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Stardew Valley Mid Game Tips & Tricks! - INTERMEDIATE GUIDE!

178 931 views | 23 Feb. 2017


► 10 INTERMEDIATE TIPS GUIDE! An Helpful Guide for you people who are past the beginner stage in Stardew Valley! And are maybe in your 2/3 year? These tips and tricks will help you proceed from Here! Hope you enjoy the video!




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? Blog: https://www.stardewvalley.net/blog/

? Wiki: https://stardewvalleywiki.com/Stardew...

? Mods: https://www.nexusmods.com/stardewvall...


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Mamabird Duarte

Excellent! Your channel is my favorite. Soooo much info. And it keeps me from calling or texting my son as much for info. This game has helped me get through my mothers passing. I just love to escape to my little world daily. <3

KEii P

winter 26 of my first year and i just figured how to build a gate lol


I am always wondering how people are so creative when it comes to decorating their farm/houses in games. I just put everything next to each other in and ugly way or leave empty space. I just cant think of a good, symmetrical way to place them :(

Chastney Zoe Trinidad

Year 5

Chris and Shana

I am currently in Summer, have 5,000 gold and working on upgrading my second tool, In late summer. I am glad I found your videos and am so thankful.

john Taylor

I'm just plodding on making my wine and wooing Leah.

epic gamer

Is it better to do your responsibilities before anything else and at the start of the day or at the end of the day?

Gajeel Redfox

It's annoying seeing great channels that don't get as much recognition as others

Samantha Potter

tee grizzley

FlamePanzer 1

Day 1 of Winter, Year Two

Reanna Phillips

I started a new farm 3 days ago and I'm only in my first winter but seeing how far I've gotta get makes me wanna cry >.<

You Must Be Bored.

Barns, sheds and coups are Like the tardis. They’re much bigger on the inside.


3:09 why do you still have the regular sythe? I'm only in my second year and I have golden scythe. (You don't upgrade it you take it from the grim reaper statue in the cave at the quarry)

I'm a person Right?

Ya because getting a anicent seed packet for 500 is expensive

Kaylin Does Gacha

I'm in year 6

Sleepy Shark

I know I’m a little late but I just picked Stardew back up and I have 1,000,000g at the end of Year 3

Isaac Lin

I was in the end game and I thought I wasn’t even close to the end game

Arvensis Andromeda

I don't really think I want a farm that requires that much of me personally. I like to enjoy small gardening plots but I definitely think this video shed some light on what I should do if I ever want to expand :D


As hilltop farm year 2 or 3 you'll be focusing more on mining I'm rich if I sold those557 refined quartz and buy a 3 sheds on this new farm which is on year 2. Only reason why you do not sell those yet so you won't be using money all willy nilly, like say buying the catalogue at Robin's or calendar.

PowerLifting 101

Put around a fence for your pigs so you don't have to look far for your truffles

Mrcreeperfun Gaming

In in early summer year 2

Pixelated Playing

He sounds like Morgz :/

Luke Wright

Year 7, winter

That one friend that’s drowning in fandoms.

Day 12 of fall year 3! Who else is in year three!?


Along with upgraded barns/coop for auto feed, invest in the auto milk/sheer machine. Marnie will sell it for 2500 (I forget what triggers her having it, but there will be an advert letter for it) or you can sometimes find it in the Skull Cavern. You won't get the love from your animals like you would when you milk them, but at a certain point that stops mattering.

Steve Hartkopf

Stardew Valley knows... coffee is great!!!!

Br uH


tam smi

binging with babish


I'm in year 190


I'm at Year 2, and I am almost done with the community center. I really love your videos, I've been watching them since I bought the game some weeks ago. Keep it up! ?


Anyone else think of Jacksepticeye when he said, "Speed is key" ?


