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Hill Climb Racing 2 - 10 000m with RALLY in BACKWATER BOG

11 752 views | 6 Dec. 2020

hill climb racing

hill climb racing 2

I'm gonna start doing adventure in hill climb racing 2, in the 11 episode i got 10km using Rally (wings, coin boost, magnet) in Backwater Bog ;)

Difficulty 2 ⭐ out of 7

Ep 01 : Rotator in Forest https://youtu.be/9NFeHro4K8o

Ep 02 : Tank in Desert Valley https://youtu.be/qu3E8u4aTtE

Ep 03 : Rotator in Mines https://youtu.be/kjTw1jZtysY

Ep 04 : Rotator in Rustbucket Reef https://youtu.be/LD3nD2n6pCI

Ep 05 : Racing Truck in Mines https://youtu.be/r6Xm45fG3pQ

Ep 06 : Rotator in Desert Valley https://youtu.be/N7XD4ZAeNfw

Ep 07 : Tank in Mines https://youtu.be/u6aLgYHV75o

Ep 08 : Rally in Mountain https://youtu.be/yuEEe80RJV8

Ep 09 : Rally in Mines https://youtu.be/MgO-9RtLyIU

Ep 10 : Superbike in Desert Valley https://youtu.be/iLpShSrzubA

Drop a like, comment and share if you enjoy my gameplay ;)

#HillClimbRacing2 #Gameplay #Racing

✔️ Join My Discord : https://discord.gg/WE4nDNf

✔️ Subscribe : https://www.youtube.com/channAel/UCgTGClVoHLQ5l01T5UzYWDg?sub_confirmation=1

✔️ Instagram : https://www.instagram.com/iooi.hcr2/

✔️ Facebook : https://fb.me/ioandoi

✔️ All Music From : https://www.youtube.com/c/NoCopyrightSounds

✔️ About This Game : It's the well known Hill Climb Racing Saga

hcr2 Bernd

Nice Bro

ArasArson YT

I Have 8000 m in this map

Ryken Martin

This makes me feel like a noob ;-;


Кто русский - лайк


And nice




First or second ??

Nishant hcr 2

Nice record bro


i just got this track

Emir Alp

Backwater NOG

Sameer Masurkar Roll no.47

You are very close to fule but still you got out of fule


My highest backwater bog
1.10,721m rally car
2.monster truck 10,624m
3.superbike 10,573m
4.racing truck 10,423
5.rotator 10,271
The is my records

George CM

What was your hardest challenge Io & oI ?

Sameer Masurkar Roll no.47

Here's a tip whenever your pedals got stuck just pause the game and again resume it

Varun HCR2


Chava ARZ

Hello players and friends, I am recruiting players for my team, his name is Shakalez Mx, I sincerely hope that you support me and that if any of you could help me by joining my team, thank you very much in advance and I await you friends with open arms, a greeting.


Join my brother team. team name RACERS WORLD

ElephantEddy Gaming

those behind the scenes tho


DJ Khaled : Another One

Manjula Manish

What is your team name?

alex sun

good job bro.

Kanwardeep Singh

0:57 Backwater Nog ?

Artem GTA

My record 14905m

Milos Grujanac

Is tomorrow first Christmas public event?

Tristan Naicker

Part levels

Adhurim Gaming

Name for thesse adventures: Io Adventures


I love your videos

Mohit Sharma

Who came from from discord notification is the real legend ?


It not that hard I do 13000


Make 10k in Beach with hot rot


I have io & ok in my hcr2 name

Jayden Marcus Bayan



0:13 we all f*cking know this feeling

Alef Araújo de souza



nice gameplay mate.



i cant wait for coin boost on my rally

Sushma Jadhav

Next patchwork plant plz

Shalini mishra

Bro I did it ?

kleine r0si

I made 10k with Superdiesel with trusters on it.

Krishna Krishna

Best video
In hindi- अच्छा है

Szymonn Minecraft

Where is a free offer?

N singh

Can I use overcharged turbo instead of coin boost because I don't have it?
Btw nice gameplay ??

Armand Craioveanu

Wich is better rally car or super bike

Dark Potato

0:54 aaaaaah, that sucks.

Irgi X Blitz

0:20 That Feels like UGGHH

I almost angry about that too

Rudraksh Kumar

0:53 I know this feeling ????

Aggelos Michail

Have made 17k kms with diesel ?

