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Batten Hour: “Foreign Policy in New Administrations” with Phil Potter

9 views | 8 Feb. 2021

Please join us for Batten

Please join us for Batten Hour, featuring Phil Potter, Associate Professor of Politics and Public Policy and Director of the National Security Policy Center. Professor Potter will speak about what to look for from President Biden and his team, including risks, policy priorities, and more.

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William Anderson


Phil potter

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Peter Navarro & Phil Potter: US-China Relations: Cooperation or Conflict?

8 830 views | 28 Sep. 2012

In this debate, Peter

In this debate, Peter Navarro, the director and producer of the movie "Death by China," and Phil Potter debate wheter China's unfair trade and membership in the WTO are the primary causes of job losses and weak US growth. September, 2012.

Mouse Toad

Phil Potter is too young. I lived through the decline in manufacturing and the transition from trade surplus to trade deficit. He is correct about Chinese nationalism and how we control money. We are both exploiting and it is the worker who suffers in both nations. Bottom line is the definition of capital is the ability to produce products. We have exported that. It started prior to China though....and TPP will help it continue, with or without China. Prior to Federal income tax, we had taxes on imports. this built our nation. The fact is, without a manufacturing base, a service economy cannot survive. Those jobs are being exported to. We cannot survive by selling each other hamburgers or insurance! Anyone who denies this is not facing reality. Prior to WWII, the stores were filled with cheap imported tin toys from Germany and Japan....


The financial crisis nor dot.com does not explain the shift of manufacturing from the US to China nor does it explain how manufacturing in Europe has moved to China either.

Glenn Lansing

You can not generate wealth without building something. Why do you think CHINA HAS GROWN to what it is today in the last 30 year’s. Wait till they buy, steal and bully their way into owning 5g,artificial intelligence, high tech manufacturing and it will be too late. I started working at Carrier Corp in 1981 at the age of 19 making a good living with great benefits and by 1985 it was over when room air conditioner ‘s , then compressors and eventually the whole plant left Syracuse to the south, the Midwest and overseas. Globalization has not done this country any good for the working class people. Mr. Potter should travel to our hollow out cities and town’s and see what the real affect’s of factory’s leaving. I think he’s spent most of his adult life in the classroom and doesn’t deserve to be there on the stage with Mr. Navarro.

Ann Tsai

I'm Taiwanese. Navarro is right on everything he asserted on Chinese communist party. Chinese people are abused by CCP too. CCP is a gangster mofia that has no rules inside, whatever they want to do is the law. CCP demolish houses without consent from the owners, calling factories to shut down or decrease productiion at party's demands, CCP ruling elites families and their sons dominate Chinese industries and factories. They rub 99% of the country's fortunes, Chinese are merely modern slaves to CCP. Now CCP has enjoyed ultimate control of political powers and consequently unlimited wealth...now their praws are outreaching, first they corrupt wstern unregistered agents, media, institutions, politicians, the Wall Street particularly to laundry money out of China and save in the west. The western World must be cautious and not buy up by CCP.


All Dr. Navarro talked about China all from these medias which Trump blamed they are cheat, like CNN.


It’s either them or us; we can not coexist with China. Millennials are brought up in prosperity and have no idea what real life is without a credit card and a latte. Manufacturing and the supply chain must come back.

Alan Alan

@1:05:05 Falun Gong buddhism??? Buddhism??

David Yu

Excellent debating, Navarro's words wakes up sleeping American people

Kelly Yu

Navarro is certainly a smart guy who knows how to manipulate public consent by inducing fear and moronising american.

Safar De Bon

Navarro's claim that China has 16 of the 20 most polluted cities in the world is incorrect. China in 2012 (I guess when the film was released) actually had 2 cities in the 50 most polluted cities. USA had 1. He presents no sources in the film. Empty rhetoric cannot be a good thing for USA. See data here https://www.numbeo.com/pollution/rankings.jsp?title=2012-Q1

Go Peace

Say goodbye to the middle class. Manufacturing jobs will be low paying, low class jobs, and the current middle class will pay more for American made crap. Lose-Lose.