I'm in Year 3, and even your beginner tips are very helpful! Glad to see there are still people who love Stardew Valley, even though it's "aging". I like to think it's aging like fine wine. :)

Henrique Vargas

Im in the fall of year 2 and the only item missing in the community center is the rabbit's foot. Half of my farm is occupied with grass so i never have problems with hay. I just unlocked the greenhouse and the skull cavern, so i desperatly need iridium to craft iridium sprinklers.
For me, the most boring things in this game are watering crops and taking care of animals.

Anuva Maloo

Tips start at 1:15

Adam Newe

I'm in spring year 2 I have 12 24 tiled gardening plots. Two fully upgraded barns. Sewer Access Skull Cavern Access I'm close to marrying Maru I have the quarry unlocked. I have reached 120 in the mines. I have a greenhouse of ancient fruit cranberries and coffee as well as fruit trees. I have an upgraded house and gold tools as well as 2 Dino's and 2 void chickens and other animals except pigs. Community center is almost done I'm just waiting for apples and red cabbage which is almost done growing in the greenhouse.

David Skipp

Are you Torvesta?

xavier bacon

Thank you this helped me so much!

Jazz Gabrielle

I'm in the middle of Spring Year 2! Trying to get those Community Center bundles filled out, didn't realize how important they were when I was starting out in Spring 1

A Mills

I am making a stardew valley guide and I'm using your beginning, intermediate and endgame guide videos and I will give you credit ?

James Parker

Loving the stardew valley videos. New subscriber


excellent tips. coffee? never thought of it. now i'm growing coffee. :)

Christy Tina

Coffee is also a liked gift for everyone but Vincent and Jas. Harvey loves it. I have a section of my farm for it every spring and summer.

Daden Collicott

I just got through my first year and have made over half a million with coffee, cheese, and mayonnaise


How to grow the fastest in stardew valley: be grass

Luckygamer _125

I can’t tell you my year cuz I have 4 accounts


Winters a 'chilled' season




I'm almost in my 3rd year. These tips were spot on!

Kitt Mouri

Great video. I am just finishing year 2. I still have a bunch to do and learn, though.


Well I’m in Winter, Day 10, 3rd Year

heather gray

jodi when i’m in my 8th year & i still haven’t given her a cauliflower: ???

Elliot Newman

Year 2

Christopher Stokes

Yo , what a youtuber!!! I've just got this and I'm day 12 winter year one(On switch) where is the secret woods?And what's to be done in winter it's so so boring


I've Been watching your Video for a While now but never subbed, but I've noticed that after watching your Vids, I finished the game on Year 3 and I've progressed a lot. So it's about time I Subbed to you, great Vid and you've earned my Approval.


Are you still making videos? I know its an old game...

Rebecca Janis

Year 4. Thanks for the tips.


year 1

Bethany Grombly


Xiomara Gonzalez

2 year, day 7. This is great I just need a duck eggs now, for the community center. Love the tips, were helpful. ?

Chad Pinion

1 almost 2

Tobiah Collins

year three.

Ralph Emerson Dela Cruz

just started last weekend, trying to get as many guides as I can. currently on my first fall of the year.

Carrie Johnson

Would you be willing to do another play through? It would be neat to see you play through it again.


I am on my second year


Ugh second year? Im not even close to this level. Here I was just enjoying the game, I didnt realize I sucked until now


When the guide says to finish the community center when I did joja


Almost year 4 here

Sany Suny

What madman covers their exterior grounds with wooden floor?


My first file I've gotten to 4th year and the current one I'm playing I just got into my 3rd year


I've been playing just since Christmas, and I'm just starting my 4th year. Thank you for the tip on the traveling sales wagon. For some reason, I thought it was only there on Fridays. Now I can get even more good stuff! The one thing I'm bad at is fishing. Any tips? I still only have the bamboo pole and small green bar. So frustrating. (I'm using keyboard + mouse on a laptop)

The Glitched Gamer

Shark: she sells rare items

Scrolls past parsnip seeds


4th year

Jacob Griffin

Year 2 fall

Danny Silva

Great video mate! very helpful! also Im very jealous of how neat your farm looks!!

