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Coinbase IPO, Visa and Crypto, XNS, LTC, BCH

138 views | 31 Jan. 2021

Latest updates.. plus we

Latest updates.. plus we answer viewer questions..

Not financial advice.

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The Trading Bar

Thanks for the not-boring video.

Elo Adventure

Thanks, very informative!

Ins coinmarketcap

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Katie Perry Talks Bitcoin - JP morgan Changes Stance - INS Market - CoinMarketCap

21 views | 5 Dec. 2017

I know the video didnt

I know the video didnt record, was in a hurry, look at the links below to read urself.

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Ins coinmarketcap

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How to Connect Excel to Coinmarketcap for historic and ticker information

8 315 views | 4 Aug. 2019

****Coinmarketcap has

****Coinmarketcap has changed and you now need a premium API to get historic information on Cryptocurrency. For an alternative try this new video and article using the API for currency data https://youtu.be/_5sXO9H6k6I https://theexcelclub.com/how-to-connect-excel-to-coinmarketcap-api/****

and for the major coins you can get historic cryptocurrency data into excel with this option



Please visit the blog post for a copy of the urls and a detailed step by step blog, including a learn and earn activity so you can earn cryptocurrency rewards for completing the activity

Learn how to connect to Coinmarketcap from Excel and create a cryptocurrency dashboard using both historical data and live ticker information. You will also learn how to create a parameter in power query to make the date on the historic url dynamic.

how to create a cryptocurrency dashboard in excel. First, we will connect to the web API for live ticker information on the top 100 cryptocurrencies then we will connect to a web table for historic data and create a power query parameter to make the date dynamic

This article also contains a learn and earn activity.

Find out more about our Learn and Earn Activities


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That URL does not work anymore and the guideline for the new URL which also now requires an API key simply does not work either. Have you figured this out?


can i collect data for every coin and not just top 100?  half my investments are lower market caps, outside of 100. i need a ticker for top 3000

z bot

hot to get real time

Magnus Lindgren

This website dosn't work: https://api.coinmarketcap.com/v1/ticker/

Wayne Edmondson

Hi Paula.. thanks for this video. Good tips. Thumbs up!


how do i get data from the other coins (not only the top 100)?

Michael Greenstreet

Nice video, I have come to realize that with the right strategy and experience, trading crypto would indeed be very profitable. I started trading crypto one year ago. Learnt the hard way by losing a lot of money trading all alone and trying out YouTube strategies, i soon realized that i needed a proper guidance and professional help, and Mr James Carlson filled that space.He provides me accurate signals to trade on my platform. Ever since i started investing and trading through James, I have recorded a very good amount of profits. James can be reached on Whatspp: +447476717980 and Telgram @ JamesC51 for inquiries into profitable trading systems

Klaus Ferreira

Hi Paula, I've managed to pull the data into the queries as you have so eloquently taught, but the data shows up as text. When I try to change the type to decimal number, it give an error or each field and record. This means that I cannot complete the pivot charts as the pivot chart will not allow a sum function on text fields and will only allow the COUNT function (Excel 365) Any work around you might suggest?


How about a video on connecting EXCEL to CMC using the new API which requires a key?


Hey Paula, Thanks for the amazing video, I am trying to do something similar only I am looking for Bitcoin data and historical data that would update in real-time on a 5-minute time frame? Would you have any idea how to achieve this?

Yury V

Is there a workout for not using power pivot, office 2016 home edition doesn't have power pivot unfortunately

Mick Blijenberg

My graph will only show when the coins were listed/starting date. I can’t get the price in the graph. What could it be???


Hey paula, thank you for this video! But when i import the table @ 9:32 the first column data type is indeed date but the other ones are tekst now. And when I try to convert them to decimal numbers or whole numbers for that matter it just gives me error in all the colums? Could maybe help me out with that? Many thanks in advance!


can I get the daily RSI on coins in Google Sheets?