Trevon james arrested

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Response to" Trevon James bitconnect Rant"

42 548 views | 20 Jan. 2018

My personal experience

My personal experience with Bitconnect.co . How I feel about Trevon James and other crypto Promoters. How 1MilN1Year.com became a bust. What to do with 400 BCC Coins? My job had seen the video, I told them my partner drove us home and it was after hours.



In response to your post Ken. Thanks for the honesty bro.


If you were clueless enough to stick to Bitconnect until the end, you have no business in crypto sphere and never will, garanteed. Stop dreaming about still making it. In the long run, crypto, as a source of income is for skilled NERDS that actually work their ass off into learning, educated profesionnal traders. Wake up. Just HODL solid coins, that you can afford to lose and forget about it. And work your ass off into something that you actually have a talent for.

Ryan Shaw

I just want to say that this fkn sucks. this dude is fucking MR America man, working man who didnt want to make 0 on his loser fed paper and these people are being screwed.

He had 10 BTC and he was saving his money. I am so pissed that there is NOWHERE the masses of good people can put their money and get paid interest fairly and safely.. like a bank with interest.

Stay high brother. at least you made something along the way. one tip for you dude, diversify your shit. I totally forgot about some of my crypto once when i thought i sold it all and it was HUGE.

james le

Very honest videos. It came from the heart. More videos please on crypto

Corry Lewis

You wonder why u work all the time.....the statement " I wanted to buy drugs online and get fuucked up"...fuckin idiot

Ron Rocha

Big shout out to Ken from the I-N-G! for keeping it real.

Indeed, It's what you learn from your experience and mis-takes, and how you build on that for your next big move!


Get into FineCoin NOW! You can make your losses back. Its risk but its hope too

Volf Z

Keepin it real Ken, Power to the people man!

Trevon James trippin in under 4 mins lol...

Sean Don

Real is Real


Damn this was a good ass video.


Bruh delete this video ...you wearing your companies shirt while rolling a blunt...seriously delet this shit...ju lookin out

Ryan Norwood

i feel you bro i learned about bitcoin from buying stolen credit card info?

Alpha Omega

Summary of video: Ken Roberson is a complete Moron....

Chris V

You got to jump on that Air Conditioning train, we live in SoCal bro. Its only cold for 2 months lol BitConnect that AC cuz lol

Osaka Sushi777

get straight to the fuckin point ? and fantastic English btw lmfao

Woobens Lormil



I started 2 months ago with a few hundred dollars, still great opportunities in genuine crypto, don't give up


F.... real

Colby Narramore

Thanks for this but it must be clear. Crypto is not a ponzi. BitConnect was a ponzi opertaing in the crypto space.


Nobody is seeing him roll up a blunt. Lmao

Markus J. Arbab

Westcoast represent


Very unprofessional ,stink and ugly guy



Ryeon McClenton

Bro did you sell your Bitconnect coins? That coin is still worth 3.40$ I would of thought it was going to go too zero.

Steve s

Good video bro, atleast you got to feel what it's like to have financial freedom and not have to worry about shit happening.....if anything that should motivate you so hard to retain that shit...goodluck bro. Check out dividend growth investing

Roderick Brathwaite

I hear you bro. Great video. I saw Trevon's videos and other vids about Bitconnect, but I decided not to go in. Trevon is just like you and all of us who want to make our dreams come true. He saw something he thought made sense and jumped in. He too believed in it...but Trevon did not create Bitconnect. A lot of people joined bitconnect without listening to Trevon. The fight should be with Bitconnect. Praying that all of you get your money back quickly, Including Trevon.

Relative Thought

First off, dude love your rant in the car smoking chilling!!!! You have the drive for sure just stay focused. If your still in crypto, focus on the technology. BCC offered nothing in terms of technology.

Trigger Reed

The realest Shit I have ever watched on Youtube. This shit is tooo much like what the fuck happened to me. Real G Shit.



Mobil Money Academy

check me out too out here in Detroit wit it ..just did a video on bitconnectX.. lemme know what u think bro https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h41mV4eQMdU

Theo Triadafillos

glenn and the main promoters of the company took out all their shares 26oct - 3 nov. 77mill. they all knew. 100%. its on paper. trevon and craig didn't have any shares. but they were glenns right hand. they knew. loads of videos out there proving it

Guillermo Calvillo

man i like your positivity bro and your mentality you will come up again don't loose faith in cryptocurrency, it is still very early and there are still many opportunities to make money.