Nathan Daniel Destanta Suck

Year 1 yeah Year 1


I do agree with truffles being a big money maker. But truffle oil doesn't make you as much as iridium quality unprocessed truffles from the botanist profession. By this stage ur foraging (and for that matter your other skills) should be maxed.


Im in year 2 beginning of summer never got the quality crops bundle and fall bundle done the first time around XD


I’m at year 3 and I will tell you now.

the first day of spring is painful.

A Few Of My Own Tips:

Tip 1: Clear Debree

First Day, It is ACTUALLY stressful, There is debree EVERYWHERE, Your animals are already eating all of their grass provided and you have to get started on the crops. I suggest IMMEDIATELY, The second you step out of bed. Run outside with your sword/scythe and run to the chest that supplies your wood and craft TONS of fences, You will find if you use fences for orchards, plants ect. At least two fences will be broken, AT LEAST. I remember waking up and stepping outside as if it was still winter. Then standing in SHOCK at what a mess my farm was. You gotta sprint outside and fix whatever you see.

Tip 2: Use the Winter Market as an advantage-

While your in winter, The winter market will be going on for three days on each of those three days there will be this boat to the right of the market, It will have a parrot on top of it, Go to it on each night. The first night will have Spring Seeds, Stock up on those! It will be extremely helpful for spring the next year. You won’t have the pressure of getting everything done before Pierre shuts. Now it may seem slightly over reactive that it’s gonna take a whole day to get every done. But trust me. On my first day of my third year I took until 5 to get everything right.

Tip 3: Don’t forget about anyone! / Research!

On Year Three/Two, You would’ve gotten to know everyone pretty decently, the thing is, every time you don’t talk to someone you lose 2- friendship points, it’s pretty easy to forget about them or hard to find them, I think it’s always a good idea, In your free time when your not playing Stardew valley or if you are, just close the tab- (DON’T FORGET TO PAUSE IT!) (By the way you gotta go to options then scroll down until you get to this ‘Windows’ thing, then get selecting each ‘Windows’ option until you get the option to close the tab without exiting the game,) Then just type up the persons name and simply add ‘Stardew’ at the end, then research and get their schedule stuck in your head! (Also! Buy a calendar from Robins shop so you don’t have to keep running to Pierres to check what’s on today!)

OwO hope this was helpful (lOl)

A Weird Kid_ That’s Normal

Me sprint mods it’s the fastest thing I saw in Stardew valley Problem it make ur crops invisible and grass if it’s grass say goodbye if it’s crops use syche

TNG Gaming

without a doubt the most indepth simple game there is i thought it was gonna be terraria levels of complexity but it's so much more

Josh Kavathas

Tips start at 1:20, before that is just intro and obvious bs/ begging for subscribers. These videos would be miles better if you don't ask people to like or subscribe. If you make good content you'll get views, which is what matters. Engagement goes down when everyone's skipping through the start of the video. Next time just get right to the content everyone clicked on the link to see

c wolfrom

I’m in year 5


I subbed

Caitlyn Phillips

Thank you for showing me helpful tips

Kirstyn Kelly

Year 3!


2018 and i always thought stardew valley was an eh game. but people said if you've played harvest moon, that you'd like it. And they were right! Stardew Valley is really fun!


I'm playin the android version ^-^

Kathryn Landes

dave chappelle


In winter i go mining


Don’t waste winter! You can in fact farm winter seed crops, but you’re better off mining to get resources for tool upgrades. They’ll prove very useful later


Dang that’s some good coffee , it’s so good it affects the horse.

O Mays

So fucking annoying when awesome YouTuber aren’t that big! I hate It (I don’t curse ok) it’s just that it’s awful!

Compact Celsius

I am a huge stardew valley fan like yourself

Gyri Tokerud

Im currently in year 2

Mohamed Sharaf

Great video and content keep it up mate ?

