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5 things you can do with your waifu

19 605 views | 30 Jun. 2019


You guys can unsubscribe there's only more downhill from here


Did you just buy a waifu and have no idea what to do with it? (sex joke) Do you wish to know these 5 amazing things you can do with your waifu?

Well let’s get started

1. hugging your waifu

to hug your waifu simply wrap your hands around her shoulders and give her a good hug, now your waifu is an innocent creature and SHOULD NOT BE…

2. sleeping with your waifu

There are many positions (lenny face) to sleep with your waifu. Wrap both of your hands on her shoulder and lie down, this is what I like to call I love you position. Where you focus on her most attractive part: her face.

Another position is 69 where you flip your waifu and put her on top of you. Now don’t be shy give her head some company too.

3. Dancing with your waifu

dancing with your waifu is very simple just turn on some music. (dancing music playing) and go ham with your waifu, the sky is the limit (throwing waifu in the air)

4. Feeding your waifu

Sometimes your waifu is very hungry so make sure to feed her the nutrition’s she needs like a banana (Poof banana comes in shot). NO WAIT WRONG HOLE

5. Fucking your waifu

Yes, this must be the part you were waiting for go on.

(censored with some relaxing music :D)

Now that you know all the amazing things you can do with your waifu, will you be looking forward to buying another one?


Btw your waifu is trash


(outro with diablos remix music)

LUKE lcs

All you normies finding waifus from your favorite animes?
Pffft! I made up my own!
That's because I can actually draw and have a good sense of style and character design!
I made everything about her.
Sadly, the one thing I can not do is buy a body pillow :(
I can still make out with my lap top though :D

Ciro Siam

Ah and if you want you can add the 6th thing that you can do it with your waifu (dakimakura):

6. Put behind of your dakimakura hold your waifu wrapping your arms in front of her looking around the terrace or your garden while you listen My Heart Will Go On.

Skeleton pyro Knight

Do thing with the anime pillow
Number one : burn it
Number two : drop acid
Number three : us to whip you ass

Darkness is my WAIFU


Radoslav Hylák

why does youtube think this is content what I want to watch?


Hey Son why is this pillow so slimy?


Sh.t I’m crying?

That Norwegian Mapper

Wow, Watchmojo has really gone downhill lately



Dylan Bayleef

So educational. Yoko gonna love this


Do a part 2

Boi I hope you dont

1:02 eating my waifu????

•Ceo Of Vsco Girlz;

What the hay-


This is sad


lol thanks now i can eat my waifu

Classic 10 year old


FryZ Mods

Having segg L



USS Enterprise

Step 0: Buy A Waifu
(Probbaly too hard for 67% of earth)

Roger smith

Rem ???


Rem favourite food is white bread it reflects on her presence in the community


i love this

devdan dragon 14 Nomor 12


Ggucciggg G

This is amazing

Lucy Plotts


underswap pap

Right before he said banana I was thinking banana holy hell


Emilia's better


What about punching your waifu?



Tcp Donopro

I dare you to say I love emillia to your waifu

TooMany Accounts

Rem is my number 1 waifu too

Mariana Reyes

yo where did you got that rem pillow? it's urgent

Suff's Gaming

Me when I bought the waifu

Ridiculous Joe


chicken boi

wait wherre do you get ur body pillow


Wtf haha

Chris Yenson

I think thats crazy :/

Woozie Sup

Its just a pillow

Gilgamesh The Battle Cat

Step 1. is too difficult for me.


hump your waifu

sushie rolls

1:27 True

Özgür Özdemir

Bana "waifu" kelimesini öğretmeyecektin Efe Aybi...


All of it....i already do it with my waifu...thank for that Minenik..... i appreciate that....

Sunita Vinod



Who watching this shit


Step 5 isn't wrong, especially for people like me

devdan dragon 14 Nomor 12

Aim need girlfrends for waifu

A bacon Soldier from the myusernamesthis fanclub

0:24 Ah yes.....The most Popular thing to do...

Messiah Cortez


USS Enterprise

97%- 1:01
1% Other
2% Lol, weeaboo


I can’t explain the type of cringe I felt watching this


Sure sex is cool but

2d anime tiddies are better


this is fucking gold!