Steffen Kightlinger

hey hey hey, pack that swisher up a little more homie!

Corey An Investor

Hey Ken this is Corey from New Jersey. It's been a minute man. I wanted to tell you I just started a channel. It's about investing. Cryptocurrency is an aspect but I'm gonna talk about my business and real estate on it. Come check me out when you get a min. Chat with you soon. Peace Fam!


One of the best outlooks I've seen on this BCC and TJ shit. Knowledge is power and we just hit a gold star!

Amen Ken!


Dsmn playa you got scammed. Carlos "Bittttttconnnnnneeeeccccttttt"

KnG. Tubbs

Mane it was that money talkin bo


Cool man - you should make more videos :)


I love how you're smoking a blunt during work in your work uniform.... keepin it real!

Hold some Bitcoin brother (and Ethereum and NEO)... I've been in crypto since 2012, made millions of dollars, and I know better than to mess with the scam coins. These three alone will take you far, Bitcoin is easily going to $50K this year


People will never learn.

Crypto - Alex

DAVOR STAKING NOT WORKING? https://youtu.be/-HpK050yYnw

Vapor Crypto


Evan Le

Yeah that's what happens when you don't understand basic economics. That kind of return on a principal investment is not sustainable. Anytime you get the concept of guaranteed profit from a volatile asset, you know there's a scam coming right behind it.


POTJ is Trevon James new project check it out: https://potj.me/?masternode=0x4711b485be9179553e5df3b04684ef1f103d3fc7

Joseph Tejeda

real nigga right here bless up bro good luck wit ya endeavors

Ki!!a goin

It won't let me comment live

Calvin Freeman

Way to come real brah, sorry for your loss.. But can I holler at you for a sec... What up with that runt blunt?


I hope u get ur shit back buddy u are awesome.

Anton Betaudier

Great post bro.....honesty is always refreshing.

Matias Ayala

Shiiit, all the best brother, keep feeding that flame, fuckin video moved me man.


Inglewood up to no good.

Survival and Prepping

what is he rollin?

Black Mask Kyojin Chibi

I just subscribed. That was real. Honest AF and supportive. I can't hate anyone that teaches me something. Sometimes if the teaching comes from a direct violation because it makes you stronger and wiser for the next haul. I hope you get paid, learn more, teach a bit, and rise up. When you rise, we all rise.


Real ninja !!!  respect  bro  ..  i wish u and ya fam well

Wassup Fred

real shit my G... Salute


LOL sorry for your loss homie. Tried warning folks to cash out in early NOV.


smoking weed with your job uniform. getting fired

Abel Leba

this guy wants to be trevon james, hope he never works on my heater


Your story is amazing. You are great person. I also lost lot of money but on stock market. Thank you for sharing.

Crypto Blogger

Good video!

João Pinto

lol it was an obvious scam. you should have stick to holding Bitcoin.


Such a hilarious post you made. Watched it for the first time 3 years ago. I was wondering how things had moved on for you.


Well Damn! That was some real shit. That was one of the most authentic videos I have seen on Youtube.  I hope you get triple your stacks back soon. I'm sure you will and you displayed several reasons why in this video. Lil' Tyga, LOL

Ch ris

I still don’t get people getting excited about 0.5 - 1% from these fake platforms. It’s incredibly easy to make a minimum of 2% a day on your own, having 100% control of your $. On your own 2, 4, 6% a day is realistic with some days 12, 15 even up to 30% and everyone gets excited over 1% with no ability to take your money out? Crazy


YOU'RE full of shit!!! you!!! 100k investment??? ahhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahh
you got greedy fuckhead..... i bet if you made a MILLION DOLLARS you would be all quiet and shit.

The Occult Corner

lol sick wit it


I feel you bra


1934 woodduck lane myrtle beach south Carolina 29575 Trevon brown

TPA tennis

The greatest storyteller ever! Hahaha

Andre Miller

The REALIST Fucking Video...

