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Shawn Desman - MoneyShot / Something Stupid

443 308 views | 22 Jul. 2011

Music video by Shawn

Music video by Shawn Desman performing MoneyShot / Something Stupid. (C) 2011 UOMO

benji vargas



I was starting to feel sorry for this girl but then the ending came.......


Really good but i dont understand the end of something stupid

Atharson Vijayakumar

Why did he stop

hoda ibraheem

something stupid...........nice song..........money shot nice one too but i love song something stupid.........nice songs shawn

Jess The Creator

Muchmusic Video dj

Uniysha Lindsay

where is that girl from again??

alex white

Shawn is the best!? Can't wait for new material.

alex giallo

why was the same girl from the first song moneyshot obsessing over shawn in something stupid and then locking him in the basement wierd

Ajith Chemparathy

ya that totally explains why the guy is tied up on a chair IN THE BASEMENT ALL BEATEN UP.

Inna K

LOL why is that girl spraying his fur coat the whole time?

Jess The Creator

That girl is Fibi from N.M.L waoh

Jess The Creator

Phoebe ! MuchMusic ! Canada ! Awesome !

Shea McGladdery

Isnt that girl from Much Music??

Robyn Mclaren


Priscilla Thomas

Shawn Desman will look like with Pheobe. And give da MONEY SHOT :D

Chelsea Alexander

your from canada arent you same here ive met her shes fucking amazing an shes hot

Beanie Wescott

Am I trippin or is the make-up artist the VJ from Much?!

Vineta R

the most shitty song ever

Leanne Alon

Phoebe is my favourite from MuchMusic!

Rachelle Revilla

Love you Phoebe <3

john rem L.

Phoebe dykstra 4ever!!!

Green Marker

idubz is that u?

evan hagedorn

something stupid starts at 2:13


Both artists are good in their own genre of music so there's no need to offend either one of them. JB just has really good people behind him to promote him to the point that he is. It's unfortunate that Shawn Desman doesn't have that kind of people behind him.

Katelyn M.

Is Pheobe Dykstra the girl in this video?


This song deserve so much more view. xX_Xo

Jessie Penney

Why was someone in a hot-dog suit?

Mariah MacNeil

Occasionally. It's usually Lauren Toyota.


I like, I like.

stefanie heathen

i dont reallt get the last part??

Emily Beairsto

so theres a shawn desman and a shawn mendez ....

nikki lambert

<3 the video... Did not know he's Canadian though....:)

Allii Mariie

Dat ending doe.....

Jesus Jones

why does your sentence make no fucking sense???


I HAVE DESMAN DISEASE <3 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


haha :)

Mikki Brie

So upset by the ending...

Victoria M

I don't get it. o.o

Biebs Bieber

only this video?? are u serious ???need moreee


My childhood fav song. I can’t believe he’s sooo underrated.


Fuck yeah! Is all I gots.

Deanna Walters


Betty Beatrice

SHAWN DESMAN UR AMAZING <3 love your voice and your songs

Lincoln A

That's the hot VJ from much music

Christine Honig

AHHHHH NOSTALGIA! I've missed this sooo much!

Nicholas Katz

how about city and colour >.>


Sersly hes so undersated

Dino Sawr

OMG!! i <3 this song!! :D


I like the songs and the whole 'Fresh' album a lot -- and the "MoneyShot" choreography is cool -- but what's up with the dead dog head and obnoxious fur coat on the guy? That kind of ruins the whole thing.


The part where the girls came and dance ohhhh that was properly coordinated and was amazingly captured.

Leotis S

This dude is the white Chris Brown, only BETTER!!!!


case he is so turned on...

gia w.a

Is she from N.M.L

Electronics Store Kid

That was so unexpected ;o

nikki lambert

Noooooo! Not his FACE!!!!!!

matt brown

Something Stupid is the better of two, Pheby Destrate is great in music video.