That Norwegian Mapper

1:01 "Eating your waifu" is that vore DansGame

Toyo Man

Why am I watching this at 5:00 Am and I need to wake up at 6:00Am


i have a sex with my waifu body pillow

̶ ʀᴏʙᴜᴄᴋ ᴍᴀɴ

2 years, I seen these waifu pillows
And they r ???

Homeless 24/7

You have the exact same cover as me and it makes me uncomfortable

Wai fu

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Top 10 Most Heated Anime Waifu Wars

425 739 views | 14 Mar. 2019

Top 10 Most Heated Anime

Top 10 Most Heated Anime Waifu Wars

Subscribe: http://goo.gl/Q2kKrD and also Ring the Bell to get notified // Have a Top 10 idea? Submit it to us here! http://watchmojo.com/suggest

The greatest battles between Anime Best Girls are all here folks. War never changes. For this List, Ashley will be taking us through anime like Fate/Stay Night, Naruto Shippuden, Neon Genesis Evangelion, Re:Zero, Darling in the Franxx, My Teen Romantic Comedy SNAFU, Inuyasha, Bleach, Love Live, Nisekoi, and more to see which of these intense best girl rivalries drove fans the most insane. Expect classic love rivals like Rei vs. Asuka, Saber vs. Rin vs. Sakura, Emilia vs. Rem, and more to appear along the way - and let us know who you think the best girl from each of these anime is in the comments below!

#Anime #Naruto #Bleach

Follow Ashley on Twitter: https://www.twitter.com/Ashjbow/

#10. Zero Two vs. Ichigo

#9. Yukino vs. Yui

#8. Kagome vs. Kikyo

#7. Rukia vs. Orihime

#6. Chitoge vs. Onodera

#5. Idol Free for All!

#4. Sakura vs. Hinata

#3, #2, #1: ???

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I'm like it cant be that heated it's just an anime the I see darling in the franxxx and I'm instantly pissed

Ezekiel Ayag

Emilia is better

Sadge Mon

i wish boys as well


Lucy vs Elizabeth

Lucky Cookie

We all know Rei is better cmon. Right?

R I G H T ! ?


Mikasa vs Historia is coming soon


When humanity realizes Ayanami isn't a doll、but the best girl ever, humanity will finally find peace.

Eva Shogoki

Asuka Vs Rei will never end.

Martin S

0:35 which anime

a man of cultor

Rem and Chitoge wins


It’s not that hard: zero two, yui, kagome, chitoge, hinata, emilia, saber, and a


11:33 Me on this exact second: Yeah, nice, but remember to say that she's half his mother, half his sister.

and then 1 second later...

vxbhxv lol

The real fight u wanna know..... Then miku vs ichika vs nino vs itsuki vs Yotsuba from quintessential quintuplets ..the rivalry is godly

Harry Hoskins

Tbh I was really expecting Rias vs Akeno


no urd / belldandy / skuld wars?


I was going to ask why Kimagure Orange Road wasn't on the list... but I remembered there is no choice but Ayukawa.

Brandon Madalion

I mean the fate series one isn’t even a war anymore. He boned Sakura. Boom war over

Ariel Malsi Real

10:56 Asuka Sohryu: [Exist]

My Brain: Let Me Pretend That I Didn’t See That Cause I’m The Version Of Badass Shinji Ikari With An Eye Patch . Yeah That’s My RED PILL And I FUCKING HATE INCESTS!!


5:31 episode????


Rin best wifu

Ryan McGowan

Ais Wallenstein and Hestia

Embee Cian

i'd pick emilia, chitoge, kagome, orihime, and saber

Kyle Nunes

What about basins-



WatchMojo: Your waifu is trash

EPic Man

domestic girlfriend?


Wheres the quintessential quintuplets


#10 zero two vs ichigo

wtf is that even a war its a massacere

Marieke Hielema

Lol emilia is mentally 15


I knew that zero two always are in these waifu things but I didn’t think it was like vs Ichigo since Ichigo already lost since the anime came out

Salumo Ezung

I'm team chitoge

Ariel Malsi Real

Rent A Girlfriend Is A Version Of Waifu Wars 3.

LUIS Lopez

I don't see why hachiman can have both yui and yukino I can't imagine them argue,I could be a 3 way marriage

Gecko Luffy

sakura vs hinata are u out of your mind
hinata is queen
sakura is shit

American Alligator

Waifu: Hi there cutie ?

