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35 831 views | 15 May. 2020

►BREAKING: According

►BREAKING: According to the US Patent office (USPTO) VISA has had their patent PUBLISHED for DIGITAL FIAT CURRENCY. Will this lead to a BITCOIN EXPLOSION or IMPLOSION? In my opinion, this can only HELP the king crypto and we go over WHY this might be the ROCKET FUEL just like when Facebook's LIBRA came out. Also, we take a look at 2011 - 2020 top assets and guess which comes out #1? (HINT: it's not Gold, S&P 500 or Oil). Finally we go over a money laundering case that will inevitably lead to people comparing crypto with the most ridiculous assumptions. Before this happens, HERE'S WHAT YOU TELL YOUR FRIENDS, FAMILY and ANYONE WHO WILL LISTEN!!


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Story #1 LINK - https://www.forbes.com/sites/jasonbrett/2020/05/14/visa-submits-patent-application-for-digital-dollar-using-blockchain/#54d19b215b63

Story #2 LINK - https://twitter.com/fundstrat/status/1258859480026099713/photo/1

Story #3 LINK - https://twitter.com/ChartsBtc/status/1258761356083228672/photo/1

Story #4 LINK - https://u.today/australian-woman-charged-with-illegally-exchanging-5-mln-for-bitcoin

STORY #5 LINK - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wells_Fargo_account_fraud_scandal





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Darren Ablett

No doubt we will be moving to a Cryto currently in the near future. The question is ‘which’ Crypto currently?
Well the truth is that the goon bankers creates and own both Bitcoin and Facebook Libra, so neither of those can be trusted and both are simply fresh air tokens. China however have been stockpiling gold for some time and are releasing there own gold-backed Crypto currently this year. A crypto that’s backed by something is a game changer imo and coupled with the fact that the US dollar has run its 100 year deal where by it is the global currency used in oil sales, what happens next will be a leap for sure.

Scott Stolnitz

Seems VISA's real objective is to eliminate the fraud from their credit cards which is rampant and one of their single biggest costs. Otherwise, what they're doing is nothing more than a digitally safe credit card. It has nothing to do with a limited amount of currency, just to them; they see it as a fraud reducer. All their current transactions are known by their system now and will continue to be.

Courtney Brock

This is definitely happening in cooperation with government, and will be part of the accelerating economic cold war with China.

Nik E.

Always interesting content and still personal, not just reading articles... ?? Thx

Dj Crazy J

Bankers hate competition. Bitcoin is taking all their money laundering jobs.

Indiana Kickz 219

We like 10 years ahead truthfully we are in what I call the billionaire market in current times and the future is the trillionaire market we ahead of the steam train in that market

Romeo Reyes

Thanks for the info !
New to all this. Extremely grateful for your channel

Simon Plumber

What Blockchain is Visa basing their patent ion...........????? ETHERUM........ Does that mean Ethereum is much closer to being a currency than Bitcoin.....??? Bitcoin will only ever be an investment asset, limited us case. Ethereum will have multiple use cases and more.............

Crypto elf

nano ledger s is the only ledger that makes sense. its a great price and has no extra fancy gimmicks . gets the job done and done right.

Scott Church

Just for argument sake note that Tether market Cap increased from 6.3B to 8.8B in the last two days: follow BTC price over the next week or two as it is possible that we will see an increase above 10k as those funds are allocated. Let me know if you see and agree with the possible correlation noting a ~1-1.5 week lead time (between Tether Market Cap to BTC price). Someone was mentioning that this is the typical process for moving large sums into the market and it would be interesting to see if it is a predictor of upward or downward movement.

Indiana Kickz 219

We can see them banding cash before crypto. Crypto can be hindered in the US but worldwide they are moving forward without a doubt


Would they use bitcoin? Don't think so, its slow for payment settlement. Better cryptos that conduct much faster transactions at a fraction of the price (per transacrion)

Will Graves

You know whats strange? I get you in my recommendations all the time, I’ve been watching you for over a year, I was sure I had subscribed.... I hadn’t. ?

Until today! ?

Matt Wolfe

Ppl probably should buy the S&P500 right now. The US economy isn't dead. It's not doomed. Of course i agree with the majority of what I hear on this channel but I wouldn't be invested 100% in Bitcoin just like I wouldn't be 100% invested in stocks or any single asset. The key to success is diversification.