Victoria Beanlands

Phoebe! Thumbs Up If You Know Who She Is :)

sheera m

LOL the ending.. what a twist xD

john rem L.

she looks like the lead singer in lights...

Claudia A.

2018 anyone?

Shanique Wright


Al ice

@kowalster101 LOL yeah!

Raidah Saraf

ME TOO!!!!!!! :D


lol i still cant believe my friend was in this mv 


I met Phoebe yesterday when I saw Shawn live at N.M.L! :)


y phoebe on this vid? i luv her btw

bridget Reeves

because they are really good friends.


is Pheobe on Todays Top 10?

Ridong Wang

She had dinner at bay 777, afterwards passed between the carlton 21& 25....and yeah dundas square lol


2:17 Something Stupid..my favorite song ???

Jordan Love

Dundas square!!!

Madison McDermott

Phoebe Is Super Pretty

Marshall Quillian


Jordan Collings

i love that girl!!! We has da same hair naow, mines a little longer tho :P

Phil Austin

The following is a proud sponser of Vitamin Water


no...just, no


Yeaaah, and Amen <3

Destiny Funk

Ive always loved this guy ♥

Phil Austin

I wanna have a "uncrusted" sandwich picnic with Phoebe one day

amanj medhat

Make new music!

E-mail Sala

eu gostei da musica muito legallll :)


Phoebe Dykstra is so hot

lori setti

JBGBKWOI hes so hot wtf

Aubrey Pangan

Cool there's a dude named Jungle and Tuch! 2:04

Jordan Gate

Kinda like the transition. Guy's an on top of the world womanizing playa, then reality kicks in, as the ex who mattered most left off his douchebag ways. & he regrets it, so the mood goes 180 to feeling desperate & worthless.

Kirihara Izaki


hannah s

why is the one he gives the neckless to from much music

Phil Austin

Who in the hell would be stupid enought to even...... Phoebe <3

Maria Rana

Shawn and Phoebe make such a cute couple!! <3333 xox xx

Ryan Waghorn



Canada Rocks True story

stefanie corona

I'm always think tht her never mind it is but now it is her I think lol


maybe cause he can work it with a tail than most other people ;)

Alyssa Defeo


Lindsey Healey


1969 Ford Mustang

Buff moneyshot

jimmy dancekilla

nice song

Jess The Creator


Money shot videos

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Borderlands 2 | Infinite Money Shot Chain Weapons Without Merging | Tutorial

137 337 views | 14 Jun. 2015

Bosses will melt in

Bosses will melt in seconds with this. Check out SuddenDeathMode's channel below for more speed kills and game breaking videos. If you enjoyed the video, then be sure to leave a "Like" ;)

SuddenDeathMode's Channel:


Follow Me:




OP8 Vermivorous vs Trickster Maya In 2 Seconds:


Intro Song:

"Epic Motivational" by AudioJungle

Artist's Channels:


Background Song:

"Grinding Rock" by Chinensis

Artist's Channel:


Cryptium Roadkill the Giraffe

will this kill Terramorphous quickly depending on the weapon and lvl?

Alex Smith

what the hell am i doing wrong? :(


is this patched ?

Epic Gamer

no jakobs btw

Inertia Gaming

Cannot for the life of me figure out how to do this : (


Damnit, joltz. I can never get the lead storm to work ;-;

Robert Blackley

Does this work on Xbox I can't get it to work

nuclear guy !!!

This video was was made on my birthday. Cool.

Ahgrimn Lami

So does the vladof launcher effect activete after being fired once or twice?

Hack Nation

Work 2017 and hell yes lots of damge

Pierce Richards

Could you mak a video about the one with the infinity pistol like when you were farming with killer6


Joltz, I am following your steps and getting this glitch to half work. I can get the glitch to happen normally and get the infinite ammo, but my fibber just stays at 1 bullet, and doesn't go to 0 and start with the money shot. I have already tried getting rid of inconceivable and that didn't fix it. Please reply with help :)

juny ham

it's still working?