Txr0se21 Lori

I know most peeps have probably played Stardew Valley a ton and have moved on. I just discovered it recently and now have it on Pc and Ps4. Absolutely Love this game! Thank you for all your helpful videos for us new peeps! =)

꧁WolfSky Subliminals꧂

I'm on year 8 and this dude is more late game then me. Dang.

Tukang Mijon

btw.. truffle oil is cheaper than truffle with iridium quality

Thanh Godinez

I'm on my 3rd year and I amd not advanced! I thought I was but I barely make more than $50,000 and I married and have one child but only have a simple barn and coop. What am I doing wrong?!!!

Alex Ale

I’m so glad I found an intermediate guide, because I’ve been watching all these beginner and endgame videos with nothing in the middle; but now there is this video that I found and I’m happy

Stable stardew valley

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Stardew Valley - #76 - Horseback Riding!

2 970 views | 11 May. 2017

Price checks out the

Price checks out the Luau, ages some foods and Robin finally finishes the stable so we can ride around on horseback!

►Did you miss an episode? Check out the playlist: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z9LP_IEE6gI&index=1&list=PLDb3m8xqduQOtjWuoYyMQZnw45tvSlAJU

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●Stumpt Gamers: PO Box 83914, PORTLAND OR 97283

Find out more about this game here: http://stardewvalley.net/


Price, just to let you know, I think that coffee plus horse makes you even faster; said half way of episode

Jen & Todd Young

Price the crab pots are full when you see the lines in them that looks like the bait


Yes Look For a Pig Mount Mod And Name Him Snuffles

nike Jensen

Ride a pig!!!


Harvey making a pass at your wife! My husband is a cheeky man!


Coffee + horse = super speedy caffeine horse

Jeffrey Wygle

PRICE I you get a strange cucumber and go above the black smith there should be a little fenced area.there is appending on the right of the fence! Go in there and there should be a box! Put the strange cucumber in there and you'll get something weird. When you get it put it with pinky lemon! Pls like so he sees this!

Eliza Szkotak

Pls add bear mount it's so cute

Connor Chin-Quee

Yeah, I'd be down for a modded horse skin. Just make sure it's a good one and after a lil bit of riding the normal horse ?


Gordon need somebody

Krazy Faith

Hey Price, I just started watch your Stardew Valley Videos, and I hope you see this comments so I can tell you should move your chest in the barn to the door so you don't have to walk to the other end of it.


Hi Price! Firstly, loving the horse :) Secondly, can you get Gordon a buddy pig? I feel he is lonely. Thirdly, you should be able to get a good amount of iron at the quarry as you haven't been there for ages

Eliza Szkotak

Price for Shane's event you have to make sure shane is home before you enter marnies place


I'm personally a big fan of games and other media handling serious topics. It's not for everyone, but awareness is important and it could even make a meaningful contribution to the depth of the story. Unfortunately, I think that Corneredape only really scratched the surface. I can tell he tried and means well, but it feels like he inserted a shallow stereotype and called it a day. For example, and you probably know this, PTSD goes much deeper than just getting spooked by anything that sounds vaguely like an explosion; it can completely overturn the way a person thinks, even when (sometimes especially when) their surroundings are calm. Then again, it's still a cartoony video game, can't stray too far from the happy atmosphere.


I'd spend my first million on a Statue of Endless Fortune, sold by the guy in the casino. I don't know if you want me to spoil what it does but trust me it is awesome and really helpful with certain aspects of the game.

Henrique de Mattos

Put a gold cabbage in the soup and you get the best result Price. Nice episode btw


OOooooOOOh, Maru wore her nurse outfit to bed for you! Price, you sly dog! ;)

Pen Name

According to the Stardew Valley Wiki, these are the best things to put in the soup

Best Response
“ “Oh my... that's the best soup I've ever tasted!”
— Governor
The player earns 120 friendship points with the villagers if any of these items are used.