Zenobio Oibonez

Zouk coin is another risk but much safer. Tread safe. Also I subbed.


same way i came up on bitcoin tryna buy drugs online


I guess I see why people thing crypto is bad, dum dums like this ^

Kevin Speaks

Watch Cryptosrus, Make your money on Alts, he's made me tons of money with good coins, not pump and dumps.

MOUSSA whadup bro, lookin a

Join our shared mn group https://discord.gg/fqhe7q

Survival and Prepping

inglewood up to no good

VegasDon TV

Good shit bro....


If I can offer my .02 having all your savings I'm crypto is as you said, too concentrated. Diversify into stocks, cash, crypto. Rotate based on interest rates and market conditions. Eventually try to own a house. Add some precious metals, bring your own lunch and stop wasting money. Eventually you build all these different areas of wealth up simultaneously. Add rental properties and you'll have something to pass on to your kids for a head start better than you had. That's the real payoff right there. Money doesn't come easy. And if it does it's an illusion. Star reaching is buying a lotto ticket. That's not a plan


Thanks for beeing real! Respect!


Join steemit.com


dumb thug

Lisa Bittner

hahahaha great video

Crypto Feez

Lenders ain’t crypto sorry bro come fuck with the #gaingangb

Crypto ADApter

Brother Kenneth, don't listen to Trevon about Arbitraging.co, you deserve Financial Freedom Arbitraging is similar but not the same as Bitconnect:
Why did I get into Arbitraging (ARB)?
• sick and tired of lending/staking platforms who promised a passive income but could not show how they were generating their income
• arbitrage is a recognized, real world method of generating income
• I saw a video (which I can give you) of mBot live in action making 5% margin on ETH in under 7 mins. David the CEO was the presenter and he showed the trades live and it was followed on the blockchain
• It has a token supply of 8.7m which is low. It’s the same as Bitconnect’s circulating supply and they achieved a coin price of $363. It’s not comparable to BCC but for supply of tokens and potential market cap it is
• There is a one level referral programme and it’s not multi-level -marketing
• The platform does not rely on new money coming in to pay out its existing investors and is therefore, not a Ponzi scheme
• The Arb team is shown on the website with real names, faces and LinkedIn profiles. They have no reason to hide
• They have a realistic and well structured roadmap on the website

:o: What are the other benefits of Arb?
• The telegram group is interactive with several admin members that actually have the power to make changes and sort out people’s problems. Clark and Nigel are especially great at assisting with tech problems
• David the CEO is a regular communicator and he actually listens to the community and acts on change requests. I made a suggestion about wording on the website and he changed it in under 10 minutes
• aBot is configured not to execute a trade unless it’s guaranteed profit
• mBot is a beast with greater percentage opportunities per trade, and this will be released shortly
• the internal exchange works flawlessly and there is a stop limit of 2x500 Arb Sell Orders in place which means people cannot manipulate the exchange
• we already have CoinExchange and TokenJar and there will be more external exchanges to follow
• even when the crypto market takes a down turn, it does not negatively effect Arb as they make trades and exploit arbitraging opportunities in all market conditions. Volatility is actually a good thing for Arb
• the profits are paid out in Arb tokens against your active $ amount in aBot. This means it’s in no way tied to the ETH being traded.
• The Arb token actually has value and a use case as you must own the Arb token in order to use the bots. This means there will always be a demand for the Arb token
• It’s so early in the life of Arbitraging ARB and with the current market being low (as it has been for the last few years at this point in the year) we will see a big increase in the token price as we lead up to December 2018
• Arbitraging ARB is the only passive income crypto platform that I am aware of that actually has a real system in place and is transparent.

Join at Arbitraging.rocks


I feel you man. That feeling of getting paid each day with the prospect of increasing potential...I hadn't felt anything like it before!!

Sherri Thomas

Diversify & Watch Your Back! Message received.

Crypto - Alex

ahhahahaha keep it up bro. Great video fams.

Andre Gagnon

he found out these kids died from buying drugs online and DAM I need that killer drugs!

Daniel Baker

I like how he ended this video

Shoshanna Cohen

champagne dreams, all there is hard work in life, and those high rollers, they work harder than the rest of us (not talking about scammers - they will lose all their money in lawyer fees)


These guy is an idiot.

Survival and Prepping

this guy is great, he is hilarious

Smart Passive Profits

Definitely subscribing after this video my nigga. You can't win if you don't lose! Stay true stay humble stay hungry

Daniel F

If you did the math you should have known Bitconnect could not work long term. Mathematically impossible.