Me: Will you stop calling me that?

Waifu: Why?

Me: Cus I goddamn said so.

Other gators: ooooooooooooooo

Alexis Aguilar

Rei will always be love and if shinji gets into rei plz it'll make me cry because I love both rei and shinji being together.

Sunshiny ! • 20 years ago

Im a person, if i see anime i click


What about Rias vs. Akeno? How was that not in the top 10? I’ve never heard of number 9 that shouldn’t have been on the list and instead Rias and Akeno.


I personally hate Emilia sortakinda


I see saber
I click

Afiq Irfan

Sadly Merlin r*ped Saber and they got Mordred already ;-;

Fuck Merlin

Shinji kaminari

7:03 i will break your nico nico kneecaps


There is an alternate ending to UBW, where shirou gets both Rin and Saber. that's definitely the best ending for almost everyone well except for Illya and Sakura...

Michael Spencer

#10. Zero Two vs. Ichigo : is that even a debate?
#9. Yukino vs. Yui : TEAM YUI!
#8. Kagome vs. Kikyo: can't say, I haven't seen inuyasha YET
#7. Rukia vs. Orihime : YORUICHI!!!
#6. Chitoge vs. Onodera: TSUGUMI!!!
#5. Idol Free for All! : Nico kinda cute but I ain't into lolis and I don't know the others so, can't say
#4. Sakura vs. Hinata: How DARE you put my precious Hinata against that worthless (useless) trash can?!
#3. Rem vs. Emilia: Haven't watched Re:zero YET
#2. Saber vs. Rin vs. Sakura: OFF COURSE SAKURA, even more after having seen Heaven's Feel, and for fuck's sake PLEASE stop pronouncing her name as "suckura"!!!
#1. Rei vs Asuka: MISATO!!!


I'm surprised that there was no honorable mentions.

CPhT Fluke

The True Waifu War of the Fate franchise is fought in Hollow Ataraxia. Saber vs Rin vs Sakura vs Saber Alter vs Rider vs Sakura & Rider. And I chose my side long ago. EXCALIBUR MORGAN!


Lol No.1 is No.10 on a shit ton of steroids

Fernando De Carlos Malcher

sakura is best girl...

from fate FIGHT ME

Michael Lie

Don't ruin your marriage. For God's sake, don't destroy the relationships

Mr Human

If your Mormon there is no war

jeremy DM

how do i watch fate series?

Black Demon

sakura vs hinata
sasuke wins

Bryan David

'zero: starting life in another world' was by far the painful anime i had to watch because of the the suffering the protagonist had to face. after watch that anime i am still hesitant to watch isekai anime

SomebadCandy 933

that moment when the best waifu war is between 2 14 year olds. TO BE FAIR they are like 30 in the rebuild series

midget spinner

“Ruikia vs Orihime”
laughs in Yoruichi

Adeeb Ansari K

Something is rising and it’s not the shield hero

Ricmar Goroy

Hard to think that this all waifus are made by guys or let just say people with imaginary waifu sugui deau?


Hinata is better than zero two

Not Shadow

Onodera is best waifu :)
She has Key
Mom Approve
Child Hood Friend
Like Each Other
Both can make food

Ariel Malsi Real

What’s An Waifu Wars?

Never Heard Of Them...


Yukino is the best for Hachiman.
Rem is the best for Subaru.


lets be honest. if you are a ichigo guy please dont watch anime


Where is Rias and Akeno??


People still believing that Emilia will stay the same until rem wakes up after 2 seasons are going it get fu*ked in the a* as cour-2 airs. LMFAO, dumba**es think that rem is going to somehow end up with Subaru in the end. These people should step out of their imaginary lands and accept reality until it's too late for them. ????

Kyle Nunes


アス カ


Pyrandom Gaming

Ofc darling in the franxx.Why not, I already knew it would be in.

Sad Light

I might late one year.

But i want to say this... I love Emilia.


onodera vs chitoge?

Anfal Sami

She elf? Shelf holy shit subaru likes shelf

Kevin Hone

Yeah seriously how could Subaru fall in love Emilia when she doesn't know anything about love and only Rem does? Rem is the one he should end up with?!!!