Quality Eligible Items
Normal Normal quality items are not eligible.
Silver Crimsonfish • Ice Pip • Lava Eel • Legend • Starfruit
Gold/Iridium Angler • Artichoke • Catfish • Cauliflower • Chanterelle • Cheese • Crimsonfish • Fairy Rose • Glacierfish • Goat Cheese • Ice Pip • Goat Milk • Large Goat Milk • Large Milk • Lava Eel • Legend • Mead • Melon • Mutant Carp • Pale Ale • Purple Mushroom • Red Cabbage • Starfruit • Sturgeon • Super Cucumber • Truffle • Wine (except Salmonberry and Blueberry Wine) • Yam


Birthdays the beginning looks awesome. And I'd love to see ya play it dude!


Hey Price. Since you seem to keep missing it, I'll say it again. LIGHTNING RODS HAVE INFINITE RANGE. It doesn't matter where you place them. Set them down where you see them (so you get the batteries sooner) or where you think they look aesthetically pleasing. "DON'T WORRY ABOUT COVERING AREAS", because that's not how they work. Sorry for the aggressive caps, I want to make sure you read it this time.

Also, it's too late now, but I looked up how the potluck mechanics work. Apparently peppers were an unfortunate choice, you could've earned a lot of karma with everyone if you put in the truffle or some good cheese, like I did one time. Did you know you can actually poison the governor? It's terrible for your reputation, but pretty funny.

I actually got the same glitch with Maru after the festival. I think it has something to do with the game skipping over the time she normally gets off work. I like to pretend she's roleplaying or something, don't judge me.

train man 844

price please name the baby fred my dog fred died recently and it would mean a lot to me

Aden Sheingold

price normal, silver, and gold quality items can be prematurely removed from a cask at any time by striking the cask with an Axe, Hoe, or Pickaxe. Their is also a great chart on the Stardew valley wiki which show the ageing times for different items and it show the price change of idems.

Long Live The Loner

Don't get the return staff get a luck o fortune statue they give you either: diamonds, iridium bars or an omni geo and on b-days it gives you that persons favorite item

Måns Kindblom

do you ride faster with your horse if you drink coffee?

Unseen Assassin

can you play kingdoms and castls pls


You also have the mill you can build. Maybe not as fun, but it's something new.

Velociraptor & Co.

I did a red cabbage and he said it was pretty good

Max Dinkelberg

I stopped the video and came back later, and the first thing I hear is price saying in a really low voice "krobus"

Magnolia the witch

I agree about the part with Ptsd. Doesn't always come from war. Thinking something could be as horrible as war, it's really sad. This game puts little details that just get me simply like that!!

(tw: abuse mention.)

I know someone with COMPLEX-PTSD and at some points they are barely surviving in general and yes it is very very rough to witness. The worst part is the surrounding of that person, when you don't get good support and very good friends, and family it would never help. These people need the most careful and soft care in the world but then again it is not my life and they've already told me to just be supportive and not worried. Something always makes me so mad: when ableists believe abuse is no such a big matter while it is, it's probably as traumatizing as war and people doesn't seem to realize.


that moment at 2:04 when evelyn gets to be 40 years younger for a moment :D

Stable stardew valley

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Stardew Valley Farm Tour & Decorating Tips

434 626 views | 16 Jun. 2016

I will give you a Stardew

I will give you a Stardew Valley Farm Tour and offer decorating tips along the way. I will show you everything as it currently is on my farm during Spring Year 5 including fully upgraded animal coops, barn, slime hutch, tree tapper farm, iridium sprinkler farm, bee house farm, and more!


I named my cat Cheeto too ?

