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BUZZ and HAPI ?: 8 Stock Plays for America 2.0 Riches

12 047 views | 26 Jan. 2021

You’ve written in with so

You’ve written in with so many questions on how BUZZ (Bitcoin, Uber, Zoom and Zillow) and HAPI ? (HERO, ARKF, PRNT and ITB) fit into America 2.0, and why we’ve added them now.

Well today, consider your questions answered!

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About Paul Mampilly: Paul Mampilly is an American investor and former hedge fund manager. He is the founder of the popular investment newsletter Profits Unlimited, where he uses his skills, experience and knowledge as a former Wall Street insider to guide his more than 130,000 subscribers into stocks that he believes are primed to shoot higher!

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Harlan Bauer

Do you have any upcoming episodes on SPACs?

Hani Murad

Im a profits unlimited subscriber and up 150 % since April 2020.

Chris Turner

Can I use these ETF’s with 4,000 to put in if so how much to put in each ETF


Can I still buy DDD at this level of $ 36.50 or wait for a correction????

Paul Mampilly

Have you started investing in BUZZ and HAPI :slightly_smiling_face:? Do you have a question that you want me to answer in future videos?

Sandra Q Woosley

Your take on game stop



Home&House Beauty

Thanks a lot mr. Paul. Please let’s make Paul’s channel known to all our friends and family. He is a great, humble and kind. Let’s support his channel


I have never heard of anyone 3-D printing a full size house before.

Maxine Magnani

TD Ameritrade Buying stocks

Sophia Ali

Hi Paul. I am a long time fan and thank you for all of your great ideas!

Fil Angels

I finally buy bitcoin and ethereum , it’s the only available in my broker here in Canada .

Huey Lewis

I appreciate the honesty and transparency of this video. I also try as much as possible to diversify my portfolio especially across industries. not just diversify by buying different dividend paying stocks, but also by ensuring that these are from different industries or sectors. In other words, do not invest all of your money into transportation stocks, or all of it into banking, etc. Diversifying across industries or sectors is the way to go.

Meryl Hanna

Paul, I love your enthusiasm ! I prefer to buy individual stocks than the ETFs, and I see you are almost exclusively recommending ETFs. I do my own fundamental and technical analysis. How can I get the actual list of stocks contained in each ETF that you recommend ?

Nagesh Pon

As per my analysis, many cases he is ached of Cathie Wood when picking the stocks which are in ARK. I don't know why he is not coming to public like Chamath.

Ron Kresch

Hey Paul.....I’m a long time Profits Unlimited subscriber.....do you recommend I also pick up some of your Bold Profits ETF calls or will I just be duplicating positions? Thanks

Listen Up

Mampilly for President!??

Diane Shepard

Extreme Fortunes is on ???

Narguess Hosseini

Hi Paul. Thanks for your great picks.I have one question. Is it possible to add more cryptos into your portfolio to have more variety? Thank you and your great team.

First Last

I am a subscriber of bold profit daily and profit unlimited. In this video, You have mentioned that STIXX stocks were closed on Jan 15 but I didn’t get any mail for selling STIXX stocks from bold profits. Can you pls tell me where can I see bold profits portfolio and check the status of the stocks?

Rose-Marie Larsson

you're great Paul! thanks for everything! a small comment though, I cannot buy American ETFs here in Europe

Brett Singer

I am HAPI with Paul & his video's put me in a BUZZ. LOL

richard caberto

I see Qyouf is gaining traction in market shares

Johnny Roy

Thanks cant wait for DDD to go up iam a new member.


I am a happy subscriber. Thank you Paul!


Oh forgot, thx to you, am also in Bitcoin!!

Lisa Ditalia

Excellent thanks ?

Sonia Rollins

Hello! I’m new here an excited to learn! Is there a difference between “ZG” Zillow Group class A vs “Z” Zillow group class C?

Sam Roy

What you think of pins , beyond meat

bahtiyar mamadaliev

You changed my life and my family, thank you so much

Michael Conroy

Thank you! Signed up for 2021.

Di Wills

I'm going to start off being HAPI . Thanks Paul


Is the airline industry something good to invest in now while people are slowly thinking of traveling more after being in isolation for so long?

Fil Angels

Paul can you give report in graphene

Thomas Soch

Is your buy range your purchase price and current price as long as your portfolio still has a buy next to it?

Brett Singer

Always a Thumbs UP! :)

Deb 65

Have you read all those books in your den?

Jeff Smaistrla

Been watching you for 5 years, subscriber for 2. Thank you I have made a lot of money following your stock picks.

Cyn F

I finally bought Bitcoin after sitting on the fence about it for years. Thank you Paul and team!!

John Colt

Any thoughts about SPCE? Seems like a quite cheap way to deliver satellites to orbit.

Mariana Cooper

You have a report on the 12 million mile battery. I am a subscriber to your Profits unlimited. I saw a long video but it ended at subscribe to the newsletter I already get. Where can I get the information on how to invest in that? Thanks. Im really confused.

Joseph sanyasi

Hi, Paul which one is better 3D system or 3D printing


Is the Entertainment industry like movie theaters like AMC theaters, Regal, Disney something we should look at investing in as they were at lows but are starting to recover and coming up with new innovative ways to draw more people? Like today AMC theater stock jumped up drastically then dropped but then jumped a lot at the end of the day. It seems like something good to invest in while the stock price is affordable to own a few shares.

richard caberto

I have your subscriptions and it’s the best and simplest to access bottom line if you’re planning to invest go with the best Banyanhill especially Paul mampilly

Mary Cavanagh

Thanx for clarifying info., on former Stixx, Paul. Due to having a lot of your holdings, I will sell it all, excl. Itb. Have all of Buzz and Hapi!

Ry Bo

Thanks Paul!

Justin Lemay

You are a brilliant trader, but you got to work on the nervousness/awkwardness if you want to grow this channel/brand more.

John Vincent

We always like info on Bitcoin and Tesla. Thanks ?

Joseph sanyasi

New member on unlimited profits

Apiwat Ford

Thx so much Paul for the valuable info.

Bobby Shay Stocks & More

I like it buzz and hapi . You guys at Banyan Hill are on it. Thanks as always

bahtiyar mamadaliev

You guys the best!!!!

Joshua P Morse

I like this guy!


Great update and information again Paul. Alex would have been a great cheerleader behind you!

Norron McDonald

Thanks Paul. To all future subscribers, profits unlimited is a great way to learn his the market works and where it's going. Comes highly recommended

Norman Rose

Paul should we be worried about the great reset? John Kerry said a month ago that the Biden administration is going ahead full steam on this.

Tam Ngo

Sir when to sell DDD?


HI Paul, say something about NIO

jim ledsome

My portfolio has doubled. Thank you Paul. I bought DDD for my kids and grankids. All doing very good.

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