Con Tsonis

Excellent video! As always. Yes, I’m pre internet too ... So pleased to be part of crypto world. I’m learning a lot.


Looks like Warren Buffet just sold most of his stake in Goldman Sachs. He also sold some JP Morgan. So even though he has $120 Billion in cash he is raising more money. The only financial company where he increased his stake is PNC Financial. PNC just exited out of all their stake in Black Rock for $14 Billion. This gives them a cash position of $45 Billion. I know you keep stating that you don't understand why the stock market keeps going up when the future of our economy looks pretty bleak. Well it seems like the value investors around the world are going to play a waiting game to pick up assets on the cheap. Maybe we can raise some cash during the BTC bull cycle to divest into other assets in the future? Cheers.

Mastiff Pitbull



CAUTION TRADING WITH CRYPTO-INTEREST COMPANY crypto-interest.co  They claim to be a company based in
Dubai.  They assign an Account Manager to
you that does not inform you of any fees. 
During the trade they will assess you with an “upgrade fee” and stop
your trading if you do not pay it immediately. 
At the end of the trade, they will tell you that you can withdraw your
funds and when you do, they assess you with a 10% “Tax Fee” on your entire
account balance that you must pay prior to withdraw.  After paying the “Tax Fee” you are then
assessed with a $10,000.00 “International Money Transfer Fee (IMT)” on the
entire account balance and again, they will not release your funds until you
pay it.  Prior to my withdraw date, their
Account Manager informed me that they just purchased “New Software on the
Russian Black Market” and if I sent them more money, my trade profit would
increase.  It was at this point that I
cancelled my trading.  BEWARE

Paul Nice

Australian lady surely not running an exclusive escort agency in Kings X?


Bitcoin was hijacked by the CIA back in 2010 to prevent Bitcoin from becoming a peer to peer electronic cash. Satoshi was taken out, and the banking cartels were able to preserve their power in the world. Controlling the narrative and directing Bitcoin to become a store of value (digital gold), now the threat of Bitcoin had been eliminated. It was only a matter of time before the banking cartels were going to release their digital dollars. The world has been fooled once again.


OPTIONS guaranteedexpertoptions.com  They
claim to be a company registered in the UK but their telephone number, address and
registration number stated on their website is fraudulent.  They assign you an “Expert Trader” that does
not inform you of any fees and lies that there are none.  Halfway through the trade they will assess
you a $4,800.00 “Software Fee” and will halt your trading until you pay
it.  When the trade is complete, they levy
a 20% “Tax Fee” on the entire account balance that you must pay before you can
have your funds released.  BEWARE


I don't know if someone else posted here before me, but Revolut (is an online banking) they introduced not too long ago, the posibility to buy, store and exchange cryptocurrency. At the moment they have 4 coins that you can buy, like bitcoin of course, litecoin, bitcoin cash and ethereum. So, i guess that if they introduced this "new system" in their services they also know smthg is coming...:)

Indiana Kickz 219

Definitely a big tracking tool we are exiting the age of America and entering the age of China mass surveillance

Jayyy Zeee

Freemasonry symbol at 13:41, top right corner in section labeled "106".

Nikola Belgrade


Indiana Kickz 219

Wonderful ending

Puthea E.

The SEC is warning the public about cryptocurrency, saying it's just a big ponzi scheme. How should we respond?

Pad Doi

In Canada the government doesn't own the internet. All the bankers need to do is put the squeeze on the ISPs or phone network provider. Ecurrency is a trap into which lazy, mathematically challenged people will certainly walk.

Private Email

Government can and will shut down crypto if they want to. Whatever it truly wants is what happens.

Brad Becker

8:35 “Partnership” = government monopoly

Idk what the “public sector” is, other than government directly competing with private individuals.. but I hope people wake up to the fact that government intervention is why we are being misled about economics. Scarcity is a lie.. the point of production is to make things LESS scarce. Objectivists have this figured out well.

I don’t think government should be able to compete with its own citizens. I don’t think the Fed has any business buying up stocks; nor does government have the right to tell me what I can buy/sell and from whom. In a free society, I would be able to trade with any citizen of any nation, free from regulatory coercion.

