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LTC Properties (LTC) Stock Analysis - Buy, Sell or Hold?

792 views | 26 Mar. 2020

In this video I discuss

In this video I discuss LTC Properties and rather or not this monthly dividend paying real estate investment trust (REIT) can make a good investment for your portfolio.


Great videos! What do you think about Iron Mountain through all of this? Would love a vid on that

Ltc stock

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Is LTC Properties (LTC) a Good Buy?

637 views | 28 May. 2020

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In this video, I take a look at LTC and share what my plans are in the future with this company. Personally, I am going to buy more as there future looks promising and I overall love REITs

About me: My name is Sean and I am currently 22 years old and finishing my last summer of college. I Major in finance and minor in economics. Not only is finance something I study in school, but its also a passion and my biggest hobby. Since I'm a college student I haven't been able to invest in the market with a lot of money or for a very long time. This doesn't mean I'm inexperienced, as I said I love finance and spent hours studying for school, and in my free time as a hobby.

My current investing strategy is to buy dividend companies and hold on to them for the long term. I want to eventually be making enough money from dividends to live off of. I do not buy growth companies. I do not trade options. This channel will never be about that.

I am currently looking for jobs as a Financial Analyst or as a Financial Advisor. However, I am currently not either of those things so, make sure to research stocks on your own before making decisions about your portfolio. Seek real professional help if you are unsure, and remember in my videos I'm not encouraging you to do anything, I'm just sharing what I do and give the reasoning for my decisions.

Tiago Botelho

I think i Will buy 5-7 shares Next week

Ariana Grande Fan

Wondering if its worth ot 19 cents per share. If you buy loads then i would say yes

Apex Joe

Good video Sean.I own LTC as well & am concerned with the market uncertainty.Hopefully the price will go back up when the virus calms down.Got to love those dividends !

Tyrese Jackson

I was looking to add this to my portfolio for some more monthly dividend stocks. Great content man most definitely subscribing.

Ltc stock

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LTC stock

22 views | 13 Nov. 2020

LTC Properties (NYSE: LTC)

LTC Properties (NYSE: LTC) is a real estate investment trust (REIT) investing in seniors housing and health care primarily. Here's their website at https://www.ltcreit.com/

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more data, less talking.