Jacob Arok

This bloody vid spoilt darling in the franxx for me
Don't even wanna watch it anymorw

Himejima Akeno

saber vs rin vs sakura huh never made the hardest decision in my life but saber


Other anime: One or two sides for who is best girl

Oregairu: Basically every female character is best girl.

Zero Losses

One question who is better
Comments for Amelia
Like for Rem


Naruto married Hinata ... END OF STORY!!!!

Ariel Malsi Real

[Eats Popcorn Like I Don’t Care Manipulate Mind Games Activate] Yeah Sure.

Diet coke_ _

Where monogatari gang at? ? Rise up

V Ng

There is also Hina vs Rui in Domestic Girlfriend, and Asuna vs Alice in SAO.

Muhammad Dzariyat

no Senjougahara vs Hanekawa? hmmm very weird


5:58 episode???


I think Rent a girlfriend will have a heated waifu war

Emmanuel Alejandro

Im a simple person who sees any Evangelion so i'll click on it.

Ferre Geirnaert

2:40 : im a yui fan while i know there are also yukinon fans but yui wins for me

Bunny Senpai

Rin 4ever ?

Demonic Dingleberry

Where the fuck is gasper vs koneko


These guys are fake. They forgot speedwagon


Kind of sad to see The World God Only Knows didn’t make the cut. I thought almost every girl in that show was great and found myself constantly switching back and forth on who I thought he should’ve ended with.


Nisekoi is multiple waifu wars

124 Cuck



Rui vs Hina from Domestic Girlfriend
Or Lucy and the other bitch from elven lied in a lesser extend


Really... Having Saber vs. Rin vs. Sakura is a bit redundant, due to Fate/stay night having it's three routes, having a different love interest for each route. Just saying


Rei = Too cold
Asuka = Too hot

Misato = Just right


ill dub lol


why are the anime in dub???????

Mass 91

there is only 5 waifus here ( Rem Zero two Saber Rin Hinata )
is sakura and orihime ichigo yukino and yui a waifus ??! come on

aymen kun

pffft rin and saber arent waifus

astolfo is though


You forgot

Speedwagon vs Dio

Code the best mega man

Imagine liking Ichigo more than Zero Two.

Big Toenails • 9 years ago

Rem ain't even trying tbh. She gave up but kinda didnt at the same time



Wai fu

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Sumi-chan is the cute introverted waifu we all want

1 370 631 views | 18 Sep. 2020

I do not own any of these

I do not own any of these clips

Rent-a-Girlfriend - Episode 11 - English Subbed

Kanojo, Okarishimasu - Episode 11 - English Subbed

Sumi Sakurasawa

Kazuya chizuru cute funny romantic ship moment compilation

lundun squad


sumi-chan: also nervous

kazuya:no this is not how u suppose to play the game

Theodore Liu

Sumi forgot how to japanese

V Flower

Owuh jesus, I'm a female and I can confirm even I want this waifu..

lémœn bær

That's social anxiety not introversion ???


What’s the anime called


that would be very exhausting having a gf like her, she's cute though but maybe more like a best/good friend^^

Handsome Rat


Daily Cow Milk

Everything went swell, until fucking Mami appeared


I need a season 2!

Ha Hu

Poor dog I liked my own commet how sad.

Aji Gilang

What's the tittle of theese anime ?

Josuke Higashikata

Why does Sumi remind me of Tsumugi Kotobuki??

تبق وبي

Name of this Anime?


Help im dying

_ jacogtestadizucca _


Lydia Lutu

I like the fact that they both just ignored that Sumi just got a strike-

dyllin n


Thomas S.

detected simp
the guy writing this

and the guy reading this


i had a gf like that, with trust is the most toxic type of girlfriend xd

Wanterof Justice

Cuteness overload!

David Rabago

what anime is this it funny

Klo Star

People are attracted to this level of social awkwardness..? this aint even Moe



Jason's Soul

Please end my suffering for how cute this is.


Might only watch the show for her ngl



Angel Oop



Hell nah, eww ??, she is highkey cringe


Sumi's voice actor gets paid to say:
"ah ah ah"

Ba Tra

Maaf ya allah hamba liat ini.Kisslovely!!!


Im an introvert but even i would tell her "WHAT? I CANT HEAR YOU"

jerico jim de guzman

i want to spend money rent girlfriend for her... but the problem is... she doesn't exist lol... ???