Austin Stringer

It works but they patched the money shot buff on it!!

Ellen DeGenerate

What happens if I use a gun that consumes more than 1 ammo per shot like the DPUH?


Is it patched after Lilith dlc?


What vladof launcher did you use

Vince Volesky

So do I need to spec in inconceivable or not? And also to get the right fibber will I need to do it on another character because I've already got a basic fibber >_<


It'll get infinite ammo but it won't trigger on money shot. Just the last bullet in the left handed weapon. I have no clue what I'm doing wrong

Derek Coolman

Did they patch this


Does this still work on next gen?

Luis Zarate_Sawit


Ryan Castle

still works 7/6/2019

Dennis Gabriel

This works because sal is a walking weapon merge.

Blood Plays

I don't spec into Inconceivable but I still never lose ammo.

1 2

Doesn't work for me!
not spect into inconceivable
using the rocket vanquisher with hot button fibber and also tried it with a lady fist
doing everything the video says :/

Harris Cruickshank

i think its patched

Mr. Buggus

Does it work with all launcher?


now I can get it most times but I have an issue and don't know what's wrong. I get the infinite money shot but does little damage unlike what some people are doing I tried with Terra and it did only a splinter of damage and I was holding it down for around 5 seconds. I'm lv 61 and the fibber is lv 60. any advice?


Do you need inconceivable skill to do this


Works in 2018


I realized this glitch doesn't work for some guns. I've been testing it out and it doesn't work for the practicable interfacer.

Adam Beard

Anyone know if this works on switch?

Dayven Poetolu

Its not working for me is it because I've got inconceivable?

Justin Haddad

Do you need inconceivable for this?

cX No

Does it work with non-automatic weapons?


why my left hand valdor purple rocket launcher didn't consume ammo after i ginzerk?and while in gunzerking mode every shot with my left hand rocket didn't consume ammo while it works normally while not gunzerking

Andy Nick

Does Inconceivable interfere with this glitch ?

my nameisbanter

hey does this still work i kepp getting bullets back on kills


U just helped me kill hyperius ALOT faster


maybe its been patched? I got the infinite bullet to work but my pistol (1 bullet per shot) could stay at 0 and just wouldnt shoot, if i let the pistol reload then it just stayed at 12 without consuming any ammo


What is a good weapon to use against Hyperius for this glitch

Cakes Renteria

it does it just a pain in the ass

Luis Zarate_Sawit

When I use gunzerk my weapons instantly refills and launcher can't do free shot


I can't get the timing down with firing both weapons. I just keep reloading

Luis Zarate_Sawit

While on gunzerk


Thank you so much Joltz! This trick is amazing.


Does this only work on guns that expend one ammo per shot? I'm wondering because I'm playing through reborn right now, and I can get the Punter down to 1 ammo since sal has increased mag size. Good video btw :), short and too the point

Donny is random

Let's see if this works in 2020


Joltsdude can you help with this glitch I can get infinite ammo but I cant get the money shot and infinite ammo


Hey jolt what guns work best for this

Washierhair 2

Is it patched now?

Diego Pereda

still works september 6 2019

not all the shots are money shots but many of them are


Still broken lol

Elijah My Guy

I like merging better because you can still money shot after gunserk ends


Can cofirm works still

M Patton

it didn't work :'(


Did this get patched? I can't seem to do it :(

Jessica Noire

Looks like Salvador has ascended to Super (Saiyan) God. Looking forward to see you break everything again :3


The money shot effect doesnt seem to work for me

Brandon Quintero

I'm also having trouble getting this to work. I managed to get the infinite bullets part working, however, it isn't proccing money shot. I tested this with a blue smg that doesn't consume 2 ammo per shot.

