Monero price prediction 2020

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(XMR) Monero Price Prediction 2020 & Analysis

3 679 views | 14 Jan. 2020

Today's vid reviews (XMR)

Today's vid reviews (XMR) Monero price analysis prediction for 2020.

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More Crypto 2020 price predictions (playlist): https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL-PDwcaS3n1O6evuBPBhnVMTHYZm3cbCi

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The Right Trader

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lucky 748

Monero and Wownero....my only 2 choices...

Kristian Solberg

A price prediction of MATIC would be interesting


Xmr is a god my ninjas ❤❤❤?✌



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The Right Trader

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Luke Skywalker

Hi. Are you familiar with a project called Electroneum? It seems like a great project and have come up with many developments. But the problem is that the price seems stuck at around 40 sats no matter what good news they release. Would you please do a video on Electroneum (ETN)? thank you

André Conrad

Great work, mate! A price prediction of IOTA would be amazing!

Monero price prediction 2020

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Monero XMR Price Prediction (21 Jan 2021)

558 views | 21 Jan. 2021

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Abul Alom

Hello Skinny