Wade Garret

This is basically any working class person you run into in California. Nigga this, bitch that, real talk, fuck this, shit etcetera. Go to college kids. Or this will be your coworker and or manager. Oh how I've shared many a work truck sitting next to guys like this.

Krills Daily

My nigga smoking a blunt, just dipped out the friday had a few beers then gotta go back to work lmfaooooo. this shit cold af

These Nutz

Dark net. Yay


You need to mine Bitcoin bro!

Justin Peyton

???? ahh shit you are funny man, you are good story teller I felt your pain but you said some funny shit , “ they marketing strategists!” ?

Trevon james arrested

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Richard Heart Is Fake About "P*nzies”

2 218 views | 7 Jan. 2020





Andy jahse

Dude do a live stream with Richard


EXIT SCAM: HEX origin address emptied out, almost $7 million withdrawn.
Around $7 million worth of ETH has been withdrawn from an address associated with the HEX cryptocurrency after weeks of speculation that it was headed towards an exit scam. The funds were transferred on Jan. 6 through 36 separate transactions, with each one withdrawing exactly 1,337 ETH, worth around $192,500.

C Masteez

No more Chevy Camaro? What you driven now? Let me guess a TeslA, no no wait a LAMBO!?? DAMN YOU GOT A LAMBO!!

James Luckhurst



Pyra mid

David Parrish

Community fund actually makes more sense than Ponzi scheme as a name. There are true open Ponzi DApps. I don't think PyraBank contracts quite qualify.



Crypto with ImRedryan

I give you shit some times... but some how I end up watching your videos more than others. You keep things interesting.

Trevor Hanson

Thanks for being honest about PYRAHEX. It’s my understanding thow that you could loose money when less people add and you have to wait until you recover the 20% in and out loss.

Josh Carr

The only friend of yours that's ever going to make money off of hex is Richard ...that's real


Hex falls below 1 sat and BTC and ETH pump, Richard Heart is laughing.


lol.. you have been watching Jesse Lee Peterson, Beta Male!! Maybe Richard just didn't want to talk badly about another project so he ignored it. Do you realize many words in finance are named after people, ponzi is just one of many examples. I don't know anything about the other HEX project but there is nothing wrong with using the term ponzi if that's what it is.


HEX is all about AA Lobby scam.

Ohboy Peach

dont do any more hex lobby or transforming videos, fix his ass. You actually had his back while ppl where ripping hex to shreds. #FakeAssHeart.


2021 be a better year

Adalberto Nascimento

ETH will be in close time or short-time... its consensus changed to PoS. Looking forward for this aspects isn't that the patch that Richard Heart figure out as a way or path for HEX. So ETH is a big one player in the CoinMarketCap. So considering that with HEX, he will has a bunch of ETH Staked... So...
What do you think about that? Is possible that Richard has been following this road?


I speculate that Richard will burn all unclaimed Hex or do.a buy back with eth he collected to pump price to create fomo. Go check out the flush address all the eth was moved in increments of 1337 eth all to different address I believe something about ti go down and hex will pump


Welcome. I wanted to ask about windrops - I wanted to start and freeze the first wink if the prizes will be high every 24 hours if I have, for example, 1 million Wink or 10 million Wink? - I think it's a large number and I want to collect additional trx and put them on the wallet to vote and stack. It's worth freezing the energy in your wallet because I don't know what it gives in general? can you explain what and how about stacking trx and wink


Yes, I agree... call it what it is... "Ponzi" is one of the most abused terms in crypto.


I'm mad confused why you shilled the hell out of Hex while that beta male never said a mumbling word about Tewkenaire?



Corey An Investor

Hey Tre I just put 2 videos up in Library about Hex. You right this is all B.S. and what Richard Heart is doing with Hex is doing what you just said. Hex it a F.U. to all the "experts in Crypto and BTC Maximalist " it's just code that we now value.. That's crazy, just as crazy as we value paper and digits on a screen??????

Bigsmok crypto

I was just talking about how these so called Crypto influencers aren't really into Crypto. They're just news reporters. They don't show how are what they are doing like Tre and Arti. They're the ones holding the market back.

Pyramyd Seven

About a month ago, unstaking cost you approx 2-3%. True?

