

To check out our USB microscope, magnifier, scale, books and more, or to find out our errors & varieties coin lists, preferred email support, links to the products you can buy, and even more info about coins, go to our Website/Store: http://jbcoinsinc.com/

Disclaimer: Some of these links go to one of my websites and some are affiliate links where I'll earn a small commission if you make a purchase at no additional cost to you.

For example, Some items for sale on my website are associate with Amazon and I'm an amazon associate; other merchandise listed on my YouTube Shelf above is in association with the Teespring program and I’m a Teespring associate.

Subscribe to our channel:


Franklin Warner

Thank You.What Are They Worth.


Since I love history I appreciate the information and back ground on the coin. Not real big on these dollar coins. I heard the Federal Reserve took a hit on them and just sitting thier lol. The first time I got change back from the soda machine I thought it was a Chuckie Cheese coin lol! Hope your feeling better Mr B and Mrs B! Analiese said the same and hi n hugs to pup!

Barry Sutton

Hate the coin
However, my opinion doesn't really make any difference. The coin is not going to be in general circulation for the public to see it often.


It is very different with alot going on on one coin.

Olds Rocket 88

I thought it was going to have Elizabeth Warren on it.

Mystery Buyer

Yeah that new coin looks a lot better than most of the stuff that's been coming out of the mint.

But for it to be a serious dollar coin I think it has to be the size of an Eisenhower dollar.

I feel cheated by the small size and less metal.


Not much of a fan but I do like the native American design of the eagle.

Cutlass 7687

No. No. No. Very poor design

Scott Jarvie

I like the old one year 2000 thank you for the info will be looking for them when they com out ?

Milissa Stockwell

Personally I don't care for the new one... Just being honest.. She looks mad lol

Barbara Mackey

Part Native American and the coin looks like one of children designed it.

Mr. Coin Sack

You know what? I definitely love the design its awesome! Being native American and being with the love of my life a full blooded Native American beauty...she is very happy with the coin as well! We are blown away and cannot wait to get our hands on a roll of those! Thanks for starring J&B! I really think it will take time for some to get use to it but as an artist myself I enjoy the simplicity of it and I feel it will grow on people in the future. And believe me totem art not easy to duplicate.

Jason Miller

Thanks for sharing the info. I have to say i'm not a fan of the reverse design.

Wingohere Adventures

Yes I would buy it . It is about time better late than never-74 years later . It is sad that some people will bash new coins especially if it is native themed , but they would probably be the first to profit off of any errors and varieties of this coin. Thank you Mr.J and Mrs. B for sharing. As always great videos.

Владимир Мардуханов

very good!

Dimon 63 moneta

Привет мой друг! Спасибо за отличный обзор! Like!

Joe Layton

I love it. I lived in AK don't make a mistake to call native American people that live there Escamos. There are many tribes just live the lower 48 states. I personally glade that the native Americans of Alaska is finally getting recognized. The nex one needs to a bow Hadrians. Just my opinion.

Chance Goble

Really off topic but I just found a new error Harper ferry I would load a picture on her but not sure how yet

Laurel Ewing

I have mixed feelings over the reverse. Not an easy task to put a modern portrait with the native art together.
Thank you for sharing ?.


The new coin would be a lot more attractive if they had left that stylized bird off... it's ugly IMO. Absolutely detest the edge lettering though... wish they'd just put it on the coin like they've always done in the past - edge lettering is hard to read, doesn't focus well under magnification, and gets very worn very fast.

I do have a collection of modern dollar coins and may get this one, but only if I find it roll hunting.

Carrie & Terry Kellogg


Joe from Red Bay, Alabama

That's a beautiful 2020 Native American coin. I can't wait to get my hands on it. I love collecting these kind of dollar coins. Thanks for sharing

Mr. Doge

Everyone in this comment section is suddenly part Native American ???

Edwina Cornish

Wow thank you very much another wonderful coin to add I love collecting them

Rita Doyle

I think the coin is lovely! Yes, I would buy it because I also LOVE that it is an Antidiscrimination Memorial Coin.