Isabelle Shirey

Love it


Your farm is awesome


I’m in year 5 but there was a solid 2 years where my game would NIT let me plant ANYTHING so I basically couldn’t do farming for 2 years so I decided to mine and marry Seb instead then after all that my game decided to work....so my farm Literally looks like it’s in year 1

Anonymous User

Do you still have the full screenshot of the farm? I really like your farm

Kathaleen Wood

Very Nice ?. I have been playing for only a few days and it is hard to see myself accomplishing what You have clearly mastered. Again, awesome job.

Zacian Sword

Remodeling my farm, this would be a great inspiration.

Gaming Vids

I got bored on year 3


What’s the floor that she uses on crops?

/u!s hd

I have a maple tree farm for food and energy pretty much so i dont run out of energy

KSK Benedicta Regina

What type of farm is this?



Emma is my name

I’m a horrible farmer!!!
Because I threw away my watering can ?


Tip: Don’t Design you’re farm instantly, design it once you have enough materials

Empty One

Gives me ideas i want to try. Thank you for this video.

Megan Ryan

What’s the little flower pots outside your house? The colourful ones :)

Kitty Kat

How do you put the floor down? I bought a floor from Pierrie and i couldn't palce it ?

Justyce Ornelas

Currently 2019. Can still put trees on the edge inside a greenhouse. No mods.


11/10 farm (the cats gave you an additional point)

GamingxQueen -


Emily M

I’m not proud to admit it but I copied this block for block

Trisha May

Your farm is seriously goals! I don't even know how to get started ?


What farm did you start with? (Forest, basic?)

_ Ocks _

1:22 what is the floor near all the plants and how do I get it?

Julian Romeo

You actually still CAN plant trees in the perimeter of the greenhouse as of 1.4 update... I don’t think they will be removing that option at all.


Im So Jealous i know let me copyyyy pls o.o

Ukarhi Games

Awesomeeeee and i love your voice


You have such a beautiful farm! I will surely do what you did in this video.

Elizabeth Mazorra

I can't quite figure out how to remove the foreground from the standard farm? I get, like, trees that hide grandpa's tomb.

Eighties guy

My farm looks exactly like yours only minr had a twist, everything is throwm onto my farm, I'm simply way to Lazy :D


How to placing the decorations in front of the house? (Android version) please answer me

Santino Colombano

I could never design something like that :C

Hannah Pacis

I knew my farm design wasn't good but seeing this layout made me realize that I underestimated how bad it was


Wow, that is a beautiful farm!

Beatriz García Simón

im going to copy you and change everything i have already done


I am waiting until winter year 2 then I will move everything like mad

Phinzo Sherpa

So when is it best to upgrade the house to get that kitchen thing or whatever comes with the first upgrade? because I'm on Fall year 1 and my farm looks like a big jumble and my house is a jumble as well.


I've played 142 hours on stardew valley and didn't even know you walked faster on paths....


Oh my god I didn't realise you could fill your pet's bowl with water... I feel like a monster


hmm the tree placement isnt available anymore then why can i do it?

Xyree Sigua

Where did you get the cat scarecrow i guess?!


I wouldn't mind decorating the farm more, but I don't like how it has to be done while time is running. I know paths make you walk faster, but... I'd rather not waste precious time of the day putting stuff down.

ELGashong YT

Time to redraw my farm

Cici Joye

It's gorg! @[email protected]

Carlito Culpable


Britt Britt

Things I learned watching this video:

1. Water for my kitty
2. Put paths EVERYWHERE
3. I am not a creative builder


you should do ASMR videos, your voice is so relaxing lol

Motivation Exceeds Me

The first second of your video and I already love the layout ;)

Micayla B.

Do you still play this game?

Wet Gym Socks

I suck at decorating, is it okay to get HEAVILY inspired by this farm? X3

Twitter Sucks

I used the area near linus's tent as a tapper for maple syrup lol


I Love your farm!! 9/10 I will never have thought of using the hay flooring in front of my barns!!

Xyree Sigua

What the hell are those cats near the crops?!!!