Marcus Ellison

Old joltzdude on the Drum and bass hype! yes then


Does it still work? Please tell me it still works

Miyazaki Himself

It stops when i stop shooting the launcher or its out of ammo :/

Dylan Jones

Could you also trigger all i need is one using this method to gain both dmg bonuses infinitely? Or will it only work for the first infinite shot?


Ah thanks mate, good video


what launcher are you using?


Does it still work


bee trolled lol I used to do that shit all the time.


Bl3 had been out for ages but I still enjoy boosting new players to bl2 with this glitch...thanks for teach me!


I dont know if my bug is doing the same thing but if I shoot the free shot and I gunzerk (regardless of if I reload etc.) then it's unlimited ammo as well. Is it the same though? Would be awesome if you could investigate that.


don't think you will see this but would it be best if I didn't have the skill to have a chance to return ammo to the clip. I've done this a few times but then I get more ammo in my hand and it doesn't work.


Still works, at least on old gen

Chris Kelly

i know this is an old vid, but i just did this and it shows the animations, and plays the sounds, but the dmg aint there.

Zander Luperchio

Still works 2020

Jet Riley

people who are wondering it still works as of 2017. I like to use the conference call but the conference with the bee lags I wish it worked with the Harold?

Brian Ly

How did u make that white vladof launcher on gibbed?

Ayman Aziz

Does this still work

Adam Hang

Still works?


hey man, does it still work?

Yusuf Yıldız

Still works. Thanks Joltz!

Odin Griffen

I dont think its working and i cant figure out why i know i did it right because i do get infinite ammo but its not doing the +400 percent damage with every shot 6/22/18

Gifted Flow

Made a 1 minute to confirm it still works on next gen.


Still works as of 9/1/16:

For those who are having trouble. Make sure the launcher is on the left hand and the single shot gun in the right hand. Doesn't work if vice versa. Hope this helps. ;) Also, don't spec into Inconceiveable

Liam Cleeves

Works April 2022


for those wondering yes this still does work

Christian Steeed

How long would it take to beat pete without a bee shield with this glitch if u had a sand hawk

Chris McHenry

Awesome, appreciate this. Took me ages to actually read the comments saying don't spec into Inconceivable ahaha.

FatGuides Gaming

Has this been patched recently? I tried this today with my Fibber and it failed every time.


Did it with a conference call and froze my xbox ???

TimTam Slam

Still works as of 3/2/19

Noah Gaming

Technically it is merging as the game believes the same as merging (that you're holding both weapons).

Jacob W

After I do it once my valdof lancher breaks and it doesnt consume reduced ammo anymore. Can anyone help me


Joltz is it possible to do hyperius 1 shot with patriot?

Darth Vader

would this be good for vorac?


I'm having trouble with this glitch :(


What the hell I was able to do this all the time the other day now suddenly the next day I cant get it to work at all???

BlackWat3r GTR

Back with the potato mic lol


Lol I just put up a video about how to get infinite money shot the other day too lol.

Half broken Sayori

If ur wondering it works of 2018

Money shot videos

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AC/DC - Money Shot (Official Audio)

1 356 753 views | 13 Nov. 2020



Amazon Music: https://acdc.lnk.to/PWRUPID/amazonmusic

Apple Music: https://acdc.lnk.to/PWRUPID/applemusic

Deezer: https://acdc.lnk.to/PWRUPID/deezer

iTunes: https://acdc.lnk.to/PWRUPID/itunes

Soundcloud: https://acdc.lnk.to/PWRUPID/soundcloud

Spotify: https://acdc.lnk.to/PWRUPID/spotify

YouTube Music: https://acdc.lnk.to/PWRUPID/youtubemusic


Website: https://pwrup.acdc.com

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/acdc

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/acdc

Twitter: https://twitter.com/acdc

TikTok: http://tiktok.com/@acdc


Gord Orr

ACDC is Contagious.....


AC/DC...thanks for being around mates. ??