Robert Edwards

Thank you for this info J&B I have never collected Native American coins but I like this one and I do want to get some of them

Sunjestersilver 999

Always love the videos. Though it’s hard to keep up on watching everyday. Thanks again for all the information! I’m not likely to buy it, but if I found one in change, I might keep it. But I still haven’t found a “W” on any coin.


I never thought about looking for this type of coin, but you never know if I will start


Interestingly it appears (according to wiki) that the 2020 will actually be released for circulation. I think 2011 was the last one released to the general public.

Richard Farris

Very interesting coin im all for Native American coins . Very cool

Bryan Rasmussen

Thats so cool... Her name is Russian and her hair looks so cool... Russian words on American currency! Ha ha ha

Rosana Cueto

Thank you J&B for sharing this information. I like the 2000 better I have few of them put away not to crazy with the new coin

Gary Chandler


Michael Brooks

Elizabeth appears focused and committed. I’m sure she had a tough fight on her hands. Recognizing and remembering such courage and achievement is a great use of our coinage. Great design!

Dave B

She looks worried. Yet that might be appropriate.

James Anderson

A little too cluttered for me, but hey a lot of room for errors lol

Cray fish

I usually like the information in these video's, and they 're usually pretty good ! But to drag this out for almost 5/6's of this video ( 2:54 ) is too much !
I'm glad that I " Scrolled " through this film rather then wasting my time " waiting " for J.B. Coins inc., to " Finally Cut to the Chase, " or as they say;....
" Get to the point " !!

Donna LCoin

Love it!

Jose Colon

Nice I will buy it

Lady Robins

I love this coin!! Beautifully done in my opinion!! Yes I collect Native American coins!! Thanks for the peek, J&B!!

Brittany mazza

Is like the artwork in the design


Love bird

Ronnie Williams

Wow what a nice coin thank you for the ℹ

Toni Zumpano

Not sure if I like it. Kind of reminds me of I Love Lucy with a native bird design. Will need to see one in person.

Peg 1122

I will buy them


Yes I like ,I would buy it , and save I’m my collection. In fact I would have a few of them saved

Churchill Coins

I do collect native Native American coins, I like the design and will be purchasing it.

Tumbleweed 1964

The New Mexican Pesos are in!?

Norcadre Eleria

New sub heree

Christina Choate

Love ...... !!

Vern LaPoint

Thanks for the information?

Mossman 52

Is a very interesting reverse. Would like to see it in normal color. Has potential. Thanks J&B

Tina Fackler

I'm not sure if I like all of that all on the obverse. Maybe put one one the reverse.

westley kester

Interesting new design, I save all the different designs I come across bank hunting, I wouldn't pay premiums to get one however.

Dayron Garcia

Cool! I'm looking forward to it's release next year!


A dollar coin has not been used much since before silver removed from circulation, the size of the coin was confusing, and the color of the coin was a fix that didn't do much to pique interest, but I have always wanted halves and dollar coins in common use.

Jessica Poulin

Always learning something new, thanks for sharing. Hope you are feeling better

Placer Chaser

Would not buy it✅✅✅

Barbara G. Seaverson

It doesn't do much for me, but I guess it's ok. I also think it's too busy for me. Thanks for the video JB


Yes I would buy it.

Barbara R

The new dollar coins are okay but I don't think I will start collecting.


отличная монета) мне нравится)

Ric Havic

This coin will mean a lot to one of my daughters. Until recently she was Executive Director of a not for profit in Juneau, AK. She became knowledgeable to Tlingit culture through her associations there.

Michael Beck

Interesting design like the history not sure about design however will still get one for my overall collection

Will Winn

No thanks.

undefined what

Not crazy about the coin. Looks like a token. But good info! Didn’t know about this till the video.

PAPAFrank Guido

Picked up $250 of small dollars to search through. Glad they kept obverse the same and the reverse should reflect different milestones in history. Good choice for this year.