中國忘記八國聯軍的慘敗, 中國再次挑戰八國聯軍準備第二次割地賠款之恥辱. 香港再次成為中共之恥辱!
China forgets the disastrous defeat of the Eight-Power Allied Forces, and China once again challenges the shame of the Eight-Power Allied Forces preparing for the second cessation of land compensation. Hong Kong is once again the shame of the CCP!

Marlon Christian

Let's blame china lol

Logan Leslie

One comment to everyone at a truth level, " Don't try to kid a kidder". China's repose is in the wrong era.Anyone who wants to blame colonialism for their domain, in this day of age, is a coward. Anyone can stand up for right but few stand up against wrong. China is supplying Europe and north america with want they want, Europe and north america took it. we are greedy, never mind the highesst level, at the very lowest level.

Jim Dehaven

Then how come china has prospered over the past 20 years to almost surpass us

John Thomas

Potter surrendered to the Chinese in his opening statement.

fangzheng chen

Talking about how Chinese government is manipulating the Tibet's demography, that's exactly what white people in west coast did to the Chinese labor during Chinese Exclusion Act. Like Time machine interesting.

John Thomas

Millennials always use the word nuance.

Luke Novak

I found this video because I was searching for Peter Navarro, but ended disappointed in Navarro's over reliance on emotion. While Navarro's "style" detracted from his central points he still formed a compelling argument. It seems that both Phill Potter and Peter Navarro are correct to certain degrees. I wish they could discuss the actual degree to which both plausible arguments are occurring in real life, such as structural which is what phill was arguing or to what degree china is a player.

Miguel Angel Gonzalez

GOD bless Peter Navarro, Donald Trump and all those who are trying hard to turn the tide wich might put China on the top.
Salutations from Spain.

Ok Ok

navarro's havard degree should be revoked. he is not making much economic sense, he is manipulating data to express his radical political view via economic discussion which should be held objectively. China bought about 800Billion US treasuries during the US 08 recession period, which served as a big external support to the US economy and jobs and financial stability, it also partially gave Federal Reserve a ground to start QE which also played an crucial role in getting the US economy back on track. When you have a foreign central bank pouring that much money to acquire US dollar denoted asset, that country's currency is not going to appreciate by maintaining a trade surplus with US. And if the cheaper Chinese things are so terrible, do this thought experiment, imagine all Chinese imports are free, would that be good or bad? For the same good or service in a transaction, cheaper is always better, that's just the basic economic fact, and wall street has a fancy name for it: synergy. The real solution to US economy is to stop fighting illicit wars that cost trillions of dollars and tens of thousands of american lives. And stop letting the 1% exploiting and abusing the rest of the 99%. When you have a country, its general citizens are deprived of economic opportunities, higher education, affordable health, and sometimes even safety due to gun violence, that country's economy will not do as good comparing with if you solved those issues.

Joseph t y Hall

??Best expert of Communist China~??John K Fairbank,Anna Louise Strong,Agnes Smedley,Edgar Snow....

Billy The-Kid

Peter Navarro is right. China is bidding it's time. It has no interest in being a part of the global community or following the international rules. Once China calls the shots, it's checkmate!

Mouse Toad

As I drive through entire communities decimated by the exporting of industry that started in the 1970's, I don't just blame China. They will do what they are allowed to do. I blame our leaders for being bought off by multinational corporations, and I blame Americans for allowing it to happen by not holding their leaders accountable, believing the lies that unfair trade would help us, and for not boycotting imported items back when they did have a choice. Even now, both political parties are pushing for TPP, they got NAFTA (I voted for Ross Perot...yes, we heard the sucking sound of jobs leaving as he predicted). I see my unemployed friends, discouraged....All the economic theory in the world won't help. Many who do find jobs cannot survive on what they earn. College tuition has skyrocketed and doesn't always help one find employment. When will the people wake up and do whatever is necessary to force change? I guess too many have it good...just like in China where Tiananmen Square is a distant memory? No, it is coming, and I don't look forward to it.....

