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DJ Image Slider Orientation - Joomla 2.5 with Bob Hollis, The Mobius Network

8 506 views | 19 Feb. 2012

General orientation to DJ

General orientation to DJ Image Slider for Joomla 2.5 with Bob Hollis, The Mobius Network

Dhruva Das

Helpful, but sound not loud enough

Girljock Nerd

Just wanted to say thanks for the video.  Learning Joomla and added this extension, your video helped.  :-)

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Fabrik Orientation - Joomla 2.5 with Bob Hollis, The Mobius Network

13 529 views | 19 Feb. 2012

Fabrik is a great Joomla

Fabrik is a great Joomla component for collecting and displaying data on a website.


I'm searching for a simple joomla module where one can register, search users by location and rate them (for something like couch surfing for a little school project). Does anybody has an advice which module to use? Help would be much appreciated! TIA


shows everything but very little helpful info. i can look through fabrik and get most of this info just by looking. we need explanations as to WHAT and WHY...

Sean Thompson

Thank you for sharing this tutorial. It is very helpful.

Gregory Denning

Great Job...

Zitkom zit

thanks for your tutorial :)

Adrian Lopez

I want to know where I can get templates already made for Fabrik Forms, tabs, or other colors ... Thanks.

Deseo saber donde puedo conseguir plantillas ya realizadas para Formularios en Fabrik; por pestañas, con colores u otros... Gracias

Andrew H

Great tutorial. Just what I needed to get started with Fabrik. Thanks

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Introducing Penrose Preset Packs! - Mobius Redux and Music Pack 1

959 views | 4 Jan. 2021

Today we have something

Today we have something very fun... Penrose EQ preset packs!

We've recreated the Mobius presets and also tuned up a new set of music presets for your Penrose, all totally FREE! And who doesn't love free stuff? Level up your Penrose with these presets, and keep an eye out for more to come, as well as a tutorial with some tips on making your very own Penrose presets.

The Penrose Presets





Please add the ability to save presets on to the Penrose itself, so there is no need to plug the device into the PC every time to change it. As well as turn on/off side tone. Amazing headset keep it up.

PriMe MachiNe

When is the fix coming for the mic, everyone on reddit is losing their shit because they mic is so bad, if it’s not fixed soon I’m gonna return and never will I ever recommend you guys again, I’ve never had a problem with mic with any headset I’ve ever owned (I’ve tried almost every brand their is)

#ElhijodeDios# La doña

That Kimi no nawa background

toto roro

Love the headphone, great sound.
It could be more comfortable it seat a bit too tight around my big head.
I would be great to be able to hear my own voice back more clearly when I play fps game or team base game with other people.


Looking forward to game specific EQs - a Warzone one in particular would be welcome. Also, while I appreciate it would affect the sound signature, are their any plans for the option to buy official velour (or velour faced at least) ear pads?

Jay Lox

The app won't open presets file


Can Mobius users get access to custom EQ?

Marvin Francis

Can I download the presets on the Android app?

David Keating

Nice video - looking forward to custom EQ tips video.


Would like to get the ability to rename the presets, that way we can remember what we saved it as. Dont want to keep reloading the preset just to make sure I have the right one on

Mr. Google87

Penrose is great except for all the short disconnects, some random crackle sounds, very very very terrible range (some cords are longer, not even exaggerating).

Also the “connected, connected l, connected “ spam when you walk to the kitchen 2m further is annoying... really expected more

Nick B

Great video, Please can you provide a link to the EQ levels or a picture of each preset so those of us without access to the windows app can try manually entering the levels into the android app (since it doesn't appear to be possible to load these files into the android app).


so how do you swap between presets while gaming

Hugo Queiroz

@Audeze thanks for this and the continuous effort to improve Penrose, the headphone is really good, but your customer service can make it great!


can i save more than 1 preset to the headset

Heather Brown

First one here!???


More! :)

Matheus Abraão

Please fix the white noise in Audeze Mobius and Hyperx Cloud Orbit


I'd love some presets designed especially for ps5 like fps, rpg etc. Any chance anyone has a set up they use on Battlefield atm I've tried the ballistic and footsteps but there not that great, just not the sound I was expecting ?‍♂️


Not sure how to switch between the presets on the headphones

Grand Mongrel

Thanks Audeze. Can the next pack include a preset for movies?

Ryan Ho

any chance this EQ software going to be added to hyperx cloud orbit?


Will these presets come to hypercloud orbit a??


Hi Audeze! I am having trouble adjusting the game to chat mix on PC when using the knob on the headset. Nothing is happening. Can you help me?

Mr. Google87

299€ and what did I get: Very bad range, couch to TV is 3meter straight line, drops connection when pur hands over ears or shortly at random times... connected voice spam when walking to kitchen due to 2 meter range.

It also tries to squeeze my head, why! Not even got a big head