Swift The Runner

Yo Trevon I wanna develop a DAPP that is a basic game that when u complete u earn a token based on what character u played as.


The shitHEX CD does not bring anything good to the real economy.
It's exactly the same as if the government decided to pay you interest (by printing more money) if you just store your money in your own vault.
Clearly, you will consider that government action a nonsense and even harmful to the economy.
And that exactly is what shitHEX does.
The shitHEX CD is just a PYRAMIDAL SCAM that will end very badly for most people.
Only a great fat clown and scammer can promote such nonsense.


Will be a flood of Kid Youtube channels looking for place to put content with the COOPA sweep. So Library might get more pump.

The Nitruc

The little bit of divs you get from pyrahex really the late people getting in wont make anything over the long term compared to the compounding interest and price appreciation of hex. I dont like it. You could do pyrahex with any crypto coin. Nothing special

Tim Boogie

Not a Fan of Richard Or Hex....but you being butt hurt because he didn't answer a question sounds like some woman Beta shit bro....your better than that

Crypto Wealth

Bro your comments about Richard Heart = Epic. I'm not in HEX or pyrabank... but you know good and well he knows about it and likes it... it ties up his token... increases the odds it goes up... could make him look good!


That's how language works man. Almost all wordswe use come from some sort of name and get changed over time


Lol he hit him with the fallen state beta male lol “amazinn”

Christopher Piccini

Why whould RH like PyraHex. People like you are ending their stakes and moving them into that smart contract. This will increase circulating supply instead of having it locked up in stake.

Tune Dealer TV

I would be more worried about about pyra hex getting hacked


10:35 lol yeah it's fucked up dude, some people are churching like crazy

Chris Ward

RH says don’t get in Pyrabank. It’s 20% enter and exit fee. That’s dumb af


Don't try to come up what a Ponzi scheme is, it is well established what is Ponzi scheme and what is not:
"A Ponzi scheme is a form of fraud that lures investors and PAYS PROFITS TO EARLIER INVESTORS WITH FUNDS FROM MORE RECENT INVESTORS. The scheme leads victims to believe that profits are coming from product sales or other means, and they remain unaware that other investors are the source of funds. A Ponzi scheme can maintain the illusion of a sustainable business as long as new investors contribute new funds, and as long as most of the investors do not demand full repayment and still believe in the non-existent assets they are purported to own."

HEX is not a Ponzi scheme because the profits to all investors comes from inflation. It can't fail it's promises.
PyraHEX is a Ponzi scheme because the profits to earlier investors comes from recent investors. It can't keep it's promises.

Jeff Goldstein

Fact: Richard Heart is racist against blacks. Hates em


I will be going hard on stable Tewks

Captain James T Crypto

Howz the fam big homie?


I think your feelings were hurt cause Richard did not answer you but I don't think he was dissing you or Tewkenaire. I think he was just answering questions randomly and you were overlooked like a lot of other people were overlooked. He's being real and fair, just because you are a known Youtuber doesn't mean he has to give you preferential treatment. You do the same damn thing. A lot of times people ask you questions and it's overlooked but I chalk it off as you can't answer them all and you are just randomly choosing. Nothing personal but at least Richard did not make a video about you and put it out there like you just did to him in a negative tone. Imagine how you would feel if he did to you what you just did to him. You have a lot of tightening-up to do bruh, but overall you still my man. Stay away from that fake ass chump Arti Intel, he's damaging your image.


Richard Heart call's PyraHex a ponzi because it's better than his staking system!

Bm X

ponzi is a concept, first ponzi was made by mr ponzi.. but the pyramid ponzi scheme concept is still around. #plsexcusemyenglish

Bm X

early bird... haha.. u r fake... king of fakes... mr fake himself. mr hex shiller number one..


Yeah I remember that, was kind of whack when he kept snubbing you

Trevon james arrested

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China’s very own Trevon James, Wong Ching Kit Arrested.

5 543 views | 17 Dec. 2018

Yesterday, on Sunday, Dec

Yesterday, on Sunday, Dec 16, Wong Ching Kit was arrested in relation to the money throwing incident that he caused. A day after throwing money off the roof of a building in Sham Shui Po, Wong returned to hand out meal coupons (a euphemism for cash).