Ujwala Shivgan

First view, first like, first comment ????❤️???

Elkabli Abdou

For me its easy mission

Pappy Dad


Haider Production


y0u7ub3r YT

Do u know vereshchack in real life?

Madhawi Singh



Op bro bigfan love from india


Backwather bog is an hardest map for records

subham rana

Is the adventure difficulty level 2 out 0f 7 in every distance?
Or you forgot to edit them?

Adarsh kumar roll 63

ᴡʜy yᴏᴜ ᴄʜᴀɴɢᴇ yᴏᴜʀ ᴄᴏᴜɴᴛʀy

sugali vasuramnaik

I did 7k the i lost :(
Nice video io :)

Anant Singh Dhaliwal

I m the 1st yesss

Alden Pierce

lol it said backwater nog

Tristan Naicker

I did 11km with super diesel then I restarted the game thinking i was gonna get that distance bonas again. I and couldn't get that 11km again. Need to keep trying


Behind the scenes, nice!
0:53 damn, that hurts....
Nice record!
You could do way more if you didn't die on purpose....

Franek Franek

0:55 backwater nog
me: Yeah makes totally sence ???


Subscribe me


0:56 Backwater nog

Ojas Agarwal

I want superdiesel run in Backwater bog ?


0:14 I only got 11km with bus becaus this bug ;-; i am very sad


Join my brother team my brother team name is RACERS WORLD 0 POINT TEAM

Vicky Baroud

Dude how can you do that much kms with a rallycar ?? i can only do 1 km with it.????

[CK] Flyinpigeon

He said the mud pit with mud ?. And also said the piy with mud

07 & 70


Sampa Majumder

My record is 2km?


0:55 you are the real legend lol, why didnt you edit this, new map ??? Backwater nog. Difficulty only 2??? R.I.P.

OnionLeaf - Games,Vlogs


Cire Bayobay

I’m first io & oi Pls upgrade you cars :) stay safe bye

Renan Alves Dos Santos

Nice like


WTF?IM IN YOUR VIDEO(9:47,7th place)?Try next time with superdiesel.I easiely get 20k at first try

Максим Мазур

0:13 i have this bug too

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MGO 2vs2 #1

25 views | 20 Jan. 2014

Blue Lady + Dark Girl vs

Blue Lady + Dark Girl vs x-Raizo + Gorra

Blue Lady = sead44 ;)

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Cryptocurrency and Gaming | 500 Games to Accept Altcoin MGO as Payment

203 views | 25 Oct. 2018

Hello and welcome to my

Hello and welcome to my variety channel, in this video I will be discussing and article I found on Cointelegraph, which talks all about how the Altcoin cryptocurrency MobileGo will be accepted by 500 games. That is pretty awesome news! I can't wait to see how it plays out. Gamers and Crypto make up for a perfect marriage I think.

Make sure to subscribe to my channel for a variety of videos, including cryptocurrency news, creative date ideas, board game reviews, and much more! :)

You can find the article here:


I am not a financial advisor, so make sure to do your own research whenever deciding to invest in crypto.

You can find my cooking channel here:


You can learn more about my favorite cryptocurrency, DeepOnion, here:


Chocho Rk



Great video with plenty of useful information! DeepOnion is hot too!

DeepOnion ByKardinal

Great news. my favorite game - world of tanks. I dont really often use donate system, but if they will accept crypto, i would donate much often.

дмитрий чечулин

interesting video material
thank you for your work

Lydia April

Not a big gamer but I hope these cryptos pick up so I could get my Lambo ?

Dog Lover

Great video, this will help give more awareness to crypto’s ?

Khanh Nguyen

ONION we have a good future here

rundll 32

Cryptocurrencies are here to stay, that's for sure. It is only a matter of time until it spreads across various facets of our life.

Genesis Network

Great video, Matt. Love the beard, lookin sharp!


Great video! Gamers will definitely loved this.

Matt Taylor Variety

Thanks for watching everyone. :) I hope to do more of these kinds of vids in the future.

Rashid pk

Great video

Toàn Ken

I love DeepOnion !!!

Maxim Kostylnikov

"Gamers and Crypto make up for a perfect marriage..." - It would be strange if these two did not find each other :)

kevin kelly

One more in a growing line of awesome and informative videos.

Eric zhou

The combination of cryptocurrency and games is the perfect match.


Excellent work Matt, thank you for sharing this information

crypto pk

Great news and good job