False economics is taught all around the world, because governments control the education. Free markets are the only free markets, obviously. In a free market, there is no incentive to be a lying and stealing businessmen, because nobody would want to do business with you. Government monopolies purposely protect the crooks and artificially elevate the crooks above the average individuals.

I love your content, but some of the sources are biased imo.

Daniel Arispe

I was thinking about getting me a nano ledger my question is the 50% off would it work for two of them

Formal Spam

One of my trusted sources for daily updates on Crypto. See you tomorrow.

Al Eric

This is not for btc but rather xlm or xrp they won’t use btc too slow

Rikkity Rakk

Crypto is a progression. Just like gasoline powered cars replaced the horse and buggy.
I appreciate you reminding us that we are early adopters. I still mentally kick myself for all the dollars I've squandered over the past couple of years that should have gone into bitcoin. ?

Eric Sea

They can block the transfer of BTC to fiat digital currency, which would make BTC worthless.

justin carr

thank you for your knowledge :)

Steve Fixes Pain

The Govt can shut down cryptocurrency and although it won’t make them disappear completely, it will drive them underground and the price won’t rise so much.


Haha. Dewey decimals... I'm old and I'm not even 50. Damn

Mastiff Pitbull

The government will not lose control of any type of monetary system. No matter which coin you buy or whatever one they decided to use it will be manipulated like anything else. I'm just holding a little bit of a few top crypto so I can sell the hype before the news hits and tells everyone that they owe 75% of there liquid assets will be taking away from you for taxes. Middle class people don't stand a chance.


Buying the S&P 500 is a smart buy if you want that consistent 8% return.

Star of Eden


Love Laugh

Video starts at 6:25 ffs

Ryan Edmonds

Oh $#!+ am I old?

Paul Nice

I can imagine Us Government wallet fees, automatic bank overdraft instigated by the government to prop up their numbers, etc the mind boggles! Paul Malta


Is there a way to trade cyrpto for free where you actually own the coins? Like i use Robinhood but I here you don’t actually own the coins and there are hidden fees.


Dewey Decimal System, love it!! Now you're talking my language. LOL!!

Jeff Horgan

While a central bank cryptocurrency will me the government will be able to track your spending, there are some upsides. Money lost to fraud will be tracked and will be able to be returned quickly unless the thieves can quickly convert it to hard, portable assets. Even then the money can still be returned.

John Sprague

That's Peter schiffs alt account

Michael Scarchilli

Have to wonder why they would release their patent intent just last week?? Something that really isn’t required for them to disclose…
Maybe because their stock fell like a rock by $64 in a month and needed a shot in the arm?
And IF they can get this patent to technology that exists already? Or is it just narrow enough tech that coining the dollar is new??
Hey anyway the banking world is large and Ripple XRP is playing in this big time… and not just the quadrillions of banking dollars but also securities, derivatives, real estate contracts and anything with the internet of things
The more players in this Digital Dollar Space, the more that main stream investors will come to this space. Buy XRP ?


its a bit naive to think they didnt know what they're doing by "allowing us" to have the internet. (Darpa funded since the beginning) Computers since the beginning, as well as phones are devices not for more freedom but the illusion of freedom. the first mac was sold for 666dollars, The giant tech and elites knew they could, just like the television, control our lives. See, in the beginning of every new sales pitch they have to dangle this giant carrot to get us interested and addicted, then start pulling the strings. Hence, tracking EVERYWHERE, censorship, misinformation, the works baby! It has always been about control, and they have had a long term game plan, that's how it works. I do love tech, and its awesome, but in reality it's the tool which is leading us to an Orwellian dystopia. A lot of important info for a crypto channel, haha!


it's interesting you said you think it looks like a 'square root pattern and not a v shaped pattern'..

Hani Muthaura

Thank you for the scam shaming! I am new to crypto that was the specifics that put me off it!myself and close friends got really done in! (Not giving in though) having said that, I would you be so kind as to do crypto tutorial beginners?or include the broker sites? That way we newbies would have basics in check too. Thanks Alot for your hardwoRk.