?C.O.D... caare of the devil , C.O.D... a devil in me?️

Adam Holtz

As for ACDC they still got it !!! Rockin' just as hard as ever !!!


This is Best song on the album....systems down is fukn kick ass too!


this is a covid shot. Thank you ACDC, now I don't need a vaccine.

stefano satch


Ri3he GunPro

Back in Black (1980)
The Razors Edge (1990)
Stiff Upper Lip (2000)
Power Up (2020)

Ken Wiese

I'm a stornch ACDC fan and I'm telling you'd this is one of there greatest songs

Memes 4 the masses

2:35 the reason this song is stuck in my head

chris gp

It could be contagious

J Espigares

AC⚡DC Forever with us!

Alien Fetus420

After two months of the release, THIS IS THE BEST SONG

Lorna Kennedy

Sending off $100 next month.... wouldn't u like 2 no no nope...looking for information? Kiss my ass.

Andrés Young

This song live is gonna be wild

Ottorino Gentile

I'm 104 years old,and still dance with AC/DC.

Seth Banzai

Diamonds are forever and so is Acca Dacca.


Any notice that Cliff came back when Axle was gone? I would have loved to be a fly on the wall in some of the conversations about Axle. He has calmed down a lot but he is still Axle.

Jérome Bouchot

So strong this sound !!! ????


From the back in black album to power up they still sound like the best rock band

Steven David

This album became a classic the moment it was released. More picture frames for your walls - make space or make more walls.

Sheldon T


Fergus Blackhall

A great catchy tune !!

Myles Adams

When did this album come out and what is it called?

Sean Casey

This album is the shit ?? AC/DC if y'all go on tour I'll be there front row!!! ????

Oren Guy

Doctor Angus Young solved my case for sure

PS 4

AC ⚡ DC ❤️❤️❤️??????❤️❤️❤️??????❤️❤️❤️??????❤️❤️❤️??????


Brian sounds great !

Stephen Nicky

Great song great band what do U expect?

jason h

Oh a new ACDC song, time to bring up that bon scott

willy JUANka

So nobody is gonna talk about the antidote being nut all up in her mouth?

Juanita Beckman


Johnny Rocker

Let me simplify this...They Kick Ass!

Boltic PhD

Can you guys take a look the playlist on my channel and let me know what I should do differently to better my videos?

The Military Channel

Like who rather want money shot than anti-covid19 shot.

The night stalker


Marcus Starr

This song needs a video. Full of strippers and debauchery.

Sarah Michelle

They’re living proof that if you know just a handful of chords and possess excellent rhythm with a great feel for Rock ‘N Roll and some Blues, you can never be as good as them. Just buy their records, get your friends together and make great memories and experiences while these guys play your life soundtrack.

Michael Sprinkle

Awesome music 4 their music please
Keep up the music

Roman Schrimpf




Bibash Rai

???❤️ no words to say


this song is going to be big!

Kayten vd heuvel

Im 14 and i grow up with this music and i never stopped listening it i dont like the new music this is what i listening al the time and i dont care wath other people saying but this is my life?????

Sebastian Lugo

Future Wrestlemania 37 theme
Book It Vince ?


The beginning riff really reminds me of Rock n roll train and that makes me like this song even more! ??

Sergio Sabino

Ave ac/dc.

Jailbreak _79

I was there when this album was released that day in November in 2020.

Mark Engel

1973, age of peace and love was ending and along came some dudes coined AC/DC.
Dave Evans was the original singer but then came Bon. Bon was the best frontman ever to grace a stage.
How many of you posting actually understand just how long lived and how successful this band is.
Angus is a brilliant financier and despite losing Bon and Malcolm he has managed to keep the franchise rolling.

I doubt it's about contracts and legal obligations, I think Angus just want's to have fun and we are the beneficiaries!

Filqka The Gamer

I believe that the cure for COVID is money shot. ?