Phil potter

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Phil Rogers Ceramics Exhibition 2017 Invitation | GOLDMARK

16 719 views | 2 Mar. 2017

On Saturday 25th March

On Saturday 25th March Goldmark will be hosting its fourth exhibition of ceramics by the internationally renowned studio potter Phil Rogers.

When, back in 2005, we decided to try and give modern British ceramics the gallery platform it deserved, Rogers was the very first potter we sought out to show. In the decade since that inaugural exhibition he has produced some of the finest work we have had the pleasure of handling: proud, round-bellied Tenmoku jugs; wood-fired vases with burnt orange bodies softened by a Nuka rim; and an ever-expanding repertoire of forms graced by warm, runny pine-ash glazes made from the embers of Rogers’ own fireplace.

Now approaching his fortieth year as a working potter, Rogers has been putting exhibition work aside for the last eighteen months. Within that selection, new and developing styles have emerged from the experiments of throwing sessions, from recent interpretations of Korean Buncheong pottery to an ongoing project with Goldmark producing monumental eighty-guinomi sets.But at its core – in essence and in spirit – Rogers’ way with clay has remained the same: a constant desire to explore shape, orchestration, decoration and finish. ‘Working on new forms, trying to achieve a certain ‘rightness’ and crispness of line, is what keeps me interested in clay. Making pots over a long career is about refinement and a never-ending quest to improve. The cliché is always that ‘the next firing will be my best’ – but it remains true that this is every potter’s hope.’

Join us from 10:30am on Saturday 25th March at Goldmark Gallery in Uppingham to celebrate forty years of hard graft, twelve years of collaboration, and over a year of creating and curating in this latest exhibition from one of Britain’s best.


What is Goldmark?

A family business started by Mike Goldmark, we've been selling art from the Goldmark Gallery in Uppingham, UK for over 40 years and hold over 50,000 items in stock. Explore a wide range of the very best art and ceramics available to you through our website goldmarkart.com where you'll also find scholarship pages, books, online catalogues and even GoldmarkTV! Enjoy your visit here: http://bit.ly/18ZF7Lv

At http://discover.goldmarkart.com we publish beautiful films and articles for new buyers and seasoned collectors alike, with new content posted every week.

See something you like and you can head over to goldmarkart.com, our online shop, where we sell an extraordinary range of art and ceramics.

FACEBOOK http://facebook.com/goldmarkgallery

TWITTER http://twitter.com/GoldmarkGallery

INSTAGRAM http://instagram.com/goldmarkart/

PINTEREST http://uk.pinterest.com/goldmarkgall...

GOOGLE PLUS http://plus.google.com/u/0/+Goldmarkart

YOUTUBE http://youtube.com/user/Goldmark...

VIMEO http://vimeo.com/goldmarkgallery



Snowmen by Kai Engel

Immersed by Kevin MacLeod

Pethronia Noel

Beautiful teaser I look forward to much more good things to come from you. An exceptional artist :)

Uukura Taonga

Hello :)

Such Pastiche

his work has left me speechless

Joyce E

Oh, you succeeded alright. Your pots will live on. Thank you for sharing so much with us. Rest In Peace Phil Rogers



LB Ceramics

Your work will certainly live on and no doubt be a bit more pricey lol, thank you for your inspiration, sharing and daring to fail,.you certainly didn't. Rest in piece and keep drawing in the air.

Rory C

"Succeeded by daring to fail" - sums the whole thing up really. Beautiful pots and filming.

indu rao


LB Ceramics

I can't wait to see Phil's work at Goldmark, such an amazing potter and those ash glazes are beautiful, not to bad at Frisbee either. The last thing on my mind is what I would be leaving behind, I want to know what people think of my work whilst I'm here.

David Miller

Mr. Rogers, your pots are genuinely wonderful, but the videos of you at work are priceless. I especially appreciate the videos of you at work throwing and glazing and discussing your methods and experiences. These videos help inspire potters like me everywhere. Thank you.

The Films of Sean Curtis Patrick

Your series of films on your channel are incredibly made and always beautifully poignant. Thank you for sharing such nice stories and fine art.