It cant be regulated but people will choose, i highly doubt people at this stage will adopt a totally decentralized currency because this simply means very low government involvment. For sure though governments will get involved and create a new digital currency. Regardless for now its still a plus for us to invest in bitcoin cuz i think it will mature enough before the world decides what will happen exactly


I learned about Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency in 2016 and finally understood how to invest in it in 2017. I remember there were also these scammy sites like USI Tech around. When the SEC began issuing C&D orders to these companies and they pretty much ran off with everyone's money, I knew many people who thought that was the end of Bitcoin and it scared off a lot of new investors, which may be the real reason behind the crash in Bitcoin at the time. Also, there were stories that places like Bank of America and Wells Fargo were freezing accounts of anyone who tried to wire their money to any Crypto trading sites. While I had my own account in USI Tech, I'd left most of my Bitcoin in Coinbase. It's my opinion that if the government was going to shut down Bitcoin and other Cryptos, that would have been the time to do it, especially with the SEC coming down so hard on many trading sites. I'm not young either, but after reading so much about Bitcoin on Steemit in 2016, I felt like this was the future and that these were exciting times. After all, people vehemently told me that they'd never legalize marijuana and look at that market.

Samuel Khong

Hey digital asset news have you heard of services that help transition bitcoin to tax free instruments

Elaine Battles


Manuel Fernandez

Is it just me, or is it obscenely obvious in the diagram, what that Masonic symbol means on the “Architect - transaction processing network” square?


Just this second 12:00pm +8gmt Look at a 5 min BTC/USD Chart.
Bulls Just flared.. blow me down Buy Bitcoin Boys!!! ????

Jin Jongz

Goodbye bitcoin ???

Paul Nice

Great commentary and news as always, thank you!

Dj Crazy J

Don’t underestimate the power of the printers. Btw when your friends and family start asking you about crypto, sell first then get back to them.


When the cost of mining goes up based on computing power and the returns are halved are miners likely to cut and run?
and if this occurs will bitcoin essentially become centralized around the few remaining miners?
They will have power through transaction fees and wait times. Can anyone elucidate? thanks

Kathryn J. Hernandez

Great channel. So glad I found you. Ethereum: Reddit and Visa are building on me!


Most people investing in crypto aren't investing enough to make a significant gain in the smp 500. We are looking for 1000x not 5x.


Zilliqa + Visa

Steve Fixes Pain

Trump is going out of his way to push the S&P up but he isn’t pushing digital assets up. Never bet against the Fed.

Andrew Dubas

Nothing is a bigger "tracking tool" than Bitcoin. Why are people so willing to give up their privacy? Some bitcoin are black listed in exchanges. Bitcoin is not fungible. Chain analytics and law enforcement and IRS are all over it and love it because your balance and everything you do it listed on the block chain. Move to Monero. Private by default. Untraceable and fungible. Watch "Monero Means Money" documentary on youtube. It is worth your time.


congratulation VISA had joined the Digital Fiat Currency. another type of CBDC.
Hope Bitcoin will reach the higher stage.


Anyone who thinks that a worldwide EMP will be used to shut down cryptocurrencies is not living in reality, besides it not being possible, even in a fictional world where it was it just wouldn't be done - forget cutting your nose off to spite your face it would be suicidal.

wil harrison

2-3%???.... I'm 50% crypto, 50% cash. If I had ten million bucks is still have 50% in Cryptos, but would then have 25% in real estate, 25% cash.
And as far as buying the S&P?? The one and only reason the stock markets are back to boom is that the Fed is printing 10 trillion bucks and buying the entire market, this propping it up.... It's not going to last.
Do I think the government will shut down all Cryptos?? Yes I do, the second they have their own digital block chain currency!!!

Richard C

Bitcoin is make believe, fake, made out of thin air currency. Greatest scam of all time.


The big banks have blockchain patents and have been working behind the scenes. They will adapt if needed, and have some really sharp people working on this stuff.

Mike Lee



I came here to watch digital news, not be insulted. Calling my dial-up, Nokia brick, can only play games by switching the tv to channel 3 ass old...


What are people thinking about XRP ?

