Mere moments

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Mere samne wali Khidki main || Korean Hindi Mix || Moment Of eighteen

2 165 views | 30 Dec. 2019

I hope you all Liked My

I hope you all Liked My video !☺️

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Aadarsh Upadhyay

Nice video

Aniket Mahato


Dpes Narendra Jangid

What Is name of series in videos

Mere moments

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F'real Milkshake at UW | Mere Moments

55 views | 27 Jan. 2020

I fail the midterm at UW,

I fail the midterm at UW, I think. I forgot. This was back in November 2019.

Mere moments

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How to Succeed in UW | 5 STUDY Tips | Mere Moments

80 views | 14 Jul. 2020

Welcome back! Hope Summer

Welcome back! Hope Summer 2020 is productive. This video (first vlog in 1080p) is divided into parts:

0:00 Last Time

0:13 Intro

0:40 In the Library

1:21 Chem 142 "Explanation"

2:41 5 Tips to Succeed in UW

4:03 Long Unrelated Video About Long Videos

4:56 Next Time

Transcript and Music:

(Whimsic, Disc 7)

Last Time on Mere Moments...

Long story short, I didn't do so well...

I just realized there's some place[s] you can go for like studying with your food and it's at Suzallo Library.

But I'm here to find a study group, which is good. If not, then I'll try and study in the library.


*whispering* Welcome Back to Mere Moments.. as you can see

Here I am at Suzallo Library. I'm here to at least finish some part of my chem homework

There are people who are talking in the background. But I keep it to myself with this voiceover.

You're in a quiet place so you can be able to focus

You might be asking yourself what chemistry is in the University of Washington

I'm glad to say that there is a series that I'm taking which starts with CHEM 142.

Let's see how I try to explain CHEM 142.


Okay, give me one minute. Are you gonna be late?

I.. yes, but I can always go in class late

CHEM 142..

I need to take out this girl too.. [inaudible]

CHEM 142 is a class that has 2 individual pieces of work: the actual tests, assessments and the labs. All of them, they're all combined for your grade. Even though the lab doesn't really count as credit in the gradebook (but it counts towards final grade) There's a lot of things I have to understand about chemistry, that's why there's a series. CHEM 142 152 (162) and what I hope to do with this class is to pursue biology. To have that connection to understand the world and how it works with all of its various chemistry substances and other types of phenomena that I can't understand.

Now, how do you succeed in a chemistry class or other types of courses that you might take, especially in a university?

Well here's how you succeed in a university:

1. Switch from task to task (Novema, Disc 5)

30-40 minutes might be all you need to finish a very simple assignment. Break up the work so you will not burn out. Rotate strategically with concerns to your health. You can't be rotating over and over and ... NO BREAKS. You have to take breaks.

2. Take breaks. Be sure to do that so your mind is able to have a time to relax only to come back to the work that you can do without overloading yourself.

3. Switch from place to place. (Lift, Disc 5)

Environments can not only help in focusing but for understanding the importance of the task. Even if it is just the seat. Do that, so you psychologically feel that you're somewhere else, and you're not just blanking out

4. Have more exposure in your assignments.

The more time you see something, the more likely it is to remember it in a week! The same applies in class or a curriculum procedure, and also final assignments that I should've done earlier before doing last-minute

5. Use your resources. (Chicken Nugget, Disc 5)

So, if you have a planner or office hours, or study groups, use that to your advantage. So that you get to succeed and you get to get something out of your class--not just getting a good grade. You get to have amazing experiences like making new friends, using a planner, and so on.

Once again it's another drizzly day in the campus. It's not that bad, so that's why I have my hoodie off.

Apparently, my videos...each clip is kind of short, not including the jumpcuts or anything like that.

(shows definition of jumpcuts) *one to the next

Is it gonna happen in this video? Probably.

But anyways, Yeah I'd figured I'd have longer stuff so that everything is a bit more orderly and it's not too segmented. It's not too short of a video to really understand.

As you can see I'm going up those stairs right there. That's pretty fine.

Hey, this is a really long video.

Next time on Mere Moments. (2007, Disc 6)

Hey everybody it's Andrew, I think it's about time to tell you about why I behave the way I behave.

See, I have my brother Axel right behind the camera.

We're one of the same.

He experiences so much it can be too much to handle in the brain.

It's about the same thing for me.

Notes: There's a LOT more I could've talked about. Hope this video was a good start! Studying is perhaps the most important for success in my opinion. My definition of "success" is defined as happiness and progress in your future based on your experiences, not just a good grade. Grades are part of the huge checklist for your future.

The music where the tips start is an early version. I didn't want to give you the final piece just yet. It will be on YouTube soon.

Hayidi Ricafort

Nice one bro


Great video, loved how you added your brother in it.