Maria K

The elite's fave song bahahah


Better than the singles

Malgorzata Drabik

In 20 years:

ACDC: plays amazing riff

don't die pls

Michał Namysło

Kto z Polski ??? AC/DC power!!!

Monica Garcia

Eles são demais,AMO

Ashley Nelson

I got the deluxe album who else hear got one

noel vickers

To the 269 people who disliked, you need an antidote, try the money shot!


AC/DC could do a world tour just on this album alone, throw in a few classics like 'Girls Got Rhythm' and 'Walk All Over You'!

Michał W

Now i have the nostalgia back to summer 2012 when i was 4 years old and my dad showed me the acdc album. From that day it’s my favourite band ??

gutto rocha

best lead guitar on power up!


DAMN!!! This song is GREAT!!! I love Brian's -- OOH -- right after Angus' super solo!!

Jimena Felice


Alien Alien

Legendaire la musique truc de fou je surkifff

Trenton Flooring and Furniture

AC/DC = the antidote for 2020

Fred Marburger

Oh I hired him for the rest of the year off LMAO YOU got it from the REAPER OF TRUTH LOL I LOVE IT SO MUCH

Sujith muthukumarana

super ???

Jimmy MacD

Thats my diagnosis !!

Lefteris Kanavouras

This song reminds me a lot of ''you shook me all night long''.The dynamics and the rhythm are pretty much the same.I love it!

John Parker

I'm present as a 13 year old

Bry A

Say lets go lets go .letssss get lit just a idea


"Feeling the rock n' roll mood" everytime I hear Angus' riffs

Pablo Alfaro

Rendido antes los maestros

Roman Schrimpf


Todd Moody

If I’m having a “bad” day at work I just turn on the boys and FUCK YEAH! My day just got better! Everybody can SUCK IT! AC/DC RULES!!!!!!!!

s hoebert



That rhythm part in the solo is so catchy and so good to listen, Stevie Young did a excellent job on this. One off the best albums in a long time?

Dale Moro

This song is classic acdc. Love it. I think it's the best song on the album.


Hell's flames keep burning thanks to ACDC! Thanks for your music guys!


What's the anidote for Corona virus? Obvious the Money Shot, best taken when hot!

Leno R

best song on the album

Erbert Richard

sooo gooood

Jailbreak _79

Guys this song is ready to be played at their next concert. Isn't it?

Bob Cobb

Now take this down

P.P.A 1209

I'm part of the new generation and to my knowledge acdc isnt really that big but I love like all the songs of acdc and as of Christmas day km the proud owner of the acdc deluxe album


Very nice

Valentino Guglielmi

Youtube: put a ad of this song and the chanel
Me: yes


This is one hell of an album.
Thanks AC/DC !

Fernando Nunes

felling the rock n roll mood... ?

Rona Duman

2020yi kurtardi amk

Steve Mehl

How many people do you know who were born with an overdrive pedal built into their larynx? That voice, mixed with two overdriven guitars is just gold! R.E.S.P.E.C.T.!


Very nice beat from Phil Rudd on the opener ...Brian Johnson is putting together some absolutely fantastic vocals on this song ...very catchy ...groovy....Angus always there and don't forget Cliff ..everpresent !

Roman Schrimpf

I can just imagine the Boyz during the chorus, especially Cliff and Phil❤️?????


The way Brian sings Doctor and Lady in the chorus reminds me of Honey What Do You Do For Money. Amazing song. Incredible band.

Teddy Settlemire

thanks AC\DC now if I can just find a dame ps5 that would be just great

Georgium Sidus

Good of the lads to do a PSA for vaccination this holiday season.

joe texas

Brian Johnson to all the haters: “Try my money shot!” ⚡️⚡️⚡️


Getting those Flick of the Switch vibes off this track <3

Katherin Cortes

I like it!?

Cristian González


eduardo amor arocas

Money, money, aquí hay pastuqui para TODOS/AS !