For More information about the Asian crypto community visit us at: https://www.asiacryptotoday.com/

Don't get lost in the crypto world :)

➫ Twitter: https://twitter.com/_blockandchain_

➫ Telegram group: https://t.me/asiacryptotoday

danielle walker

"The more action you take, the more you want to take action

Sứa Mũm Mĩm



"Oh my Gosh.. I was just having this conversation with someone.. I'm not happy with my career but I'm terrified to start a new one. I see you.. đŸ‘†đŸ‘†đŸ‘†..

Sarah Smith

How does he come up with money to buy all of these properties? You buy a property, spend hundreds of thousands of dollars renovating it. Then you charge people $250 dollars a month. It sounds awesome. I just dont get it.


Funny thing is my brain didn't actually return an answer to this until about 3 seconds later when it suddenly clicked that the question was addressed to it."

Agent Justice

Mia is MIA, Hope all is well with you.

Наталия Черкасская

Cried my eyes out. Just brilliant. I believe I will be watching this again and again.


Wish I had a dad...

Agent Justice

Where are you Mia? I'm really concerned for you.

Antoine Ged

00:11 He took our jobs

Paul Berskim

Salute to this man

Лилия Шакирова

8:29 the emotion!! Salute!

jade Moorer

Gender wage gap is a myth and illegal if proven.

Антон Пигасов


hao dao

Is it ok if i cry? đŸ˜¢


Great video.

Thu Ha Nguyen



DeepOnion $Onion

Thương Nguyễn

"WOW! Such a powerful and inspirational speech.

Василий Иванов

I want to be the best parkour and freerunning athlete in this world..Because I want to feel the best for myself no for the rest of the world..I want to be the best and live a life that I will remember..

Devyn Giles

Emancipation Proclaimation of Abraham Lincoln! Here is the result!

Newmetal GuitarRock


Slav Squench

Lucky people on that roof :P

Johnathon Mathew

I have always been a keen subscriber to this channel mate?❣️I actually admire the logic behind those who would stack up crypto currency awaiting a rise in price around the nearest future, it's cool if they call that investment ? I personally don't really channel my energy nor equity to what merely earns you in bits with so much uncertainty in between. From experience crypto offers alot of financial opportunities but trading continues to be the most lucrative under the right strategy of course. Overtime, i have come to understand from trading experts on the profitability of trading crypto assets over hoarding. Although i have been a keen follower of copying trade signals from a professional trader like Mr Owen Richard who understand the market and his knowledge on crypto market analysis are applaudable. It would be a plus for us all if we could trade crypto assets rather than hoard with the hope of a positive price move. Mr Owen makes you learn while earning massively. He can be contacted via whatsapp +1562 568 9926 and telegram @OwenRichard for crypto inclined concerns.

Myriam Carfee

Guys stop posting comments about the you know what because it causes more people to hear the you know what , together we can rid the comment section of people talking about the you know what

John King

Great video! Can’t believe what can done from this channel


I wanna make it to the NBA I spend 5/7 days in they gym and practice basketball everyday of the week , I believe in myself I will make it (:

Narin Boonmahasit

I'm 18 and I am seen as a confident speaker, having done assembleys and always represented the class project, i can honestly say this guy smashed it, you can tell he felt what he was saying and not just from him crying but from the tonality and the adjustment of his volume, he means what his saying and I've spoken like him, you're confident but not used to it but honestly did a brilliant job.

Zen Crypto

He just wants attention. His ego exploded to unimaginable proportions just because he became a Bitcoin millionaire. Call me crazy but I really do hope I don't end up like that even as a millionaire.

Иван Назаренко



this video brought me to tears. To close to home

Nguyen Phuoc Minh Tan

I'm Ready to do it now Y"all gonna to own it is for me

Jamie Strickler

I've been inspired by complete assholes and more than let down by absolute saints. As we all have.

Татьяна Щурова

At some point the lecturer is talking about ""focus"" ... this music and those pictures get me out of the focus of getting the full extent to his message .... It is much better without any of those additions!!

Bui Van Tu

I just don't get why anybody would dislike this video.Dem! I just realised the reason why life is intresting.

kim jun oof



Why no new videos?

Виктор Кожевников


Cerys Brady

You were doing so well...until "Gender wage gap"...

dawda awdad

I'm 17 and I'm going to be the best architect out there!!!