Ye, ye, everyone is introverted, until you see their browsing history... weirdos.


I need her.


Man, she's basic. ?


What is the anime plz


Saudades, tomare que chegue a 2 ° temporada logo, porque quero ver o drama kkkkk



Thomas Sam-Otuh

Sometimes , to me , some anime girls just look too cute , that it starts to get annoying ,and I feel like shotgunning her face

Celestial Setsuna

i wanna kiss her in the lips edit: EYO WAT THE FUCK me: gets 1m likes OH FUCK IM DEAD MY WISH WILL COME TRUE

美羽 Mayonaka

I'm also a girl and a introvert but everyone just hates me.I wish I was in a anime, maybe then I would be luckier :,(

NomNom Not a yandare

I’m like why does this goofy dude get all these girls but then I relize anime and I’m sad

ahmed alrkabe

What is the name of the anime?

Banana TV

Anime name : /

XSZ_ ghost

I'm introvert as well


she's like nezuko but she can talk

Cloud Evens

What anime is this

Peephole '-'

I knew you where watching this foolish cartoons son.. Its time for you to grow up. I and your mother are having an devorce


It's cute

Nijimura Okuyasu

Everybody talking about who is better ruka or chizuru
laughs in introvert

Cat Fish

I don’t watch anime..... I now watch anime

Hu No

Roses are red violets are blue if you give a like God will forgive you 0:22xx.

Solgaleo Animatz

So cute


I don't give a shit about the other girls in this anime, Sumi-chan best girl


shes the CUTEST

Issei Hyoudou

Ok I'm showing her to my mom I'm getting married

Animal crossing fan -Bob

Sumi-chan:(tries to bowling ball)

Bowling ball:oh so you have chosen death

Vegito Son

Me who doesn't give this show a hope and somehow click it after seeing the girl:

Jonathan Monroy


Certified Dinosaur C

My bi ass: I love women

Kombat Killerz

OMG shes adorable


tbh honest i thought she was gonna fall down the stairs.

Hu No

I need boy friend

for yt

w h y ;-;

Shyrkhan Musa

Wt heck i want semi to be my pillow shes so cute like super cute

Jonette •

We all want? yes. We all need? yes.


how did I get here?

Celestial Setsuna

im gonna blush for the entire year until 2021 ends


I'm introverted but not THAT much introverted


That smile at the end gave me a nose bleed from how cute Sumi is


If I had an introverted girl/friend, I'd make her feel like I'm a nice guy. That's who I am ಠ ͜ʖ ಠ

tamar tsertsvadze

When Hinata See Naruto In First Time

Gabriel Hii

What anime is this ??


People again not knowing what being introverted really is

Daniel Finch

Ah what a wholesome anime.
What a shame it would be if this was Rent-a-girlfriend or something similiar. hahaha.
* looks in description*

Alexis Garcia-Marquez

Feels bad don’t it?

Brahmantio Hanif

in Javanese:

"Kazuya-kun, matane!"


Zanzox _

Most introverts actually prefer extroverts


Best Woman 2020

Sakib Sheikh

Tell me the anime name

Nick Kolosionis

This girl just makes every guy show their cute side and do dumb little things to have fun. She's such a baka and I love it

House Phone

Tbh irl you wouldnt want to date a girl like this. Maybe as a teen yea but definitely not as an adult

monday Nice

Хорошо??? anything else??

edogawaconan wada


V3rmillion Stella

kazuya sounds like kazuma from konosuba
change my mind


Sumi chan is the reincarnation of my entire existence but in anime


What anime is that?

im so lost

why the fucking hell did i watch that


Is male

Tran Trong Thang

"something is rising, and it's not the shield hero."

Donald Ba30s

Anime name?

This Is boring

All the girls from rent a gf are trash but tbh mami is the best out of them


Crazy lad about to bite into his ice cream 1:12

Zovyn Rei

Joke's on you, I'm Too-Shy-To-Leave-the-House Waifu

To Bi


collynd. Yezkiel

I eat donuts
Im not a cop
Im a citizen i like corn

*H*A*P*P* Y*

0:53 bruh who else read it as
"is this your first time blowing-"


Down to Earth fan

Layla, Mew, Sumi Chan...

apenas um desenhista e só

everything is forced

except for smile practicing, i really don't know how to smile if i'm not laughing