Matt Harmer

I have been in IT since the late '80s. I have great memories of the internet 'starting', the domain name growth amongst other things like mobile phones. Their birth, early adopters, mainstream common-place.
blockchain (honesty) is key, all that's left is redefining currency/assets, coin adoption mainstream. This will bring stability to bitcoin, digital gold. My gut says we will keep seeing bitcoin grow relative to its previous rate until mainstream adoption of blockchain, hows that for vague.

Guido Tassini

Oh snaaaaap

Anon Legion

The guy who telling everyone to long the S&P500 doesn't understand wave principle

Betty Cooper

FYI - ledger uses dhl and they charged me $28 "import and other" fees. I bought 2 bc one was CAD $67 (incl. $23 shipping fee) while buying 2 was $89 (free shipping)

I have no use for a second one yet, but it felt better getting two for $120 vs 1 for $100. On sale.

Balaji Srinivasan

Love the way you present and analyze stuff. I am a fan! Keep up the good work!

Digital FTO

You say that to shutdown crypto they would have to shut down the internet, but we know that's not true. Just like Trump made it illegal to possess Petro crypto they could easily make it illegal to possess bitcoin. Could does not mean will, though. However, it is in the Feds best interest to keep cryptos noncompetitive with the US$. If they lose control of the money supply it would be a disaster for the country.

Scrooge McDuck

How do you bring up the VISA news without clearly stating this is designed with Ethereum in mind? They are not "moving into blockchain", they are "moving onto Ethereum". Look up the patent, it's designed for ETH. VISA is already a Enterprise Ethereum Alliance member.

R Masters

Very well researched, latest news and no bullshit !!!
Well done and keep up the good work.

Dj Crazy J

In order for the government to shutdown crypto they would have at the same time kill them selfs or at least cut off their feet and arms.

Osho R

What if governments like US and Europe together ban use of crypto?
They don't need to stop internet.
large institutions, companies and most individuals will stay away from it

Donald Duck

$589 XRP will truly be life-changing in the next few years.....


This will run on Ripple blockchain technology by 2030

Stan Riley

Loved the yearly candles chart - great!

Richard Lair

Converting physical money to digital and then removing from circulation sounds like there is a plan and possibly forced end to the use of physical currency altogether. COVID-19 is obviously THE reason that will be used to encourage us all to comply. Another reason to convert your cash now!

Kev Martin

Mate have you heard about Celsius Network? If so how safe is it?

Corey McDonald

Can you make a video of how to use the ledger nano S please, I just bought one with the code and it would be helpful for a “how to”

Nima Tareh

Video starts at 2:50


is it true that the CARES act was introduced to the house in jan 2019 ??


When the government takes over something, it inevitable fails.
Look at the track record; education, marriage, space, healthcare, etc.

Joshua Vander Plaats

Anyone else see the Masonic Logo on the visa patent diagram? 13:38. Now why would they even want to publish that knowing all the conspiracy theories about the lodge. That is so freaking curious! And I say that while being in favor of this technology. It has the capability to bring prosperity to third world countries, allowing them access to banks and opportunity. But why the logo? Man, that is strange Visa!

Bubbly Bull

I get it that you’re into bitcoin and I’m looking at it too, but you cannot compare one single asset, bitcoin, with a bag of 500 assets, aka the S&P500. You could compare it to Amazon or Microsoft if you’re looking for other performing assets in these trying times, though.
A trader’s game is to try and beat the market. That’s why a good trader doesn’t just use ETFs and indexes but tries and find the stocks that will overperform. That’s probably what the guy was hinting at.
Nevertheless, I can’t understand why bitcoin doesn’t make the news every month. ;-)

Mastiff Pitbull

Crypto crashed just like the stock market in beginning of March. So why is it so special or different. So when the market crashes again you don't think crypto is going down with the rest of the other stocks.

Marc Liron - Crypto Author

Sadly code not working in the UK

John Johnson

You know. BTC has slaughtered everything since its inception. Will it continue I dont know. But its past performance is not debatable.


18% of the stock market is concentrated in just a handful of stocks. Amazon, Google, Microsoft, Netflix,Apple,Facebook. So yes, the "market" can actually rise just on the performance of these select behemoths. Sure it goes against conventional wisdom: (pandemic equals depression) so what? Each one of those companies still rakes in money regardless. They don''t own the Cheesecake Factory and they don't produce concerts or own football teams.