I’m on year four in fall and my farm is absolute garbage compared to yours


You can still plant trees in the greenhouse like that on console, as far as I’m aware

Crystal Foxx

How can you get the cats in a stool or something?


where did all the comments go?? lmao


hi... how do you remove those grass because it looks like you have tons of space for farm. also a
is that flooring a mod? i can’t find it..

Cali 02

My shit died start again


What are those things inside the cave? I've been trying to find that out for a while...

Madison J.

This is amazing

Maegan S

So pretty! Thanks for sharing!

Genevieve Galicia

hi im probably 4 years late but can I ask what flooring it is that you used

Mouse House Studio

I'm on my first year in summertime, what would you advise I focus on? Your farm is absolutely insaaane how nice it is, please help lol

Layla Phatbeatz

I’m playing on switch and I can grow trees on the perimeter of the greenhouse :)

Jagged Edge

Wow, that is a solid farm! I wish I knew about this game 2 years ago when it came out lol

Joshua Hague

You put your trash compactors next to grandpa??? Now he has to smell garbage as he rests for eternity! Shame on you!! Lol jk.


You dram is beautifully organized.


Awesome vid and farm. You got a new sub. Wish I would have seen some of these earlier.

Richard Viade

Damn your farm is beautiful!!

I really like it

One question though, is that wood floor still available?? I like it and wish I could get it as well

Im on the nintendo switch playing the game


Doing my farm inspired by you, not a total replica but similar. Thanks for sharing I was empty before I found this video ??

i am the duck

I've watching lots of your vids and my farm and the community center has improved a lot! Thanks!

B. Rubbish

Meanwhile my farm is just a concentration camp for pigs to dig up truffles, I've basicaly industrialised the whole place — no trees, no grass, just pigs and truffles.


I would be really glad if someone could tell me what the material of the ground is at grandpas shrine :)

Crack Nack


Arif Massi

Why did'nt you use stone/iron fence?

tonic water

you have such a calming voice, i could watch your videos all day.

Rachel Smith

What are those cats on pedestals around your farm? Do you have a mod on?

aden hooks

it is a amazing looking farm but do u make money with that little crops


when i see this game it brings back my childhood memories of playing harvest moon on intendo sne emulator and when i grew up a bit playing harvest moon more friends of mineral town and i am very fond of those childhood memories i was planning to buy this game but was not sure if i do or not since would i be playing it much but seeing your video helps me make the decison to buy it since it is really good game thank you and keep up the vids coming :)

Andreas Becker

My farm is just a big field of crops and a barn lol

Hafian R

wow wonderful farm tho


How did she get rid of the dark grass that can’t be tilled in the middle of the field?

Richard Viade

I like how you talk very pleasant voice keep making stardew valley videos I’ll watch them subscribe to my channel and I’ll subscribe to yours and thanks for the floor recipe I found it (I already had it but completely forgot about it cause I never used it lol)


God your voice is so relaxing, I could listen to you talk all day ??

Pirate King

This is my mushroom cave. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


Are the Scarecrows a mod?

_ Ocks _

I don’t like having paths all over my farm, I think it looks tacky.


Holy shit my farm is gross.

Scarlett Quale

how many years is that?

lemonaid _

just letting you know, there is something that u can put in your barns/coops called an auto-grabber, sold by marnie. it basically grabs the product and collects it, and then u can grab it from the inventory instead of by hand. it also automatically grabs milk and stuff

Mr Rain

omg, ur farm is so beautiful!

The IBD Vegan

So nice :)

Messor Sulfu

so cute ! great job, i love it


suddenly i feel depressed. you made me hate my farm haha

Bình Mai

Nice farm decoration i ever see now i see that my farm need more


I've been decorating my farm to within an inch of its life, but I did not know about the place a path and then a gate/fence for seamless transition tip, thank you!!


Now I hate my farm ahahah




i... i thought op said "crack pots" instead of "crab pots"...