Agent Justice

Where are you Mia? Hope all is well your end

anhtan6 nguyenvantan

I lost a lot of battle against depression but im aiming to win the WAR!!

Hamilton - Bitcoin Beats - Daily Vids!

Hi Mia,
I couldn't find a way to get in touch so i hope you see this!
I'm interested in collaborating with your channel! I also run a media company that can provide you paid sponsors regularly if you'd like to pick up your upload schedule!
Feel free to reply to the comment or there is an email on my channel page.

Василий Чохели

This man should become a actor đŸ¤™

Amin Ali

Bitcoin minning is just like any other business, but in this case more sophisticated and advanced. When you invest your bitcoins it goes through the market and is used for trades, Only a professional knows how to trade with these currencies with years of experience and software available

Other Investments/ Businesses needs up to a month to give returns/profit which might not even be guaranteed. I always make over $1000 weekly for my clients.

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Having lost both of my parents to cancer before my 33 birthday this had me in tears at multiple parts. I was a high school drop out with my GED when it happened. I did my grieving through self-medication and soon found myself in jail for probably the 13th time in my life. It was there, in my darkest time, I chose to make a change. It hasn't been but 18 months maybe since my decision to go back to school for my associate's degree. I am 12 credits shy and have a 3.833 gpa. At times still I feel drained due to the lack of family and friends that I have. This life can be brutal at times. My father always told me "You get out of the life what you put into it". I have been applying his thoughts on that for some time now, trying to live to be the kind of person both my mother and father would have like to see me become. This video was inspiring to say the very least. Thank you for posting.


Although I see where his comments on "enough" possibly being better than "more than enough" are coming from, I'd have to argue that humanity has never been about "enough". We didn't go to the moon because it was "enough", we went because we wanted more. We didn't invent the steam engine, build iron tools and create agriculture because they were "enough", but because they were better. At the end of the day, "better than enough" is what leads to progress, even if it's at a cost, such as the environment. In some cases, "enough" may be enough, for example it could be argued that businesses should apply this model (like he did), but it's not always what is enough to push forward.


So close, so close to perfect. There's a couple lines there that miss their mark. But damn its the closest single speech I've ever heard to perfection.

jari kuru

Choices is your."

Van Tien Nguyen

But, in each situation, we have a choice. Focus on the good we got, or the perfection that was missed. The story about Nathan is imperfect, like the rest of us.

Антон Ступаков

"The world is wide open with what I need to go for.

jari kuru

one hell of a video! damnnnnnnnnnnnnnn!i had goosebumps

Hương Lê Thanh

I needed this and it's working


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Jose Fernandez Borges

There are more information/cultural thing behind this, I assume. Can some one please translate to Spanish or English, I didn't learn Chinese yet.

Bui Van Tu

00:11 He took our jobs

Neleta Pardo Gallego

Good job, Nathan...

Евгений Гордеев

скиньте ссылку на него в фейсбуке

Boon Godden

you are the best

apis apis


Вячеслав Мартынюк

8:29 the emotion!! Salute!

Sgt. Hodl

Well Trevon was a theif u robbed people w/ deception idk if this guy's anything close to that by just giving away money & goofying off?

Superstar Boshi

goosebumps doe

Evan Sanderson

Goosebumps and tears are flowing...



Johnny Tsang

What a dick head !

trunghieu0889 trunghieu0889

I want to shake this mans hand.

Andy Jame

What a 15 year old Fortnite addict taught me about memes

Tilly Steele

I'm going to Tokyo! I will run for the US!!

josh mankey



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Evan Sanderson

Thank you guys you two are an excellent inspiration. I also saw your documentary in Nerflix.


I love ❤️ to come here and relax myself, and I feel peaceful in my mind in Jesus name. amen ✝️✝️✝️

Анастасия Зименко

You sound like another wanna be sycoligust that thinks they no everything..you no nothing until you have truly been there..your just another person labeling others to get more stuff and ’°..

Project Oxus

no more new videos ?


Any news or videos????

Анастасия Зименко

it is looped :( The shadows should have changed in 2,5 hours.


"I can't stand these speakers, seriously.

elcapo paco

interesting point but his mouth breathing though

Michael Carlton

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I thought the title said "math addict"